[Fixed] 7 Jitterbug Phone Problems

Jitterbug phones are intended for seniors who don’t prefer using complicated phones. These phones come with many senior-friendly features and an easy user interface. They mainly have a large screen with big fonts, large buttons, a loudspeaker, and other emergency buttons.

These phones are also available at lower prices. But after moderate usage, you may find a few Jitterbug phone problems, which can be inconvenient. Commonly, you may find issues regarding the battery life, hardware, and the camera of the jitterbug phones. Nothing to be concerned about anymore!

Following, we’ll discuss Jitterbug phone troubleshooting of some common Jitterbug phone problems. So, let’s enter into the main discussion.

Top 7 Frequent Jitterbug Phone Problems & Troubleshooting

Jitterbug Phone Problems

GreatCall Jitterbug Flip or Alcatel Jitterbug Smart are some of the most commonly used Jitterbug phones. First things first, we are not guaranteeing you the proper solution for the Jitterbug phone you own. We’ll discuss several Jitterbug Phone Problems, which are pretty common on all jitterbug phones.

Therefore, this may not suit your device’s issues. Contact an expert or Jitterbug customer support for any further details regarding your phone’s problems. Some common problems are related to the battery, camera, display, charging port, headphone jack, and hardware.

1. Jitterbug Camera Problems

The Alcatel Jitterbug Smart is a 5.5 inches smartphone with large fonts, a great camera, and other decent features. It has excellent rear and selfie cameras that capture clear portraits.

However, you may find that your phone’s camera seems blurry, or it doesn’t capture accurately. Most users complain that they are getting blurry images from their Jitterbug phone.

Troubleshooting: Your camera lens may become dirty; that’s why they are delivering blurry photos. In this case, you can wipe the camera gently with soft cotton garments.

We recommend you wipe the lens using a lens wiper. Otherwise, it may leave any scratches on the camera lens, which may damage it more instead of improving.

On the other hand, your camera may have become faulty because of any accidental issues. Here, if your camera fails to capture photos or deliver faded images, it is the issue of a faulty camera or camera damage. For a solution, you may need to replace your camera lens.

2. Jitterbug Charging Problems

Most of the time, you may face Jitterbug phone problems regarding the charging option. This may cause your phone not to charge appropriately, even if the charger is connected accurately. However, you should check if the charger is correctly connected to the plug(power source).

Because, in some circumstances, your charger is not connected fitly, which may cause the phone not to charge accordingly. There are other possible reasons like a damaged charger or a defective battery.

Troubleshooting: If the issues are related to the faulty charger, then you may need to plug the socket all the way into the wall(power source). Then soft reset the phone by pressing the reset button, letting it cool down for a while, and reconnecting the charger again.

On the contrary, if your mobile is not charging correctly, it may happen because of a faulty battery. You should replace the battery and then check if it charges or not. Sometimes, you can check your charger with other devices to verify if it is faulty or okay to function perfectly.

Extra Tip: Sometimes, your phone may drain too much battery because of running useless or unnecessary apps in the background. In this case, the battery is drained faster than it is charging.

We recommend you check all apps and determine which one is putting a heavy load on the battery. After that, prevent it from using more battery by restricting background usage.

3. Jitterbug Display Problems

Have you ever faced any jitterbug phone problems regarding the display of the phone? Is your device not responding appropriately even after pressing or touching multiple times at a stance?

If your answer is yes, your jitterbug may have some display issues that you need to sort out and fix. In other cases, your display may get frozen, and it is not reacting to the commands.

Sometimes it may work in certain spots/areas but not function correctly in the whole display. In severe cases, the device display gets distorted, or the screen doesn’t light up. All these issues are related to a display malfunction. Let’s troubleshoot the issues!

Troubleshooting: First of all, you should switch off your device by holding the power button for a couple of seconds. If your jitterbug display problem is related to any software glitches, then this one will solve it.

In some cases, your device’s display problem may not go away with soft resets. You should give it a hard reset either by software or any physical keys.

You can also try lifting the battery of the device and putting it again on the spot. If the screen issue is related to any temporary memory dumping preventing the display from functioning, it may solve out.

If all these are not working with your display troubleshooting, there is any keypad burn or hardware damage. In this circumstance, you need to fix or send it to the manufacturers for exchange.

Extra Tip: A smartphone display is made of a delicate glass touchscreen which we touch or press thousands of times daily. Therefore, it is pretty much usual to find any issues with your smartphone display.

Generally, we suggest you sort out or fix any display-related issue with an expert, as this is one of the most sensitive parts of a mobile phone. If your device display is prone to any damage through heavy usage, or any accidental falls or presses, then you should consult with an expert first.

4. Jitterbug Speaker Problems

Sometimes we call, play music, or watch videos with our phone, but we can’t hear the voices clearly, or the voice comes with distortion. There are several reasons behind this issue. First of all, if you can’t hear sounds totally, you should check if it is in silent or no disturb mode.

If all your sound profiles are okay, there may be an internal technical issue with the speaker. You should carefully sort out if your Jitterbug phone problem is related to the internal speaker or not. Sometimes dust, accidental falls, or dropping into the water can damage your phone’s speaker.

Troubleshooting: If Your Alcatel Jitterbug Smartphone has any internal issues relating to the speaker, you can do some initials before going to an expert.

Open the best jitterbug phone for seniors, displace the battery, and brush the speaker carefully. If your speaker is showing problems because of dust accumulation, this will solve it.

You should not clean the speaker with rough brushes or clothes, as they can cause more damage. Use a can of compressed air, and blow it with quick bursts towards your phone’s speaker.

It may remove the dust particles and debris. Don’t try to clean the speaker by completely opening the phone if you are unfamiliar with the device’s hardware.

All these processes may go in vain if your speaker is damaged from any technical or hardware point of view. You can try the above as pre-work in your home.

But if all those don’t seem adequate for the troubleshooting of your device Speaker, it’s high time to consult with an expert. Don’t try to perform any hardware-related tasks of your own!

Extra Tip: A few apps allow or enable you to mute/control the volume separately from the phone’s perspective. Therefore, you should check the sound settings of apps or adjust the media volume to solve it.

Some smartphones have no audio modes like alarm only, vibrate only, total silence, priority only, meeting, etc. Double-check if all of these settings are okay. Sometimes the phone cover interrupts the sound to blow out. Remove the cover and test your phone’s sound.

5. Jitterbug Hardware Problems

Jitterbug Hardware Problems

Jitterbug phones come with several hardware issues reported by most users. Some found issues with the motherboard, others with the charging port, battery connector, etc.

However, we cannot guarantee you the exact solutions to these hardware-related jitterbug phone problems. Because most of the hardware issues need to be troubleshot by the tech experts or technicians.

Troubleshooting: If your jitterbug phone is showing problems after a drop or accidental fall, it is pretty sure that the issue is related to the hardware. Most commonly, the motherboard gets damaged, or a few chips get moved from their places.

In typical cases, if your device has motherboard issues, you can’t fix them without the help of experts. If your mobile has fallen into the water and not working after, it can be recovered from the home.

In this situation, you can attempt to remove the outer case of the phone with the screwdrivers. Then open the exterior parts like battery, SIM, external memory, and let it dry for a couple of hours. Then, try opening it and see if the issue solves.

Extra Tip: Smartphone issues with accidental falls are pretty much devastating, which damages multiple parts of a device, and those recoveries are sometimes expensive and pretty impossible.

It may damage your display, outer construction, inner parts like chipset, hardware, battery, and many more. Unfortunately, in those cases, you cannot solve it without paying extra bucks to the technician.

6. Jitterbug Phone Doesn’t Turn On

Have you faced issues where you are unable to turn on your phone by doing anything? There are some possible reasons behind this Jitterbug Phone problem. First of all, the phone is facing any issues with the battery.

The battery supplies the power to run on any device. If your jitterbug Smartphone’s battery connector is not working, the phone may not turn on for the lack of enough power. Here the solution can be fixing the battery connector.

Troubleshooting: The battery connector is the inner part of the device, which is connected with the motherboard for the power supply of the whole device. In general circumstances, you alone can’t fix the battery connector inside the home.

You need to consult with any tech expert who has enough tools and knowledge to fix the battery connector. Except for the battery connector, your phone may not turn on because of any disconnecting issues with the display panel as well.

Extra Tip: The battery of your device may cause this problem. If your phone’s battery is drained, dead, or damaged, it can’t function properly to turn on the Alcatel Jitterbug Smartphone. In such a state, you need to change the battery from authorized jitterbug stores. Hope this will solve the issue.

7. Jitterbug Headphone Problems

Headphones work with the headphone port of the device. If your jitterbug headphone is not delivering any sounds, there are two possible reasons behind it. Your phone’s headphone port is damaged, or the headphone has any damage or malfunctions.

Troubleshooting: Jitterbug flip phone problems regarding headphone port can be solved by cleaning the place with dry clothes or blowing compressed air. In rare cases, you may need to change the headphone port by sending the device to the manufacturer if the warranty is not void.

However, if the issue is with your headphone, you need to change the headphone simply. You can try to check the headphone jack to see if it has any scratches. If you have built-in speaker headphones, then you need to replace the headphone jack.

Final Verdict

We have described the common jitterbug phone problems and some possible fixes of these issues. Before performing any hardware-related fix, you should contact any experts or give the mobile a hard reset for any troubleshooting. It may lead your phone to erase all the data, which can create further issues.