How To Get Free Government Cell Phone With Internet

A free government cell phone with the internet is crucial for low-income families and the disabled. Now, are you finding that how to get a free government cell phone with internet? Yes, the Lifeline program offers you access to certain benefits. Here we address those succinctly below.

Communication through cell phones to stay in touch with the rest of the world has become an important and unavoidable part of our lives.

Even so, meeting this need comes at a cost, and it is not reasonable for many. Many companies now provide government cell phones, which are part of a limited program and are free.

Apart from these intelligent handphones, they also allow you to use them with an internet connection or service. Nonetheless, knowing about the rules and criteria for eligibility is usually what gets in the way of obtaining the benefit.

How To Get Free Government Cell Phone With Internet

Several companies have been registered in order to provide the same service. The government’s initiative has encouraged many people to sign up for government cell phones with internet access.

However, before searching for companies that provide the services, there are a few criteria or constraints to consider in order to be eligible for this government program.

How service can be helpful in people’s life?

  • Utilizing it for searching for job opportunities in their or nearby states
  • Connecting to all the emergency services
  • Acquiring knowledge, for research and new developments

Who can avail of the scheme?

The federal government’s official cell phone companies will verify your eligibility for the program. You have to show your economic standard or financial issues that make you struggle for the basic necessity of living a life.

While you’ll apply for a free government cell phone with an internet plan, the following are the requirements to consider. Every state has the same eligibility criteria, although some states have additional qualifying methods.

Participate in Federal Benefit Program

There are several of the programs listed below. Your involvement or enrollment in them provides a clear indication of how you can obtain a free phone and internet connection. These assistance programs assist demonstrate your need and establishing your financial situation.

Following are the programs;

  • Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (Food Stamps or SNAP)
  • Medicaid
  • Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
  • Federal Public Housing Assistance (Section 8)
  • Veterans Pension and Survivor’s Benefit
  • Bureau of Indian Affairs General Assistance (BIA)
  • Tribally Administered Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (Tribal TANF)
  • Tribal Head Start (only those households meeting its income qualifying standard)
  • Food Distribution Program on Indian Reservations (FDPIR)

There are several different assistant programs accessible for enrollment, some of which differ by state and legislation to allow you to claim your free government cell phone with internet through the government program.

Household Income

It is critical to mention and demonstrate your income source to take advantage of the program. If you’ve been enrolled in one of the aforementioned federal programs, stating your income source isn’t particularly significant.

Registering for a program that generates a tax-free or non-taxable household income source can help you take advantage of government cell phones with internet plans.

According to the federal poverty guidelines, 135% or less income level is applicable for the procedure. These can also vary according to the state. Some states limit this to 150%. Household income includes all the income received by everyone in the family.

There are certain guidelines that will eventually be strictly verified by cell phone provider companies that will make you eligible for the free cell phones.

You do not have to look for reviews or make research for finding the best companies. The federal government provides a certain set of rules and parameters for the companies who are responsible for your state.

Without following these rules and regulations, a company is not authorized to sell cell phones. You have to enroll or register yourself and upload documents with the company’s website for proper verification. 

Check out the list of companies registered state wise for the cell phone service

How To Get Free Government Cell Phone With Internet

1. Access Wireless 

Access Wireless provides free services if you are eligible for the service having followed the procedural terms set for the beneficiaries. Apart from California, their plan comes with free cell phones. Their service features are: 

  • 1000 voice minutes. These minutes include local or the domestic long-distance call and text
  • Unlimited text messages for months
  • 50 Mb of Data
  • They also provide a plan for the California people with 2 GB of data with unlimited talk and texts

2. Assurance Wireless

Assurance Wireless has now become one of the major players in the provision of free government cell phone with internet. Along with the free smartphones assurance wireless provides the following feature;

  • Unlimited talks and texts
  • 2 GB data for no hidden costs 
  • Their plans can also vary for California and other states that including 5 GB data and 350 minutes for months 

 Budget Mobile Wireless

They provide Arkansas government phones through the service program of FCC’s lifeline phones. Their services are assured for the needy in many states among 35 states with a number of additional features to avail, besides free cell phone:

  • 500 free voice minutes 
  • 500 free text 

Budget mobile wireless has certain restrictions; they restrict their subscribers in a way since one phone is limited to serve in a single household and yearly recertification. Facilities for low-income families that can be availed by budget mobile phones are: 

  • Doctor calls 
  • Job calls 
  • Police calls

3. True Wireless

True wireless was started in 2004, and following the parameters, true wireless falls into the category of government free cell phone scheme. Its features include:

  • 1000+ minutes of voice 
  • 1000+ minutes of text 
  • 2 GB data 

It serves the states of Arkansas, Maryland, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, and Texas. In Texas, the services are served by its sister company name Surge Phones.

4. American Assistance

American Assistance is a brand name for the government lifeline assistance free government cell phone program. The features along with the free cell phone include,

  • 1000 free unlimited text
  • 1000 free voice minutes
  • 1 GB of 3G data

American Assistance provides California plans with free caller ID, free call waiting and free voice calls. It also offers a 3-way calling.

5. Reach out Wireless

Reach out Wireless third-largest company in America, providing lifeline assistance free government cell phones along with the listed features. Initially, they were serving 26 states but now they extended their domain and spread their wings to cover up to 30 states. 

  • 250 minutes of voice call 

They also offer 3-Way Calling, Call Forwarding, Caller ID, Call Waiting, International Long Distance, Select Text Messaging, and Voice Mail. They provide unlimited Voice calls for California.

6. Q Link Wireless

Qlink wireless provides a life assistance program for more than 25 places. The features include the following 

  • 1000 voice minutes
  • Unlimited text
  • 1 GB data usage for a month

These are the always-on plans and need no credit or activation fee for serving the same. 

7. Safelink Wireless

Safelink provides subsidized cell phones with the following features

  • 1000 free voice minutes
  • Unlimited text 
  • Wifi and 1 GB free data per month

Along with the basic features, you can make 911 calls, can avail of 411 assistance calls, Voice mail, a Caller Id, and 3 Way calling.

8. Tru Connect 

Authorized to provide the service by the government for the free cell phones with internet Tru connect to provide the following features along with the free cell phone.

  • 3GB data for a month 
  • Unlimited international calling

Tru connect also offers a service for California on the scheme of bringing your phone and get the data of 1 GB.

9. Life Wireless

Life wireless is accepted by the free government cell phone with unlimited internet plans. They are serving approx. 20+ states in the US. Features included in their plans are:

  • 500 voice minute
  • Unlimited texting 
  • 10 Mb of Data 

If you are a resident of Wisconsin, Tru connect gives you unlimited free Wi-Fi. 

 These are the 10 of the total service provider companies, who are authorized by the government, to avail the benefit of enjoying this lifeline assistance free cell phone program with free internet. Go through the company websites. They also provide certain plans to add up to your existing free plans.

Since the federal has mandated the program, every registered company now has to follow and provide the basic plans without any additional and hidden charges.

The featured list of the company can vary according to the different states. Every state has different living conditions, so the companies use a customized plan for each of the states. 

Besides going through the fixed list of companies provided by us, you can explore more about dozens of more to know about the suitable plans according to your residing states. 

The plans are providing suitable options for many underprivileged families to use basic communication devices.

 Final Verdict

Nevertheless, with the good thing, there are also a few disappointments you can have along with the big plans.

Do not expect to receive the brand new smartest devices for free. Certain company offers featured phones that will lack all the important good features of smartphones.

The companies buy refurbished phones in bulk for this life assistance free cell phone program. So if you are looking for phones equipped with all the latest technology, this program is not to for you.

A company could extend its service only up to the new android devices. The IOS devices are out of the list of all the authorized service providers.