How To Get Free Phones For Seniors On Medicare

Do you know you can get free phones for seniors on Medicare and all the insurance benefits on the same platform? Yes, it is possible in a few simple steps if you are a family member or caregiver of a Medicare participant. First things first, let’s start the discussion with a brief intro about Medicare!

Medicare and Medicaid are pretty much identical in offerings, services, and policies, but they are two different programs. The key difference between Medicaid and Medicare is between the operator of the program.

Medicaid is operated by the government of the United States, whereas the federal government operates the Medicare program.

Medicare primarily focuses on the elderly citizens of the nation as well as individuals with specific disabilities. Both Medicare and Medicaid have particular conditions and terms which you need to fit for eligibility.

Following, we’ll undergo a comprehensive discussion about how to get free phones for seniors on Medicare. So, let’s move!

Key Facts About Medicare Free Cell Phone Offering For Seniors

Medicare is a federal government launched program that mainly offers certain benefits depending on age criteria, as seniors are concerned.

Medicare doesn’t offer any free cell phones for seniors from the general perspective. They can offer cell phones to the participants who only qualify with their income status.

In this case, anyone can go for a cell phone from the government for free. Ironically, Medicare doesn’t qualify anyone for free cell phone offers unless you meet the income-based criteria.

So, even if you are a younger or senior(aging nearly 65), you must meet the conditions to receive free cell phones for seniors on Medicare.

How To Get Free Phones For Seniors On Medicare

Getting a medicare cell phone for seniors is a simple task if you have a clear concept of what to perform and where to go for the overall procedure. Medicare has a set of requirements to qualify for the free cell phone giveaway program.

How To Get Free Phones For Seniors On Medicare

Afterward, you need to comprehend the application process and perform it correctly. We’ll squeeze out all the essential info in one slot for your convenience. First, begin with the qualifying criteria for the Medicare free cell phone program.

Qualifying Requirements Of Free Phones For Seniors On Medicare

Medicare doesn’t offer any specific program for seniors. Therefore you can go for the Lifeline program to access a free cell phone as a senior citizen.

As a qualifying criterion for the Lifeline program, you may have to fill the income requirement, which must be at or below 135 percent of the FPG statement.

You can also visit their website for any other pieces of information about the Lifeline benefit program. If you are looking for an alternative to qualify for the Lifeline free cell phone program, you can participate in any of the following Federal Assistance Programs.

Here is a list of qualifying FCC programs:

  • Medicaid or Federal Medical Assistance Program
  • TANF or Temporary Assistance for Needy Families
  • LIHEAP or Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program
  • Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program(SNAP)
  • Federal Public Housing Assistance Program or known as Section eight
  • Supplemental Security Income or SSI
  • Any Free projects of the National School Lunch Program
  • Veterans Pension or Survival Benefit Program known as VPSB

However, there are other qualifying programs that are based on the residents of certain lands and groups of people. For instance, the Indian Food Assistance & General Bureau, tribal Assistance For the Needy, Head Start, etc.

Applying Process Of Free Phones For Seniors On Medicare

After looking at the qualification criteria, you can check the application process as the next step if you are good enough to qualify. The application process of a free phone for seniors on Medicare is pretty straightforward, divided into two general ways.

First of all, you can apply straight with the lifeline organization. In that case, you can apply from their online website or through an email.

After you have applied for the lifeline program from their online or the email option, it is time to pick the right provider. You need to pick a carrier available in your area and then enroll in it.

Secondly, you can go directly to the carrier, which offers a lifeline assistance benefit to your local area. However, this option may sometimes transfer you to a similar way as the first method.

It means the majority of the providers will allow you to go for the alternative by applying online or through a standard email option.

We prefer the first method of applying to the program. So, now we will provide detailed information about applying online or via a standard email option.


We have divided the application process into two steps, and the first step starts with applying, and the second one will be the enrollment process.

Online Application: You can apply online with the Lifeline National Verifier. But before you go for the application process, ensure you have the digital copies of the required documents.

For instance, you may need the identity card, proof of the federal qualifying programs, address, your income status, etc.

  • First, visit their official website
  • enter the Zip code and choose the locality(state)
  • Afterward, you should click that ‘get started’ button
  • Follow the indications that slide on your screen
  • Lastly, you should fill the online form with the necessary data.

Applying Via Email: Prior to applying through the email, you should keep the physical copies of the required documents ready. The documents are- identity card, proof of the federal qualifying programs, address, income status, etc.

  • First, visit their official website and download the application form
  • You should fill out the online form with the necessary data
  • Lastly, send the application form and all the required paper copies together to the Lifeline Support Center( Adress: P.O. Box 7081, London, KY 40742)


You should contact the ETC or the Eligible telecommunications carrier which you will use for the benefits program. After the selection, you need to follow the ETC’s procedures and become an ETC member. And they will do the rest of the work for your enrollment into the Lifeline benefit program.

Best 5 Providers That Offers Free Phones For Seniors On Medicare

Several carriers and providers come with the up[per hand of Lifeline cellular services free of cost. Furthermore, you can also get hands-on to free cell phones from these carriers. Let’s discuss them in thorough detail.

1. FeelSafe Wireless

FeelSafe Wireless

AirVoice Wireless operates beneath the net range of AT&T, so as FeelSafe Wireless. AT&T is a substantial major national cellular carrier of the United States with widespread nationwide 5G coverage.

AirVoice Wireless operates the FeelSafe Wireless, which is mainly based in Mississippi. FeelSafe Wireless offers Lifeline Free cell phones for seniors, and they also have comprehensive coverage with a potent and stable GSM network.

Privileges of FeelSafe Wireless: You can get free government cell phones and cellular services every month through FeelSafe Wireless if you are a low-income aged citizen.

The GSM net standard is considerable for those who don’t possess cellular access, particularly for seniors aged more than 55. The LifelIne advantages of FeelSafe Wireless are-

  • Get up to 2 GB of convenient 4G LTE data bundle(based on location & compatible devices)
  • Get unlimited national vocal minutes
  • You can send unlimited texts to your special ones
  • You can add supplementary talk, text, and data access by top-ups beginning at only $5 for every month.
  • Offers 911 emergency calling services for the residents of California.

After finishing the free perks before the end of the month, you can expand more perks with your values. They cost only 10 cents per vocal minute, text message, and MegaByte of data also.

2. QLink Wireless

Qlink Wireless

QLink wireless is one of the most well-established Lifeline cell phone service providers covering 35+ states around the United States. If you are a qualified disabled senior, you can get QLink Wireless free phones for seniors on Medicare.

Have you retired from your job and are facing trouble managing cell phone services? Nothing to worry about as QLink is here with the most reliable Lifeline cellular services.

You can qualify for their lifeline program if you have participated in any FCC programs if your annual income is under 135% of the Federal Guidelines.

Privileges of QLink Wireless: Qlink Wireless is one of the prominent providers which grants the users to bring their own phone and maintain the existing number under the Lifeline benefit. The privileges of Qlink Wireless are-

  • You can win a free smartphone(for Lifeline subscribers), or a tablet(for EBB participants)
  • Get the most comprehensive 4G LTE or 5G coverage throughout the US, with the network system of T-Mobile.
  • Provides unrestricted nationwide data access free of cost
  • Get domestic calling access with unlimited minutes
  • Enjoy unlimited national messages regardless of the carriers

3. SafeLink Wireless

SafeLink Wireless

SafeLink Wireless is a Lifeline service providing partner of the USAC in the United States, which offers coverage to 42+ states. It is operated under the network wings of TracFone, which is also an MVNO.

SafeLink offers free cell phones under the Lifeline program in two segments. They offer dedicated plans for the residents of California and less overflowing plans for the citizens of other states.

They offer cellular services and Lifeline Free phones for seniors on Medicare if you are a qualified participant. The parent company of SafeLink is TracFone, one of the most well-known cellular service providers in America, with 20+ million subscribers across the country.

Privileges of SafeLink Wireless: You can get privileges from Lifeline and EBB assistance programs if you are a LifeLine eligible senior person aged 55 or more.

The EBB program was launched to offer low-income senior citizens internet or broadband access. The benefits of SafeLink Wireless are:

  • Offers unlimited domestic 4G LTE data access across the nation
  • Get unlimited minutes and messages with international calling convenience
  • It gives a free government smartphone from the most modern brands
  • Grants up to 10 GB of mobile hotspot tethering access
  • Delivers free calling access to emergency numbers like 411 and 911

As a senior, you can also access free air times for the first 12 months after the membership enrollment. Since the Lifeline cellular plans last up to 1 year, you may need to renew them by recertification.

4. Access Wireless

Access Wireless

If the task of applying for a free phone for seniors seems challenging for you, you can simply move to Access Wireless. They come close to the needy ones with the most straightforward cellular services under the wings of the Lifeline program.

Access Wireless will deliver more comprehensive services as they are merging with T-Mobile. The application process of Access Wireless is pretty simple, and you can apply from their official site.

They also have top-up options that will allow you to combine additional minutes, data, and messages.

Privileges of Access Wireless: In their Lifeline Assistance Program, you can get incredible perks and free cell phones as well. The benefits of Access Wireless are-

  • Get unlimited minutes, messages, and 500 MB of high-speed data
  • Provides government cell phones from renowned brands
  • Adds long-distance calling across the country
  • You can also get international calling access
  • Ensures a stable and comprehensive coverage throughout the coverage areas

5. enTouch Wireless

EnTouch Wireless

enTouch Wireless previously operated under the network wings of Boomerang Wireless. But now, they are under the coverage units of Verizon Wireless. It is a dominating one in delivering Lifeline free phones for seniors on Medicare with impressive 4G coverage.

Privileges of enTouch Wireless: With enTouch wireless, you can get excellent features with free government cell phones. However, enTouch Wireless has outstanding plans and features for the residents of California. The offerings of enTouch Wireless are-

  • Get solid 4G LTE data coverage in more than 34 states around the United States.
  • You can get unlimited data access for a limited period only
  • Provides unlimited talk and text to qualified participants
  • You can get 1.5 GB of data monthly (4 GB for the residents of California)
  • You can get unlimited data access for a limited period only

After being approved, you can relish unlimited data permits under the EBB program advantages. You can be qualified in two aspects, through FCC projects and your annual income profile.

Criteria Before Choosing Free Phones For Seniors On Medicare

Before picking the free cell phones from Medicare, you need to contemplate several factors. The rule of thumb is to always focus on the features they require as a senior or disabled person.

Because disabled seniors can’t use smartphones or modern phones with a bunch of premium features, they have aging issues that restrict them.

That’s why we suggest you observe the needs of your senior person in the household, whether it is your father or mother. Don’t give them extra loads of hefty phones.

Moreover, there are no specific phones that will suit all seniors or disabled persons. Therefore, we have discussed some key aspects that you need to check before choosing free cell phones for seniors on Medicare.

No loud bells or whistles

In the past years, this feature was pretty popular amongst cell phones for senior people. At that moment, this was considered as a lifesaving feature for a senior cell phone, as it was to notify about any sudden incidents or emergencies.

But nowadays, most seniors are not interested in those sudden bells and whistles. A few seniors have also reported them as irritating, which is why this feature is phased off in recent senior cell phones. Pick a device that doesn’t have any irritating alerts, bells, and whistles.

Body Size of the device

If you provide any bulky or oversized cell phone to the senior citizen of your household, it can be inconvenient for them to operate. On the other side of the perspective, if you have any disabled senior with memory issues, he may need a large device.

Because he or she may have forgotten where he has kept the device after usage, a large device can help out in such circumstances. That’s why you need to pick the free cell phone for seniors on Medicare by considering the overall body measurement of the selected person you wish to provide.

Long term battery

A cell phone for seniors without a substantial battery life is hard to imagine. Because seniors use their phones less frequently, they also don’t charge them regularly or after a few days.

They don’t even get the time to check sometimes if the device has enough charge remaining or not. That’s why you should pick a cell phone for seniors which has a powerful battery.

Quality Speaker(Audio)

If you are looking for a senior cell phone for hearing impaired compatibility, it must need a prominent speaker and superb audio quality. It can be pretty inconvenient to talk with your loved ones at the peak volume but can’t hear words clearly.

That is why you need to go for a cell phone for hearing disabled seniors with potential speakers. In a nutshell, hearing impairment is also one sort of disability, and if you are a senior, a cell phone with a quality speaker is a must. Pick a phone that offers clear sounds in the recording, video calling, and streaming.

Tracking Compatibility

Cell phones with a tracking capability can come in pretty handy in finding the location of the device and the senior citizen. This is an essential feature that will allow you to keep tracking of the seniors of your household and their whereabouts.

Moreover, you should also check if the cell phone has any health tracking features also. There are several phones which have health tracking ability and emergency alert options. Phones with health tracking features can monitor the overall health condition of the phone user.

Final Verdict

Medicare offers a wide range of insurance benefits for senior citizens aged more than 65. Therefore, if you wand free phones for seniors on Medicare, you can pick one of the providers and apply for their Lifeline aid plan.

Always pick the service provider that suits your area in terms of coverages, services, and offerings. If you don’t even qualify for the free phones, you can check out alternatives like buying refurbished cell phones or going with an MVNO to save a few bucks.