How Do I Switch My Metro Phone To Another Phone

Metro By T-mobile is one of the most popular MVNOs in the USA. The provider offers T-Mobile’s LTE service at an affordable price.

Its vast coverage area, fast internet, and affordable plan Metro by T-mobile, previously known as MetroPCS, is loved by many users. Today, I will answer the question – how do I switch my metro phone to another phone?

How Do I Switch My Metro Phone To Another Phone

How Do I Switch My Metro Phone To Another Phone

Switching among phones and staying on the same network is pretty simple. To switch your phone service and Metro number to a new phone, you need to put the MetroPCS SIM card in the new phone and go through the activation process. This can be done both online or in a Metro By T-Mobile store.

Moreover, if you add a new number and line to your account, you will be able to get various discounts and offers. Contact to the company if you want to add a new line.

What Is Metro By T-Mobile

Formerly known as MetroPCS, Metro By T-Mobile is one of the oldest MVNOs, started in 2002. In 2013, the operator was acquired by T-Mobile and using the T-Mobile network since then.

After the merger, the Metro is offering T-Mobile high-speed data as affordable prepaid plans, which include T-Mobile’s massive coverage and fast network.

Besides, the unlimited plans from the Metro include exclusive perks, like 100 GB Google One membership and a mobile hotspot.

How To Switch between Metro By T-Mobile Phones

How do I switch my metro phone to another metro phone? Different providers have different ways of switching between mobile phones, and Metro By T-Mobile isn’t any exception.

The process is pretty simple with T-Mobile. To move your phone number and service from your current phone to a new one, you must put a MetroPCS SIM card in the new phone.

Then you need to go through an activation process, which you can do by visiting the MetroPCS store or by yourself online.

I would recommend visiting a MetroPCS store, but you need to go through the online process if there are not many stores in your area.

Metro By T-Mobile Activation Process

First, make sure that your new phone is compatible with Metro By T-Mobile. If compatible, you can put a Metro SIM card and activate it online.

Order a SIM card and a phone (if needed) from the Metro By T-Mobile’s website, or you can pick them up from a nearby Metro physical store.

Now, you need to go through the Metro pcs free phone activation process. First, you need to transfer your data and settings from the old phone to one phone. It can be different depending on what phone you have.

If you are switching from an old version of the iPhone to a new version, you can do it through iCloud or iTunes. If both your phones are androids, you can complete the transferring through Google Drive.

But, if one of your phones is an iPhone and another is an Android, then the process can be a little trickier. If you visit the Apple website, you will be able to get full details.

But, don’t get worried; the process won’t be as complicated as both Apple and Android know; people may need to transfer information among them.

After you have transferred the data and settings from your old phone to your new phone and the SIM cards are switched out, visit the Metro By T-Mobile website and click on the Change/Upgrade Phone option. A prompt will show up; follow it carefully, and you the process will complete.

Visit A Metro Store

If there is a store nearby you and you don’t feel confident swapping phones by yourself, you can visit a Metro store. They will help you switch your current number and data from one phone to another.

You must carry your new and old phone, your old phone number, carrier PIN (if you have one), and password to log in to your account. Also, take the payment method; you may need to pay for the Metro By T-Mobile plan service.

If Your Phone Doesn’t Active Properly

If you follow the process I mentioned before correctly, but still, your new phone doesn’t activate, then the only option you have is to visit a nearby Metro By T-Mobile store. The activation process can sometimes be tricky, depending on what mobile you are using.

If there aren’t any stores nearby, you can also call on the number provided on the Metro’s website. There is a Live Chat option for seeking help. But, in-person assistance will be the best time to switch phone carriers.

You can tell them about the issue, but unless Metro employees have both of your phones in front of them and access to your account, most likely, they won’t be able to help you in this scenario.

Metro By T-Mobile Phone Deals

If you switch to Metro or add a new line, there are few phone deals you will get. Here are the best offers –

Get $200 off on iPhone 13: The best phone in the market is available with Metro By T-Mobile at a $200 discount. The model comes with the largest battery and is also the fastest among the iPhones.

Get $400 off a Samsung Galaxy A52: Samsung Galaxy A52 is an excellent option for people who are looking to get on the 5G bandwagon.

You will be able to get the brand-new Galaxy A52 5G at $400 off at only $99.99. You need to purchase the phone and put in an eligible wireless number, and you will receive an instant rebate.

Get a free 5G phone: You can get a free 5G phone if you switch to Metro by T-Mobile. When you get the new phone, just port in a new number and the carrier will give you a rebate.

There used to be only one or two free phones before, but now you can choose from five others, including Moto G Stylus and OnePlus Nore N10.

Get a Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite at only $50: If you are looking cheap tablet, switching to Metro By T-Mobile is the best option.

You can get the Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite at just $50 ($150 off) on T-Mobile in-store purchase. The tablet has a massive 5100mAh battery life, A sturdy 8.7-inch slate screen, and 1TB of expandable storage.

T-Mobile Tuesday Reward: Metro is offering its new customers T-Mobile Tuesday perk for some free stuff. You will get access to a rotating set of discounts every single Tuesday. T-Mobile will help you save up to 40% on travel arrangements with T-Mobile Travel.

Final Verdict

Metro By T-Mobile is one of the best MVNOs in the USA. It has large coverage and faster internet speed but affordable rates.

So, it has a huge customer base. Anyways, if you want to switch phones under the same network, you can do it with ease.

You can do it on your own or visit a Metro store nearby. That’s the answer to your question – ‘ how do I switch my metro phone to another phone?