How to Connect Landline Phone to Wi-Fi Router

So you’re wondering how to connect landline phone to Wi-Fi router. Connecting a telephone to a cable router is easy if you use a Voice Over Internet or VoIP service. A VoIP service is a type of service that transmits phone calls over the web rather than over phone lines.

Regular phone services like voice mail, call waiting, and caller ID are also available in VoIP services along with other features such as video conference capabilities. A regular landline phone connects to a cable router like a standard wall outlet or a phone jack. Once you’re done, you can have your VoIP services ready to use.

How to Connect Landline Phone to Wi-Fi Router

When a home phone is connected to a router, the voice signal from the telephone will be converted to a digital signal which can move over the internet. Assuming you have the ideal specs and you have high-speed internet or DSL connection, you can proceed with connecting a phone to your system. This is easy and can be done in just a few minutes. Here are the steps:

1. Power off your unit and the DSL modem or cable modem

Safety first! Never plug or unplug anything in any port found at your PC’s back or modem without powering off the units.

2. Wiring the cable modem or DSL unit

Connect the Ethernet cable wire to the port located at the back of the router while its other end should be connected to the corresponding port at the back of the cable modem or DSL.

3. Connect the router to the PC

Make use of a second Ethernet cable and tether it to the LAN at the back of the router. The other end should be connected to the Ethernet port of your PC.

4. Connect the phone to the router

Connect the cable from the analog home phone to the back of the router to a Router and Phone Adapter port that’s labeled “phone 1.” Your home phone is now connected to your Wi-Fi home internet system and is ready to use.

5. Power on the PC and the modem

Turn on the PC and modem to reset your system. Check that the indicator lights are all blinking. When the lights are steady or are blinking in their regular pattern, you may now proceed.

6. Power on the router

When the PC and modem are stable, you may now power on the router by plugging it to a wall electrical socket. Wait till the indicator lights are ready (green, steady, etc.).

7. Test the phone unit

Your phone is now ready to make calls. Pick up the handset and listen if there is a dial tone. You can also make a call to check if the unit is working fine. There’s no need to power on your PC to make a call.

If you have a high-speed internet setup and your modem also functions as a router, then follow these steps:

8. Power off your cable router from the wall panel outlet

The cable router or router/modem must be powered off before you connect anything to it for safety.

9. Find the “input” on the back of the router

The panel at the back has a port that’s labeled “input.” This is where you will connect your home phone.

10. Connect the phone to the router

Use a standard cable for the phone and insert one end to the port input that’s labeled “Phone.” Connect the cable’s other end to the phone’s base.

11. Power on the router

When the phone is properly connected, you may now power on the router. Check for the indicator lights. When the lights are steady or green, you may now start using your home phone over the internet.

12. Make a test call

Your phone is now ready to make calls. Pick up the handset and listen if for the dial tone. You can also make a call to check if everything is working fine.

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What to consider before connecting your phone to your Wi-Fi Router

Before learning the steps on how to connect landline phone to a wireless router, you must understand some important things about Wi-Fi routers, possible connection types, internet speeds, and Wi-Fi standards. These can affect the way how landline phones are connected to the web.

Let’s start with your Wi-Fi router, which is also known as a wireless router. This must be connected to a wired landline. The landline connection may be cable lines or phone lines; each of these can transfer data from a computing device to the internet, but this is done at varying rates.

How to Connect Landline Phone to Wi-Fi Router

Your type of connection

Wi-Fi routers are able to provide computers and smartphones with internet access using DSL modem router or cable connections. In North America, DSL is provided by phone companies like AT&T and CenturyLink. Meanwhile, cable television companies like Time Warner and Comcast provide cable connections to subscribers.

There was a time when Verizon was the only company that offered fiber optic cable internet or FiOS. This was rated as the fastest in the market, according to the High Speed Internet Access Guide.

Your network speeds

DSL can move data up to 15 Mbps while cable can have speeds of up to 105 Mbps. There are some cable connections that can reach 105 Mbps! FiOs from Verizon can transfer data with speeds of up to 150 Mbps. These speeds can vary depending on different conditions as and maybe according to some factors such as network traffic.  The router accepts data at these amazing rates. Therefore, your Wi-Fi’s technology and features will determine its rate. 

Wi-Fi standards

Wi-Fi standards are constantly updated. The standards used are 802.11a, 802.11b, 802.11g, and finally, 802.11n. Each of these can transfer data using different rates with the 802.11n providing the fastest transfer data speeds at from 300 Mbps. The speed can be enhanced by up to 600 Mbps using multiple antennas.

These standards will determine the rate of your computer’s data processing speeds. If you are using cable connection with speeds of up to 105 Mbps and your computer has 802.11b then it will only have speeds of 11 Mbps only.

So what do all these have to do with landline connecting to a Wi-Fi network? Using VoIP service by connecting your home phone to your Wi-Fi is dependent on the speed as well as other factors considered in Wi-Fi signal quality. Compared to using a landline phone service where the phone unit is connected to a landline (copper wires or fiber-optic wires), the phone service remains active even if there’s a poor signal.

As a part of a package

Do you know that some internet and home phone providers offer this service? There are service providers that offer high-speed internet with a free home phone package. With this service, you don’t have to bother with making the connections yourself.

Some troubleshooting tips

If your phone is still unable to make a call or there’s no dial tone, double-check your connections. Be sure that your home phone is a working unit. If you can’t find the ports we mentioned at the back of your modem or router, then this may not be used to connect your phone to your home Wi-Fi.

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