How to Get a Free Phone Upgrade from T Mobile

T Mobile is one of the largest telecommunications operators in the US. Its network caters to 84% of the entire US population according to DMR. In addition, its 4G LTE network covers 325 million people and has around 83.052 million customers.

Founded in 1990, under the German parent company Deutsch Telekom, T Mobile has shown incredible growth.

The reasons for its success are its pocket-friendly packages, matchless services, and incredible offers as you can find the t mobile deals for existing customers.

How to Get a Free Phone Upgrade from T Mobile

How to Get a Free Phone Upgrade from T Mobile

T Mobile offers its services across all states in the US, where it is seen competing again Verizon and AT&T for market share.

Moreover, if we believe that T Mobile is offering a free phone upgrade to its new and existing customers then its market share will surely increase.

A sizable number of the population will switch their network to T Mobile. Yet, offering millions of free cell phone upgrades can lead the company to bankruptcy so this news seemed bogus to us.

Thus, in order to satiate our innate hunger for the truth, we went out to search for authentication. In addition, if this news turned out to be true many of our users and staff would get a free latest model phone in the process.

However, as expected there seemed to be not even a shred of evidence to support this rumor. The only place we found this was in a question asked by a user on T Mobile’s website. Thus commenting on our belief, do not believe every piece of information you come across.

Although T Mobile’s services are cost-effective, they are by no means free. Recently a rumor went around that T Mobile allows you to upgrade your phone free of cost as per their new offer. However, T Mobile is not offering any such deal.

Nonetheless, there is no cause for disappointment. You can still change your phone and get any latest model, whether of iPhone, Samsung, or any other brand. In fact, you can register for an iPhone 11 now. You can get any phone you want without having to pay the asking price.

T Mobile is offering its customers easy mobile phone leasing options that are tailored to their budget. While this is not exactly what you were hoping to hear at the start of this article.

This is the only relative and reliable T Mobile offer we could find, lessen the hurt over all our shattered dreams of getting the latest iPhone free.

Coming back to our findings… Currently, there are two plans available for T Mobile customers to choose from — JUMP! And JUMP! On-Demand.

Each of these carrier upgrade programs offers different services to its users, so it is best to choose the plan that fits all your mobile phone requirements.

You will have to pay a chunk of the money at the time of purchase as a down payment on the lease of your brand new asset, while T Mobile will pay the rest on your behalf.

There are no restrictions on the phone you choose and there will not be a credit check done on you to weigh your credit history before offering you this service. The only requirement there essentially is, is your being a T Mobile customer. That is all the trust they need.

If you opt for their offers, you will pay T Mobile back in installments. However, this is a great offer for anyone who urgently wants to change his or her phone.

Whether you might want to upgrade your phone to maintain your social image, or simply because your phone has started to give you trouble, thereby disrupting your work and user experience. T Mobile is offering this sweet deal like t mobile pay as you go phones.

Why opt for JUMP Programs?

JUMP! Is one of the earlier mobile phone leasing options available, and it is surely better than most leasing options. Let us check out why JUMP! is a good option:

  • Reliable service provider
  • Minimal instalments
  • Frequent upgrades

T Mobile has been in the market since 1990 before many mobile users were even born. It has been providing quality services to its customers, which has established it as one of the cornerstones in the market. Therefore, you do not have to worry about being extorted out of your money or having goons sent after you due to a late payment.

Furthermore, JUMP! Allows T Mobile users to pay minimal installments for the phone of their choice. T mobile requires no hefty installment payments.

In addition, while others may also offer low installments, what they do not offer is the luxury to change their phone repeatedly without fully paying off the current one.

T Mobile is providing its customers with the option to upgrade their phone again if they do not like the one that has just been bought, or if a newer version has hit the market.

However, if you do not want to upgrade your phone in the next two years, or do not require mobile-prone insurance, then JUMP! Is not for you. Why pay extra charges for a service you do not intend to use again. In that case, it would be better to explore other mobile phone leasing options.

Nonetheless, before reaching a decision or being disappointed on there is no way to get a free phone upgrade from T Mobile, you should check out both of the carrier’s upgrade programs — JUMP! And JUMP! On-Demand.

T Mobile’s phone up-gradation plans

Upgrading your phone to a newer, faster, classier, and the more efficient phone was never this easy… Have a look at the features and eligibility criteria of both the mobile phone upgrading and leasing plans by T Mobile.


JUMP! is available only to T Mobile’s post-paid users, who are willing to buy their phones on monthly installment plans and agree to acquire Protection<360>. Those who opt for this plan must register for the Protection<360> within 30 days of purchasing a new phone.

JUMP! Allows its users to lease a new phone if they have paid off 50% of the actual price. This way, customers do not have to wait long to upgrade their phones again.

Moreover, you will have to pay $7 to $15 every month, depending on your phone, for Protection<360>, since JUMP! Cannot be bought on its own.

In this program, you will also receive unlimited cracked screen replacements, standard cell phone protection, and security features (McAfee Security and ID Protection).

JUMP! On-Demand

JUMP! On-Demand is free of cost version of JUMP!, which allows its users to upgrade their mobile phone every 30 days.

Available only to T Mobile post-paid customers, JUMP! On-Demand, users can pay any upfront fees. However, they can lease a new mobile phone for 18 months, and they must give their current phone in exchange for the upgrade, depending on if their current phone is in good working condition.

While this does not exactly mean that customers will get a free phone upgrade from T Mobile, these early JUMP! carrier upgrade programs definitely make it easier for its users to change their phones without breaking the bank.

Any T Mobile customer who is interested in availing of this offer should either sign up for those via the official T Mobile website, or they can visit any T Mobile store. For more information, they can call the helpline to resolve all queries related to JUMP!

Coming back to the original topic… There is no offer available that can allow you to upgrade your phone free of cost. Therefore, the question how to get a free phone upgrade from T Mobile is moot.

Nonetheless, T Mobile is a good telecommunications brand that you will not regret afflicting with.

The only free offers the company is offering are on T Mobile Tuesday. In the coming week, they are offering a free pretzel on purchasing a drink from Auntie Annie’s.

Another T Mobile offer that is rapidly gaining momentum is 50% off on the new iPhone. T-Mobile is offering 50% off or more to its current customers, who are willing to trade in their current iPhone for the latest one on a 24-month installment plan. 

Final Verdict

In their most recent move to compete against Verizon and AT&T, T Mobile has been offering free hotspots to people. All that they need to do is head over to a T-Mobile store or visit the T-Mobile’s Test Drive website and request a hotspot.

No credit card details need to be provided by interested people. They only need to fill in their name, phone number, email address, and home address.

Their information will not be used for marketing purposes so test assured, you will not be hustled with any calls from telemarketers or spam mail.

The free hotspot is available for up to 30 days, or if you hit the 30GB cap, whichever happens first. You can then keep the hotspot device, return it to any T-Mobile store or give it to a friend, who can then request a different SIM card, to start their separate trial.

Normally, this hotspot service (Cool pad Surf device and 4G LTE 30GB data) is offered for $72.