How To Get Infiniti Mobile Free Government Phone

In the United States of America there are many authorized free government cell phone services, this program has been in the U.S.A. since the 80s, at that time people get free land phone communication service.

Nowadays people can access free wireless phones from authorised intuition like Infinity as a free government phone for lifeline. It has enabled millions of people to talk to friends and family. At present Infinity creates a good opportunity for the education side and job searching.

Infinity mobile service has excellent service when it provides the best free government cell phone offers for low-income people. Through the free cell phone program, the U.S.A. Government makes huge opportunities for low-income citizen.

In this article, we give some information that you can get free Infinity mobile and its know its many operating programs as like how to qualify this program, lifeline program, etc.

Lifeline program

Ensure low-income people have access to basic telecommunication, it is the main purpose of the lifeline program of infinity cell phone services. With this program, they will be able to communicate with family, friends, workplace, healthcare, and emergency service.

During the reign of administration, the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) was established as a lifeline program in 1980. The program ensures to provide low-income people communication service and other privileges.

Infinity mobile is one of the most powerful provider lifeline programs which provide the reference of the government. They are also participants of free smartphones with free talk time and unlimited texting. It also participates in many programs like is

  • Medicaid
  • SNAP
  • SSI
  • Qualifying in Oklahoma etc.

How to qualify for Infinity mobile free government phone

There are two ways to qualify for free Infinity mobile phone services, they are

  • Income
  • Federal assistance program.


If your income level is below 135% of the federal poverty level, then you should apply to get free Infinity cell phone service, this score varies in each state in America.

Federal assistant program

Under the universal service fund, federal assistant programs are enabled to get lifeline services and qualify for Infinity cell phones and its plan. For this you should participate in different federal assistance programs like Medicaid, food stamps and tribal head start, etc.

How to apply (process) for Infinity mobile free government phone

It is very simple to apply for free Infinity phone service. You can follow some steps,

  • Firstly, you can check coverage, where lyou live, if you can get this signal then you can apply it.
  • Secondly, if you are covering the network then you can select the best option that makes you ensure a free phone, after selecting you can submit all of the documents and proof that can make sure to qualify.
  • Thirdly, when you submit your all documents, tan they provide you an application form. This form is very simple, you should fill it up without any doubt. Then you can sand it for approval.
  • Finally, when your application is approved, then Infinity service sand a smartphone to your address and its shipping charge to be incurred by you, you can also choose courier service, this phone activates easily when you fall any problem for activation you should connect customer service, they will guide on you and solve your problem any time.

Infiniti mobile for low-income family discount

For low-income families Infinity cell phone services provide some free services and some low-cost services. It provides a smartphone, 750-minute talk time, and unlimited texting facilities for  $1 per month. It has two plan,

  • Tribal plan
  • Non-tribal plan

Infiniti Mobile tribal plan

Infinity mobile services provide tribal plans, a smartphone, unlimited talk time with their own sub-nation, free-roaming, picture massage, and 1.5 G.B. high-speed data service.

Infiniti mobile non tribal plan

They provide nontribal people a plan, this plan includes a smartphone,750 minute talk time, and unlimited texting. Without this plane, they also have many paid plans as well as other phone services.

Which state Infinity Mobile Offer Free Cell Phone

In the united States of America Infinity mobile service spread their free cell phone service, they provide their services in those states are comparatively poor, they continue their free services are seven state, they are,

How to get infiniti mobile free government phone
  • Georgia
  • Maryland
  • Nevada
  • Oklahoma
  • South coralline
  • Vermont
  •   Wisconsin

Compare Verizon with Infiniti mobile as a free phone

Like the infinity cell phone service, Verizon cell phone has also provided free government phone. Like infinity mobiles lifeline program and others they have also many same programs, we should try to compare with this.

Lifeline program

In time of administration, the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) was established as a lifeline program in 1980. The program ensures to provide low-income people with communication services and other privileges.  

As like infinity phone service, Verizon also provides lifeline service for low-income people, to access emergency service, Verizon wireless free government phone offers some important services Like communication with other family members and friends, access to the internet and Other facilities. Verizon gave this service in 1985 with a land phone and in 2012 It transferred as a cell phone service.

Data plan

Verizon has two data plans like the infinity cell phone service; while infinity provides 750 minute talk time and unlimited texting for $1 per month, Verizon provides this plan for $80 per month.

And another infinity mobile service provides unlimited talk time, unlimited texting, and 1.5 GB of internet $1 per month that’s Verizon provides $90 per month,  for this we say Verizon cell phone service is more costly as compared to infinity mobile, but its network is very strong and wide.

Compare AT&T mobile with Infiniti mobile

To Provide AT&T wireless free government phone and internet for limited-income people AT&T mobile phone service has a lifeline program like infinity mobile phone services. The main difference between the two services company is the area-based networking system, AT&T mobile provides its service in developed areas while infinity provides its service in comparatively poor areas.

AT&T mobile service provides their customers who are non trivial at least a $7.25 discount on their phone bill and $9.25 on their internet bill. for  their  trivial customer they offer up to an additional $25 discount.

  • And they have also lifeline program for low-income people and it is comparatively
  • Cover develops area. Its offers can’t cheaper as like as infinity services,

Compare Xfinity with Infiniti Mobile free service

When infinity mobile phones provide their free service at a large scale, the Xfinity mobile service can not spread their free services, they provide  a few free services.

There users pay no access fees for up to five lines, their regular rate for low-income 20 per month , although they have unlimited data plans for low-income people, but when you compare with the infinity , you can see the infinity is best.

FAQ Infiniti Mobile Free Government Phone

Some question about free plans  that provide Infinity mobile services, there are,

What free plans are available at Infinity mobile?

Infinity mobile service offer best deal their customers , which is
1000 talk time minutes.
Unlimited texting.
1 GB data service.

Does it allow BYOD programs?

Yes, Infinity mobile service allows BYOD programs.  Because it has a very strong networking system.

is it best for low-income family

Yes it is very useful and the best choice for a low- income family.

Final Verdict

As a free phone service provider, Infinity mobile services are the best service provider. They have smart customer services. Infinity helps millions of people to give free phone service.

As a result, low-income people are able to take the chance of I.T. uses. So everybody should thank Infinity for providing free telephone service.