HP Smart Tank Plus 651 Review – Who is the best HP 651 or 551 Printer

If you tell me to sort out a printer that costs less per page printing and provides excellent quality printed documents, then undoubtedly I will go for HP smart tank plus 651 printers. Now you have a question roaming across your mind, why I picked this printer? We will find out the answer in detail from HP smart tank plus 651 review below.

HP Smart Tank Plus 651 Review

As an inkjet printer, HP Smart-Tank Plus 651 is designed for drastically reducing ink costs after overtime usage. Instead of using commonly implied ink cartridges like most of the printers, it appears with separate ink bottles of different colors that need to be poured into the high-capacity tank. The corresponding ink tanks are transparently visible from the fort view of the printer, this way lets you observe ink levels thus saving you more ink over time. 

From the perspective of a printer owner, the running cost and the ink replacement costs seem to be an issue of headache. Smart Tank Plus 651 has considered both factors and they have made it aiming for solving those two. Let’s go for a deep dive into the aquatic pool of HP Smart Tank Plus 651 Review.

At A Glance HP Smart Tank Plus 651 Wireless All-in-One Ink Tank Printer

  • No need to worry about ink replacement, since it comes with ink bottles that will last up to 2 years
  • With mobile app control your printing, copying, scanning, and faxing remotely without hassles
  • Its integrated ink tank with ink sensor lets you notify about the ink levels and their replacement timing
  • Connect with more devices and manage your prints on the go with the dual-band wifi connection that also works with Amazon Alexa
  • Speed up your printing with 100 sheets rear input tray and automatic document feeder

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Compare HP Smart Tank Plus 651 Vs HP Smart Tank Plus 551 Printer

Here we have set a comparison between two HP printers from the same series and it will let you know which one is better for you in terms of your needs and requirements.

HP Smart Tank Plus 651 Printer HP Smart Tank Plus 551 Printer
Compare HP Smart Tank Plus 651 Vs HP Smart Tank Plus 551 Printer Compare HP Smart Tank Plus 651 Vs HP Smart Tank Plus 551 Printer
HP Smart Tank Plus 651 has all in one printing, copying, scanning, and faxing features enabled for the maximum possibilities HP Smart Tank Plus 551 is made with features like print, copy, and scan bu7t it lacks faxing attributes
A decent 35 sheet auto document feeder enhances the printing convenience and saves your time It does come with time-saving ways like mobile or wireless printing but it doesn’t have an auto document feeder facility
A 2.2 inches mono touchscreen is included for ease of access and faster management of printing tasks. Made with an iconic task management display that provides better accessibility of operating prints.
Four ink bottles(black, cyan, magenta, yellow)are included with the pack that will last up to 2 years of usage. Included with the pack of four inks that will last up to 2 years even after decent usage
With a printing speed of 11 pages per minutes for black and 5 pages per minute for color prints, you have to spend less time on task completion Decently makes your tasks easy with 11 ppm for black and 5 ppm for color prints
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What Users Are Saying About HP Smart Tank Plus 651 Wireless All-in-One Ink Tank Printer

The smart tank plus 651 has been in the hype of popularity since it has been a budget-saving option for ink cartridges or toner costs. Since the arrival of Super Tank or tank-based ink systems for printers, they have conquered the mind of the users cause they tend to cost a little lower when it comes in terms of the per-page print cost. Moreover, the users liked is the crispy clarity of the printed documents. The documents that have been from HP SmartTank Plus 651 printer have a vivid color and crystal smoothness that makes the documents stand out. 

The setup option has been a great issue of convenience as it takes just less than 5 minutes to unbox and it is ready to print out of the box. The clear instructions and a great app have made the usage a lot easier and it is also a great feature that lets the users stay in touch with their needed things when they are on the go. The price is also not a great deal for having this awesome printer with quality features. If it matters and you want some cheaper options then have a look at some of the best wireless printers under $100 for convenience.  

Key Features Of HP Smart Tank Plus 651 Wireless All-in-One Ink Tank Printer

Key Features Of HP Smart Tank Plus 651 Wireless All-in-One Ink Tank Printer

Value For Money 

HP Smart Tank Plus 651 is priced just under 450 dollars, and it is worth every cent that you invest for long-term usage. The printing cost efficiency will let you save more when you will use this from time to time since the printer comes with an ink tank technology instead of ink cartridges or toners. Spill-free Ink bottles let smoothly into the ink tank and it has sufficient ink for running up to more than 2 years of constant usage for printing. So, if the initial price seems higher for you don’t worry it will save you more next. 

Magnificent Print Quality 

Printing quality defines the greatness of a p[rinter especially a printer that is for regular home or office usage. If you ask about the printing quality of this Smart Tank 651, it will leave no gap for you to complain. Since it comes to switch with thermal printing technology and it prints with spotless, fade-resistant borderless printing technology, the printed documents have perfect clarity and vividness that makes the docs and images stand out. Delivered color graphics and paper print ways are just awesome to make your documents perfect and flawless. 

Great Customer Support

HP Smart Tank Plus 651 is made with quality features still if you face any sort of unwanted problem HP customer services will be right there in front of your doorsteps with the best services. It is packed with a one year hardware warranty as well as HP support is by you 24/7 with their quality services. So, overall you don’t have to break a sweat if you fall into any troubles. 

FAQs About HP Smart Tank Plus 651 Wireless All-in-One Ink Tank Printer

Q: Does the ink dries if not used for printing for several months?

Yes, the ink dries if you don’t use this for a longer time. By the term longer time I meant one month. If you don’t use the inks for printing for up to 1 month, the inks may get dried then you have to bring inks again for the functionality of the printer. 

Q: Is the ink waterproof? 

This HP Smart Tank Plus 651 is made with economical ink tanks that last for a long time and saves your money for per page printing. The refillable inks within the bottles are waterproof, so you can use this for any purpose without worries. 

Q: Can the paper feeder be used for scanning multiple pages? 

 Actually, in this HP printer you have options to select one, you can either feed the paper from the top tray and it will take it just like the big office printers otherwise you can open the scanner bed & scan documents like individuals have scanned in the past from home office printers.

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Final Words

If you ask me what is the key selling point of this HP printer, I will answer straight forward that the ink efficiency in other words the extremely low ink costs per print. Nevertheless, the saving will depend on how much and how frequently you use this for printing. Amongst some drawbacks, it has slow printing and it doesn’t have a duplexer that any other printers with a similar price. 

Its top-quality prints and scans will make it a worthy choice. Over the provisions, the Smart Tank Plus 651 generated high-quality prints of texts as well as graphics and impressive glossy photos. Scans are also looking charming that have a lot of fine details and quality perfections. 

If the matter of attraction for you is the high-quality images and efficient ink costs and you don’t bother the sluggishness in printing speed you can have a check at this printer.

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