How To Unlock A Phone From US Cellular

In modern times, unlocking a phone from US cellular is a necessary thing for moving on. US Cellular is an American mobile network operator that was founded in 1983 it started with United States Cellular Corporation and they have started their business by naming US Cellular. From February 1, 2016, US Cellular has started selling most of their 4G LTE devices unlocked. 

These devices that are sold before the date can probably be upgraded by an over-the-air update, hence make sure your device is the updated one before reaching US Cellular for unlocking your device.

If this criteria don’t match with your device then you may need an unlocking code from US Cellular’s customer service line and you can contact on 611 (from a US Cellular device) or 888-944-9400 on another device.

In the USA, there are several companies available that will allow you to pay for your phone and in this case, they will surely lock the phone to their carrier for letting you work bound to their carrier.

This is a great thing from the company’s perspective, but consumers have to spend more for sticking to the plans.

If you step forward to unlock your phone from a particular carrier, you need to know about the different ways that are required for unlocking that cell phone. Below we will discuss in brief How To Unlock A Phone From US Cellular. 

Things You Need To Know Before Unlocking US Cellular Phones

Unlike any other carriers, unlocking a phone from US Cellular will also require some precautionary or perquisites as unlocking a phone is not a simple task at all.

Unlocking a phone is a lengthy process and it might take hours for some individuals as well as you may have to make long calls to the customer care service. 

Therefore we are recommending you should not leave your previous or current carrier as long as your phone is locked. Before going to unlock your phone, you need to know some essential information about the procedure.

Similar to other carriers, UScellular’s unlocking method is completely conducted in line with CITA’s terms on unlocking their devices. They will unlock smartphones phones and tablets, as long as you abide by the following rules-

  • You need to have the complete information as an account holder
  • Keep your IMEI number or the corresponding cell phone near your touch
  • Don’t forget to keep your personal number that has been provided by the company
  • Your device must need to be from the US Cellular carrier
  • The device in inquiry must not have been forgotten, taken, lost, or obtained in a misused way
  • Always try to keep in contact or stay in flow with a plan of the service provider company 
  • Last but not least, the device that you are trying to unlock need to be fully paid

How To Unlock A Phone From US Cellular

How To Unlock A Phone From US Cellular

1. Procedures Of Unlocking A Phone From US Cellular

The way that we are going to demonstrate here is one of the most effortless techniques of all and this process will cost you nothing but a couple of hours.

Before going for the unlocking process you need to make sure that you are perfectly eligible for the process. You need to fulfill the requirements, as well as your status, need to be in a great position. 

If you go forward after checking these crucial factors then your roadway will be smooth and you can unlock your phone without any headache or hassling issues. Consequently, if you are entering into the unlocking method of your cell phone you may need to pursue the following mechanisms properly-

  • At first, visit the website of the required service provider and in this context, we will go for the US Cellular’s online portal.
  • Enter to the website and then Log in using your account 
  • Afterward, scroll the web pages for unlocking the phone tab
  • In the requisite tab enter or fill in your essential pieces of information about your cell phone device
  • Now go to the drop-down list and select the version of your corresponding phone

Before going to the primary process below, we are here with some good and bad sides or you can say Pros and Cons about US cellular phone unlocking procedure. Amongst the positive sides- the process is easy to understand & perform, and it doesn’t require any sort of fees or charges.

Check some of the best unlocked smartphones under $200 for saving more while getting freedom for carrier usage. 

And in the drawbacks- the account needs to be active or it requires to be in a used status for heading towards the unlocking process. Following all the aforementioned processes now you have to go through the mechanisms that we have included below. 

2. Unlock Your Phone From US Cellular

If you are looking to unlock your phone from US Cellular it can be a reliable and easy to move approach for the unlocking head start.

For using your phone to use it on any other network, you need to break down the CDMA for it. The CDMA will restrict your system software from allowing any other addition from other service providers. 

For unlocking your phone from this service provider you just need to keep your IMEI number safe. The IMEI number will provide you with data about the software of your mobile.

With that, you can fulfill the information on your phone, and afterward, you will know about the required code that needs to be applied for the particular subscription. You need to go through the following steps for unlocking your phone. 

  • First of all, get your IMEI number which is a 15 to 17 digit number lengthy just by dialing *#06# to get the details about the software.
  • From the Internet, you will be able to get a breaker code for CDMA devices by searching online.
  • You can get this software for just 400 dollars or more. Following the purchase of this software, you need to install this software on your PC or computer. 
  • The software itself will show that you have followed the given info while the installation process is proceeding. Don’t forget to restart your computer after the installation process.
  • Using a cable you have to connect your device to the computer so that you can unlock it. 
  • When the cell phone is being affirmed by your computer meanwhile enter the IMEI number into it.
  • Then you will get a verification code and the software will ask for entering the code. 
  • After you have entered the verification code into the software, you will get a confirmation that your phone is unlocked  

When your phone will be unlocked you can use it freely for all other carriers according to your whims and fancies. The process is a bit lengthy, expensive, and it requires hardware. Other than that, it is a reliable way of unlocking any US Cellular phones for seniors and any other usage. 

3. Unlocking Your US Cellular Phone From Third Party Services

The second way of unlocking any US Cellular phone is to try to unlock it from any third-party services. Using any third-party services for unlocking your device comes with a process pretty much similar to the unlocking way of phones using any service provider.

Before stepping toward the process immediately, you need to find out a reliable and trustworthy third-party service.

In this unlocking method, the third party will give you the unlocking code and you will just put it in the right place, thus your mobile will be unlocked.

You need to hire a third-party service or any provider and it will do the hassling code giving process done for you therefore will give you the unlocking code. 

In this perspective, the most common way for unlocking a phone is you will pay the service provider through their website. After that, in an exchanging way, they will provide you with the code in your email.

There is a risk factor that, if your third-party site is not that reliable it has a greater chance of being a scam. If you fall under a scammer then you may not receive your code sometimes and they may give you false codes instead.  

Regarding all these factors you need to be sure and be careful before you go pick any third-party service. It can be a loyal way of unlocking your phone if you are being suggested or recommended for a good third-party platform.

Nevertheless, this way is a chaos-free process that may give you an immediate code for unlocking cell phones. But aside from the drawbacks, it is not a secure method, not a cost-efficient way, and it may take a long time for the job to be done. 

4. DoctorSIM For Unlocking US Cellular Phones

If you are looking for unlocking your US Cellular phone from reliable software, then Doctor SIM is going to be a solid option.

Doctor Sim works as a phone unlocking software that can unlock phones from any network provider and can make them freely usable for all providers. For proceeding into the unlocking process first of all you need to register yourself into their online site. 

After you make the registration procedure done now it’s time to put some info related to your phone. Now you have to enter the details of your carrier, your phone model, and the IMEI number of your phone.

Proceeding that they will provide you an unlocking code that you will use for unlocking your phone. For getting your desired code you have to pay them by their website and the process is nearly the same as the upper one. 

Similar to the above one, they will send you the code via your email after you pay them online. Then you have to use the code in your cell phone for getting you done.

On the other hand, you can also seek help or assistance from their site or any online customer service representative. And after all the processing they will leave you unlocking your phone safely.

Doctor Sim also comes with a range of great discounts if you come with unlocking a minimum number of cell phones at once. And from their website, it is recommended to bring up unlocking 5 cell phones at a time for getting the discount. Here are some cheap unlocked iPhones under 100 to 200 dollars that are available you can check.

5. Unlock US Cellular Phones From CellUnlocker

Another trusted website for unlocking US Cellular phones is If you are looking for a safe and secure cell phone unlocking process without any hassles then Cell Unlocker can be the best option for doing so.

Unlike the upper ones, Cell Unlocker doesn’t give you straightforward codes in exchange for payment. Rather they come with showing you some gateways or easy methods in which you can get access to a code. 

Furthermore, if you go for unlocking your cell phone from this site they will provide you with a special discounted price when you will proceed for unlocking codes instead of any unlocking methods.

Once you have done unlocking your cell phone from this site you can use your phone with any carrier all over the world and it will be expedient for you to switch your carrier as many times as you can.

Cell Unlocker comes with an easy-to-use method as well as it is pretty much safe & secure. You don’t have to worry about any unwanted issues since their customer care is available 24/7 thus you can solve your issues of dispute immediately.

Another great side is, Cell Unlocker is Compatible with all versions of cell phones regardless of companies and carriers. To name a shortcoming- it takes a couple of days to provide an unlocking code that can be an issue of concern.  

6. Unlocking Prepaid and Postpaid Phones From US Cellular

US Cellular comes with selling phones from some large tech companies like Apple, Google, Samsung, Motorola, LG, Alcatel, and Pantech.

US Cellular has all sorts of network frequency services CDMA or 3G network, 4G LTE network, and 5G network.

As it is a large telecom service provider, it also has a range of prepaid and postpaid phones. They will allow you to unlock your phones from their online site no matter if you are a prepaid or postpaid customer.  

Unlocking a phone from US Cellular appears in an easily understandable way as well as the procedures are reliable and secure for the users.

The company comes with a prerequisite requirement that needs to be fulfilled before you go for unlocking your phone from their site.

The requirement is you need to be a holder of an account that is at least 12 months long. For unlocking your prepaid or postpaid phone from US Cellular you need to follow these simple steps listed below. 

  • First, call through the US Cellular customer care service by dialing 888-944-9400 from your phone.
  • After that, the representative on the other side of the call will give you some pieces of information and you have to follow these instructions to proceed further.
  • If you follow the indications of the customer service representative they will ask you to provide him the necessary data required for unlocking your phone.
  • Based on the model and the version of your device, the service provider will provide you a code that you can use for continuing the unlocking process. 
  • Enter the unlocking code into your phone and then press next. That’s all your phone will be unlocked immediately after that. 

Without fulfilling this condition you can’t go for these proceedings to Unlock your phone.

Final Verdict

If you have been in a situation when you have to change your carrier several times, you will know how much hassling this task is.

There are a variety of networks, such as AT&T, Sprint, or you can say CDMA GSM; all sorts of networks are not suitable for all types of phones.

After this brief context about How To Unlock A Phone From US Cellular, you may have got a couple of options with this you can unlock your phone.

Before going to unlock your cell phone keep in mind that you may face some inconveniences such as the limitation of some specific features.

A big factor works behind a concern-free unlocking or hassle-free usage after unlocking and this is the variety of devices that you use. In our opinion, we recommend that instead of unlocking a phone you can go for an unlocked phone from a producer. 

Where unlocking a phone may cost you more pennies but if you purchase cheap unlocked smartphones no contract, it can save you some extra bucks while giving you the freedom of using several carriers at once.

Furthermore, instead of switching to a variety of carriers, you can save a decent amount of money by availing of suitable plans from all carriers according to your needs.