How To Get Better WiFi Signal From Neighbor (10 Ways)

The Internet is a common element in everyday life. Almost everywhere in the world use the wi-fi internet to its easy accessibility. If you can get free internet, what’s your feeling? 

It’s really possible when your neighbor uses a wi-fi connection, you can acquire absolutely free internet facilities. You may ask how to get a better WiFi signal from neighbors. Let us help you to find out a proper solution through this article.

It’s easy to get a wi-fi connection from your neighbor if you maintain good relations, then they share willingly an internet connection with you.

Sometimes you may be feeling anxious about speed reliability. To remove this situation, you can follow some techniques and enjoy a smooth wi-fi signal. Now you can keep your careful eyes at below,

Step to improve the wi-fi signal from a neighbor

Nowadays, wi-fi is the most essential part of internet users. With a wi-fi connection, you use the internet smoothly.

Sometimes you live in the surrounding area of wi-fi coverage but you do have not a connection. To get a better wifi signal from your neighbor, you have two simple ways.

firstly, you want a password to access the internet, or secondly, you can get the password using any wifi password finder app.

However when you are capable of accessing a specific wifi network, how to get a better wifi signal from a neighbor? You can get a better solution by following some of these steps below,

10 Ways Get A Better WiFi Signal From Neighbor

10 Ways get a better wifi signal from a neighbor

1. Use a portable router

By anyhow you can get the connection on your neighbor’s wi-fi line, but you can not get a sufficient internet signal to browse properly. Now you can use a portable router or repeater to increase the internet signal frequency.

A portable router or repeater works like a sub router and it has a credible security system.  If you want to secure your personal information then you can use such a special routing system.

For the actual network, this wi-fi router works just awesome and provides a reliable connection anywhere in your house. So you can use a portable router without any queries. 

2. Use a modem router

A modem router is special for personnel uses if you want to get a better signal for your device, you should use a modem router.

Generally, your neighbor router is not installed in your suitable place, for it’s common that you can not get reliable network frequency in your location. To solve this problem, use a modem router and get a better browsing experience. 

If your router is an old model then you should upgrade this router to get smooth service. For an upgrade, you should communicate with routers customer care and evolve to new services. Or get a new modem router to use the internet without payment. 

3. Use a USB adaptor

Your network connection is not available in your residence? If you want to boost the wi-fi network to uses a remote place, you should use the USB adaptor that can able to boost the connection and you can enjoy a reliable wi-fi connection. 

The USB adaptor is a modern electronic device. With this device, you can boost your wi-fi network without any change of IP or related settings.

To qualify for this network booster you should cost a small amount that does not affect your personnel budget. You can envisage this awesome device for your home use.

4. Secure wired connection

Before taking major steps, you should make sure of your wire connection. Sometimes your cable line not garbs at the mainline.

For this, your wi-fi network is not covered appease in your devices. if the internet connection line is not secure, then arguably you can not get better networking performance. 

The wire is an important element of any wi-fi connection. When you secure your wire, then you can check internet speed with a speed meter. Then you should go to your IPS system or replace your modem to get a strong network connection.

5. Wi-fi setting

It is important to get optimum network facilities, you should check your internet setting. For an internet setting firstly you can check the administrator interface and ensure the configuration to the best optimization. Normally you can use a 2.5GHz frequency. When you want to get more frequency you should get in 5GHz.

With 5GHz frequency, you can able to get better performance. it has not only the best speed experience but 5GHz also limits interfacing from external networks. So if you want to get a better wi-fi speed from your neighbor you should care about the wi-fi setting.

6. Access point mode

To get better wi-fi coverage on your neighbor routers, the access point mode is one of the most important matters.

For these services, your neighbor should works willingly with you. If they will get ready for permission to connect your router with them. For this, you will need cat5 wair to connect. 

The advantage of this wair connection is more significant to smooth browsing.  It is a cost-effective way that you can save your money and keep good relations with your neighbor. However, to improve your frequency, you should try to get such an opportunity.

7. DD-WRT software

The DD-WRT is Linux-based firmware, which works with a wireless router or access point. It is a third-party firmware project that has outstanding performance in the wireless router and a wide variety of models. It is a great way to increase the signal strength to neighbors or unknown routers. 

The DD-WRT improves your wi-fi signal strength by allowing a better adjustment to the setting of your router.

It gives good tunning the frequency channels and is able to use a third party by hacking passwords. With the help of this software, you can unlock the router, as a result, your data speed is increased bound belief.

8. Use Antena router

To get full coverage internet speed in your home from a neighbors router, an antenna gives extra strength to receiving a signal.

You should use an antenna to increase internet bandwidth on your devices. You can get better services by changing the direction of the antenna.

When you use a 2.4 GHz frequency, you can set up the antenna perpendicular shape or L shape. But if you can use the 5GHz frequency then you should take it at the 45-degree angle or around the 45 – 60 degree angle to get a perfect wi-fi signal. You can also use an additional antenna to speed up your home.

9. Use a long-range router

You can increase your internet speed by using a long-range router. The long-range router offers a multipoint arranging system, which works with 802.11n.

When you set up it indoors it might cover 50 meters and if you set up it outdoor, it might cover a more extended area. 

However, you can fix your OPS when you connect with such a kind of router and are technically connect with a number of devices.

To increase bandwidth and strong signal to appease your demand, the long-range router is one of the credible router models. 

10. Find the best position

Sometimes the position of your router can create an obstacle to the free-moving signal frequency in your home. As a result wi-fi signals are not equally allotted with all devices.

To increase the wi-fi signal in your home from your neighbor’s router you may choose the best position of your home and you can browse the internet in this place.

So you should try to put your devices as close as possible and enjoy video streaming, online cheating, and so more without any cost.

Final Verdict

It is good news for you when your neighbor has an internet connection, and you got a chance to use the internet. But a few days later, you realized that your connection does not have sufficient bandwidth. In this situation, you can follow the aforementioned steps.

how to get a better wifi signal from a neighbor, You can get better signal strength by following some techniques, such as a secure wire connection, using the best position, using a new modem router or USB adaptor, DD-WRT software and so more. So you should make a proper connection way to get an improved signal.