How To Get Free Computer For Low Income Families

Over the past few decades, the world has come a long way in terms of technology, business, education, entertainment, and almost all fields are now using various technologies including phones and computers. In this technology-dependent world, many people are still deprived of access to phones and computers due to low income.

To address these issues, the government and various kinds of organizations have taken the initiative to provide free and low-cost computer and internet services.

The government is working on a contract basis with different organizations to provide computers to the people at a low cost. You can also get the device subject to certain qualifications. The good news is that you don’t need to renew your qualifications every year because the computer will remain your own.

This article lets you learn about service providers who provide computers for free and at a low cost. Here is a detailed discussion of how you can apply for this service in a very easy way in less time.

Who qualifies for a free computer?

There are some qualifications to apply for a free computer. Only those who have this qualification can apply for it. The application process and qualification of the Organizations are not the same as they are not directly controlled by the government. 

The applicant must submit the appropriate documents to prove eligibility.

Documents like

  • 1.W-2 forms
  • 2. proof of the government aid programs
  • 3. income proof document
  • 4. last billing statements.

Application procedure

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to easily apply for a free on a low-cost computer at most organizations. But the qualification application process can also be different if the functioning of the organization is different. 

Check eligibility 

In the first step of the application, you need to know what qualifications the Organization wants from you. If you do not have the eligibility required by an Organization, you can learn about the eligibility to apply for another Organization. 

Choose a free computer provider

There are currently many free computer service providers. You need to choose which of these providers you can easily serve based on your qualifications. And choose an Organization whose application process is simple, well-reviewed, and has a fast service process. 

Make an application

After selecting the preferred provider, the application form should be submitted along with the required documents of eligibility. You can also submit the application via email.

Collect your computer

If your application is approved on the basis of your eligibility verification, the computer will be sent to your address within the specified time.

How to get a free computer for low-income families

How to get a free computer for low-income families

There are several free computer service providers. Their offers are different so you should be verified before applying.

1. Get Free Computer with causes For low-income families 

First on our list is this provider whose name is a computer with causes. It is an organization that helps distribute free computers to low income families as well as many schools.

To get a free computer, you first need to apply from their website. Then you need to know why you made this application. The application has to be completed by submitting the required documents regarding eligibility.

The company will contact you within 30 days if your application is approved after verifying your eligibility. If there is no message within 30 days, then you can apply again. As simple as their application process is, they are also very careful in customer service. Their help is available at any time.

2. The on it Foundation offers a free computer for low-income families

The on it Foundation is an amazing company providing the necessary devices to enhance technology. It has been providing technology services since 1999. Low income with k-12 children can apply for a free computer from this company.

To be eligible to apply for a free computer for low income families, the family must have a k-12 student.  Some documents have to be submitted in case of application.

First, you have to write a letter requesting a computer. The letter must include all information about the student and school. The student parents’ name, address, and phone number must be included as well as the parent must sign the letter. 

Secondly, the application from the school must collect a letter printed at school letterhead. The letter will note that the student is free and the reduced price is suitable for School lunch. The documents have to be submitted to the company through the mail.

3. Alliance for technology-free computer for low-income families

Alliance for Technology is another service that recycles and distributes electronics for free. They operate in more than 70 locations across the United States. It consists of a combination of non-profit technology refrigerators for the reuse of technology. 

It is part of the National Cristina Foundations project. In addition to reusing technology, it has many good plans to distribute it to the helpless and low-income people. After some qualifications are verified, they provide these services.

To apply for a free computer, you must first submit a passport or photo ID. Then submit some documents as proof of the food stamp program.

These required documents must be collected from the nearest Federal program office. Most of the branches of this company are in the eastern side of the United States  Their goal is to provide technology to all kinds of people. They are trying to achieve their objectives by providing computers at low cost to various organizations.

4. The world computer exchange for low-income families

The world computer exchange is an internationally qualified company which is providing free and low-cost computers across the globe.

However, for those who live in the United States, it is easier to get services from this company. They provide their services for the development of the country. They are running their services by providing assistance to needy families including school and college libraries. 

In order to apply for a free computer you need to know about their services from their website first and then apply for which service you need. In the application letter, you can inform them about your problem and submit the required documents. They will provide free computer services to solve your problems by verifying your qualifications. 

5. CTAC Offers free computer for low-income families

Computer technology assistance corp is an Organization that collects old computers, erases all their data, and replenishes them for low-income families at low cost. It provides low income households with money to purchase computers.

It also provides low-cost computer search assistance. They have always worked in unison with technology-based businesses and the Federal government.  

You can get a computer from this company for around $80, which means you can get a computer for a very low price even if you don’t get it for free.

Applicants must be a recipient of some form of state assistance in order to receive the services of this Organization. These include food stamps, school lunch reduction, WIC, low-income senior citizens under the age of 62.

If you want to apply for a free computer at a lower price then visit their website. Email them and fax the required documents between 8 am to  11 am on Monday to Friday. Although it is based in New Hampshire, it has connections in every part of the country.

6. PCs for People Free Computers

PCs for People is a national non-profit organization.  It helps low income people by providing refined computers at low prices. All of the equipment that this company distributes are windows 10 licensed. They have already distributed millions of computers and provided low-cost internet access to many families. They provide their services on the basis of required qualifications and proper application.

To apply for this service, the applicant must be Below 200% Poverty level. And the relevant documents must be collected from the Federal assistance office and submitted with an application form.

You can also apply if you are covered by any other government assistance program. In this case, you have to submit the relevant documents. It has branches in several other regions including Minnesota, Colorado, Ohio, Maryland. It plays an important role in getting free computers for low income families.

7. Get Free Computers for learning

Computers for learning is a reputable company. It exceeds computer software and hardware from Federals. The company collects and rebuilds old computer equipment. Then distributes it to various universities, schools and colleges.

These companies send their computer components to other companies so that these companies can also help people to build a better world. The company is working to bring a touch of technology to every student for the future development of America.

Only low income families and students in the United States can apply for the service of the providers. To apply they need to register by entering their website and then submit the relevant qualification documents.

8. St vincent de paul Free Computers for low-income families 

St Vincent de Paul is one of the largest refurbishment companies in the United States, collecting functional computers and cell phones at several thrift stores. Then rebuild computer gadgets and distribute them to low income people at reasonable prices. 

While other companies are region-based, st Vincent de paul distributes refined computer equipment around the world. 

You can contact their website or service Center to get services from this company in the place where you live and ask them about things you are not aware of and you can let them know about your needs. You can also get a computer at a low price by applying according to the plan of this company.

9. Free geek Offers free computers for low-income families 

Free geek is a non-profit organization under 501(c)(3). The organization reuses technology with the goal of creating a digitally accessible education system for all students. They provide low-cost computers to their indigenous peoples based on the region.

In order to get this service, first, you have to enter the website and fill out the application form. All eligibility information must be provided at the time of filling out the form.

After applying you will receive an email acknowledging receipt of the application. If there is no response from them within 3 weeks you can let them know by email. It is convenient for the citizens of Portland to apply from this Organization.

10. Get a Free computer from Amazon for low-income families 

Amazon is currently one of the largest retailers in the world. They have millions of customers because they provide their services at very low prices. For low income families, Amazon is one of the best ways to get a low-cost computer. 

There is a discounted system for students on Amazon where computers are available at low cost through an online application. They also have some charitable programs where you can apply for a free computer, but the computer is primarily focused on public use such as health care.

11. Get Free Computers 4 R kids For low-income families

Computers 4R kid is a non-profit organization that provides low-cost computers for children in southern California. It raises funds from various businesses and organizations. With the money received from the funds, they provide free computers to different schools and the children receive them as gifts.

It also collects old computers from different places, rebuilds them, and provides them for free to students from low income families. 

In order to get the service from this Organization, the child’s guardian has to submit the application form with a signature. Then the company will provide the Service on the basis of eligibility verification  

The main goal of this organization is to build a more explicit education system for children through the establishment of computer labs.

12. Cfy offers free computers for low-income families is one of the leading organizations in applying for government computers for low income families. This national organization is committed to providing maximum support to students and teachers. They want to develop students and education systems. That’s why they provide free computers to everyone involved in the education system. 

They also provide various educational software and internet services. And they have a help desk to solve all the problems related to the internet. To get this service you have to apply by entering their website.

13. FREE cycle Provide free computer for low-income families 

Freecycle is a voluntary Organization. This is a local agency for recyclable items.  From the company’s website, you can see all its products and things. 

The company offers recyclable items so you can buy everything you need, including your computer, at a much lower cost. If you want to apply for a computer, first fill out the form under a government program and then search the Forum. You can apply to this company from any country as the application process can be done directly from their website.

14. Smart riverside offers a free computer for low-income families 

Smart riverside is an example of a local non-profit program. It works in a combination of various non-profit and local businesses. It provides free computers and tablets to low income families with government support. 

Their supply plans vary based on differences in region and qualifications. People living in California with an income of less than $45000 benefit from this Organization. To get a free computer, you must first fill out an online application form.

If you do not qualify for free computers, or if there are no programs for cheap computers in the area where you live, there are computer access options, even in remote geographical areas where libraries often have several computers available to their members.

You may need to sign up for a certain period of time before you can take this service. Various institutions, including community centers or schools, Provide access to computers to the public within a specified period of time. Contact your local library, community center, or school to find out if they are ready to use public computers.

Final Verdict

The importance of increasing the computer literacy rate in the modern world is immense. Countless organizations have been running their services to increase the computer literacy rate.

There are many families who are not financially well off. All these families are not able to buy computers for low income and they are lagging behind in computer use. To help these families, the organization is providing low-cost and free computers.

If you are one of the low-income people then you can also take this service from them. Then we encourage you to look for the above ideas. By searching the discussion above you will be able to find out from which organizations you can apply for a free computer on the basis of what qualifications.

In addition, our article has a detailed discussion on how to get free computer for low income families. Hopefully from this article, you have learned the tendency and outsourcing of getting a free computer. If anyone in your family or your known low-income family wants to get a free computer, please help by forwarding this information.