How to Get Free Cell Phones No Credit Check No Credit Card Needed

Cell phones have become an inseparable part of our modern lives today. But buying one can be hard if you do not have a good credit score or unable to shed good money upfront.

Many cell phone companies will assess your credit report to determine your financial stability before you could buy a phone. In most cases, you would need to own a credit card – which means mounting up to enormous bills every month. A poor credit score or no credit card may land you up to paying hefty money to buy your favorite cell phone.

The good news is – you can now get free cell phones no credit check no credit card needed! Yes; even if you have bad credit, have never owned a credit card, or in no way can pay for mobile phones, you can still have one – for free.

That does not mean you can have a mobile phone for FREE; it implies that you have to pay only a negligible amount to access a phone, with no down payments as such.

How to Get Free Cell Phones No Credit Check No Credit Card Needed

As a part of their marketing strategy, many companies offer cell phones at pocket-friendly prices to users with low income or poor credit reports.

This comes as a great convenience for those who have a shoe-string budget, struggling hard with bad credit, or are unable to make huge investments upfront. 

So, how can you get a free cell phone no money down no credit check? Here are some amazing ideas for you.

How to Get Free Cell Phones No Credit Check No Credit Card Needed

1. Do Your Homework Thoroughly

If you really want a cell phone with no credit check, no credit card, or no money down, you have to spend some time doing your homework. Know what the term actually means.

Remember, it’s not literally FREE as you would think. Just that you can have a phone at remarkably low prices as compared to purchasing one out of the plan.

Since the phone prices are dirt cheap, you are not likely to undergo a credit check or hold a credit card to buy one. Search the Internet or get recommendations to know which mobile phone companies or network service carriers offer such plans.

2. Compare 2-3 Different Companies Offering Free Cell Phone No Money Down No Credit Check        

There are various websites that provide a comprehensive list of companies, which have dedicated packages to provide free cell phones – no conditions applied.

While many of these are premier mobile phone manufacturers, there are some network operators too, offering free cell phones alongside pocket-friendly call rates and data services as a package.

Before you go for these “$0” phones, it is important to determine whether you just the phone at heavily discounted prices or a complete package at an affordable rate.

Make a list of 2-3 companies whom you prefer for high-quality services and customer satisfaction. Compare their packages and the benefits you gain. This will help you make an informed purchase decision.

3. Join a Family Plan

There are several mobile service companies that offer free cell phone and network plans to other family members when someone signs up for their ‘family plan’.

If you already have someone with a mobile phone, ask them to inquire if the cell phone provider has a family plan. If yes, you could be lucky enough to have a phone for free or at least at negligible prices.

4. Shop at WorldMall.TV

This is a nice place to choose from a wide range of cell phones for free – no credit card required (depending on your carrier), no upfront payments, and no credit check. However, you need to apply and qualify to get a free cell phone here.

5. Get Direct Deals from the Top Service Providers

Another reliable way of getting free cell phones without a credit check or deposit is to grab attractive deals from the leading mobile carriers directly.

Contact the leading ones such as AT & T, Verizon, T-Mobile, or Sprint to choose from a gamut of attractive deals right away.

Getting free cell phones no credit check no credit cards needed is simple and hassle-free, provided you research well and choose the right package from a trusted service provider. The above tips will definitely help you make a wise decision.