How To Get Free Phone With New Service

We need to spend a lot of money when buying a new phone. But, by taking advantage of promotional discounts for new customers, you can bring the cost down to almost zero. In this article, I will tell you how you can get a free phone with new service.

Everyone knows the “Big Three” of the cell phone carriers. Yes, I’m talking about AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile. They have an almost similar influence in the market. So, they offer many deals to increase their influence.

The promotional deals are one of those deals. All the large carriers offer attractive promotional deals to their new customers and confuse them about which one to choose. But, it doesn’t matter which one you choose, you get a large discount on new phones.

Today, we will see all the excellent deals for the new customers –

How To Get Free Phone With New Service

How To Get Free Phone With New Service

Who offers free phone with new service? As I said, if you order a new service from any of the large carriers, you can get a free phone. But, for a free phone, you may need to sign up for the expensive unlimited 5G plans.

Get A Free iPhone 13 Pro

I won’t be wrong if I say iPhone 13 is the best smartphone currently available in the market. With the new A15 Bionic processor, ever improved camera system, and few features, there isn’t any mobile that may be able to overtake the model. Various carriers offer free iPhone with new service.

Before we start, let me remind you that these promotional plans often change. The plan you are seeing now may be unavailable or get some changes a few days later. So, before making a decision, check the offers from carriers’ official websites.

Now, let’s check what the best iPhone 13 Pro Deals are:

Verizon: Verizon offers iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max completely free. For regular customers, if you have a phone for trade-in or buy two phones, you can get up to $800 off with iPhone 13 Pro or Pro Max.

Make sure you buy the smartphone on a monthly payment, and your unlimited plan is qualified for the program. The discount will apply to twenty-four months of bill credits.

But, the new customer gets the most sweater deal. You can get a generous $1000 cashback on prepaid Mastercard. So, your total discount goes up to $1,800, which means you are getting the phone free.

AT&T: If you buy an iPhone from AT&T and sign up for an unlimited plan, you will get $800 back. Thus, it’s a free iPhone 13 and 13 mini. It will be less than $10/month for the upper versions. The program is both for existing and new customers. Existing customers don’t need to add any new line.

Just make sure you purchase the iPhone on monthly payments and sign up for a qualifying unlimited plan. The discount will be applied to the monthly credit bill.

T-MOBILE: T-Mobile also has a similar plan as AT&T. But, their deals are only available for new customers. If you switch to T-Mobile from another carrier and sign-up for the Magenta Max unlimited plan, you will be able to get up to $800 back by trade in your existing plan. So, it’s a free iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini.

Similar to the previous provider, the discount will be applied on monthly bills over 24 months.

Get A Free Samsung Phone

Verizon: The new customers on Verizon can get a free Samsung’s new model – Galaxy S22. They can purchase all the Verizon of the S22 on monthly payment.

You need to add it to the eligible unlimited plan and trade in your old mobile phone. Existing customers can get $800 back, whereas new customers get another $1000 back on a prepaid MasterCard.

So, it’s a total of $1800, which means you are getting this phone completely free. You can also get other phones under Verizon free phone with new line.

AT&T: With AT&T, you can get a brand new Galaxy Z Flip 5G on monthly payments. You can get up to $800 back if you activate it to a qualifying unlimited plan and trade in your old phone. The plan is the same for both existing and new customers.

T-Mobile: T-Mobile provides the most favorite S21 5G series to its customers without any cost. Both the existing customers and new customers can enjoy the plan.

You can trade in your current mobile phone and get up to an $800 discount. But, it requires you to subscribe to the Magenta Max plan and purchase the phone on monthly payments. The same discount applies to other T Mobile new line free phones.

Even if you don’t choose the Magenta Max, rather another one, there still will be a $500 discount. This option is only for you if you switch to T-Mobile.

More Free Phones Options From Major Carriers

Without the flagships, these carriers ( Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile) have a large range of different phones. As the plans change frequently, there is no meaning in mentioning them.

But, you will always find some completely free phone for new customers from these three phone carriers if you trade in your old phone.

For Verizon’s new customer deals, you can go to their website and select deals or click here. For AT&T, here are all the deals. And, here is for T-Mobile.

Get Free Phones From MVNOs

The abbreviation of MVNO is – Mobile Virtual Network Operator. A mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) is a provider that does not own or operate its wireless network. Instead, it uses a big carrier’s signal, coverage, and network.

Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile are the three large carriers with their networks. Sprint used to be the home of many MVNOs, but after merging with T-Mobile, its towers are being phased down, requiring MVNOs to find new homes.

Almost every MVNO bases its network on one of these three alternatives; however, others rely on US Cellular’s network of regional cell towers.

MVNOs also offer free phones for switching to their networks. But, the phones aren’t the latest model flagship; relatively cheap phones. Let’s see what free cell phone with new service MVNOs offer.

Metro by T-Mobile

The subsidiary company of Metro by T-Mobile is offering a 5G smartphone to its new customers without any cost. The company uses T-Mobile and provides a decent internet speed even during network congestion.

It currently has five free 5G phones for the new customers to choose from besides other phones. Here are the top phones from this MVNO –

You must first buy the phone and activate it on the $60 Metro by T-Mobile monthly plan to take advantage of this offer. When you buy and activate a Samsung Galaxy phone, you’ll get an immediate discount on the total retail price.

This limited-time deal is only valid in-store. Selection and availability vary by area, and there may be a $20 per line activation cost.


Visible, a Verizon company, provides unlimited cellular rates starting at $25 each month per line. You can obtain a new handset for free when you move to Visible by trading in your old phone.

Visible currently has two different phones-

If you get one of these phones for free, you need to open a Visible account and transfer your current number to begin the process. Choose the device you want along with the information of the phone you want to trade in.

Visible will send you the phone, a SIM card, and a prepaid return label. Using the label, you need to send your old phone to Visible.

Cricket Wireless

Cricket Wireless is currently offering the most selections of free phones among the MVNOs. It runs on high speedy 5G capable AT&T networks. Because of that, many people call it the best MVNO carrier.

Despite being an MVNO, its plans are pretty expensive. Its lowest plan starts at $30/ month, where you can choose a free Cricket Icon 2 phone.

If you choose the more costly er $55 per month plan, which gives you unlimited data, you one between these phones – Cricket Icon 3, Cricket Debut, Nokia C2 Tava or Motorola moto g power.

Lastly, if you subscribe to the most expensive Cricket Plan $60/month and bring your phone, you can get the following free phones –

This most expensive plan offers everything unlimited in addition to 15GB of mobile hotspot data each month.

How To Get A Free Phone From The Government?

Up until now, all the free phones provided by the carriers aren’t totally free. You need to subscribe to the most expensive plan and sign a contract if you want a free phone. But, if you truly want a free phone, you need to apply for a government free phone.

How To Get A Free Phone From The Government

You may be eligible for free phones and low-cost phone plans through the government’s Lifeline Assistance program. This government initiative was designed for folks who struggle to pay their cell phone bill on a monthly basis.

To begin, if you are currently registered in a government assistance program, you may be eligible for a free government phone. Those who are already enrolled in any of the programs listed below are eligible –

  • Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)
  • Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
  • Medicaid
  • Federal Public Housing Assistance

Tribal-specific programs: Bureau of Indian Affairs General Assistance, Tribally-Administered Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TTANF), Food Distribution Program on Indian Reservations (FDPIR), Head Start

If you are not participating in any of the government programs, you must demonstrate that your income is at or below 135% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines.

For example, if you are the sole breadwinner in your home and wish to obtain a free government phone, you must demonstrate that you earn less than $12,760 per year.

Every additional person in your family raises your limit by $4,480; thus, the more people you have in your household, the simpler it is to qualify for a free government mobile phone and a low-cost cell phone plan.

How do I apply For The Government Phone?

To establish your family income, you must present pay stubs, a W-2 form, or a letter from the government agency in which you are registered.

The application process for free cell phone service is relatively simple—you simply go to the website of a cell phone carrier that participates in the program.

For instance, if you wish to learn more about Assurance Wireless, there’s an oversized “Apply Now” button right in the middle. Simply follow the guidelines, and you should find out quite fast if you qualify for a cell phone and a cell phone plan.

Free Government Phone Carriers

Here’s are the all Government phone carriers that offer free phones –

It should be noted that each carrier only services particular states; for additional information on which states each carrier is accessible, see here. By entering your ZIP Code, here is the easiest way to find out the carriers nearest to you.

FAQs About the Free Phone With New Service

How to get free phone service without WiFi?

The best way to use a phone service without WiFi is using a VPN so that your phone carrier doesn’t know your phone balance. VPNs allow users to stay anonymous while browsing the internet.

A VPN hides your IP address by letting the network redirect it through a configured remote server set up by the VPN host. So, it means that if you browse online using a VPN, the VPN server becomes your source of data. Also, even your Internet Service Provider can’t see what browser you are visiting or the data you are sending and receiving.

So, using VPN, you will be able to avoid the eye of your provider somewhat, but using free phone services without WiFi isn’t entirely possible. And currently, with so many advanced technologies, the process becomes more complicated.

How to get phone service for free?

The best way to get free phone service is applying for the Lifeline Assistance Program. The program is a government assistance program that enables low-income families and individuals to get phone services. If you are eligible for the program, you can get free phone offers and phone service.

Different providers have different offers. But, many providers offer unlimited text and talk, along with 3 GB of data. You can apply for the providers available in your area. If everything is fine, the provider will give you the free phone and services.

How to get free service without a sim card?

Smartphones and SIM cards are essential to connect with the world. One can’t be imagined without the other. But, if you don’t want to use a SIM Card, you can utilize an android phone app and use your phone as a WiFi-only device.

With mobile apps, you can do many things. You can use calling apps like SKYPE, Whatsapp, or others for communicating. Getting a SIM card can also get you into a contract, paying monthly fees, Texas, and different charges. So, some people want to avoid them.

So, use phone apps to communicate with people, and you won’t need to get a SIM card.

Where can I get a free phone with the new service?

Quite a few carriers offer free phones with the new service. But, keep in mind, even though they are promoted as free, there is a catch. You need to subscribe to their most expensive unlimited 5G plan for the free phone and trade in your old phone.

Depending on your old phone model and situation, you will get a discount, which can sometimes be enough to get a phone free. All the major carriers, Verizon, T-Mobile, and AT&T, are currently offering iPhone 13 without any cost. There are also a variety of other models available.

Final Verdict

Smartphones are an essential part of my life. And, we want this important part to be new and updated. Cell phones are expensive. But, if we switch to a new carrier, we can take advantage of it and get a free phone with new service.

All the major carriers currently offer free phone switching to their network and subscribe to the unlimited plan that we described in this article in detail.