HP Color LaserJet Pro M281cdw Review

HP Color LaserJet Pro M281cdw ReviewFor maintaining the busy home office tasks or even any sort of small office, a multifunctional color printer is an obligation. With the power of providing adequate text quality, speed, functionality, and clarity a color LaserJet printer like HP M281cdw is a precise option. This HP printer has a great balance of quality features and functions to maintain any type of small to medium home offices. When considered the overall scores of this printer, It gets a decent score for the overall factors like performance and services.

This HP M281cdw printer provides not only the speed and flawless text quality of a laser printer but also ensures pretty much glowing and cool color graphics as well. More than that, it also has a faxing and scanner of decent pages to simplify the tasks of long documents. These upper attributes are a sprinkle part of all the features of the HP LaserJet Pro M281cdw printer. To know the more in-depth appearance of this printer, have a closer look at HP Color LaserJet Pro M281cdw Review.

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At a Glance HP Color Laserjet Pro M281cdw Printer

  • HP Color Laserjet Pro M281cdw Wireless Multifunction Laser Printer provides big performance within a small package
  • It is packed with a faster print speed for completing more tasks within a short timespan
  • Have all the printing tasks within the palm of your hand as it has App-based printing facilities
  • Easily print from your mobile devices or any of your devices with the wireless connection features
  • Count on high-quality color and more pages than before with Original HP Toner cartridges with Jet Intelligence

Compare HP Color Laserjet Pro M281cdw with Lexmark MC3326adwe Printer

HP Color Laserjet Pro M281cdw Printer Lexmark MC3326adwe Printer
Compare HP Color Laserjet Pro M281cdw with Lexmark MC3326adwe Printer Compare HP Color Laserjet Pro M281cdw with Lexmark MC3326adwe Printer
HP LaserJet Pro M281cdw has a 2.7-inch color touchscreen display for more intuitive management of all the printing tasks and functions. Lexmark MC3326adwe is launched with a 2.8-inch e task color touchscreen display to simplify the businesses tasks.
With a maximum printing speed of up to 22 pages per minutes, print your docs with blazing fast speed. The maximum printing speed of this printer is up to 26 pages per minutes for a faster task accomplishment.
It has a 50 sheet auto document feeder and decent scanning impression speeds for a smooth user experience. The auto document feeder scanning speed of this printer is pretty much fast as it delivers 21 impressions per minutes while scanning.
The input paper tray capacity is about 250 sheets, thus provides interruption-free printing task. Scan with a tray capacity up to 250 pages and a single-sided sheet feeder is included for more comfort.
With the HP Smart App manage your printing tasks and scan directly from your mobile device. Print, Copy, Scan, And Fax easily with the Lexmark printing app from your mobile device
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What Users Are Saying About HP Color Laserjet Pro M281cdw Printer

The renewed HP Pro M281cdw doesn’t have the toner within the box. The overall printing speed and the color are pretty much modest while considering the budget. Some scattered issues like a network and connecting problem, some functional issues were also noticed in the refurbished one. But most of the users have found it best at this reduced price range.

With the refurbished or the renewed version of this HP printer within half of the original budget, you are not supposed to expect the best performance like the new one. But it although delivers pretty much decent performance within the budget and your money won’t go in vain. If you want better colors and graphics other than that, check the best printers for sticker printing.

Key Features Of  HP Color Laserjet Pro M281cdw Wireless Printer

Faster Printings

Faster prints and easy task accomplishment as it has dual-sided printing, faster ppm print speed, and auto document feeder. The print speed of this HP Pro M281cdw printer is 22 pages per minute. The auto document feeder is also made of 50 sheets and the scanner impression speed is also decent. Thus do your printings in a more hassle-free way

High-Quality Functions

The overall functions and the featu7res are pretty much decent when comap0red to the price tag. It can do printing, scanning, copying, faxing, and much more. The Text quality and the graphics delivered from HP Pro M281cdw is pretty much vivid and clear.

Easy Controls

Controlling this HP printer is pretty much convenient and easy as it has a great 2.7 inches touchscreen display and easy overall control through the HP Smart App. The HP Smart App will let you manage the tasks and the functions without any sort of hassles or concerns. Moreover, the wireless connectivity features made it one step further in the matter of convenience. 

FAQs About HP Color Laserjet Pro M281cdw Wireless Multifunction Laser Printer

Q: Does this scan in a duplex way?

It can scan in two sides or ways. As it has two-sided printing and scanning features, so the duplex way scanning is available in it without any doubt.

Q: Does this come with all the necessary software to add to a network?

It is used to deliver all the necessary software to run all the functions and tasks. If you haven’t got the desired things, then you have to download the software from the HP web. And all the downloads, installments, and settings are pretty much easy to do.

Q: Can it print from a laptop?

Yes, it can print from a laptop. You can print from any sort form device with this HP LaserJet Pro M281cdw printer. With the help of Bluetooth and wireless features, you can print from any device.

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Final Verdict

The overall performance from HP Pro M281 is just awesome when it is compared to similar printers from different companies. On top of that, the text quality is pretty much decent, and when the texts are moved below 10 points, it lacks and gest pretty much faded, other than this everything is fair and lovely. It is from the microscope, not from the naked eye! So, you can understand the clarity of the texts from the HP LaserJet Pro M281cdw printer.

Though this is a renewed printer first of all, so you won’t get the toner in the box. Moreover, it has some scattered drawbacks, overall it is a renewed printer. But when you consider it to the budget, the color printer from HP is not so bad to have. But if you want something better than that then you will have to pay more. So, you can gaze at the best printers for homeschool. But if you are satisfied with the refurbished thing, it won’t be a disappointing option to opt for.

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