How To Set Up A Conference Call – A Complete Guide

Are you went to preparing a conference call, but you have not a single idea for its set up? Well, this content is for you. Communication is undoubtedly the most important element in both business and personal relationships. But sometimes it will very difficult due to some unexpected factors or large scale of distance. 

If you want to make effective communication with other members of the company or your business partner, use technology.  Then you might face it difficult to get accustomed to the technology but don’t worry because you can easily learn how to set up a conference call. You can find an easy and effective way to set up the best free conference call services without any doubt by following the steps below.

How To Set Up A Conference Call

How to set up a conference call

Preparing for a conference call

At present the importance of conference call increasing rapidly due to covid 19 virus attract. So, when you are preparing to create a conference call, you must careful about some important fact which restricts your intention. Those describe at below.

Ensure Security   

When you are going to start a conference call for business purposes, at first you will make sure of your information security. As a result, your information will be hacked. To prevent hacking, you can use unique URLs which can take part in the conference. It is very hard to hack these devices and It will be perfectly secure and safe for businesses.

Careful about eco and other problems

If you can make a conference call previously, then you may face this awkward situation. In case, sometimes you can not find any easy solution. But fortunately, you can get an easy and clear-cut solution that diminution the sound volume of your device. 

The Eco-problem occurs when you keep your microphone with high volume. So be careful about this situation, when you can face this problem, you should in quest of this solution as soon as possible with the help of an expert.

Schedule the conference

For a conference call, making a schedule is an important job. If you want to start a conference call with your business partners or colleagues, at first you will select a time considering everyone’s suitable time. You will also consider the time zone of the participant, for this, you can use MS Outlook, Google calendar, or any online calendar. Now you should invite all participants via mail to ensure the participating conference. 

Free trial or demo conference call

When you are an earlier user of the conference call system,  you should free a trial or demo conference call to check the provider’s capability. There are lots of providers at conference calls. The free trial period depends on the provider’s policy. However, to make sure the performance of the conference call you should demo the conference call. So don’t waste time, let’s know how to set up a conference call for free at below. 

At this pandemics of covid 19 time, the whole world confined to their home. People can’t attend their work place, for this conference call is necessary for every sector, by realizing of importance, many software companies lanced conference calling software. Here, you can find some popular software setup system for conference calls.


If you are in quest of conference calling software which will provide an easy and user friendly system. This time, Zoom is perfect for you. This software provides awesome video quality along with desktop, laptop, and mobile phone. But its sound quality is as usual.

To set up a conference call with zoom software you should create an account and add in account all participant.  It includes a wide variety of effective features such as patented feature zoom for larger communication.


If you want to get clear and HD 1080p video, then Lifesize is important for you. Because this special software is able to make an effective conference with high sound quality without creating eco-problem.  It is reliable with all most every operating system. You can integrate Lifesize with Cisco, Skype, Polycom, Ms. Lync, etc. so why not use it in spite of including all the latest features and facilities? 


Do you want to get an effective conference calling system software? Well, for better voice sound and HD video quality, Webex is the most powerful software. This software is powered by cisco. Its undoubtedly that, Cisco is a leader in the professional and business communication market. For this, it provides an effective calling system, easy to set up, and included with effective features. If the bandwidth is reliable, then it has no problem.

Free option

If you are searching for an alternative free option for totally free conference calls with recording due to unable to use that software. In this situation, you can use much popular software as free like Skype, Google hangout, etc. you may use extra hardware for better sound quality and video quality for this free software. 

If you arrange software for conference calling, then you should take steps to ready to conference calling. Almost every conference calling software has two types of communication systems like audio and video. Here you can find two types of calling setup systems.

Audio conference setup 

For audio call conference, you will set up your software following some steps like

  • Create an account with your software services.
  • Make sure your conference calling date and time, its count up the situation of purpose.
  • Choice your participating introduce like host or gest.
  • Now check every team members are available is not?
  • Check sound quality, in case of need, you can use an extra device for better sound quality.
  • Dial the pin code for additional security.
  • To remove any confusion, you should check all participant identity.

Video conference setup 

If you want to video call conference, then you will set up your software following some steps like,

  • Create an account with your software services.
  • Make sure your conference calling date and time, its count up the situation of purpose.
  • Choice your participating identities like host or gest.
  • Now check every team members are available is not?
  • Check video quality, the sound quality at the very first of the conference.
  • Dial the pin code for additional security.
  • To decrease any confusion, you should check all participant identity with their face verification.

Set the configuring pin code

If you are the host of conference calling or leader of this calling, you should configure a pin code for the security of this conversation. Now you can find how to set up a pin code at bellow;

  • In the main menu of software, go to the tools and then dial in configuration seating.
  • Put a pin number and sign with this pin.
  • Select the language.
  • Reset your pin under the pin selection bar.
  • Fuli fills the pain requirement and enter a new pin and confirm it, now save it in a safe location.

FAQs About the Conference call

Knowing the basic thing about the conference call, there are lots of questions for utilizing the high-end technology in an effective way. For this, you should know inside information about this technology. Now you can find some frequently asked questions about setting up conference calls at below.

How many people participate in a conference call?

This question has no particular answer. The number of participants is very on you using software capability. Most of the free conference calling able 10 to 15 participants take participate. However, some paid services can allow around 100 to 250 people at once for a free conference calling. While some paid services such as Webex can allow up to 1000 people which is very astonishing. So you can get your software that’s reliable with your need.

Is actually free to dial-in a conference call?

Actually, if you want to get better quality for conference calling, you must cost some money. But you can get some low quality calling software for free. If you use paid software for conference calling, you will get a pin code to lead you to meet. Moreover, if you can use paid software, then you can enjoy some extra features facility.

Can anyone participate in a conference call from anywhere?

In the term of conference calls, there is no difference between international or local calling. So, if you allow then anyone can connect with the conference call.

Sometimes, conferences provider can create a complex situation with international and local calls. But this situation has no longer time. however,  most of the conference call service provider also allows users to type the local number for long-distance users like international facts.

Final Verdict

At last, we say that communication is the key component of development for any professional company. Sometimes, you can not meet with your partner or employees due to an unexpected situation. For this awkward situation, you can get help from a conference call. But unfortunately, many people can not set up a conference call.

It is so difficult for those who can not know how to set up a conference call. But when you can read the manual of this site for setting up then it’s so easy for you. If you follow that’s steps which we describe at above you will able to easily set up it.