How To Track A Cell Phone Using Google Earth For Free

Have you ever considered how smartphones are integrated into your daily lives? If you are currently involved with the I.T. sector, you can imagine what’s happened in this sector. Many astounding things can be made possible with the help of the internet, like tracing a cell phone, addressing required information, and more. However, you are here to know how to track a cell phone using google earth for free?

In this fast-paced computerized world, there are many tracking tools to identify your specific numbers. You may have heard the name “google earth” is a fantastic tool for tracking a cell phone.

This excellent app facilitates users with 3D images of places and traditional houses without departing home. However, here we address step to step tracking a cell phone using google earth for free, including all information.

What is Google Earth?

There are lots of convenient apps that have fantastic features. Google earth is one of the special programs that provide 3D representations of land-based on satellite images. It is a free program that comes from google inc. And it is compatible with Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and Linux devices.

Typically Google Earth is engaging with google Maps. With this excellent program, you can see the aerial illustrations shot using Google Satellites, and millions of people facilitated this program. If you want to see an explored planet, then you should use this excellent program.

This geographic map has lots of options to identify some extraordinary things. When you use the Google Earth program to track a cell phone, you will find lots of facilitated features, and almost all types of short can find here.

How Does Google Earth Work?

How does Google Earth work? It has some different options, and this google earth is one of the geo-mapping and tagging programs. This program is directly connected with satellites to take images that will be reliable with your needs.

Google Earth provides different sizes of images by using satellite options, and millions of people use those images as their needs. It is free to use for additional devices such as Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and Linux devices. If you are interested in digital geographic maps, this program fits your demands.

This program works excellent to identify any locations without hassles. With a wide range of covenant features, you will get some superb picture information that can be used with easy conditions and very low prices.

How to track a cell phone using google earth for free?

How To Track A Cell Phone Using Google Earth For Free

When your smartphone is lost or stolen, nothing to say about signing for your safety and your information. Don’t worry; you can track your smartphone by using the Google Earth program in this technology age. If you want to use this incredibly facilitated program, you should follow some procedures. Here we address some essential steps below.

Step 1. First of all, open your web browser, and go to” web address. Now you should hit the “enter” button and follow their instructions.

Step 2. In these steps, you are required to login into this program by using your Google mail address with your password.

Step 3. After login into Google Earth programs, you should now provide your mobile number to confirm your eligibility. When you submit your cell phone number, now request to send an O.T.P. number to confirm these options.

Step 4. Now you can get an OTP number and put this number in the exact place and select your country. If everything is going on the right way, then required to allow google access options and submit those options.

Step 5. After access allows options, you should now press the yes button and confirm your location. Now on Google Earth, you can find your places. However, by following that way, you can track a cell phone using google earth for free.

Software Similar to Google Earth Cell Phone Tracker

Without Google Earth, you can also find the best free government cell phones trackers to find out your favorite cell phone when it will steal or lost. Here we address some alternative options to Google Earth as well as other conditions.

Virtual Ocean

Virtual Ocean is one of the most popular programs sites that are comparable with the NASA World Wind 3D earth browser. This cell phone tracker can create a powerful platform to support different educational and research programs. It offers some excellent features. Here we address the most common features,

  • Terrestrial visualizations.
  • General data viewers.
  • Custom data viewers.
  • Explore different 3D images, both sea, and mountains.
  • Provide many scientific decors that inflict a clear concept of those areas.


When you are keen on open-source software to make your tracking system perfectly mobile, World Wind (W.W.) is the best option for you. It was designed and published by NASA for the learning technologies project. With excellent Zoom options, you can get an advantage in gathering knowledge about the planet and its design and what and where changes occur! Here we address some critical features of this tracking software.

  • General data viewers.
  • Custom data viewers.
  • Explore different 3D images, both sea, and mountains.
  • Terrestrial visualizations.
  • Imagery and elevation data from a satellite.


Marble is another name of the visual effects detector and smartphone tracker. This small interactive implicit globe allows you to learn more about your lovely planet. Marble makes it easy to pass over the map smoothly and sees different places with zoom and visual options.

However, when you use this excellent tracking program, find lots of opportunity features. Here we address some important features below.
Flexible services beyond its cross-platform design.

  • General data viewers.
  • Custom data viewers.
  • Explore different 3D images, both sea, and mountains.
  • Provide many scientific decors that inflict a clear concept of those areas

What is G.P.S? Tracking App?

Anyone involved with the online sector is informed about G.P.S. (global positioning system). We can say in a single word that it is a global navigation satellite system.

The G.P.S. tracking app is mainly designed to locate the cell phone device location on the map, and it is also capable of taking your phone to an exact location.

There are a ton of advantages of covering this G.P.S. tracker, such as tracking your cell phone if stolen or lost, navigating your router, exploring the world, and so more!

Without those advantages, you can also use these G.P.S. tracking options in your business like cab services, product and food delivery services, and so more! So, use this G.P.S. tracker to keep secure your smartphone, business car, and so more!

How to trace phones by using a G.P.S. tracking system?

If you want to use a G.P.S. tracking system and are required to trace your cell phone, you should follow several critical steps to take those like.

Install G.P.S. software on your mobile and your targeted mobile. It looks like parents monitor children’s locations. At first, you should install those apps.

Now you should register your downloaded and installed app. For this, you should create an account and log in to this app by using your account name and password. Now you should confirm your account on your device and your target devices.

Now you should make sure all of the information that you can input the G.P.S. apps. You also ensure the clarity of your information provides your targeted audience, like your children or your partner.

This is the final step. At this time, you should make sure of the clarity of all information and fully set up these Apps with your G.P.S. tracker, and you will be able to be aware of your target audience locations.

Final Verdict

In the above article, we try to solve how to track a cell phone using Google Earth for free. However, google earth is one of the famous cell phone tracers with some intelligent features; find out your required location within Google Maps.

This program is reliable with almost all kinds of devices like Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and Linux devices. So use these programs and take advantage of them that will fit your requirements.