How To Set Up One Phone Line With Multiple Extensions

While running your business you may have faced some problems in calling service for the lack of a single line phone system.

Suppose, you are in a calling with one of your customers who have a long discussion with you about questions about products, at the same time two great customers have called for service but they haven’t got what they wanted.

Just because you are stuck with another one and the rest of those two customers have left unanswered and unhappy. In small businesses, each time this happens and your business gets hit to the wall.

To sort out and solve this issue you may opt for one phone line with multiple extensions, just by adding several extensions you require to run your business or office.

The phone line with added extensions will transmit the call to another device if one is busy calling. Thus you won’t miss any calls from customers for your business purposes.

Now, adding extensions may seem a difficult task if you don’t have adequate concepts about Phone lines and extensions. Here we will show you how you can use one phone line with multiple extensions.

How To Set Up Multiple Extensions In One Phone Line

How To Set Up One Phone Line With Multiple Extensions

You may have thought that the process of adding a business or office extension is pretty much difficult, isn’t it? You may have guessed it wrong because here I will show you how to run multiple phone lines with one number in some simple steps.

Just by following these steps, you will be able to easily add extensions for your business or office within minutes. Here you go!

1. Sign Up To A Virtual Phone System

To get started you have to open or sign up for a well-known and best virtual phone system application or provider. To get things easy and reliable you can use the TalkRoute for a better extension combining.

TalkRoute is one of the virtual phone systems to opt to add extensions for business or office purposes. Download the application and sign up/open an account to get some cool features, such as.

  • Unrestricted phone extensions
  • Local and toll-free numbers are covered
  • Voice and text messaging enabled
  • No extra telephone pieces of equipment are needed

You can start up your process just by clicking the “Start Free Trial” Button from the top corner of the menu. Then go to the form and fill it with your necessary Infos(name, email, address, etc), and then click the “Sign-up” button. Now you have signed in to a TalkRoute account, by which you can add extensions to your phone number.

2. Get a free Business Phone Number

To start the calling process, you have to get a business phone number from TalkRoute. And that number will be your business phone number and it will be visible to the customers.

You can add extensions to your virtual phone number. The virtual phone number, maybe your personal number or a toll-free number, or a number given from TalkRoute. 

For example “X” is your virtual phone number given from TalkRoute, and “Y” is your mobile number. You can add both of them. After that, if anyone calls in “X” the call will be transmitted to “Y”.

More extensions can be added in this way. You can either access a new number otherwise shift your current phone number to Talkroute.

After clicking on “New Virtual Phone Number” it will ask your location or city. After adding your city, it will give you a number available from your area based on your location.

Choose a suitable number and select a plan to proceed. You can add your existing business phone number just by clicking ”Keep existing Number”

3. Select and customize your plans  

Before proceeding to the further steps, you have to clear some concepts of the best multi-line phone systems.

A basic virtual Phone system works by forwarding a call to another single line number. After a caller calls your business number, the call directly gets forwarded to your mobile, landline, or, VoIP number. 

More than that, you can forward calls to multiple phone lines. They can be like this- Live Call Transfer, Recorded greetings or ringing at multiple phones in a sequence.

You can opt for free plans or premium plus plans for added features. Basic plans include primary features for call forwarding and adding extensions.

4. Create and setup Extensions

At the submenu button, you will get a manager option to create or add extensions. Click on the “Add new extensions” button. Afterward, choose one of your employee’s numbers or route anyone and add this as an extension.

It can be a mobile number or any landline number. You are allowed to add both of the single-digit numbers or the multi-digit numbers. You can add multiple extensions with your requirements and customize them in your way to run your business or office properly.

5. Set up a system flow

This is the concluding step of this procedure. After adding several extensions to your phone line, it’s time to add a sequence or flow to run it properly.

A system flow may be defined as a sequence and this will transmit or shift calls from one extension to another according to your setup. 

If a customer or client calls your virtual phone number then a recorded audio greeting will be played as a formality. Then the call will be forwarded to a call representative in terms of your setup.

If the representative fails to receive or answer the call, then it will be automatically shifted to another member of the extension settings. Thus the flow will be operated through a sequence.

To start creating a flow sequence, click on the available edit button under the virtual phone numbers sub-menu from the manager tab.

The process flow should be in such a way that it facilitates the communication flow between your caller & your business. 

Advantages Of Virtual Calling System

With a virtual Phone System like TalkRouter, you will be able to get some add-on benefits for sure. Here are some of them. This is one of the cheapest VoIP Business Phone systems amongst the corporates.

  • You will be able to text or message someone for your business purpose from this TalkRoute service. You can check & reply to SMS directly from the Talkroute dashboard.
  • With some of the set instructions, you can contact your customer at the off-hours, with the voicemail feature of TalkRoute.
  • One of the interesting benefits is, that you can make calls and talk with multiple customers at once.
  • With the call recording feature, you can record incoming and outgoing calls for further business purposes.
  • Last but not least, you can display any of your TalkRoute phone numbers as your business or personal caller ID.

Final Verdict

That’s all it wraps up. With those aforementioned 5 simple steps, you will be able to add multiple Phone lines with one number or one Phone line with multiple extensions from your phone line just with TalkRoute.

This virtual phone system is one of the easiest operating and robust applications for adding extensions to your business phone lines.

You don’t need any sort of extra equipment and it all just take 10 to 15 minutes to set up. With the easy virtual phone system, the telephone industry or other business giants have greatly benefited.

In the earlier phase, this phone system was just available to corporate businesses. Now with simple application software, you can get the chance of accessing these benefits.