How to Get A Spectrum Discount Internet Plan 2021

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Spectrum is one of the largest companies that provide discounts and promotional deals frequently like candies. After getting merged with Time Warner Cable they have reduced or stopped the discount offers and promotions widely. You are not the only one who has faced this issue as an existing customer. Knowing the ways of how to get a Spectrum discount and other promotional offers will allow you to save the internet costs at a decent rate. 

According to most of the existing customers, after 1 year of usage Spectrum usually adds extra charges on overall services and other plans. This results in repaying extra bills on your internet services and TV costs monthly. If you know how to get a Spectrum discount from a retailer, availing of a reduction will not be a headache for you at all. That’s why we are here for guiding you to the road of accessing discounts on plans and services from Spectrum. Stick with us for getting more tips on getting discounts with Spectrum.

4 Ways To Get A Spectrum Discount Internet Plan

How to Get A Spectrum Discount Internet Plan

There are a couple of ways for getting a discount and some extra savings on your internet plans. If you are an existing customer of Spectrum, you will be able to get Spectrum promotions for existing customers discounts just by following these ways. Unfortunately, there are no deals for existing customers, you have to negotiate with Spectrum Support just by following the ways we will mention below.

1. Call And Negotiate For A Lower Rate

If anyone asks how to get a Spectrum discount we will say call and negotiate firstly for reducing cost. Calling Spectrum Customer Support and negotiating with him for lowering your bills is the first way you can apply. This is not the only way, don’t be hesitant. You just have to call them and say your words and convince them. By the way, this may be a time-consuming process, but if you want to save a decent amount of charge from your internet bill, then you can read this with patience.

As we have said earlier, the bills of Spectrum plans will increase after 12 months of usage. So, no matter how many calls you make for getting discounts after the 1 year period, you will be told that “the current rate at the time your promotion expires.” In order to bring back down your overall cost, you may have to reduce equipment fees, remove some extra services, talk with them for lowering the cost, etc.

For the Customers who were with Time Warner Cable before Spectrum bought them out in 2016, they will be considered as a tried-and-true client who will be able to reduce the costs. However, you will be able to reduce your costs just by doing the following.

Prepare the information of your account 

Copy of most recent Spectrum bills that you have paid(date). The case of counseling number for any disputes you’ve had with Spectrum in past.

Gather the details of Price and speed for internet/cable offers. Lastly, The promotional rate that you signed up for.

Call the Spectrum Customer care

After calling, try to convince them saying that you are going to cut if they don’t provide you a more favorable rate. Be nice to them subjectively, but try to express the disappointment about Spectrum company.

Describe your problems to Spectrum customer service

Call them in the earlier part of the day and ask them about whereabouts and be friendly in behavior. After that, tell that your rates have recently gone up and you can’t run up to Spectrum if they don’t reduce it. 

2. Try To remove Unnecessary Services

This is one of the most effective ways in which you will be able to know how to get a Spectrum discount and lower your cost. You can reduce your Spectrum bill by cutting the cord and removing some extra services like cheap cable TV and other home Phone services. Take a closer look at your bill and you will be able to see line items for each extra service other than the internet, plus charges and supplies. 

Amongst the DVR fees, receiver bills, and sports fees, the cost of Spectrum TV is such a service that adds up costs fast, Some of the customers usually pay more than 200 dollars per month for some of the premium channels.

So you should better remove this service from your plan for saving some extra dollars. So, instead of subscribing to their TV channel services, you can move for the streaming options from some of the providers, like Roku, Firestick, and many more. You can also check for cheap cable and internet packages to save more. 

3. Try To Lessen The Equipment Expenses

If you look for the cost details of Spectrum services you will be able to found that one of the biggest charging sectors is going just on your WiFi router bill. If you are worried about the bills and asking how to get a Spectrum discount it is one way out. 

At first, when you sign up for Spectrum services, they will provide you a modem for free. But there is a catch, this modem is just for transferring your internet connection to your home devices. After that, you will need a WiFi router for connecting wirelessly. And this WiFi router will cost you an extra 10 dollars per month on most of the plans. Basically, you can say that the equipment is free of cost if you are willing to use the internet from only one device like the nineties. 

If you are looking for the solution then you can return the leased spectrum router that you are using. If you have decided to return the leased WiFi router to the spectrum, then you may have to select and pick one of the best routers for Spectrum. The choice is up to you which one you are going to purchase. Nevertheless, If you’re a tech freak then I would recommend that you should spend more and get the modem and WiFi router as separate devices from the markets.

4. Qualify as a new customer

This is a way you will be able to know how to get a Spectrum discount easily. Firstly if you cancel the service of Spectrum for 1 month or more you will be able to sign up as a new customer at a new rate just by using your name, your address, number, etc. from the same account. If this process goes in vain, then you can follow the ways mentioned below. 

Sign up using the details of your spouse or roommate

This is one of the easiest approaches you can take for getting a Spectrum discount for a limited 12 months of period. Most of the Spectrum agents also advise for this, when you go to their shops or stores. All that you have to do is just cancel the service, then have your spouse or roommate for calling to Spectrum and sign up under their name, phone number, and email. It’s as easy as you can think. 

If you have been leasing any of Spectrum’s modem or router, you will need to return this first of all. If you are using your own router,  then you just have to act like it was “left by previous inhabitant” when you call to give them the MAC address on the back of the modem. And this is how they activate a new service if you have your own modem.

Sign up with a new phone number and email address through a reseller

Spectrum may mark you for having the same name if you are attempting to sign up with them directly from the same address. Nonetheless, if you go through one of their many approved retailers, you will be able to get the same promo discount as signing up with Spectrum directly but it will be a lot harder for them to cancel the order or remark that you are an existing customer. 

Opening a second email is super easy, just make a new account with Google, Yahoo, or the email provider of your selection. You’ll recognize them because there will be text saying “authorized reseller” under the Spectrum logo on their web pages. All you have to do is just cancel your current service, then call the reseller.

Final Verdict

In the term how to get a spectrum discount, we have shared all the resources we have after our long term observations. If you are the one who is in the suffering timing for just an increased rate to your existing plan, it will be a better option for you to try those ways we have mentioned earlier. Hopefully, you will be able to lower the plan cost or get a promotional discount. 

If all those shots fail, that will be your bad day for sure. We are not saying that all those processes are gonna be flop, you can succeed in your try. You can try again and again to the customer support and ask for your needs. The worst thing is you can lose subscription and the best- you will be rewarded with a discount.

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