How To Get Sprint No Contract Phones In 2023

Looking for a Sprint no contract phones? Sprint is one of the largest telecom operators in the United States and offers quality service throughout the country.

Sprint has been aggressively promoting the subscription model that may require you to shell out upwards of $60 every month for a decent plan with reasonable data offers.

Many users wonder how to get a free cell phone no money down no credit check. Users feel ripped off paying fees exceeding $500 a year for mobile phone service and are desperately looking for a best cell phone deals no contract.

How To Get Sprint No Contract Phones In 2023

Here is some information for customers who are looking for a no-contract phone from Sprint:

How to get Sprint no contract phones in 2022

Bring your own phone

Being free from a contract means, you must have a phone of your own. You may ask the operator to provide a SIM card or configure your phone to use their services.

Customers are required to buy a postpaid plan from Sprint. There is no availability of prepaid plans on the BYOD model.

The user can use the operator’s services on a monthly-payment basis and has the freedom to switch to another operator. This, however, is expensive than what we are going to discuss next and you may also discover what is the best sprint plan for seniors.

Mobile Virtual Network Operators

Mobile Virtual Network Operators are companies that do not have a spectrum license to broadcast their own service. These operators (MVNO) enter into an agreement with licensed operators and buy their services in bulk. The services are then provided to retail customers with flexible plans and options.

MVNOs running on Sprint’s network offer significantly cheaper rates and better value.

These are the benefits of using an MVNO’s service.

  • Customers can use/her own phone (provided it supports the frequencies used by Sprint). 
  • Remain free from contracts
  • Choose plans as per requirements (and sometimes get deals)

Ensure Compatibility

The phone you intend to use must support these bands. They are used by Sprint for broadcasting their services. Many online websites can help you determine if your phone is supported on their network.

You also may use the technical specifications of the phone to know which bands it supports.

  • Sprint network uses CDMA, EvDO, and 4G LTE.
  • Supported LTE Bands: Band 25, Band 26, and Band 41 LTE Protocol: 4G
  • CDMA: BC1 (1900 PCS) and BC10

Choosing an MVNO

The United States has over 25 Mobile Virtual Network Operators that broadcast Sprint’s networks. Customer can compare the services provided by the operators and choose the best.

Many comparison websites can be used to choose the MVNO best suited to an individual.


Here is a comparison between the plans offered by Sprint and a few MVNOs. 

Mobile Virtual Network Operator: Sprint

How to get Sprint no-contract phones in 2019

Sprint Basic Plan

  • This offers unlimited calls, data usage, and text service countrywide
  • Cost: $60 per month before taxes
  • Additional Benefits: Hulu, DVD quality streaming (480p), and 500 MB per month LTE hotspot usage

Sprint Unlimited Plus Plan

  • This offers unlimited calls, data usage, and text service countrywide
  • Cost: $70 per month before taxes
  • Additional benefits: Hulu, Tidal, Full HD (1080p) streaming, and 50 GB of LTE hotspot usage

Sprint Unlimited Premium Plan

  • This offers unlimited calls, data usage, and text service countrywide
  • Cost: $80 per month before taxes
  • Additional benefits: Amazon Prime, Hulu, Tidal, Full HD (1080p) streaming, and 100 GB of LTE hotspot usage

These are the three plans available for customers, and you must choose one of these. If your budget is less than $60 per month, you will have either to give up on unlimited plans or pay beyond your capacity

Mobile Virtual Network Operator: Tello

Tello is one of the popular MVNOs offering contract-free and cost-effective services for Sprint’s network.

Tello allows you to customize your own plan – Use the slider to choose how much data you need and how many minutes you would require during a month. New customers on the Tello network are eligible for unlimited data facilities.

Telio offers unlimited data AND unlimited talk time (including unlimited text messaging) at $39 per month. It is not just about unlimited data plans. Tello’s economy plan offers 1 GB of data and unlimited voice/text at $10 per month.

Their website also clearly mentions which phones can be used with the Sprint network.

Mobile Virtual Network Operator: Tracfone Wireless

Tracfone Wireless

Tracfone wireless is an MVNO that has a good collection of phones without contract. Customers can visit their website and purchase the phone of their choice. Both Android and Apple phones are available.

Mobile Virtual Network Operator: Tracfone Wireless

Buying a phone is not mandatory. You may choose to retain your own (unlocked) phone and avail of their services to be connected to the Sprint no contract phones network.

They are offering plans with different tenure: 30 days, 60 days, 90 days, and 365 days.  Customers can choose the duration and select the plan that suits them best.

Mobile Virtual Network Operator: TextNow

TextNow is also powered by Sprint and provides better value. They have a beautiful collection of phones that are available on their platform and can be purchased without a contract.

Customers may also bring their own phone and buy the SIM card with the plan they want. Unlimited calling and texting start at $9.99

For $39.99, TextNow is providing a fully unlimited wireless plan – Data, Minutes, and Texts, all unlimited. They do not place any restriction on the hotspot data usage (unlike Sprint), though only CDMA-specific phones can avail of this functionality.

Compared to Sprint, a customer would save $40 per month. Even if we consider that Sprint is offering perks like Hulu, Tidal, and Amazon Prime, the customer may not need all these services in the first place.

If the customer requires these services, $480 (which he/she would save in a year) can be used to buy all of these services and still be left with some dollars to spare.

Final Verdict

While Mobile Virtual Network Operators may not offer the billing, customer care, and other features as well as Sprint, we believe those are just hygiene features.

If a customer can save $500 annually using these MVNOs, it is definitely a steal. Best of all, due to the high number of MVNOs, competition is extremely high, and customers can get all deals almost all year round.