How to Unlock a Boost Mobile Phone Yourself?

Are you looking for a way about how to unlock a Boost Mobile phone yourself? Then this blog post is perfect for you. I will share some tips and tricks on how to do so without spending any money.

How to Unlock a Boost Mobile Phone Yourself?

Unlocking your Boost phone is a quick and straightforward process.

  • You can download an app called “Unlock Code Generator” to generate a code for free.
  • There are also websites where people sell the codes they have already generated before or even offer them as part of their services.
  • The prices range from $4-$14,

Depending on the time frame it takes to get the code to your email address after purchase. All in all, unlocking your Boost mobile phone can be done easily and quickly with these methods!

How Do I Know if My Mobile is Locked?

You can check if your phone is locked or unlocked by doing the following:

  • Enter *#06# on your keypad.
  • Check for the IMEI number and see if it has a 15 digit code in front of it; then you’re probably good to go!
  • If there’s no 15 digit code before your IMEI number (like this 1234567890), then that means the lock status is either “Unknown” or “Blocked.” In that case, you might have to unlock it first.
How to Unlock a Boost Mobile Phone Yourself

What’re the Requirements for Unlocking a Boost Mobile Phone?

You need a few things to be able to unlock your Phone:

  • An active Boost Mobile account.
  • The IMEI number of your Phone.
  • A computer/laptop with internet.
  • Your Phone’s data cable.

Will Unlocking my Wireless Device Void my Warranty?

The short and easy answer is NO! However, if you’re planning to use the warranty, you might want to keep it locked.

If anything happens to your device, providing that you have the lock status showing as “Unlocked” or “Blocked,” they will not honor it under their warranty.

My Phone has Already been Unlocked – How Can I Tell?

If you have already unlocked your Phone without using any software or having it done by a third party, then you should see an “Unlocked” sign on your device. 

What will happen if I Unlock My Boost Mobile Device?

If you are planning to use the unlock code that someone else has generated for you, then here is what will happen upon activation:

  • You will no longer be limited to the service that’s given in your original plan.
  • You can use and change to another carrier.
  • The technician may lock the length of time before your device again depends on who unlocks it.

Unlocking your Phone of Military requirements

If you are in the military, you have to be careful about your Phone’s lock status. If it has been unlocked using any of the methods I’ve mentioned above (even if by someone else), then here are some things that may happen:

  • You will be placed under investigation
  • Your device will be confiscated
  • You might even terminate your account
  • Being a military soldier myself, I don’t believe there is a way around this one.

Unlocking your phone current boost customers

If you are a Boost Mobile user, here is what will happen: 1) Your account might get terminated 2) You may be “blacklisted” from their services.

Unlocking your Boost mobile phone

Tips and Tricks

  • Keep in mind that once you unlock your device, the only way to re-lock it would be by reactivating it with Boost again. If they find out that the device isn’t locked anymore when you do this, then there’s a good chance that either your account will be deactivated or blocklisted altogether.
  • Before using any of these methods I mentioned above, make sure to check if your phone is locked in the first place. The IMEI should have a 15 digit.

Unlocking the Phone of Non-boost customers

To unlock your Boost mobile phone, there are several things you need to do. The following is the list of what needs to be done before unlocking:

  • You need an active account with Boost Mobile.
  • Your device’s IMEI must not have any 15 digit code in front of it.
  • If you are using someone else’s codes when unlocking, make sure they’re eligible for use.
  • Only use the original SIM card provided by Boost Mobile.
  • As long as they work, it doesn’t matter where or how you got the code(s).
  • Once unlocked, feel free to ditch the SIM card for another carrier and enjoy endless services!

Upgrading your Boost Mobile Phone

Upgrading your Boost Mobile Phone

What will happen if you upgrade your Boost mobile?  Upgrading from one Phone to another will void your warranty, and depending on your plan, it may not be worth the upgrade or even the cost itself.

It all depends on how much you’ve paid for your device onto beginning with and whether or not it’s still under contract.

If you’re planning to use any of these methods I’ve mentioned above (even if by someone else), then here are some things that may happen:

  • You might have to pay the full retail price for the new Phone
  • Your account might get deactivated
  • Depending on how many Boost Mobile services you have, it might be possible to charge extra fees.
  • You may lose out on any rebates and discounts.
  • They will still own your device even if you were to cancel any of their services.

Unlocking policy of Boost Mobile

The only way to unlock your Boost mobile would be by signing a new agreement with them. This will depend on the status of your current one and if they have anything left in their contract. They’ll also keep track of any accounts that have been terminated as well.

Unlocking policy of Boost Mobile – Countries where it’s illegal

Here are some countries where unlocking is not allowed at all: 1) Iran 2) Iraq 3) the United States 4) North Korea 5) Belarus 6) Russia 7) Kazakhstan 8 ) Azerbaijan 9) Georgia 10) Angola 11 ) Algeria 12 ) Eritrea 13 ) Ghana 14 ) China 15 ) Ethiopia 16 ) India 17 ) Israel 18)  Syria 19) Lebanon.

Unlocking policy of Boost Mobile – Countries where it’s illegal

Here are some countries where unlocking is allowed but may require special permission beforehand: 1) Belgium 2) France 3) Switzerland 4 ) Mexico 5 ) Nigeria 6 ) Japan 7 ) Ukraine 8 ) Poland 9 ) Turkey 10) Slovenia 11) Czech.

FAQs About Boost Mobile Phone Unlocks

If I were to unlock my phone, will I still be able to make and receive calls?

so far, it’s been working for me. You may say you’re not going to activate another contract since everything has been unlocked. Still, some carrier or network services might ask for the IMEI number after a free trial period.

How do I know if my Boost mobile is locked or not?

When unlocking, make sure you have all the information about your Phone before doing so. If you’re not sure, then here are some things to check or do:
1) Check if there’s a 15 digit code in front of your IMEI number
2) Verify if your Boost Mobile SIM card is still active
3) Search online for any codes that are specific to your phone 4) Call the customer service if you’re still not sure.

Is it possible to put a foreign SIM card into a locked Boost mobile device?

Yes, a locked Boost mobile device can still receive calls from other foreign SIM cards, but you’ll have to unlock it first to do so.

Can I use different phone services while my Phone is unlocked?

If your Phone’s adequately been unlocked, then yes, you can. You may check with the company you’re planning on.

What happens once the code(s) are done with?

If your Phone’s adequately been unlocked, then yes, you can. You may check with the company you’re planning on.

What happens once the code(s) are done with?

Hi, I just got a code from this site, and it worked. I’m pleased with the results so far! It’s only been about four days since that time, but I will update this blog as soon as possible. I wish they had more savings on unlocking codes instead of charging extra for them.

Why is this process only applicable for postpaid customers of Boost Mobile?

This process is only applicable for postpaid customers of Boost Mobile because phone unlocking is a part of their Terms and Conditions. However, I haven’t tried the other unlock methods yet, so I can’t say if they would work or not. If you have enough time to spare, then go ahead and try it out yourself!

If I were to unlock my phone, will I still be able to make and receive calls?

Yes, you can, but it all depends on which carrier you’ll use after you unlocked it. However, most networks won’t have.

Final Verdict

Here are some of the helpful suggestions you might want to remember once the process has been completed.

They’re listed below for ease, and reference: * This method might not work if your IMEI has already been registered with other networks * Always update your software before attempting this * scrutinize the SIM card before placing it into the device.

As I’ve said before, Boost Mobile is a cheap alternative for those who want both services and a good reception just with the payment of one bill.

It can be the best option for those who don’t like to spend too much on monthly expenses but still want to have fun while using their phones.

You can permanently save more if you go with plans that are cheaper than $60 per month. Boost Mobile offers many deals and promos that are updated now and then, so make sure to check them out as well whenever they’re available!

Unlocking your Phone would also depend on the terms or conditions stated in your current contract with them because it may not be applicable for everyone. Just remember to do this only.