Get 10 Free Phones T-Mobile When You Upgrade Plans Or Switch

Are you planning to upgrade or change your T-Mobile plan? If so, you need to be meticulous in choosing the best deal for you. Plenty of options are available in the market for sure.

However, you need to settle for the one that will meet all your requirements and prove to be worthy in the long run.  Here are some of the best free phones T-Mobile that can sweep you off your feet.

The features, the appearance, and the spectrum of functionalities offered by these handsets are unparalleled, and you can surely bet on any of these. You can also choose from the plethora of T-Mobile deals for existing customers to opt for a smart one.

Top 10 Free Phones T-Mobile When You Upgrade Plans Or Switch

1. Apple iPhone SE Free Phones T-Mobile

Apple iPhone SE Free Phones T-Mobile

If you are looking for a trendy yet useful smartphone, this handset can be your one-stop choice. Loaded with several advanced features and carrying the brand faith of Apple, this phone can be a smart pick at any point in time.

One of the best features that make this Apple iPhone SE smarter is the memory of the device.

This phone is available with 64GB, 128 GB, and 256 GB memory space alternatives. Depending on your choice and requirement, you can opt for either of these.

Key Features

  • The device comes with a 7 MP front camera that clicks the magic moments perfectly
  • This apple device is absolutely dust and water-resistant
  • It comes with a touch ID
  • It runs on iOS 13 that is super-efficient
  • This device can be charged wirelessly
  • It comes powered with a fast-paced A13 Bionic Chip processor

The camera of this device is also excellent. The 12 MP wide camera of this phone makes sure that every picture you click becomes a self-explaining story. No matter if you are capturing a landscape or moments of a wedding, the premium quality snaps will help you capture the essence of the moments and store it for a long time.

This next-generation phone is perfect for candid pictures and cozy selfie sessions. Carry it with you on a trip with friends and make every moment a part of your life forever.

For those who love to talk for long hours, this handset is just perfect. With 14 hours of talk time backup, your long chatting sessions would not get interrupted for sure.

And, if you are not using the phone at all, the standby time of the fully charged battery is 10 days, which admittedly is a substantial time.

2. T-Mobile REVVLRY T-Mobile Phone

T-Mobile REVVLRY T-Mobile Phone

If a complete package of utility and style is on your mind, make sure to choose this free phone T-Mobile that comes packed with several other items.

The box will have a SIM card, charging cable, wall charger, quick start guide, and the terms & conditions. 

Every item of the box will of much help for you to start using the T-Mobile REVVLRY and understanding the functionalities. Also, the peripherals will help you in using the device optimally.

Key Features

  • This device comes loaded with a powerful 3000mAH battery that offers a long standby time of 19 days
  • It runs of Android OS
  • The device comes with a fast-focusing camera capable of capturing every moment perfectly
  • The screen resolution of the device is 1520X720 pixels promising unparallel image quality

This device comes loaded with a powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon processor that enables fast operations and glitchless multi-tasking experience. If you are a gaming aficionado, this device will never let you down as far as the speed is concerned.

Also, the quality of the picture displayed on the screen is of superior quality. One of the fastest and smartest free phones T-Mobile, this device can be a perfect choice for those who take an interest in regular gaming.

Featuring a 3 GB Ram and 128 GB expandable memory, you can store as many media files and documents as you want in this device.

Weighing only 5.92 ounces, this device is easy to carry and does not make you feel weary while holding it for a long time. The sleek and urban appearance of this handset also contributes to its overall appeal.

3. T-Mobile Apple iPhone 11 Free Phones

Apple iPhone 11 Free Phones T-Mobile

Smart and utilitarian, this Apple iPhone 11 is one of the best options available in the market if you are willing to change your smartphone. Featuring a super smart and efficient 12 MP rear camera, this phone can be your companion for the next friendly gathering to capture the special moments you wish to hold on to.

Also, the camera specifications will help you adjust the available lighting conditions and other parameters to make each snapshot outstanding and lively.

Key Features

  • This phone comes loaded with a face ID facility that ensures utmost safety for the user
  • The Dolby atoms of the device offer a larger than life sound experience when you listen to music with the phone
  • The phone also features a faster Wi-Fi ensuring smooth and seamless connectivity
  • It comes with lightning ports

Are you planning for a long drive with your family? If so, you must be bothered about how to keep your device charged for long. With this smartphone by your side, you hardly have to think of charging the phone.

The powerful battery of this phone keeps the device on for 2.5 days n a standby basis and for 10 hours if you are talking seamlessly. Hence, from the point of view of battery life, this smartphone can be an excellent addition to your gamut.

The 1792X828 pixel high-resolution display of this hone makes sure that every image you behold appeals to your eyes. Even the tiniest details can be traced on the screen with such high resolution. No matter if you are playing games or watching movies, the experience is sure to be a visual treat.

4. Galaxy A71 5G Free Smartphone T-Mobile

Galaxy A71 5G Free Smartphone T-Mobile

One of the latest innovations from the house of Samsung, Galaxy A71 is smarter and faster than you can expect. With a steady 5G connectivity enabled with this device, surfing the internet will be faster than ever. You will experience a seamless and buffer-free browsing experience beyond any doubt.

Also, the in-built features of this device ensure that the user gets nothing short of the best experience while calling, texting, listening to music, watching movies, or gaming.

Key Features

  • The phone comes with a SIM pin, a quick start guide, a wall adapter, one C to C USB cable, etc.
  • It also features a 3.5 mm audio jack
  • The phone is sleek and slim and can be carried easily
  • A fast charging and long-lasting 4500mAH battery comes with this phone
  • It runs of Android 10.0 OS

Capable of handling multiple tasks at a time, this Samsung device will never run out of performance regardless of the functionalities operative at a time. The powerful processor with high clock speed makes the device lightning fast.

It features a new generation Qualcomm 7250 Octa-core processor hat infuses pace to the device.  The 6 GB RAM edges up the performance of the device and also helps in storing a substantial amount of data on the phone.

Running on Android OS, this device can be a smart choice for everyone looking for a fast and upgraded device. Also, the phone looks trendy and urban. Carrying the phone in your hand for long will never be a tedious task with a weight of only 6.52 ounces

5. Apple iPhone XS Free Phones T-Mobile

Free Phones T-Mobile - Apple iPhone XS

Charcoal-black, slim, and smart, this apple iPhone is something every gadget lover would love to possess. Loaded with advanced features, this Apple iPhone XS comes carrying the brand faith of apple.

From looks to longevity, this device is a matchless one for sure. The in-built internal memory of 64 GB is what makes this device a perfect one for those who look for storage space in their mobile phones.

Key Features

  • This device is water, splash, and dust-resistant
  • Equipped with a face ID, this device guarantees complete safety when it comes to accessing the device
  • Wireless charging is something that adds to the list of advantages associated with this device
  • The device does not come with any expandable memory as it features an astounding 64GB internal memory

The camera is also another advantage of this free phone T-Mobile. For those who take an interest in capturing moments to cherish them forever, this iPhone can be a smart solution.

The 12 MP rear camera of this device offers pictures that adequately capture all the frames you click. Be it an indoor picture with limited light or a landscape with bright sunlight, each snap is going to as lively as the real moments were. 

Another astonishing feature that makes the device stand apart from the rest in the market is its battery life. A fully charged device will remain active for another 10 days if not used at all.

However, if a seamless chatting session is a yardstick, the device will support 20 hours of talk time.  Hence, if you are a person who loves to talk or go for long drives frequently, this is the right device for you.

6. OnePlus 8 5G Phones T-Mobile

Free Phones T-Mobile - OnePlus 8 5G

Are you a photography enthusiast? Is yes, OnePlus 8 phone can be your one-stop solution for replacing your digital camera with a simple and handy phone.

Sometimes, it becomes difficult to carry a DSLR everywhere you go. Hence, this device with 3 cameras will be a smart choice for those who take pictures anytime, anywhere. The 3 cameras of this device are of 48MP, 16MP, and 2MP.

Key Features

  • The phone comes with a 90Hz refresh rate display offering a seamless flow of images
  • Powered with Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 processor, this device is one of the fastest performing ones available in the market
  • It comes with an 8GB RAM and a 128GB fast storage
  • The on-screen fingerprint sensor makes it more advanced and smart
  • It runs on Android Oxygen OS 10.5

The 6.55’’ display featuring a fluid AMOLED screen offers crystal clear image quality every time. No matter if you are enjoying a video, or playing a game, the image quality will take your experience a few notches higher.

The 2400X1080 pixel resolution has a lot to contribute to the overall image quality the phone offers as well. Hence, from gaming to entertainment, this device can be your ultimate companion for leisure times.

OnePlus eight comes with 5G connectivity. Inevitably, this means faster browsing, better experience, and zero buffering.

The moment you click for browsing is the very moment you get the results as long as you are accessing the 5G facilities on this phone. For multitasking and for those who love speed while browsing, this device is simply matchless.

7. T-Mobile OnePlus 7T Free Cell Phone

OnePlus 7T Free Cell Phone T-Mobile

Slim, sleek, and urban, this OnePlus 7T smartphone can be a precious possession for people looking for an advanced mobile phone. For smooth and seamless performance, you can bet on this device at any time.

The phone is available in two color options, both classy. Choose the frosted silver tone if you are thinking of settling for a sophisticated look and pick the glacier blue to add a dose of mode to your personality.

Key Features

  • This device comes with an 8 GB RAM
  • The 3800mAh battery ensures long talk time and standby time of the device
  • This device weight only 6.7 ounces
  • It comes with a protective cover, power adapter, SIM tool, USB cable, etc
  • The 6.55’ screen offers a resolution of 2400X108 pixels

Powered with a Qualcomm snapdragon 855 plus processor with high clock speed, this phone is perfect for those who keep multiple applications running at a time.

No matter if you are a frequent gamer, or use your handset vigorously for watching movies, this phone can handle all at a time. The speed of the processor also ensures that you get the best experience while using the phone.

One of the best features that make this device stand apart from the rest is the triple camera feature. The three cameras with high resolution and advanced features make capturing photos on your phone easier and perfect.

No matter if you are taking a group selfie or distant shot with the zoom on, the resolution, depth, and clarity of the captures will be of superior quality every time.

8. LG Aristo 5 Cell Phones T-Mobile

Free Phones T-Mobile - LG Aristo 5

LG Aristo 5 phone in your hand, you can probably let go of all your worries about charging the device at regular intervals. The powerful mAH battery offers a mesmerizing 24.58 day’s standby time that is undoubtedly unmatched by any other device of its caliber.

Also, the phone is easy to carry, sleek, and slim. If you are planning to visit a place less blessed with seamless electricity, this device can be your ultimate hope to stay connected with your near and dear ones as it demands next to no charge for hours.

Key Features

  • It features a high-resolution display screen offering crystal clear images through its 1520X720 Pixel 5.7’’ full HD vision
  • The phone comes powered with a 32 GB expandable memory and 3000mAH non-removable battery
  • It runs on an Octa-core processor that makes it a fast performer
  • The device weighs only 5.15 ounces

The dual rear camera of this device makes sure that each of your snaps comes out to be the best. Regardless of the distance of the camera from the object, the light conditions, and the other necessary conditions that make a picture-perfect, the rear camera of this phone will adjust all the parameters to make your outcome frame-perfect.

For those who are looking for a phone with reasonable memory space and the one that does not threaten the user with pop up messages of space running out, this device is excellent.

With a 32 GB expandable memory, this phone can be an excellent choice for keeping the essential documents and files stored in it.

9. LG K51 Free Phones T-Mobile

LG K51 Free Phones T-Mobile

Are you a person with a taste for photography? If so, this LG K51 will simply sweep you off your feet. The triple rear camera arrangement of this device makes it one of the best camera phones in the market today.

The cameras are high quality and feature excellent resolution to render your clicks perfection and detailing.

Key Features

  • The device comes with a 3 GB RAM and a colossal 2 TB expandable memory
  • It runs on a highly efficient MediaTek MT6762 2.0 GHz Octa-Core processor
  • The device supports a 3.5 mm jack port of USB type for audio connectivity
  • The 4000 mAH battery offers a 27 days standby time along with a 23 hours talk time that is close to a day

No matter if you are having a party in your back yard or going on a trip with your friends. This phone will never let you down while clicking pictures.

Sleek, slim, and aesthetically justified, this device looks urban and smart.  Weighing only 7.18 ounces, this device can be carried effortlessly in your hand or pocket for hours. Also, the precise dimension of the device allows easy fitting of your bag, pocket, or in the corner of your clutch.

This device will come packed with an easy-to-use SIM ejector pin, which is considered one of the essentials while switching SIM cards or entering the Micro SD card into the device.

The packet of the device also comes loaded with several other essential items to help the user use the phone minus any hassle.

10. Samsung Galaxy S20 5G Phones T-Mobile

Free Phones T-Mobile - Samsung Galaxy S20 5G

This device is a perfect combination of speed and performance. For those who are looking for an updated device, this one can be a one-stop solution at any point in time.

With a 6.7’’ screen, the display of this phone is more than what you can expect. From videos, games, to movies, every moving media can be played effortlessly to enjoy the superior image quality of this phone.

Key Features

  • The Galaxy S20 comes with an intelligent 4500mAH battery that lasts long and provides 34 hours of talk time
  • The screen resolution of the camera of this device features four rear cameras of 12MP, 64MP. 12MP and a ToF RF camera
  • This device is rust and water-resistant
  • It runs of Android 10.0 OS
  • The 1TB expandable memory can literally store any amount of files and documents

When it comes to the processor, it can be called a little powerhouse of a performance. The Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 processor takes your experience to the next level while watching movies, or playing games. This fast device is also perfect for multi-tasking.

No matter how many applications are running at a time, you can always get a superior experience with this Galaxy S20 in your hand.

The super steady quad-camera of this device promises excellent pictures every time. Featuring several other advanced technologies, the camera of this device can take selfies as well as landscapes with equal mastery without compromising on the quality grounds. Besides the still pictures, the 8K videos taken by this camera can also help you to preserve the precious moments for long.

Which phone would be best to opt for?

A smartphone available with a network deal is something that must be chosen carefully. It is not only the features of the phone that counts but also the cost of using the same as well.

Most of the phones are available on a monthly payment scheme that must be checked thoroughly before opting for one.

However, as far as performance and utility are concerned, we would take our chance to recommend the Samsung Galaxy S20 5G device for an unparalleled experience. You can also go through the T-Mobile Government Phone Program before settling for one.

Top Features

  • The Samsung Galaxy S20 5G comes powered with a superior and advanced Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 processor that makes it fast and efficient in multitasking
  • The quad-camera can infuse life into any picture taken regardless of the surrounding conditions like light, background, etc.
  • The battery of this device is of 4500 mAH capacity that promises a long standby time
  • The display screen is also of superior quality ensuring nothing short of the best experience for the user

Choosing one from the best free phones T-Mobile is not a mammoth task. All you have to be careful about is the specifications aligned to every handset to know what you need and what the device offers.

Perfect matching between the two criteria would be the ideal pick undoubtedly. Also, check the T-Mobile Government Phone Program to before taking the final decision.