Hp PageWide Pro 577DW Review – Expensive but how fair?

Some tools play an important role in improving the quality of office documentary work in our business. In this case, the printer is the most used tool for printing. Which can also be used for necessary tasks like scanning and faxing. In today’s review, we discussed a high-quality multifunction inkjet printer that is designed for business-based multipurpose tasks.

Hp Pagewide pro mfp 577dw Review

The Hp pagewide pro 577dw  printer usually comes with functional features for small workgroups. It has printing as well as scanning and copying facilities Which help in the versatility of your office. The feature of printing from many devices including Android makes the printer easy to use. It has embedded security features for the secure collection of your office documents and It also brings a lot of high-quality features to provide fast and quality printing.

This review discusses in detail all the features and functionality of the Hp page wide pro 577dw  printer. If you want the help of this printer for the progress of your business, get a good idea about the printer from the reviews.

At A Glance hp page wide pro-MFP 577dw Printer

  • There is an auto 2-side duplex printing system.
  • Comes with Wi-Fi Direct and NFC touch-to-print technology.
  • It has a 4.3 “color touchscreen for easy operation.
  • Maintains security by using advanced security features.
  • This printer supports ADF and flatbed scanning up to 8.5 x 14.
  • It is capable of scanning at speeds of up to 26 IPM per minute.
  • It has an auto document feeder feature for fast printing.

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Compare Hp Pagewide pro 577dw  With HP PageWide Pro 552DW Printer

The features of the hp pagewide pro  577dw  printer are compared with the HP PageWide Pro 552DW for ease of review.

Hp page wide pro-mfp 577dw Printer Hp PageWide Pro 552DW Printer
This Hp pagewide pro mfp 577dw  printer measures 16 x 18.4 x 20.9 inches and weighs 48.8  pounds. Measuring 20.83 x 23.62 x 19.49 inches, this printer weighs 45.7 pounds Which is less than MFP 577dw.
This multifunction printer can scan, copy and fax in addition to printing. This single-function printer is designed for printing only so it is easy to operate.
Comes with a 4.3 “color touchscreen for quick and efficient work. It has a 4.3 “CGD touchscreen for easy setup and operation.
This printer is capable of printing 70 pages per minute on both black and white paper, where the first page takes only 6 seconds to come out. The printer is capable of printing black and color at speeds of up to 70 ppm.
The Hp pagewide pro mfp 577dw  printer comes with a limited one-year hardware warranty with 24/7 web support. Manufacturers offer a 1-year limited warranty on this printer where technical phone, chat, and e-mail support is provided.
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What Users Are Saying About Hp Pagewide pro MFP 577dw Printer

We can monitor Amazon’s rating points to see how users experience this printer. Whereas this printer is rated 4 out of 5-star rating for its great performance.

The description of the experience discusses the features and qualities of the printer as well as the advantages and disadvantages. The versatile inkjet printer is quite admirable in speed and easy operation. Many users think that this printer is more efficient and powerful than laser printers. This Hp Pagewide pro-MFP 577DW  printer has an embedded security system that acts as an important part of the best printers for real estate agents. Users are also satisfied with the Auto Document Feeder, 2-sided printing, and HP Wireless Direct Connectivity features.

Some users think the printer is more expensive than its features. But most users prefer the printer because it provides good quality print, scan, and copy. You may also di

Key Features Of Hp Pagewide Pro 577dw Multifunction Business Printer

Key Features Of Hp Pagewide Pro 577dw Multifunction Business Printer


The printer can print, scan, copy and fax and so it comes with the necessary features. Due to this versatility, the printer can efficiently do all the necessary work of office documentation. The printer also has versatile connectivity. It comes with a number of impressive connectivity features, including USB 2.0, flash drives, Wi-Fi, and Ethernet.

Size and capacity

With a great design, the Hp pagewide pro 577dw  printer measures 16.4 inches by 20.9 inches and weighs 48.8 pounds. You will need two people if you want to take the printer to the right place in your office. The printer has a versatile paper tray with a capacity of 550 sheets. 50 of these are for auto document feeders.


The Hp pagewide pro 577dw printer is quite commendable for its great speed. The printer promises to print 70 pages per minute in both black and color। In this case, the first page takes 6 seconds to print. Also, due to the auto document feeder and 2-sided printing feature, the printer can complete the printing work quickly.

Ease of Use

The 4.3 “touch screen display with USB, Ethernet, Wi-Fi, and Wi-Fi Direct features make the printer much easier to use. Printing can be controlled from anywhere by connecting Google Cloud Print, mobile phones, and Windows tablets to the office network. The printer’s easy setup and usage is quite admirable to the users.

FAQs About Hp PageWide pro-577dw Business Printer

Q: What type of cartridge is used in this printer?

The HP 972 ink cartridge is used in the printer for better printing results. HP 972X high-yield cartridges can also be used to print 2.5x more pages.

Q: How to connect this printer directly?

If you want to print from mobile, you can print using Wi-Fi Direct and NFC touch-to-print technology by connecting the mobile to the printer.

Q: What kind of workgroup is this printer suitable for?

This Hp pagewide pro 577dw printer is suitable for workgroups of up to 15 users depending on the speed and paper holding capacity. This printer is recommended for up to 6000 pages per month.

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Final Verdict

At the end of the review, we can say that the hp page wide pro 577dw  printer is a great way to grow your business. Versatile paper handling, fast printing speed, and high image quality increase the efficiency of the printer. This printer with modern features should be the best choice for your workplace.

After learning the features of the printer from the review, if you think that the printer will provide good results for your office or workgroup, then collect the printer online without delay. If you have any curiosity or questions about the Hp Pagewide pro 577dw printer, then click on our comment box.

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