How Can I Add a Tablet To My Verizon Unlimited Data Plan

Tablets are best for playing games, watching movies, multi-tasking, or doing whatever you want. With sharper displays, faster processors, and large sizes, they add new experiences to the users. So, they are pretty famous. But, it isn’t very sensible if you don’t get access to the internet.

And, for mobile internet users, Verizon is one of the best choices. So, in this article, I will answer your question – ‘how can I add a tablet to my Verizon unlimited data plan’.

How can I add a tablet to my Verizon unlimited data plan

You can connect your tablet to your Verizon account for only $10 per month ( plus text and fees). And do whatever you want to do with your tablet.

Following these steps, you can connect your tablet to your plan:

First, find out what it is your tablet’s identification number (also known as IMEI number), which is most printed on your receipt and on the tablet’s box. If you don’t find it, search at the back of your device or around the battery.

How can i add a tablet to my verizon unlimited data plan

Second, log in to your Verizon account (“My Verizon”) and select “Activate Existing Device”. There you need to put your tablet’s IMEI number to activate it.

Verizon has a simple Verizon data-only plan, which only offers data as the name suggests. Select a plan with the right amount of data you will need, and share the data pool with the devices of your account.

Now, enjoy playing games, watching movies, attending a business meeting, or whatever you want.

Verizon Tablet Plans

Postpaid For Tablets

As you know, the postpaid plans are billed monthly and usually run a credit check. Verizon costs a monthly account access fee for the data plans along with the monthly fee for each device you add. For a tablet, you need to pay $10, a mobile phone $20, and $5 for a connected device.

Here’s the price of the plans, without line fees:

  • 2GB only data at $20.
  • 4GB only data at $30.
  • 6GB only data at $40.
  • 8GB only data at $50.
  • 10GB only data at $60.
  • 12GB only data at $70.

You also add devices that only have data only access to your family plan. All you need to pay is an extra $20 per month for tablets, laptops, and hot spots.

Prepaid For Tablets

The prepaid plan doesn’t need any contract or credit score check. Also, you can get a $5 discount if you register for autopay. Here are the available Verizon wireless upgrade deals for Tablets:

  • 6GB only data at $35.
  • 16GB only data at $45.
  • 30GB only data at $65.

Verizon Tablet Plan Comparison With Other Providers

Most of the major carriers have postpaid and prepaid data only plans. But, every few are compatible with Verizon. Some, like Sprint, don’t offer data-only plans. Others’ data-only plans are more expensive.

AT&T: AT&T offers both prepaid and postpaid plans. The postpaid plans start with 10 GB, which costs $50, 15 GB for $70, and lastly, the unlimited data at $29.99. Its prepaid plans are – 1 GB for $15, 7GB for $50, and lastly, the unlimited plan at $35.

Boost Mobile: Boost Mobile’s 1.5 GB postpaid plan costs $20, and 10 GB for $50.

MetroPCS: MetroPCS also offers only postpaid plans, 2GB at $15, 4GB at $25, and 6GB at $35.

T-Mobile: T-Mobile has quite a few prepaid cell phone plans unlimited for its users, which includes 500Mb only-data plan at $5 (for less than a month), 1GB at $10 (for less than a month), 2 GB at $10, 3 GB at $30, 6GB at $25, 10GB at $40, 14GB at $55, and lastly 22GB at $85.

Benefits Of Tablet Plans

There are quite a few benefits to choosing Tablets plans ( data-only plans). They are cheaper compared to other plans. And, if you select the MVNOs, you can do even more.

But, there, you need to sacrifice speed and coverage. So, I recommended sticking with the large providers like Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile.

And, for your information, I thought you would like to know more about how to get a free government tablet, Still, here are the benefits you get with smaller carriers:

NationWide Coverage: Smaller mobile phone providers use similar networks as the four major carriers. Many currently provide 5G network coverage at no additional cost.

Faster Data: Enjoy hotspot services on similar networks as the major carriers. You’ll enjoy the same super-fast hotspot speeds you generally use, which are perfect for streaming video and gaming.

Lower Cost: Most MVNOs operate entirely online, so they have fewer operating costs. As a result, you will spend less on your tablet internet service.

No contracts requirement: Contracts are not required by low-cost airlines. Switch providers when you locate a better value on a mobile hotspot plan.

Switching your device: There is no need to purchase a pricey hotspot from the carrier. And spare even more money by bringing your device.

Make your plan unique: Select the data-only package that best meets your requirements. You may choose between 1 GB of data per month or unlimited data.

Excellent customer service: MVNOs consistently provide superior customer service. Before switching, read our carrier customer reviews.

FAQs About the Verizon unlimited data plan

How many devices can I add to Verizon unlimited plan?

You can add up to 10 basic devices on each unlimited talk and text for $10 a month, like smartphones. With 10 phone lines, you can have around 20 connected devices, which are tablets, smartwatches, streaming cameras, and so on. But, keep in mind that each connected device requires its own data plan and line fee.

How do I add Other devices to my Verizon account?

The process of adding devices to an account is pretty similar to what I mentioned before the Verizon tablet data plan. You will see a My Devices in your Verizon account for adding a new device. Select add a New Device. From there, you can add an account.

Does Unlimited data plans for tablets slow down?

Sadly, yes. Like all other plans, after you finish the exclusion data, your unlimited data plan will slow down on the time of network congestion. But, that most won’t be an issue with tablets, as you won’t visit high traffic areas.