How to Get GCI Free Government Phone – Complete Guide

GCI is one of the few mobile network carriers playing an instrumental role in meeting the calling and internet requirements of qualified low-income consumers in the United States. GCI free government phone is coming to the significant rescue of the customers who are eligible for Lifeline, a government benefit program.

Low-earning individuals who don’t have financial capabilities to own a landline phone or wireless phone and pay a considerable amount of phone bills mostly apply for GCI cell phones.

Similar to some other prominent landline and wireless network service providers, GCI is adopting fiber-optic network technology extensively.

GCI leaves no stone unturned to ensure that every customer bags the best deals out of their offered services. Apart from free cell phones, GCI also offers GCI internet plans at discounted prices to qualified low-income individuals in selected regions in the US.

Read on this article as we have thrown light on the essential steps to follow to qualify for a GCI free phone, eligibility criteria, and phones offered by the GCI lifeline program.

What is the GCI Lifeline Phone Programme?

When it comes to mobile network and internet plans, GCI, which is there for over two decades, is considered the best and most reliable services provider. Just because low-earning consumers do not pay a high price for phone bills doesn’t mean that they have to deal with dropped calls and slow internet speed.

GCI value the need of such qualified low-income consumers and offer them top-standard and fast customer care services whenever required.

Lifeline is a federal benefit program, enabling eligible low-earning individuals to get discounted service on a landline phone on a wireless phone. GCI stays away from charging activation or installation fee from the lifeline program eligible consumers who use GCI free government phone.

Aside from low-income, an applicant can qualify for the Lifeline program via program eligibility. It is essential for an applicant to earn a yearly annual household income that should be at or less than 135% of the applicable federal government poverty guidelines for the region Alaska for a household of that size.

Eligible customers can acquire only one best free government cell phone or landline phone per household and can’t transfer Lifeline service to any other household.

If a consumer does not adhere to or violate the Federal Communication Commission’s stringent Lifeline program regulations, that consumer is de-enrolled from the Lifeline program. Before applying for the program, you should make sure that Local Lifeline or GCI Wireless services are available in the region where you reside.

What Documents Must Have to Become Eligible for a GCI Free Government Phone?

Qualifying for a GCI free phone is almost similar to the eligibility requirements for other plans. Read the following to obtain comprehensive knowledge about the top things that an applicant needs to provide to become eligible for a free phone and discounted service.

How to Get GCI Free Government Phone
  • First and foremost, an applicant requires showing Proof of eligibility. It depends on two prime factors that include participating in other federal assistance programs or through income.
  • To become eligible for GCI or Verizon wireless free government phone, you must show proof of your participation in any of the following federal assistance programs:
  • Medicaid
  • Federal Public Housing Assistance (Section 8)
  • Food Stamps
  • Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA)
  • Supplementary Social Income
  • General Assistance
  • If you haven’t participated in any federal assistance programs, you can still qualify through your income. You have to show an authentic document, which clearly mentions that your annual household earning is at or less than 135% of the federal government poverty guidelines in Alaska and based on your household’s size.
  • You need to submit the proof of Date of Birth.
  • You are required to provide valid proof of the address of your home.
  • Showing proof of emancipated status is essential.
  • Providing substantial information about the member of your household who has taken part in the Federal Assistance program is imperative.
  • You need to provide the proof of social security number.

Steps to Follow To Apply for a Free GCI Wireless Phone

In comparison to other wireless network service providers in the United States, applying for a free government phone at GCI wireless is not very complicated and time-consuming.

Following the essential steps will help you obtain a clear idea about your eligibility for free GCI phone, application approval, service activation, and eligibility retaining procedure.  

Here are the steps that you should follow while filing an application for a free government wireless phone.

What Free Government Phones are offered by GCI Lifeline Programme?

Firstly, you have to meet the eligibility requirements. Proving your participation in any recognized Federal Assistance programs or your earning, which should be at or below 135% of the Federal government poverty guidelines, is imperative.

Once you become eligible for GCI cell phones, you will need to submit the documented proof of one of the below-mentioned documents:

  • You have to submit a document of your participation in the Federal Assistance program
  • You are required to show a document that confirms your eligibility for a government free phone and service
  • You can also provide proof of income document such as the W3-form

Secondly, you have to ensure that no other member in your household is gaining benefitted by participating in any Federal Assistance programs. You have to clarify and provide a signed statement that no one has participated in one such benefit program.

If you know there is a member in your house, who receives benefits from one of the Federal government programs, avoid filing an application for GCI free phone.

Otherwise, you will be in serious trouble. Not only will you be fined, but you will also be imprisoned and de-enrolled for a lifetime from acquiring a free government phone and GCI internet plans.

Third, you have to file an application for the free government phone. The application process is less time-consuming and not at all complicated.

The most preferred and quickest method to fill in the application form is through GCI’s official website. However, many opt for applying through email or conventional (paper) method.

Fourth, once you are done filing your application, within 5-7 business days, your application will be approved if you correctly file the application form. On qualifying, you will receive the cell phone or landline phone at your doorstep.

You will also get proper instructions to activate the phone and the network service. The GCI account that you create on the GCI website, from there only, the activation process is done. Those who apply for Metro PCS free phones with activation require waiting for almost the same number of days.

Fifth, you have to recertify to remain eligible for the free government phone and plan after using the free GCI phone services for one year.

The process of re-certification is similar to what you gad followed while applying for the free phone initially. However, the time taken for the completion of the recertification process is relatively short. Submitting all requisite documents during the recertification process is essential.

What Free Government Phones are offered by GCI Lifeline Programme?

The GCI cell phones vary in brand and features. The recognized Lifeline program service provider has not yet given any clarification on the phones that it offers to qualified low-income individuals for free. However, you can rest assured that it offers smartphones from well-known brands.

All smartphones consist of highly advanced features that come to the significant rescue of qualified consumers when they call or surf the internet.

Mostly the smartphones that GCI service provider offers are from top brands such as Nokia, Motorola, Kyocera, LG, Samsung, etc. At your end you may also find helpful to know about how to get Q Link Wireless free phone

Perks of Free GCI Government Phone Plan

Many wireless network service providers in the United States offer government phones for free and discounted services to qualified low-income individuals. However, the perks of the GCI free phone plan stand out. Check what the GCI free cell phone plan includes:

  • Mobile Lifeline service includes nationwide unlimited minutes every month, and Lifeline wireline service is all about unlimited local calling.
  • Unlimited text messaging
  • Unlimited access to emergency services
  • $1.50 for every directory assistance call
  • $0.10/minute for every in-state long distance call
  • $0.14/minute for the out-of-state long-distance call

You may have to pay a little extra for administrative fees and surcharges when you avail the GCI free phone or free cell phones for seniors.

Final Verdict

Despite the presence of several network providers that offer lifeline free government phones to qualified individuals belong to low-income households, most, especially in and around Alaska, prefer GCI free government phone.

People find the application process relatively simple. They do not have to sign any contract, receive stable network coverage, no dropped calls, decent internet speed, and reap many more advantages.

Hopefully, this article has successfully cleared the confusion that you probably had regarding the process of obtaining a free GCI phone.

Without delaying any further, you should apply for a free government phone if you know that you are eligible for the Lifeline program and have all the necessary documents.