How To Switch To Boost Mobile And Get A Free Phone

Boost Mobile is defined as a wireless telecommunications brand that offers prepaid cell service using Sprint’s network.

Forget all about all other wireless telecommunications brands today and switch to Boost Mobile and get a free phone. The process of switching to Boost Mobile for your next cell phone plan is such an easy one. A few things are needed before starting with this process. These include;

  • An unlocked sprint phone or a device that is able to run on a Sprint network.
  • The name, address and customer account number on your current carrier’s bill.
  • The phone’s IMEI, MEID or ESN number.
  • Account PIN # from your current carrier.
Switch To Boost Mobile And Get A Free Phone

Switch To Boost Mobile And Get A Free Phone

Always take into note that in case you want to transfer your number, do not cancel it first as Boost Mobile will complete the number porting process on your behalf. Only Boost Mobile and some certified Sprint devices will work in the event that you want to switch to boost mobile and get a free phone.

Select your preferred plan

Boost Mobile offers three different single-line plans and a single multi-line family plan. The Single line plans have price ranges from $35 for unlimited talk or text and 3GB of data up to $60 for unlimited talk, text, or data. The two major advantages of the Boost plans are the included taxes and fees and the absence of credit checks.

Boost mobile has an offer for its customers that includes various unlimited data plans and free phones. This marketing strategy will benefit both new and existing Boost Mobile subscribers. Discussed below are some of the best Boost Mobile Plans with free phones.

1. Boost Mobile LG Stylo Phone

Boost Mobile LG Stylo Phone

Acquire this free phone when you switch to Boost Mobile. In this limited offer, you will only be eligible while the supplies last. Visit a nearby Boost Mobile store to get your free LG Stylo prepaid carrier phone or likewise visit the online Amazon store and pay $70 less for this same phone.

This plan comes with unlimited data for 30 days. The phone has a solid 6.2-inch HD touchscreen and storage of 32GB, 2GB RAM. With this phone, you can watch videos vividly, download lots of stuff with free unlimited data, and store all your favorite files since the storage capacity is enough. This phone has a 13 MP primary camera and a 5 MP front camera for clear selfies and photos.

2. Moto G6

Motorola Moto G6

Get a $30 discount off the original price once you switch from another carrier to Boost Mobile. This Moto G6 phone is present on Amazon and in Boost Mobile stores across the country.

Additionally, it comes with unlimited data valid for 30 days. Take clear videos and pictures with this phone that has a 13 MP rear camera. Take advantage of its autofocus mode, face detection feature, and LED flash.

The 5MP front camera comes with a variety of beautification modes. The overall storage capacity is 16 GB and this space can accommodate most of your files.

The adorable 4000 mAh battery capacity can give you approximate 36 phone usage hours.  A touch screen of 5.7 with different aspect ratios incorporated makes this phone a must-have.

3. Samsung Galaxy J3

Samsung Galaxy  J3

When you choose to purchase the Samsung Galaxy J3 on Amazon, you instantly get unlimited text and talk time in addition to a universal 2GB high-speed connectivity. This unlimited plan starts at $35 per month.

This phone was built with a 5-inch touch screen display and 16 GB /1.5 GB internal memory and RAM. Get to store all your stuff with and enjoy a 5MP/2MP back and front camera.

Other notable features on the phone include Blue tooth, Wi-Fi, and LTE connectivity.  This phone’s central processor is a Quad-core processor that offers high phone performance.

Before purchasing this phone, you must accept the Boost Mobile no-contract monthly plan, which requires activation from Boost Mobile.

4. Samsung Galaxy J7

Samsung Galaxy J7

When you purchase this device under the Boost mobile plans with free phones, it will be locked for use. In addition, it is impossible to use this Samsung Galaxy J7 with a competitor’s SIM card.

This phone has impressive features like a sleek design and a bigger screen as compared to the previous brands from Samsung. It’s 5.5- inch display makes this phone big enough for you to watch videos. Enjoy taking all pictures even in the absence of enough light as this phone has a 13MP back camera with a LED flash.

This phone has one SIM card slot that is reserved for Boost Mobile as a carrier and a fixed long-lasting battery to help prevent fraud and battery theft. More to this phone is that it has a 32GB significant storage capacity that accommodates your stored files.

It is important to activate the phone with Boost Mobile and pay your monthly plans before using the phone. You will access a $29 discount on the final price.

5. LG Tribute HD

LG Tribute HD

You ought to know that this phone is carrier-locked. This implies that you can only use the phone on Boost Mobile. With its 5-inch display screen, this LG Tribute phone gives you the best experience in viewing.

Its android 6-marshmallow operating system supports different features and other applications you may wish to install. The camera has an 8MP/5MP for the front and back camera. The phone is also Bluetooth enabled and has 4G LTE connectivity.

On purchase, you will require an activation code from Boost Mobile and be advised to choose your preferred monthly plan from the switch to boost mobile get free phone service plans. Get ready to enjoy unlimited data and talk time from the Boost Mobile monthly plans.

6. HTC One


In times when you are looking for no-contract Boost Mobile plans with free mobile phones, this HTC One phone is the solution. The phone has beautiful features such as a dual-core processor which gives you high speeds and phone performance.

In addition, the all-day-lasting battery enables you to enjoy using your phone with minimal interruptions. Tap into the 4.3-inch screen display and improved camera technology has given that this phone has that one continuous shooting that lets you take shots continuously.

The present HTC Video pic increases your video quality and the beats audio technology makes HTC very outstanding in multimedia as it supports a variety of audio sounds.

Other features to enjoy on this phone include a 4.0 Bluetooth technology and an 8GB storage capacity. In case you in to activate this phone on Boost Mobile, go to their website and key in the phone identification number. You will only need to call the Boost Mobile offices to get your monthly plans.

7. iPhone X

iPhone X

By Switch to boost mobile and get a free phone service, you can get the iPhone X at a $100 discount off the final price. You will get a chance to enjoy other monthly data plans like unlimited data for 30 days and unlimited text and talk time.

This phone comes with a 5.8-inch OLED display widescreen that offers you a great viewing experience. To add to that, this phone was built with a 12MP dual back camera and a 7MP front camera to suit your camera needs. This phone suits people who want a no-contract plan with their service providers.

This phone is a special one since it is dust and water-resistant and has an added face recognition ID to fully secure it. There are no fees deducted from you upon purchase and activation from Boost mobile service. The phone battery is long-lasting upon full charge and the phone colors do not fade after long usage.

On finding which cell phone plan you want, order your Boost Mobile SIM card kit online or visit a nearby store. Upon having the SIM card package, follow these simple steps below to start Boost Mobile activation.

  • On the Boost Mobile activation page, select “I am a new customer and want to use my own device with a Boost mobile SIM”
  • Select an option to either bring your current phone number to Boost Mobile or get a new phone number.
  • In case you are transferring your current number, enter your phone number and your ZIP Code.
  • On the next page, enter the phone’s ESN, IMEI, or MEID.
  • Following that, enter the SIM card number located directly on your Boost Mobile SIM card.
  • SKIP THIS STEP IF YOU WANT A NEW PHONE NUMBER* If you are porting your current cell phone number, you will need to provide some information from your present carrier. This will include your account number, account PIN number, First and Last name, your address, and the last four digits of your Social Security Number.
  • Set Up your Boost Mobile account (name, address, PIN) and agree to the Boost Mobile terms and conditions.
  • Select the Plan and other add-ons you desire to purchase. This is the moment to enter a promo code if you have one.
  • Review your order for accuracy and click “Submit”.
  • You will need to wait while Boost Mobile creates your account. This may take a few minutes. If you do not want to wait, there is an activation request number to check on the status.

Final Verdict

For the preference of not activating your Boost Mobile SIM online, you can dial 611 and use the Boost Mobile self-care options over the phone or speak with a specialist.

When you need a new number, all you can do is to request a new one. On making your request, Boost Mobile will issue you a new phone number when you set up your account. If you have purchased your Boost Mobile SIM card, simply request a new number during the Boost Mobile activation process.