How To Get Free Internet On Android Without Service

A lot of people try to know how to get free internet on Android without service and find a lot of options on the internet.

But the problem is that they make their phone or other devices vulnerable by connecting to such services. So, experts recommend not to take any advice without properly knowing the pros and cons.

These are public locations with open Wi-Fi coverage, and a lot of hackers set traps on these locations. So, if you use services from these networks without taking proper security measurements, you will soon lose all your valuable information. So, let’s get to know more about getting free internet safely.

7 Possible ways to get free internet on Android without service

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How to get free internet on Android without service

However, you can still look for ways to get some free internet connectivity, and let’s talk about the possible ways to get something like that so that you can choose the most suitable one for you.

1. Using Databack App

Well, this is not actually a free method, and it is probably the safest way to get some unexpected data capacity. You can find the app on Google Play Store, and what it does is save some data from your monthly uses so that you can use it later. This makes you spend less on the monthly data plans and use some unexpected data without spending a dollar.

2. Using Gigato App

Another very popular app to get some free internet capacity is the Gigato app. You will also find it in the Google Play Store and use some free internet and stay connected through social media sites.

3. Using the Kickbit App

If you love to shop online and don’t mind answering some questions asked by online surveys, the Kickbit app will be the best option for you to earn some data capacity. Get this app from Google Play Store and earn free internet with regular tasks.

4. Using Wi-Fi Password

This is another popular app that you can find on Google Play Store, and the thing it does is find all the available networks in your area. From that list of networks, you can easily find the ones that won’t need a password to connect to it. This way, you can connect to a network very easily and use the free internet.

5. Using Hotspot Finder App

For iOS and Android, you will find several apps that can be used to find hotspots that are open to all. It means that the app will show you the hotspots available in your area, and you can choose one to connect to the internet without any password or cost.

6. Using FreedomPop Services

Have you heard about this popular mobile phone operator who offers free data plans? Go to their official website to know more about the offers and deals that will get you free internet without any setbacks.

7. Using Avast Wi-Fi Finder

You can’t trust all apps that you heard of helping you to get free internet connectivity. Avast is well-known for its anti-virus app, helping protect thousands of devices worldwide. You can use their app to find all the available Wi-Fi networks in your area securely and connect one without any problem. And for your assistance you may find it helpful 7 best free government cell phones guide to avail the opportunity.

How to get free internet on Android without service safely

If you are on a mission of using the internet with the lowest budget possible, knowing about how to get a free smartphone online will help a lot. Now, let’s get back to our main topic and see how you can get to use free internet.

  • First of all, your phone must have an activated data plan with zero balance so that you can use the Wi-Fi hotspots provided by your operator.
  • Otherwise, you can only get a device that can connect to a Wi-Fi hotspot in any public place such as railways, restaurants, hotels, etc.
  • After that, use a VPN app to securely login to one of the Wi-Fi networks in your nearby public place.

Those are very basic steps, and anyone with zero technical knowledge can do it and use the internet without compromising their data security.

Now, let’s get to know some pros and cons of how to get free internet on Android without service so that you don’t regret it afterward.

You get to use the internet without spending anything, and getting free phones when you switch will save even more money.
These are public locations where you go anyway, making it more convenient, and you won’t have to allocate extra time for it.
Connecting in these places is easy, and you can use your smartphone as well as other devices such as laptops or tablets.
Having a phone without service will give you free time and keep you focused without all the notifications.
You can get absolutely free cell phones without a contract and choose no SIM cards and still use free internet connections for essentials.
The first problem is that you won’t be able to use the GPS service; that is important to take map services.
You can opt for free cell phone no money down, no credit check, but you will be missing a lot without service on your phone.
The public places to use the free internet are often crowded, and you might feel discomfort while using your phone.
The public places to use the free internet are often crowded, and you might feel discomfort while using your phone.
Such places are full of people, and that is the reason for slow internet connections making it hard to browse the internet smoothly.
You need to install some third-party apps on your phone, and choosing bad ones will make it risky anyway.

Final Verdict

You now know how to get free internet on Android without service and all the possible ways without compromising the security of your device.

Alongside that information, we also recommend you to compare family cell phone plans and consider cricket wireless free phones. Though free internet has some advantages, the disadvantages make it not worthy of your time and effort.