Lexmark B3340dw Review – What users saying?

Lexmark, which is an American printer manufacturer, is well known for its innovative printers for offices and workgroups. And, this time I accompanied one of the innovative printers of Lexmark which made printing more convenient, Lexmark B3340dw. 

This is an entry-level monochrome laser printer with high printing speed and marvelous output quality. It has a high monthly duty cycle to address all the demands of a small business. Without that, it has all the features any business needs. 

Lexmark B3340dw Review

Although it has a high paper handling capacity, you can add more if you want and enjoy interruption-free printing. Being said, let’s move on and see what it has to offer.

At A Glance Of Lexmark B3340dw Printer

  • The compact design makes it fit anywhere in your office. 
  • Easy plugin and go setup make it convenient to use. 
  • The street frame and long-lasting components boosted its durability. 
  • Print direct from your mobile with wireless connectivity. 
  • The 40 ppm printing speed doesn’t take time to finish your printing jobs. 
  • To handle a large workload it has a 50000 monthly duty cycle.

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Compare Lexmark B3340dw and Brother HL-L6200DW Printer

Lexmark B3340dw Printer Brother HL-L6200DW Printer
Compare Lexmark B3340dw and Brother HL-L6200DW Printer Compare Lexmark B3340dw and Brother HL-L6200DW Printer
The Lexmark B3340dw is a single-function printer. That means you can only print with this printer, can’t use it for other functionality. The Brother HL-L6200DW is also a single-purpose printer. But its printing is way better than most of the AIOs.
The design of this printer is compact to fit anywhere in your office room. It measures 8. 7 x 14. 5 x 14. 3 inches. This printer is quite small in comparison. With 14.7″ x 15.3″ x 11.3″(HWD), it takes a little space in your office.
To finish your printing tasks faster, this printer offers a fast printing speed of 40 pages per minute ( ppm). One of the fastest speeds in the market, which is 48 ppm, is offered by Brother HL-L6200DW.
It offers high-quality printing at a resolution of 2400 IQ (2400 x 600 dpi) and 600 x 600 dpi in black. Despite its high speed, it offers crisp, sharp, and cleaner text, and outstanding graphics.
To improve your printing convenience it offers both ADF and auto-duplex. It offers a huge page capacity of 520-sheet. But don’t come with ADF to print hand-freely.
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What Users Are Saying About Lexmark B3340dw Printer

The Lexmark B3340DW laser printer 29s0250 got affection from most of the users. And, you can be confident with its performance by just a glance at the rating on Amazon. It got a 4.1-star rating up until now. Which is quite a good score. 

The users mostly liked the fast printing speed of this printer. This kind of speed is precisely suited for businesses. Without that, the high monthly duty cycle is also preferable for businesses. However, the thing that most surprises the users is Lexmark’s printing quality. 

All expect a fast printer to have low printing quality. And, if it is an entry-level printer, then there is no doubt. But this innovative model of Lexmark has broken that myth. It offers both quality and speed at the same time. Now that you are looking for the best printers for homeschool.

However, there are some flaws, which are pulling it backward. Like the limited connectivity options. To print wirelessly from a mobile phone, you need to use the Lexmark app, otherwise, you can not print. But, the biggest drawback for users is the expensive toner which will cost you more and more over time. 

However, users adore this product and experts also recommend this. Speed, performance, maintenance, every way it is offering you something any ordinary printers won’t. 

Key features of the Lexmark B3340dw Monochrome Laser Printer

Key features of the Lexmark B3340dw Monochrome Laser Printer

Extraordinary Quality

The reason people want to buy a printer is to print. So, better printing quality is the first thing to expect from any printer. And, in responding, Lexmark B3340dw offers an outstanding quality of printing, which assures you to handle any formal document. Whether you want presentation hangouts or invoices, this printer can handle those with extraordinary quality.

Ample Input Capacity

Large paper handling capacity automatically increases your productivity. But, most of the entry-level can’t meet this requirement. However, B3340dw addressed in this case properly. It has a 350-sheet paper capacity. And you don’t need to reload paper more often as you can increase paper capacity by adding optional trays.

Fast Printing

There is a saying, if you are not going faster, you are getting slower. Printing speed can boost the productivity of your business. And, the B3340dw knows this very well. Thus, it offers a speed to print 40 pages per minute without sacrificing the quality.

Stylist And Compact Design

Another thing to like about Lexmark b3340dw monochrome laser printer is its small and beautiful design. The design is quite compact which only consumes a few inches to fit on your desktop. Its lightweight makes it movable. Moreover, the solid-colored cover perfectly matches with any office.

Powerful Processor

To finish any printing demand faster and do complex tasks, a printer needs a strong processor and high RAM. The B3340dw comes with a 1 GHz dual-core processor and 256 MB of memory. Thus, it provides you with a high quality of performance.

FAQs About of the Lexmark B3340dw Laser Printer

Q: Does it produce color prints?

No, it doesn’t print in color. It only prints black & white.

Q: Does this printer work on a Bluetooth connection?

No, it does not support Bluetooth connectivity. It only supports 802.11b/g/n Wireless, USB 2.0, and Ethernet.

Q: Can I print labels with this?

Yes, you can print labels with it. Without that, you can print on Card Stocks, Envelopes, Paper Labels, Plain Papers.

Q: Do it and its drivers support Windows 7?

Yes, it does. It supports a large range of operating systems.

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Final Verdict

Once printers are so expensive only a good business could afford one. However, this day is not anymore. Printers these days can be cheap and provide performance out of expectation.

And, if you are someone who needs this kind of printer, then Lexmark B3340dw is a choice for you. I already mentioned its competence. And you should not have any doubt over its performance. That being said, we have come to the end of this article. Now, it’s your time to make a choice.

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