GotW3 Internet Review 2023

With the development of technology, many unimaginable objects have been discovered in the world. The Internet is one of them.

In fact, the Internet is the utmost creation. GotW3 has been serving people by turning call service into the Internet for all your devices. To be honest it is currently one of the most trusted internet serving brands.

The best part of the GotW3 internet system is how it provides you with the internet you need. Not only your phone but also you can connect a laptop, streaming device, and even a satellite TV system can connect to GotW3 Wi-Fi connection.

GotW3 internet is best for those who travel frequently or live in a rural area because it has some advantages over your existing cell phone plan or Satellite internet. GotW3 has only two plans.

They both will help your router to connect to nearby cell towers for 4G and LTE internet. Here the difference is in the cell towers that GotW3 uses; The Urban America Plan for T-Mobile and Rural America Plan for AT&T. GotW3 is a cellular service that connects to cell towers to offer surprisingly fast internet.

GotW3 Internet Pricing and Plans Review 2023

GotW3 Internet offers two data plans. These data plans depending on where you live;

GotW3 Internet Urban America Unlimited Data Plan

This plan is best for those who live in urban or suburban areas. In particular near larger cities and comes in around $79.99 per month. The plan holds speeds up to 45Mbps, but be gnostic this speed highly depends on the signal coverage and distance you are from the cell phone towers.

GotW3 Internet Rural America Unlimited Data Plan

As an alternative, the Rural America Unlimited Data Plan is addressed to those who live in remote and rural areas where other types of internet services are not available.

This plan also holds speed up to 45Mbps, like the Urban American Plan, if you are far from the tower then you might get the lowest internet speed like 1Mbps without boosting equipment. The monthly service fee for this plan is also expensive up to $99.99.

Advantages of GotW3 Internet

  • The antenna of GotW3 is compatible with America’s all carriers.  AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, and others.
  • With the antenna of GotW3 at a time a user can run more than one device at the same time. 
  • GotW3 supports the C4R400 router or LTE520 router. You can choose one between two of them.
  • C4R400 and LTE520 both support high-speed data.
  • There are no additional fees.
  • GotW3 internet antenna is waterproof so it can resist the elements.

Disadvantages of GotW3 Internet

  • If you want to use GotW3 Internet in this case you have to use their copyrighted routers otherwise you won’t be able to use their internet services.
  • The price of the GotW3 equipment is pricey.
  • In GotW3, there is no chat support or an email.

What Users Are Saying About GotW3 Internet?

If you check the online reviews of the GotW3 Internet then you will notice some negative reviews about this Internet provider company.

GotW3 is slower in speeds during peak hours. The company claims that there is no throttling where there are no hard data caps.

The main problem of GotW3 is in data usage which depends on the type of activities. If you use data much for higher resolution then your data speeds will slow. So GotW3 suggests its user use the lower resolution to save data.

What Users Are Saying About GotW3 Internet?

Compared With Other Internet Providers

Comparison Between Viasat Special and GotW3 Internet

Viasat has made major improvements for a couple of years to its speed and reliability. Viasat still doesn’t relate to cable or fiber internet. Viasat is the best satellite internet.

So if you need a huge amount of data and speeds in this case Viasat is a better choice for you. But sometimes it slows down much even when you stay under your data cap in this sense GotW3 is better than Viasat. GotW3 doesn’t slow down when you stay under your data cap.

Comparison Between RCN internet and GotW3 Internet

RCN Internet is the widest and most powerful fiber-optic network. It has a good value and acceptance to its customer for its high-speed internet.

RCN won an award as a high-speed internet provider which offers reliable and affordable internet services in Chicago. Its internet speed is up to 940 Mbps.

If we compare RCN Internet with GotW3 Internet we will notice that there is a far difference between their data speeds and price. The equipment cost and plans of GotW3 are outrageous.  

Comparison Between GotW3 internet  and Xfinity Internet

Xfinity Internet is America’s best internet experience. With multiple plans, Xfinity internet offers a variety of high-speed data.

Xfinity Internet offers 15Mbps to 2000 Mbps ranging internet. For a single user, 100Mbps speeds are enough for streaming Netflix, Youtube TV, gaming, and other streaming services. In This case, GotW3 is far behind with the race of data speeds and streaming.

FAQs about The GotW3 Internet

If I use multiple devices at the same time can Wi-Fi be slow down?

Yes. If you use multiple devices at the same time Wi-Fi can be slow down. As the router can only deliver a fixed amount of data per second and that data has to be shared amongst all users so sometimes Wi-Fi is slow down when anything you download or transfer.

Is there any charge for reconnection GotW3?

Yes. If you want to cancel you don’t have to pay a charge for this. But if you cancel your service but change your mind and wish to reconnect then you will have to pay $25.

How can a GotW3 user get decent speeds?

Yes. As GotW3 internet is for rural and urban areas, in this case, the data speeds can be slowed down. In the rural areas, there is no antenna so the data speeds are very weak. 4G and LTE signals may be weak in those zones.  So GotW3 internet users need to boost their signals to get decent data speeds.

Is there any chat support or email in GotW3 internet?

No, there is no chat support or an email. GotW3 internet has a social site. If users face problems then they can see a few video tutorials on setting up a router and changing Wi-Fi and login passwords.
But you can call GotW3 Internet provider company in this number following number 1-833-492-6893. If you need any support or to pay the bill you can call this number.

Final Verdict

If you live in an area that can not operate regular cable and broadband then satellite cable is not the only option for you. You can use GotW3 Internet which is a serviceable alternative using 4G and LTE networks. 

Though the price of the equipment is high those who travel or live in more rural and remote areas then it is an incredibly best option for them. So, those who want to eagerly use it but are skeptical about GotW3 can use it without any hesitation.