How to Get Q Link Wireless Free Phone – Important Things to Know

A Q Link Wireless free phone!!! That too with affordable phone plans! Sounds impossible, right?

It’s possible!
Low-income Americans can now get access to free Q Link mobile phones and pocket-friendly phone service; thanks to the premier mobile network carrier that has partnered with Lifeline Assistance – a government-run free cell phone program.

How to Get Q Link Wireless Free Phone

The Federal Communication Commission had launched Lifeline Assistance with the objective to provide all Americans, irrespective of their income level, equal access to a mobile phone and plan.

There are several carriers working under this program, wherein Q Link is one of the top providers of free government cell phones and inexpensive plans.

In this article, you will get all the valuable information regarding Q Link free government phone – benefits, devices, plans, and how to apply.

So, bid adieu to your mobile woes and get started to understand how you can get a free Q Link wireless upgrade phone in a simple and hassle-free manner.

Who Can Qualify for Q Link Wireless Free Phone?

As per the Lifeline Assistance program, one must fulfill minimum eligibility requirements to get Q Link Wireless free phone. The mobile service provider does not perform a credit check or require any fee to have a candidate enrolled for the program. Anyone can qualify for Lifeline via Q Link if he or she has an income of or below 135% of what is mentioned in the U.S. Federal Poverty Guidelines.

Candidates who have already signed up for any of the following federal programs can also qualify for free Q Link wireless phone:

  • Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)
  • Medicaid
  • Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
  • Tribal-specific programs include Food Distribution Program on Indian Reservations (FDPIR), Bureau of Indian Affairs General Assistance, Head Start, and Tribally-Administered Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TTANF)
  • Federal Public Housing Assistance

To apply for Q Link Wireless’ Lifeline service, you can visit their official website and fill up their simple and fast online application.

What Benefits You Get With Q Link Free Government Phone?

Qualified Q Link Lifeline subscribers can enjoy a free monthly plan in addition to their free Smartphone. The benefits included under the phone plan are:

  • Free 1GB monthly mobile data
  • Free unlimited texting
  • 1000 minutes free monthly talktime
  • Nationwide calling at no extra charge
  • 3 way calling
  • Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Free voicemail
  • Call forwarding and Caller ID facility for free
  • 911 and 411 assistance at no additional cost
  • Domestic roaming for free

Q Link Wireless Free Phone: Which Devices You Can Get

Q Link provides some fantastic choices regarding free phones under the Lifeline Assistance program. The devices that you are eligible for will vary depending on the availability. To know which mobile devices you can get under the plan, you have to first apply and enroll for Q Link Wireless’ Lifeline Assistance program.

How to Apply for Free Q Link Smartphone?

Applying for Q Link free government phone under the Lifeline Assistance program is simple and quick. Just you have to follow few easy steps to get enrolled. Let’s check out:

Step 1: To begin with it, visit the official website of Q Link Wireless and click on the “Sign Up” tab at the top. You will see a small form named “Get My Free Phone Today.” Enter your Zip Code and email address here, and click “Continue.”

Step 2: Next, follow the signup process carefully, filling up all required details to complete the application. Make sure all data you provide is true and honest to your knowledge.

Step 3: While filing your application, keep all important document proofs handy with you. To get approved for a free phone, you might need to provide the following key documents:

Proof of identity: Any one of the following documents will be acceptable: Driver’s license, W-2, US Passport, Social Security Card, Birth Certificate, Military ID, US Government ID, Certificate of US Citizenship, Certificate of Naturalization, SSA-1099, Tax Return, Tribal Tax Return, Permanent Resident/Alien Card, Military Discharge, Statement of Benefits with SSN/DOB, and Workers’ Compensation/Unemployment Statement with SSN/DOB.

Proof of Social Security Card: Regardless of the Proof of Identity you submit, you may have to additionally provide a copy of your Social Security Card for approval.

Proof of low income: When you submit your proof of low income such as an income statement or paycheck stub, it must be for 3 consecutive months displaying your income.

Q Link accepts the following proofs of low income: paycheck stub, income statement from the employer, tribal tax return, social security statement of benefits, previous year’s federal or state tax return, divorce decree, child support award, workers’ compensation/unemployment statement of benefits, and pension or retirement statement of benefits.

Documents proving enrollment in a federal government program: Click here to get a complete list of documents you need to submit as a proof of enrollment in federal government programs.

Step 4: Discussed here are the steps to upload the required documents:

  • Upload on Q Link Wireless’ Website: Click “My Q Link/Login” – Login you’re your details – Upload Proof
  • Email: Send your documents of proof via email at
  • Webcam: Login with your details at My Q Link, take pictures of your documents using a webcam, and submit.
  • Phone: Take photos of the documents with your mobile device and sent it via email.
  • Mail: You can also send the copies via mail to Q Link Wireless, Document Support, 499 East Sheridan Street, Suite 200, Dania, Florida – 33004.
  • Fax: You can also fax the documents to Q Link Wireless. First log in with your username and password at My Q Link and download a cover page for you fax. Send it to 1-855-837-5465.

Q Link Wireless also provides the option to check the status of your application. For that, you have to login with your username and zip code as password and click the “Check Status” option at the top right-side corner of the menu bar.

What is Q Link’s Bring Your Own Phone Program?

Already have a mobile phone? You can get it connected to Q Link Wireless’ network and enjoy its free monthly plans in a simple and quick manner.

The BYOP program is also under the federal government’s Lifeline Assistance, which outlines equal access to affordable phone services even to low-income Americans. To start with it, you have to follow three simple steps as mentioned herewith:

  • Check the device’s compatibility: The BYOP program is only available for compatible mobile devices as listed here. To check the compatibility of your phone, provide your device’s IMEI, ESN, or MEID number at the above link.
  • Setting up Q Link: If your mobile phone is compatible, Q Link Wireless will notify you whether you need a new SIM card kit, which they will ship to you directly. Otherwise, they will active the phone service to your device right away.
  • Activate your mobile phone under BYOP: Once you get set up notification from the mobile carrier, activate the network service following these simple instructions.

If you were on Sprint, Boost, or Virgin networks, the service needs to be concluded for 60 days or more before getting activated on Q Link. The mobile carrier also needs Boost and Virgin service users to have an active prepaid account for 12 months prior to applying for QLink BYOP program.

Sprint network users must fulfill all their financial and contractual obligations with the carrier before the device can be eligible for Q Link service.

Mobile phones on lease are not eligible for the BYOP program. The phone is also considered ineligible if it is flagged as stolen or lost.

Is the Q Link Wireless Free Phone Program Really Free?

Being a part of the government’s Lifeline Assistance program, Q Link Wireless genuinely provides free mobile phone in addition to free service plans.

No credit checks, no fees, no billing information needed! However, one has to apply for the program and be eligible as per the guidelines mentioned in Lifeline.

Which States Does Q Link Free Phone Program Cover?

QLink Wireless free phone program is typically available to users across 97% of the U.S.A. The mobile carrier is continuously expanding its services to provide quick and reliable network coverage nationwide.

To check whether the program covers your area, search with your zip code and email address on Q Link’s official website.

Final Verdict

Getting a Smartphone for free, in addition to a free service plan, isn’t a dream anymore for low-income Americans.

The federal government had floated the plan years back, and network service providers like Q Link has made the process quick and hassle-free for everyone. Hope this comprehensive guide will be helpful in enrolling for the Lifeline program and getting your Q Link free government phone.

Now stay connected with your loved ones always, without worrying about hefty expenses to buy a mobile phone or get a service plan.

Check your eligibility online and apply for Q Link Wireless free phone before your favorite mobile devices run out of stock.