How to get iPhone Financing No Credit Check

Phones have become an indispensable part of our life. We can’t even think about passing a day without a cell phone.

Forget about not having one; we instead want the latest version or the flagship of the company. But, it’s become hard when you don’t have any money, or your credit score is low. Today I will tell you about iPhone financing no credit check.

The best way avoids Credit Checking is purchasing the iPhone in cash. As iPhones are expensive, you have to search for different options. There are a few options where you won’t need a credit check.

You can lease to own iPhone from different financial institutions that don’t require a credit check ( like – Flexshopper), get a financial loan from different lenders, choose a prepaid plan to get a phone, and so on.

Following you can explore all the available options –

How to get iPhone Financing No Credit Check

As I said, there are several options: you can get an iPhone financing no credit check. The best would be to save some money and purchase your desired phone in cash. This way, you can completely ignore credit checking.

But, if you are not patient enough, let’s start with the online stores that offer mobile phone financing for bad credit –

Top 11 iPhone Financing No Credit Check Provider 2022

1. FlexShopper


FlexShopper is a well-known online shopping platform that lets you lease-to-own furniture, electronics, appliances, and many more.

They offer no credit check cell phone financing on monthly or weekly affordable payments so that you can own the product within 12 months.

If you qualify for the product, you can take it with weekly payments. The payments are decided on terms, which vary from state to state. You will get full ownership of the product when you make the full payment within 52 weeks.

Moreover, they aren’t only fixed with good credit scores. People with bad credit scores can get a lease from them. But, keep in mind that not everyone is able to get an installment. Your monthly income has to be a few times more than the monthly payments you need to make.

One good thing with this provider is that the company won’t ask for any down payment.

You can get an iPhone now and start with payments later. If you are interested in FlexShopper, visit their website and apply to check if you are qualified. Remember to provide all the proof documents.

2. RentDelite

RentDelite is another rent-to-own online store that offers the latest electronics, computers, furniture, appliances, and so on. Different from other similar types of online stores, this shop doesn’t charge interest or have any hidden fees for purchasing something online. All you need to do is make the monthly payments on time.

You also don’t need to sign any long-term contract. Any item you purchase in installment needs to pay the total price in one year. And, if you pay the full price before time, you will get a considerable discount. There are 3 basic options you can take for the agreement –

  • If you keep the product for one full year, the product is yours without any additional cost.
  • If you pay off your balance earlier, you get a rebate, which varies from product to product.
  • You can return a product at any time after the initial first month’s payment.

They provide a rent-to-own option to people with bad credit. So, you can get iPhone financing no credit check from RentDelite. Without a few cases, the store will approve anyone. And the approval process is quick; it only takes a few minutes to know if you qualify for an iPhone.

3. Rent-2-Own


R2O has been on the market for several decades, providing installment options for people with bad credit.

They offer a vast selection of options, including electronics, phones, computers, TVs, furniture, appliances, and many more.

They sell products from well-known brands like iPhone, Samsung, HP, Lenovo, etc.

This online shop is one of the best places for iPhone financing. Moreover, it won’t check your credit score and give approval within a few minutes.

Then, you get the item and pay for it in monthly or weekly payments without any extra fees. Its terms are flexible, and as soon as you complete the full payment, the phone is yours.

The application process is also simple. You need an active credit card, debit card, or checking card, a valid id card, and documents to prove your income to get approval. Remember, if your monthly income isn’t a few times the monthly payments, you won’t get the approval.

4. SmartPay

SmartPay is another excellent place for iPhone financing no credit check. You can get the iPhone today and pay for them over time. The monthly payments are decided based on your payment history and other factors.

Although the company will check your credit score depending on the information you provided on the application form, there isn’t any minimum credit score requirement.

The eligible customers can choose from their thousands of products. After checking out a product, you can take it without paying anything and pay the total price over time.

The company offers no credit check phone plans. And depending on the plan, you may need to pay a down payment.

To purchase an iPhone on installment from SmartPay, you need to start by applying online. After getting approval, you can purchase items within the lease amount you approved for. The number of payments for plans is fixed, and those vary from depending on term length and payment frequency.

Like all the rent-to-own stores, if your income isn’t several times higher than the monthly income, they won’t give your approval. When you apply, you need to provide proof of income. You can apply directly from their website; you will also get all the necessary information.

5. Gezelle


While for purchasing a brand new phone, you need to spend a hefty amount of money; some websites, like Gazelle, sell second-hand phones at reasonable prices. It’s a buying and selling online platform where quality is guaranteed by the website.

Users can quickly sell their phones – no need to take pictures, talk with buyers, and so on.

Users just need to click on what they need to sell, describe its condition, and get a quote.

The company used only to see Apple products, but now they also sell Google and Samsung smartphones.

You can get a used iPhone at a low price from them. They also offer purchase-on-credit options. And, they won’t stop you from your previous mishaps.

The ordering process can be a little complicated with the Gazelle compared to other sellers. Visit their website and click on the ‘Buy Certified’ option.

Then, a series of menus will pop up to pick what configuration you want. All you need to do is checkboxes to choose a model, capacity, carriers, and such. There is also an option to limit the search range.

After finding the phone you want, you can choose the buy now pay later iphone no credit check option. You will get the phone and pay the price on installment with interest.

Get A Personal Loan For iPhone Financing No Credit Check

You can also get a personal loan from various lending institutions. In this way, you may get a cheaper rate than purchasing from an online shop or provider. Here’s are a few well-known lending intuitions online –

6. MoneyMutual

MoneyMutual is an online lending marketplace. Both lenders and borrowers gather in this place. The website aims to get its customers short-term loan options. You can get a loan even if you have bad credit.

But, there isn’t any guarantee you are going to get a loan. It depends on the lender whether they approve you for a loan.

Moreover, the interest rate and terms are also not fixed. Depending on the lenders, interest rates or terms vary a lot. Your credit score plays a great role in deciding the interest rate.

You can get up to $5000 short-term loan on the website. The application process takes less than five minutes. And, you will get a decision in a few hours. If a lender approves your application and is ready to lend you money, the funds will transfer to your bank account within 24 hours.



CashUSA is an online marketplace for borrowers. The platform offers various kinds of loans, including payday loans, installment loans, and lines of credit, depending on the state you are residing in.

You can get a personal loan from CashUSA from $500 to $10,000. So, with a loan, you can easily purchase a brand new iPhone.

Interest rates in this lenders’ network range from 5.99 to 35.99%. And the loan terms can vary from 90 days to 72 months.

To purchase an iPhone, you just need a small amount. And, for a small amount, lenders usually charge lower interest rates. For under $1000 loans, 7.9% APR for 2 years is pretty popular on the site. This rate is much lesser than what most rent-to-own stores charges.

8. aims to help people with bad credit get personal loans. It offers short-term loans from $250 to $5000. With more than one million customers, they are one of the most trusted loan providers online.

APR rates vary depending on various factors. Although your credit score isn’t necessary for deciding on loan approval, it impacts your APR rates. Also, your monthly income greatly impacts deciding on the interest rate.

If you get approval for the loan, the money will be directly sent to your bank account within one business day. Then, you can purchase an iPhone directly from an online store.

Get An iPhone Financing No Credit Check From Carriers

Without any credit check, you can get a phone from prepaid carriers (like Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile). They don’t need to check your credit because they aren’t actually financing a cell phone.

Instead, you get the phone for signing up for their unlimited plan on a long-term contract. And the carrier will amend the price over time.

This method has several disadvantages, but you are getting a phone right now. As for disadvantages, you need to pay for one of the expensive plans from the carrier, you can’t switch carriers until the contract ends, and if you want to move before time, there’s a massive termination fee.

Currently, almost all the famous carriers offer this type of phone for their new customers. Here’s what you get from different carriers –

9. Verizon

Verizon is offering different phones for their new customers or for opening a new unlimited line, including iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max, and so on.

If you switch to Verizon and sign up for an unlimited 5G plan or add a new unlimited 5G line, you can get up to $1000 off your iPhone purchase. But, you must purchase the phone via a monthly installment plan.

10. AT&T

AT&T is also offering all versions of iPhone 13, iPhone 12, iPhone 11, and other models with their unlimited plans. The new customer can get these phones free with the trade-in of an eligible device.

Of course, you need to buy a phone on a monthly installment plan and sign up for an unlimited 5G data plan. There is an $800 trade-in off for the new customers when purchasing iPhone 13 Pro.

11. T-Mobile

With signing up the T-Mobile’s Magenta Max plan, you get $1000 off for trade-in your old phone. Besides, the carriers have a large variety of phones you can choose from. This Magenta Max plan starts at $57/ month, offering unlimited premium data.

Note that the T-mobile phone financing plan changes frequently. The discount you are getting now may not be available tomorrow, or the details change. So, it recommends that you check the offers from carriers’ official websites before making your decision.

Anyways, only take this option if you are sure you can afford the expensive payment every month and stick with the carrier for a long time. If you can’t be decisive, go for other available methods.

Join Up On A Family Plan

All the carriers sell cell phones in installments. But, your credit score matters in this case. But, if you join a family plan, you can avoid the low credit score issue as the account is in the name of another family member.

This is the best way to get an iPhone with a poor credit score, as you can also save a portion of your phone bill. Moreover, carriers offer considerable discounts on purchasing phones and phone plans when customers add a new line.

Carrier usually allows up to 10 lines on each family plan. And, like a co-signer, the primary account holder needs to take responsibility for any unpaid bills, even for your device payment, so discuss with the account holder before joining the line.

Get A Co-signer

If you cannot get an installment plan because your credit score is low, you can get a co-signer whose credit score is passable and get the installment.

A co-signer is a person who will take responsibility if you don’t pay back the loan. This option lets you access convenient cell phone financing options with a low-interest rate.

But, getting a co-signer is a tough matter. No one would like to pay your unpaid bill. Moreover, if you miss any payment, it will affect your credit score. You can convince a close friend and family member. If they trust you, they will sign a contract with you.

The upside for the co-signer is that if you make a payment on time, it will be credited to the co-signer’s payment history. But, it is possible to have it transferred to your account later. I recommend stable your history before requesting the transfer as it requires a credit pull.

FAQs About The iPhone Financing No Credit Check

What is no credit check financing?

Before you get approval for a loan, the lender checks your credit history to confirm your ability. With no credit check financing, the lender won’t check for your credit history for financing you for a product. These types of lenders let the people with bad credit or no credit get a loan.
There are several online platforms that let you get loans without a credit check. In this article, I listed a few rent to own iPhone no credit check stores.

How does no credit check financing work?

No credit Check financing is where getting financing isn’t decided by your credit history. In most cases, before giving you a loan, the lender checks your previous credit history. This way, they can predict the possibility of getting a loan back. So, if your credit score isn’t high, they won’t give you a loan.
But, few lenders take the risk and give loans without checking any credit score. You can get personal loans, installment loans, and other types of loans without any credit check. Here’s how it works –
So, instead of asking for your credit history, the lender will look at various other factors to decide your creditworthiness, income, employment, education, the standing of your bank account, currently running loans, and so on.
After checking everything, if your situation matches the lender’s requirement, he/she can give you the loan. That’s how this type of loan works. Many stores are ready to provide iPhone payment plan no credit check.

How to finance iPhone with bad credit?

There are several ways for bad credit iPhone financing – like you can purchase one from a rent-to-own store with no credit check, get a personal loan from online lenders, trade in iPhone with prepaid carriers, and get a co-sign for convenient financing options.
But, the best option to avoid bad credit is to purchase a phone with cash. There won’t be any credit checks or any when purchasing with cash. The second best option would be to get a co-signer.
If you still can’t get financing with all the methods, you can only wait patiently and save up some money. If you can make a decent down payment, many providers will be willing to provide financing options. You can even save the whole money and purchase an iPhone in cash.

Where can I lease an iPhone with no credit check?

Few shops will let you lease iPhone no credit check. SmartPay, LeaseVille, and Simple mobile are the few best online stores. You Can also lease one from your carriers, as most carriers have mobile leasing options.
But, carriers will check your credit history before leasing your phone. You can pass this if you join a family plan. In this case, if you don’t make any payment on time, the main account holder will need to pay for that. So, before joining a discount with them if they are comfortable with your action.

How to build credit to qualify for iPhone financing?

To build a good credit score, you need to know your credit score accurately. For finding your credit score accurately, get a copy of your credit report from these three credit reporting bureaus – Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion; then, make the average of your that.
Now, take steps to improve your credit score by making your monthly payment timely, paying down your debt, improving your income, etc.
Take a Credit Builder Loan: This loan is a saving plan which helps you to improve your overall credit score. In this method, a company makes a “loan” just for individuals and reports to the bureaus about the loan process.
But, the difference is that rather than giving you the money now and paying it to the bank, you make a monthly payment to the company’s account. After the payment period is over, your credit score increases, and you get money to save.
Quite a few companies are offering these types of fake loans. They will take a small portion of the money you saved as payment. But, before choosing an option, you should research properly.

Final Verdict

How to get iPhone Financing No Credit Check? There are several ways you can purchase an iPhone, even if you have a credit.

First, you can purchase from lease-to-own online stores, which accept bad credit. Second, you can take a personal loan from different lender networks like – MoneyMutual,, and

Third, you can get a co-signer and get a convenient financing option. Fourth, you can just join a family plan and get a phone from a carrier. Some other options are also available, but these are the recommended ways.