HiBoost 10K Smart Link Cell Phone Signal Booster Review

HiBoost 10K Smart Link Cell Phone Signal Booster ReviewHiBoost 10K Smart Link is the superlative and unbeatable model of HiBoost. The principal target of the HiBoost cell phone signal booster is holding the remaining cell phone signal around your home and office.

It is a smart signal booster that comes with 65db max gain. This Smart Link Cell phone signal booster might be a bit more spendy than analog items but built with certain grand features like 1db precious power, which you can use even after having no signal.

Noticeable Features Of  The  Cell Phone Signal Booster

  • HiBoost 10K Smart Link Cell Phone signal booster is compatible with Verizon, Sprint, T-mobile, all US, and Canadian carriers. Also, this signal booster is compatible with AT&T networks.
  • It comes with up to 65db Max gain.
  • It boosts the outdoor signal and carries robust signal strength to a massive coverage area.
  • This signal booster is an ultimate formula for users to cover areas up to 10000 square feet.
  • This cell phone signal booster runs with a powerful antenna system.
  • It features an LCD display. LCD manifests valuable information which assists in easy setup and maintenance.
  • It carries up to 150 users concurrently.
  • It has a downloadable phone app that assists distant monitor settings.
  • This cell phone signal booster can boost 5G, 4G, 3G, 2G LTE cell phone signals.

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Comparison Between HiBoost 10K Smartlink cell phone signal booster and weBoost Home Multiroom

HiBoost Cell Phone Signal Booster WeBoost Cell Phone Signal Booster
HiBoost 10K Smart Link Cell Phone Signal Booster Review WeBoost Cell Phone Signal Booster
The HiBoost Home 10K SmartLink is an inexpensive signal booster that comes up with untrustworthy value, measuring in at forcefully the same power though it is gathering top-level home or office boosters. WeBoost is a cell phone signal booster that is for multi-user and residential use as well.
Due to outdoor signal conditions, HiBoost can cover up to 4000- 10000 square feet. It can cover up to three large rooms and up to 5000 square feet. It features fewer dropped calls, better voice quality, and faster data speeds under its coverage area.
It can boost up to 65db of max gain and is equipped with a smooth to-study LCD screen. WeBoost Home Multi-room operates on all US carriers, including Sprint, AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Straight Talk, and US Cellular, accompanied by all phones and cellular devices.
SmartLink is compatible with the HiBoost signal steward app, and it bears fine-tuning as well as distant monitoring. Like HiBoost 10K Home cell phone signal, weBoost also provides multi-user along with fewer dropped calls, better voice quality, available streaming capability, faster internet speeds, and so on.
HiBoost 10K provides its users an exceptional and incomparable power over your home signal booster. It comes with a 65db gain max and is ready for a boost of 5G cell phones.
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Key Features of HiBoost 10K SmartLink Cell Phone Signal Booster

Key Features of HiBoost 10K SmartLink Cell Phone Signal Booster


HiBoost 10K signal Booster is the earliest in its category. This HiBoost 10K signal booster associates a strong signal boost along with the advantage of its extraordinary built-in antenna.

It is easy to install. So without offering your original solution, you can install it. If you are far from the cell phone network, then you can buy it without hassle. It boasts 4G LTE, 3G, 2G signals. 


The unparalleled performance of HiBoost 10K makes this booster the utmost signal boosting solution. This signal booster is more strong than any other signal booster. In the company of high-performance antennas under the unit, you limit it along with the best coverage within your home or office.

HiBoost 10K has analogous power to some advertisement units with 65 DB max gain. It is the best signal booster, and it gradually improves its limitations. It is ready to boost 5G cell phones.

Strong Gain Exhibition

HiBoost receives the cellular signal along with a high-gain outdoor antenna. It can boost and transmit the signal into strong output power. It is able to accept signals from remote cell phone towers.

What Are the Users Saying About HiBoost 10K Signal Booster

The majority of the users have positive opinions about HiBoost. They said that HiBoost has the capabilities of boosting the network up to 10000 square feet, which is infrequent. It is built with strong, durable, and high-quality metal.

Wherever you live, it will provide a reliable and strong network. But a couple of users say that it doesn’t deliver a reliable network in rural areas, which seems pathetic for users. According to the HiBoost manufacturer, they are trying to improve the limitations.

FAQs About HiBoost 10K SmartLink Cell Phone Signal Booster

Is HiBoost 10K signal Booster harmful?

No, HiBoost 10K signal Booster is safe. Its radiation is pretty less than any other electrical item like a hair drier. Moreover, this signal booster doesn’t extend the radiation of the cell phone. The signal boosters outdoor antenna collects and loses the harmful radiation as an alternative to the antenna in your phone. 

If I want to get a network without a signal booster, then how far should I live from a cell phone tower?

Suppose you want to get a network without a signal booster, then you shouldn’t live far from cell phone towers. Several ingredients may affect mobile radiation intensity.

If anyone lives under 150 meters, there will be a radius that might be a risk. On the other hand, if anyone lives under 300 meters, they will get weak coverage. So it would be best for a cell phone user to live under 200 meters from a cell phone signal.

Does HiBoost 10K Signal Booster work well in rural areas?

HiBoost 10K Signal Booster works the same in an urban area. The maximum signal booster doesn’t work in rural areas. But the outdoor antenna of this signal booster helps get a better network.

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Final Verdict

We won’t force anyone to buy it, but if you really have network nuisance, then HiBoost 10K Signal Booster is the best option. We recommend it for your business work or official or home use, so you don’t have to move frequently to get a reliable network. So feel free to buy it.