How Can I Switch to Boost Mobile from Metro PCS?

Are you looking for the best mobile phone service? Are you switching service providers? If you’re moving from Metro PCS to Boost Mobile, then you may also be searching for ways to switch to Boost Mobile from Metro PCS.

Whether you’re looking for free phones when you switch, or you’re into Boost Mobile upgrade phones, we’ll show you how to switch without all the hassles and worries.

Why make a move to Boost Mobile?

Boost Mobile is a company, a mobile phone service provider under Sprint mobile. Sprint is one of the four top mobile carriers in the United States, and this means customers will get the best coverage no matter where they are.

Boost is also an MVNO, and therefore, mobile plans are more affordable compared to other carriers. Many people switch to Boost from other carriers is because Boost offers services minus any complicated conditions and steps.

You may even take advantage of their promo that says you can switch to Boost Mobile and get a free phone. And for people who have past due notices or debts with other mobile carriers, they can still take advantage of Boost Mobile’s services. This mobile carrier does not look into your credit score when you take their services.

According to reviews of mobile phone carriers, customers are also making the switch to Boost because of their amazing mobile plans.

These plans also come with free phones. And these phones are not old phone models since most of these are flagship and mid-range phones.

Switching mobile carriers does not immediately mean that a mobile network provider has bad service. Many change providers because of poor coverage where they are located while some make the switch because of an appealing new promo or discount from a new carrier.

How to make the switch?

If you have always thought how to switch from Boost to Metro or you’re switching because of a Boost Mobile switch from Metro PCS deal, then let us help you with the most updated information.

How Can I Switch to Boost Mobile from Metro PCS?

If you want to switch but still keep your Metro PCS number or port your existing phone number, then you may also do this with Boost.

Many consider this because a new phone number is costly. So to switch to Boost Mobile and port your mobile number, remember the following requirements:

  • Look for your phone’s IMEI to find out if your phone is compatible with Boost Mobile.
  • Provide your name, address, and your account number registered under Metro PCS.
  • Provide the account PIN that you use with Metro PCS.
  • Have an unlocked mobile phone that’s compatible with the Metro PCS or Sprint network.

Once you have prepared everything, you may now start the switching process. Of all the items on the list, the most common concerns of people who want to switch from Metro PCS to Boost is a compatible mobile phone.

If you’re not sure if your mobile phone is compatible with Boost, visit their website and check it out using their IMEI checker.

Boost Mobile Bring Your Own Phone offer asks customers to bring their own unlocked mobile phone. But you still need to check if your phone is compatible, and if it is, buy a SIM card to start using the service.

Look for your device ID by pressing *#06#. You may also check your Operating System to get detailed instructions (you may choose from an Android, Windows, iOS, or other OS).

Compatible phones with Boost Mobile

Boost Mobile relies on Sprint’s dependable network to provide mobile service. Sprint uses CDMA network technology, which is outdated than other current technology.

Almost all mobile phones support GSM, while some still support CDMA and GSM. The following are the brands that Boost Mobile supports:

  • Samsung mobile phones
  • iPhone 6 models and above
  • LG mobile phones
  • Google Pixel phones
  • Motorola mobile phones
  • Essential PH-1 phones
  • Razor phones

There are Sprint mobile phone promos and deals for existing subscribers, and the mobile phones that are accepted on these deals are compatible with Boost Mobile services.

But if you still consider bringing your own phone, then you must check that the device network technology is compatible with Boost.

How Can I Switch to Boost Mobile from Metro PCS?

Switching is easy when you have all the requirements ready, and your device is compatible with Boost Mobile. These are steps to follow if you want to switch from Metro PC to Boost services and keep your number as well.

Keep your number to use in Boost Mobile

Port your number if you do not want a new one. Porting only takes a few hours, and when you’re done, you can now sign up a Boost Mobile plan.

Also, when you port your number to Boost Mobile, you won’t be asked for your personal details anymore. So to port your number, the following is needed.

  • Contact Boost Mobile to tell them that you want to port your number. You will be asked to provide basic information like your account number, name, and address from Metro PCS.
  • As you port your number, do not deactivate your Metro PCS account yet. Doing so will deactivate your number.
  • Boost will contact Metro PCS to start the porting process.
  • After two to three hours, the porting process will be complete, and you will now be able to use your phone number with a SIM card from Boost Mobile.

Choose a Boost Mobile plan

Now that your number has been ported out of Metro PCS and may be used under Boost Mobile, you now need a new Boost Mobile SIM and a plan.

You can buy the SIM card from any retail outlet or from the Boost Mobile online shop. For mobile phone plans, you can check out good plans from Boost Mobile for existing subscribers.

How Can I Switch to Boost Mobile from Metro PCS

$25 a month for four lines

If you need a phone service for you and your family, then the $25 a month for four lines plan is the best deal. With this offer, you can get unlimited text, calls, and data on all four lines. You can take advantage of this promo, whether you’re a new or an existing customer.

$35 a month plan

This deal is for one line only, and with $35 a month for a single line, you can get a lot more. You will get unlimited calls and texts, 3GB of 4G LTE data, non-stop music streaming, and free Tidal for only six months.

If you need to expand your subscription, you can get the five lines for $150, 4 lines for $120, and the two lines for only $60 a month.

$50 a month plan

A $50 a month plan is better than a $35 a month plan. This comes with unlimited calls and texts plus data, SD video streaming services, 12 GB data for a mobile hotspot, free Tidal for six months, and free gaming for 2 Mbps.

You may also further expand this plan. You can get five SIM cards for $170, four lines for $140, three lines for $110, and two lines for only $80.

Unlimited plus plan

The unlimited plus plan is the best plan if you’re looking for HD videos as you stream. You will get unlimited calls, texts and data, high definition video streaming, 30 GB mobile hotspot, free Tidal for six months, and better gaming speeds of up to 8 Mbps.

You may also expand this plan by getting two lines for only $100, three lines for $140, four lines for $180, and five lines for $220. The unlimited plus plan costs $60 a month.

The Ultimate unlimited plan

The ultimate unlimited Boost plan is the best of all mobile plans. It costs $80 a month with features like unlimited call, text, and data, free customer service, high definition video streaming, 50 GB hotspot data, free International Connect Plus and free Tidal premium.

And just like other Boost Mobile plans, you can also upgrade this by getting five lines for $320, four lines for $260, three lines for $200, and two lines for just $140.

Getting a free phone from Boost Mobile

The free mobile phone is not for everyone who makes the switch from their old network to Boost Mobile. The promo is only available to people who made the switch and have ported their number to Boost.

All the mobile phones offered in the free phone from Boost Mobile are of the best quality and are covered by Boost’s guarantee.

Switching from Metro PCs to Boost Mobile is very easy and straightforward. There are no special tricks to switch, just follow the steps, and you’re on the road to using your new Boost network.

But what happens if your phone is not compatible with Boost? You may avail of the provider’s locked phone offers where you can find mobile phones with the best quality. You can also purchase a new phone and use this to work with Boost Mobile.