How Do You Get A Free Phone When You Switch To Boost

If you want to know how you can get a free phone when you switch to Boost Mobile, you are in the right spot. You may ask if I switch to Boost Mobile do I get a free iPhone? Yes, you can get a discounted iPhone when you switch to Boost Mobile from any carrier, especially from Cricket Wireless.

For the in-store options, when you switch to Boost Mobile, you can get a free cell phone, including the cellular plans. All their free cell phone plan offers are valid up to 14 April 2022. Let’s discuss the procedures of getting a free phone when you switch to Boost Mobile!

How To Get A Boost Mobile Free Phone From Boost?

You can get a free phone from Boost Mobile by following some simple steps with precise conditions. Boost Mobile has launched a plan that offers free phones with switching deals. However, you can also get free phones when you get into Boost mobile from Unlimited plans, pricing more than 60 dollars per month.

Let’s discuss the process of how to get a free mobile phone from Boost!

  • First of all, you need to switch to the cellular services of Boost Mobile from any carrier, especially from any MVNO operators.
  • You need to be a new customer of Boost Mobile or an existing customer who has discontinued the services for the last 6 months.
  • Boost Mobile requires porting in numbers and also the activation of Boost Mobile unlimited plan pricing 60 dollars/month
  • With the Boost Mobile Unlimited Plus plans, you need to port in with new numbers, excluding the numbers from Sprint-related carriers.
  • You must purchase the plans with the selected device from any in-store options cause this deal is not available for online orders.

This Boost Mobile free phone switching deal is for a limited time which includes just the selling models only available in the market. The free phone deal doesn’t add any pre-order devices.

You should also note that this deal/offer is not available for all the states, and the coverage may also vary based on the area. If you use any Apple devices under this plan, you won’t be able to get Voice roaming services.

What Phones Are Free When You Switch To Boost Mobile

Free Phone When You Switch To Boost

Boost Mobile free phone switching deal comes with some great cell phones from Apple, Samsung, and Motorola. You can get the Samsung Galaxy A52 5G and Motorola Moto G Power smartphone for free from boost mobile under this plan. Besides, you can get the iPhone SE 64 GB version, Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 5G, and Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G at discounted rates.

Let’s discuss some Boost Mobile cell phone plans that offer free phones with switching bargains!

1. Boost Mobile 5 GB $25 Plan(Free Motorola Moto G Power)

Motorola Moto G Power is one of the most delinquent smartphones with some excellent attributes, which is also in elevated demand for middle-budget consumers.

The base price of this device is nearly 170 dollars. If you move your current number to the Boost Mobile network or port in your number, you can obtain this for Free of cost!


  • Get Limitless messages and minutes comprised
  • Obtain up to 5 GB of 4G LTE high-speed data(access terminates after completing the limitation for the remaining month)
  • You can use the data as mobile hotspot tethering
  • Enjoy International Connect PLUS plan benefits at only 10 dollars add-on for global calling
  • Delivers 5G access with swifter speeds if you have supportable 5G devices

It is offered for the new buyers only when they swap from another carrier to Boost. If you are an existent user meeting their qualifying conditions, you can grab some cost reductions on the cell phone deals also. All phone plans are offered at a 14-day return guideline which needs no contract or activation fee.

2. Boost Mobile 35 GB $60 Plan(Get Samsung Galaxy A52 5G FREE!)

If you intend to buy the recently arrived Samsung Fold devices, you can fetch this cell phone plan to grab a bulk discount. If you are a tech-freak dude, you may already know that the base price of the Samsung Galaxy A52 5G device is nearly 400 bucks. As the name declares, it begins at 60 dollars for each month.


  • Limitless national voice minutes inside the United States, unrestricted SMS except for the restrictions of the destination
  • Enjoy High Definition streaming at 1080 pixels without extra costs.
  • Up to 35 Gigabyte of high-speed 4G LTE data(the speed decreases to 2G after surpassing data limitation)
  • Contains up to 12 GigaByte of hotspot tethering data for mobile usage
  • Up to 50 national roaming minutes and more than 400 directory aid calls
  • Offers International Connect PLUS plan for only 10 dollars for each month

With the high-speed 4G LTE 35 GigaByte data access, you can stream in High Definition at up to 1080 pixels resolution, 1.5 MegaBytes Per second music access, and 8 MegaBytes Per second online gaming without interruptions. You can also add on 1 GigaByte data at 5 dollars and 2 GigaByte data at 10 dollars per month.

3. Boost Mobile Go Unlimited $50 Plan(Get $350 Off on iPhone SE)

Though this one arrives with a distinct name, the offerings and price tag are pretty equivalent to the upper one. If you are fond of classical organized but high-speed iPhones, you can move for this deal. Boost Mobile Go Unlimited plan offers a terrific deal on the 2020 variant of the iPhone SE.


  • Unlimited Domestic talk and messages and Free HD streaming at 1080 pixels
  • Get up to 35 Gigabyte of high-speed 4G LTE data(the speed decreases to 2G after surpassing data limitation)
  • Up to 50 national roaming minutes and more than 400 directory aid calls
  • Contains up to 12 GigaByte of hotspot tethering data for mobile usage
  • International Connect PLUS at 10 dollars per month for global calling

Nevertheless, you may have to disburse some tax for the in-store orders as they are not included in the pre-added tax. Their online acquisition rate arrives with all the taxes & VATs included so that you can move hassle-free.

Does Boost Charge To Switch Phones?

Boost Mobile is a prepaid MVNO that comes with great services without any long-term contracts. They also don’t go for any credit checks and charge no activation fees for newly switched users attached with devices. But Boost Mobile may charge a 5 dollars fee every time you change your phone number.

Since it is a provider of prepaid services, they do not charge delinquent payment fees. Boost consumers are not mandated to join into any long-term yearly contract, and consumers can terminate their services at any time without being needed to pay any earlier termination charge. You can also obtain Free shipping inside the United States.

Can I Switch To Boost Mobile And Keep My Phone?

Yes, you can bring your own phone to Boost Mobile but in terms of certain conditions. First, you may require to buy a new SIM card when you Bring Your Own Phone from a non-Boost Mobile wireless provider.

The new SIM card from Boost Mobile will allow you to comfortably use the cellular services from Boost. Boost Bring your own phone plans start from just 15 dollars per month.

How To Bring Your Own Phone To Boost Mobile

  • First, you need to check the eligibility of your existing phone if it is compatible with Boost or not
  • To determine eligibility, find your device ID by dialing *#06# or pick your Operating System
  • If compatible, then buy a SIM kit in-store or online, or utilize your own Boost SIM card
  • Lastly, activate your phone on a Boost plan that suits your budget and preference.

To buy a new Boost Mobile SIM card kit, you can call a Boost Mobile store or reach your regional Walmart store for product availability. If you don’t prefer the online platform, you can find Boost Mobile stores nearby to purchase and activate the new SIM card.

How to Swap your Boost Mobile Phone SIM Card

  • First of all, you need to turn off your phone and keep your phone off until you reach Step 5 of this guide.
  • Uncover the SIM tray on your device (commonly found on the side of the device or under the battery).
  • If required, insert a paper clasp or a SIM ejector mechanism into the SIM tray spot. Push gently until the tray ejects.
  • Identify & Insert New SIM, and make sure that you pop out the correct SIM
  • Connect another phone or computer with WiFi, and follow the on-screen pop-ups to activate your phone.

Before activating with the BYOP option, ask your existing provider to unlock your device, so it is eligible for activation with Boost. If you want to bring your current number to Boost, you must ask your current provider for your account number and a transfer PIN.

How To Switch To A New Phone Boost Mobile?

If you have got a free phone when you switch to Boost and want to activate the new device, then follow this procedure.

  • First of all, select one option from these two “New Customer” and “Existing Customer.”
  • Then Stap on the “Activate New Device” option and proceed further
  • Decide if you need a new number, or will you port an existing number
  • You need to select “yes” or “No” in answer to the question of adding extra lines under one plan
  • Lastly, press on the “continue” button to complete the activation of your new device

We recommend you not to cancel with your current provider until you activate with Boost Mobile. Using your previous carrier’s SIM card with the new Boost Phone is not available in Boost Mobile’s terms & conditions.

How Can You Get A Free iPhone When You Switch To Boost?

Boost Mobile does have some great deals on iPhones for switching customers, but they don’t offer free iPhone devices. If you switch to Boost Mobile with qualifying conditions and activate a new plan, then you can get an iPhone SE 64 GB 2020 version at a bulk discount. Under their Switching deals, they offer the iPhone SE at just 29.99 dollars.

The base price of this device is about 399.99 dollars, and here you can get a huge cost-cutting of about 360 dollars. Just switch to Boost Mobile with an unlimited plan, port in your number, and get a 360 dollars discount on the classical iPhone SE. During the switch, you must ask your provider if your SIM is compatible with the Boost network or not.

FAQ About the Free Phone When You Switch To Boost

Does Boost offer free phones when you swap?

Surely, Boost Mobile offers free phones to new users that swap their current number beneath Boost Mobile’s network. If you are an existent consumer of Boost Mobile, you can obtain several discounted cell phones when you switch as well.

Can I use Boost Mobile SIM on other phones?

Yes, If you are not satisfied with your cell phone carrier’s service, you can switch your SIM card to another phone and use the very same Boost mobile number.

Who owns Boost Mobile now?

In the initial phase, Boost was operated by Sprint Network, while Sprint was a different operator. But currently, Sprint is possessed by T-Mobile. So, Boost Mobile also works under T-Mobile’s network system.

Final Verdict

We have wrapped all the Free Phone When You Switch To Boost Mobile from another carrier. All these cell phone plans and discounts are presented by Boost Mobile authorized dealers, shops, and spots.

If you go for these discounts from the online platform, you may get more infrequent cost drops. We suggest you go for in-store choices to obtain a more substantial discount within the very same pack. Remember, free phones are open for in-store purchases only.