How Much Is Comcast Internet And Phone Only Deals 2023

Are you looking for a reliable internet provider that offers a little bit of everything? In this case, Comcast is the best choice for you. Comcast has a blend of different services such as streaming app access, internet access, and Tv cable connections. For this, many people are interested in how much is Comcast internet and phone only?

Comcast provides internet and phone service alliances with Xfinity. Comcast offers various types of internet plans for its customer. You can enroll in those promotions by requiring some conditions.

If you are keen on it, how much cost on Comcast internet? It entirely depends on your need and locality. However, here we address the Comcast phone and internet only cost plan and phone deals, including other information below.

Is Comcast’s internet good?

Undoubtedly, Comcast internet is best for general folk for its wide range of networking availability, low plan deals, fast speed, competitive price, and many more. If you are willing to use a more robust network, then you should go to Comcast’s internet provider, and you won’t be tied down to yearly confinement.

There is no doubt that lots of advanced internet plans, but it does not have unlimited options. Its coverage fees can stack up fast, plus you can get some excellent plans for yourself.

It is also reliable with heavy internet and a cell phone plan for those who want to use robust internet connections. However, the Comcast internet from Xfinity is a great option for typical users.

Overview of Comcast Internet Deals

When you are keen on a solid internet connection with low costs, Comcast is reliable for you. It provides the best internet options with solid bandwidth. Comcast provides their fastest internet plan at a low price to a high price. You can take one of those according to your needs and budget.

Xfinity by Comcast offers lots of promotional deals and plans for its eligible customers. They provide three types of basic internet plans such as only internet plan, Comcast Tv and internet plan, and triple-play bundles. Here we address those at below.

How Much Is Comcast Internet And Phone Only?

How Much Is Comcast Internet And Phone Only

When you want to take an internet plan for your phone or other devices, at the very first, you must consider its pricing. Comcast internet offers three particular programs for its eligible customers. You can take of those that are reliable with your needs.

Comcast Triple Play Bundles

It is the highest internet bundle for everything. So, when you are in quest of heavy internet connections, Comcast triple play bundle is perfect for you. It is ideal for multi-user systems.

These tribal plan deals are included with different features. Such as data cable connections with no data caps, free getting started Kit, and shipping, and so more! For this, you should cost $89.99 per month.

If you want to be relatively higher than the $89.99 plan under Comcast Triple-play bundles, you can take this $129.99 bundle. With this plan, you will qualify for 1200 Mbps download speed, and 35 Mbps upload speed.

Includes $10/mo automatic payments and a massive discount for 24 months. So, take one plan to take unlimited talk and text with this triple bundle internet.

Comcast TV & Internet Bundles

If you are interested in using the internet for TV and internet, you can get a Comcast internet bundle deal. Xfinity by Comcast offers 200 Mbps download and 5 Mbps upload speed at $54.99 per month. This deal has no data caps and is adjusted to the regular rate after that.

Without this plan, you can also get quite a high featured plan at $79.99 per month. With a cable connection, you can get a reliable internet connection that is reliable with TV connections. However, you are getting high-power internet and TV contractions for $89.9. So take that connection that fits with your needs.

Comcast Internet Only Plans

You are considering an internet-only plan; then, you can get Comcast cable and internet plans that can appraise your demand. The internet-only plan contains some high features deals for you.

With $34.99 per month, you can get 50 Mbps to download speed and 5Mbps upload speed. So, you should try to get this Xfinity internet and voice only.

Comcast Internet Plans and Pricing Summary

Plan Name Included dealsPrice/ Costs 
Comcast Performance Starter50 Mbps download, and 5 Mbps upload speed. Limited data options. $30.00 per month
Comcast Performance100 Mbps download and 10 Mbps upload speed, no data caps options.$35.00 per month
Comcast Blast400 Mbps download, and 40 Mbps upload speed, no data caps, and unlimited data options$60.00 per month
Comcast Extreme Pro+800 Mbps download, and 80 Mbps upload speed, no data caps, unlimited data options.$70.00 per month
Comcast Gigabit1200 Mbps download, and 120 Mbps upload speed, no data caps, no limitations, free talk, and text options$80.00 per month
Comcast Gigabit Por+2000 Mbps download, and 200 Mbps upload speed, no data caps, no limitations, super fastest speed, and unlimited free international calling options$300.00 per month

How to Lower Your Comcast Bill?

You are a regular Comcast internet customer, but you can not afford their costs? Now you want to reduce your monthly Comcast bill? If so, then you have some critical ways to reduce your monthly bills. Here we address some of those below.

Sign a one- or two-year contract

When you sign in to Comcast, there are no time limitations. But it has a chili possibility when you are signing for a short time and want a low-cost data plan.

If you’re going to reduce your costs, you sign for the long term at least one or two years at Comcast internet services. So, you should follow these tricks to lower your costs.

Avoid add-on services

Do you want to reduce your costs on Comcast internet and phone? If so, then you should avoid add-on service. As security systems like ADT, Google Nest, or SimpliSafe use you to protect any scam, they require so much data to run correctly. To reduce your data system, you should avoid add-on services.

Purchase your own router

If you do not own a router and use a router from Comcast, you should pay more for the rent for a router. It adds a considerable amount of money as rent. But when you use your own router, you can save a significant amount of money that lowers your Comcast bill.

Only purchase TV if you watch it daily

Many people buy a mixed bundle, but they use only smart TV. as a result, they lose a lot of money. When you want to lower your bill, then you can only purchase TV deals. So, you should care about this matter and reduce your Comcast internet bills.

However, Comcast also offers some incredible plans and deals for its users, especially teachers and students. For successfully verified teachers, they offer $150 prepaid gift cards, including with exclusive internet offer.

Fo qualified college students; they offer a $100 visa prepaid card included with some other facilities. To make this promotion from Comcast, the student must verify their college ID card on the Comcast website.

]For the military, Comcast also offers 90-day term agreements options. With this military person can take a $100 cash voucher as a prepaid card.

Final verdict

How much is Comcast internet and phone only? I think you will get all of your required pieces of information in the situations mentioned above. However, the cost of Comcast’s internet and phone ultimately depends on your demand.

If you need basic internet options, you may cost at $30 per month, and when you want to take the super fastest internet with a cell phone plan, you should cost up to $300 per month. So, the decision on your hand that what plan you want to use.