Top 5 (provider) Free Laptop With Food Stamps 2023

how to get a free laptop with food stamp? There is no substitute for digital development to keep pace with the times. Therefore, the government of each country is conducting various action plans for digital growth.

Similarly, the Federal government is also continuing its efforts for digital development. So this government has entered into agreements with several organizations, service providers, SMEs to provide device and training programs. Both young and old have access to these digital devices.

At present, a free laptop with food stamps and a free government phone program has been arranged. So that you can get the service of free program and notebook access, while most people in the United States have access to laptops and phone programs, 26% do not have access to these devices.

Of these percentages, many people are engaged in different professions, and their age is also different. Websites including e-learning, online shopping, entertainment, IRA, etc., are being deprived of services due to lack of access to a laptop, which is very frustrating.

Many people cannot buy a laptop; we will discuss in our article how they can get a laptop for free from some organizations and providers. You can also find out which Organizations will give you access to a free laptop and free program access.  The article also discusses in detail how to apply for this fac ility and what qualifications are required.

Most companies do not charge a fee to apply for a free laptop. However, no money is taken from other related expenses. In this case, review the companies carefully so that you are not deceived by anyone and do not get involved in any scams.

Top 5 (provider) Free Laptop With Food Stamps 2023

There are more than 10 companies in the US that provide free laptops. Among them, some companies offer free laptops with food stamps.

Delivery methods of the top 5 providers are discussed below:

1. Computers with causes offers free laptop for food stamps

If you want to apply for a free laptop in a straightforward process, then a computer with causes is the best option for you. It can give you a free laptop in a short time by reviewing your qualifications. Every year a large number of applications for laptops come to this organization.

And the Organization strictly checks the necessary assessments, background, and references and accepts their application based on merit.

Computer with causes

Application procedure

  • First of all, you have to fill the application form.
  • Then you have to tell them why you are applying for a free laptop.
  • Let them know if you are currently receiving any assistance from either TNF, SSI, or Food stamps.
  • Once the application is submitted, they will review the information you provide.
  • They will contact you within 30 days if you are eligible for the benefit.
  • If you have not received a message from them within 30 days, then you can apply again.

Their main goal is to provide modified laptops for needy students to keep their future learning programs properly. They have received a lot of praise for donating new and used laptops

2. The On it Foundation offer a free laptop with food stamps

This Foundation was founded in November 1999. The On It Foundation is working to bridge the technology gap by providing free laptops and training to disadvantaged families with K-12 grade children to address the shortage of low-income people.

It helps low-income families with elementary-age students by providing free laptops and internet access. Kids will qualify for the program if they qualify for free or reduced lunches at their public school.

Application procedure

To apply for a free laptop, You must submit a letter from the student’s parent to the foundation, and the letter must include the following:

  • Student, name, age,  grade,  school name, and school phone information.
  • Name, address, phone of the parents /guardians.
  • In this case, the letter to apply for a free laptop must have the signature of the parents or guardians.
  • Attach all kinds of evidence to his letterhead from the school as a student.
  • Collect the original statement from the school about the students’ eligibility for free school or reduced school lunch and attach it to the letter.
  • Mail the letter of request and statement from the school -the On it Foundation attached: free computer application 18520 NW 67th Avenue, Suite 186 Miami, FL 33015.

You can email the request letter to:

The areas covered by this organization are

It has offices in several parts of the United  States.

This Foundation wants to take the country forward in digital development by providing free repairable laptops to students from low-income families and providing at least 20 hours of computer training.

3. Free geek offers free laptop or computer

Free geek is a 501 (c)(3) Organization. One of the missions of this organization is to create a digitally accessible education system through the reuse of technology. So they provide free laptops for needy students.

Free geek

Application procedure

  • First, you have to enter their website and select the online application option.
  • The application form has to be filled through the required information. And finally, it has to be submitted.
  • After applying, you will receive an automatic email acknowledging receipt of the application.
  • If no response is received from them within three weeks, please email the following

The areas covered by this organization are

As the Organization is located in Portland, citizens of the region can apply for a free laptop or computer.

The organization benefits many people by giving away recyclable resources free or low cost without abandoning old technology.

4. Pcs for people food stamps program free laptop

Pcs for people has been an essential chapter in digital inclusion since its inception in 1998. It is a non-profit organization that provides free and affordable laptops and internet to low-income families in every project and initiative.

They have already distributed more than 11,00,000 computers to their communities and offered low-cost internet services to about 9,69,000 households. They are providing free laptops to all penurious students and families.

Application procedure and eligibility

  • To get their services, the recipient has to be below the 200% Poverty level. So he has to submit the relevant documents.
  • If there is no poverty-based opportunity, you have to be covered under the income-based government assistance program and provide relevant documents.
  • photo Id submit
  • You must submit proof of eligibility along with a print copy of the documents received in the last six months.
  • In case of an online application scan of your ID and qualification document can be submitted.

The areas covered by this organization are:

This organization is available in Minnesota, Colorado, Ohio, Maryland, and Missouri.

The organization provides non-profit services by reusing old computers and other electronics free of cost to needy families.

5. Alliance for technology refurbishing Reuse offers free laptops

The alliance for technology refurbishing reuse comprises non-profit technology refrigerators who want to raise awareness about their contribution to people’s needs. It is part of a project of the National Cristina Foundation, which was established thirty years ago. In addition to reusing technology, it has many plans to increase further technology grants to non-profit and school NCF partners in the country.

They have been providing free internet with food stamps and low-cost laptops and other electronics to serve people directly or indirectly. They provide their facilities by recycling old computers.

The Alliance for technology refurbishing Reuse

Application procedure

These Providers distribute free laptops based on specific qualifications. They will require the following information:

  • Your passport or photo id
  • You will need to submit your current address and documents as proof of a food stamp program. In that case, you can collect the necessary documents from the local Federal assistance program office.

The areas covered by this organization are

Most of its branches are on the eastern side of the United States.

Its mission is to bring information and technology to all kinds of people. They are trying to accomplish this mission by providing good-quality laptops to non-profit private organizations.

If you do not qualify through food stamps, the companies have some alternative ways to apply for a free laptop.

  • If your income is below the poverty line, you can apply to some organizations by submitting the w-2 form.
  • You can also quickly apply for a free laptop if you have previously participated in other Federal assistance.

FAQ About Free Laptop With Food Stamps

How can I get a free laptop from the government?

If you have food stamps, just go to your local office and ask for a free laptop. They’ll give it to you as long as your benefits last longer than its battery life.

How long do I have to keep the laptop?

You just have to keep your food stamps benefits for one more month than the laptop’s battery life so you can return it when their service is up. Since this model has a battery life of 4 hours, you’ll need to keep your food stamps benefits for 5 months.

What kind of computer is it?

It’s a lower-end model Acer Aspire One with 2GB of RAM.

Does it cost any money?

No, just go to your food stamp office and tell them you want the free laptop. They’ll give it to you for free.

What do I have to do to get this free laptop?

Nothing. Just go to your local food stamp office and tell them that you want your free laptop. They’ll give it to you for free.

Does the free laptop come with free internet access?

Yes, after you take it home, they’ll give you your user name and password to their Wi-Fi network. Then when you get online, just connect to “FoodStampsWiFi” and go to whatever websites you want.

Does the free laptop come with Microsoft Office?

Yes, it comes with OpenOffice (compatible with Microsoft Office). It also comes preloaded with the most recent version of Firefox.

Why does an organization want food stamp entitlement?

This is part of President Obama’s initiative to make sure all Americans are connected to the Internet.

Are there application fees for the free laptop with food stamps?

There are no application fees. You don’t have to fill out any forms, just go to your local food stamp office and tell them you want a free laptop. They’ll give it to you for free.

Do I have to pay back the laptop after I stop receiving food stamps?

No, it doesn’t cost you anything. You don’t have to pay back the laptop after you stop receiving food stamps. It’s yours for free

Final verdict

It is straightforward to get a free laptop if you are right in terms of qualifications. Many companies are providing this service that plays an essential role in keeping people abreast of the digital age.

But you must be honest when applying for a free laptop by food stamps program. Otherwise, you will fail to get the opportunity. From this article, there is all the necessary information about how to get a free laptop with food stamp.