5 Free iPhone When You Switch (Deals from Top 5 Career)

The normal thing is that there is no carrier with 100% coverage in the US. So, a person needs to choose the carrier that ensures the best service in his/her area. Say, you are fed up with your current operator’s service and want to switch.

How great would it be to get a free iPhone when you switch? This is not a joke, and we found some great deals for getting free phones when you switch operators. These are limited-time offers, and you should act quickly before the window of opportunities is closed.

Get these 5 free iPhones when you switch

1. Free iPhone Offer From Verizon Wireless

Free iPhone Offer From Verizon Wireless

If you go to the Verizon online store, you will see that there are always some offers available for you. Like always, you can get a free iPhone when you switch to Verizon Wireless.

Let’s see the offer details as well as some important information before you finally decide whether to go for it or not.

Offer Details

The offer right now includes an iPhone 7 32GB version for free that comes with several color options. You can choose from silver, gold, rose gold, and black variants. Unfortunately, the jet-black variant is currently unavailable.

On the offer page, you will see another option, which is the iPhone 7 128GB version, but that is not for free. You can call this one cheap Verizon iPhones for sale with no strings attached. Also you may interested on how to switch phone carriers without paying

How to Get It

You will require a new line when you switch to Verizon Wireless, and the deal stands for new lines only. So, existing customers can also go for the offer if they take a new line. The biggest benefit is that you won’t have to trade-in anything to get the deal

From the online store of Verizon, order it and pay the necessary bills and taxes. If you order online, you will get a $20 discount on the activation fee.

After getting the new line and a monthly package, you will start receiving a small amount every month. After 24 months, the amounts will be the same as the price you paid at the beginning.


This deal requires you to purchase the phone online, and it only applies to the 32GB version. It is a limited time offer, and you should check for availability before making up your mind.

If you are not approved as Verizon’s qualified customer, you may need to pay a down payment. The full payment given to buying the verizon free iphone 7 phone will be returned to your account as monthly promo credit. Within 24 months, you will get the full amount, and you will not be allowed to cancel their service.

2. Free iPhone Offers from Metro by T-Mobile

Free iPhone Offers from Metro by T-Mobile

We saw that Metro offered some amazing deals and offers regarding iPhones. But the current offers won’t exactly give you iPhones for free.

However, the price is so low that you can consider it free when you take other costs into account that you don’t need to pay.

Offer Details

The offer gives you an instant rebate at the time you switch to Metro by T-Mobile. The rebate amount is $350 for buying an iPhone 7 32GB applied on its full retail price and not on the taxes or other charges. This is called the Instant Rebate offer by Metro, and they are offering another one called Bonus Rebate offer.

In this Bonus Rebate offer, you can get another iPhone 7 32GB version for free or an amount of $399.99, which is the same as the retail price.

Now, you understand why we haven’t told you that Metro is offering a free iPhone in the beginning. Here, you can read the full details of the offer and decide accordingly.

How to Get It

To get the offer, you have to switch, port in an existing number to Metro, and activate it on the new phone. Instantly, you will get a $350 discount on the retail price, and the remaining balance will be only $49.99. However, we have seen another offer that includes a full retail price discount.

For that full discount, firstly, you will have to get a second iPhone 7 32GB version. At the same time, it also requires you to get a new line of service for that new iPhone. For a household or an account, the limit of getting this bonus is 2 iPhones. Before you make the final decision, please see the disclaimer part below.


You are not getting a free iPhone when you switch to Metro by T-Mobile, and this includes huge discounts only.

Every account or household is permitted to have up to two iPhone 7 Bonus rebates and four phone Instant rebates. As this is a limited-time offer, you must check the offer’s availability.

This is for new lines and won’t apply to the numbers that are active on Metro for the past 3 months. Find a Metro store near your location and purchase from there to get the instant rebate. An activation fee will apply to the new line along with other charges and taxes.

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3. Free iPhone Offer From T-Mobile

Free iPhone Offer From T-Mobile

T-Mobile has always shown their generosity in offering free phones and other deals. Not one, but you can get two iPhones for free by ensuring some parameters.

So, let’s see the offer details as well as some important information before you finally decide whether to go for it or not.

Offer Details

There are 3 different offers from T-Mobile, where 2 of them offer free iPhones. But there is a common thing between all these three, which is that you have to trade in an eligible device in good working condition.

The first offer from T-Mobile will get you the iPhone 11 when you switch and trade in an eligible device. Moreover, you will get 2 lines along with the iPhone, which is a bonus.

But all of it depends on the model and condition of your trading device. After the successful trade-in, you will get the full amount within 24 months.

The second offer T-Mobile will get you the iPhone XS at the time of switching to the network and do an eligible trade-in.

You will also need to activate a qualifying voice line on the new line. For good-standing customers, a one-time down payment won’t be required. Depending on the trade-in device model and condition, your discounted amount will vary.

The final offer includes a discount of up to $700 on iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max. If you transfer your number to T-Mobile and make an eligible trade-in, you can get the promised amount in 24 monthly credit bills. Now, let’s see how you can get any of the deals below.

How to Get It

To get the offer, you must switch from an eligible operator and port in your existing number. So, existing customers won’t get this offer for the iPhone.

After porting in, you will have to add a line, trade in your device, and buy a monthly eligible package for the line.

Trading in different models will vary the discounted amount. After paying all the fees, taxes, and successful trade-in, you will start getting the amount in monthly installments as bill credits added to your T-Mobile account.


If you are a qualified customer, you will be able to get a maximum of 4 devices per account. Canceling the line or service before the credit giving period ends, you may end up paying the full price. As this is a limited time offer, you should check the availability first.

You have already known that the discounted amount is paid in monthly bill credits. The credits will start adding to your account within 2 months after you have traded in successfully. In short, you will need a qualifying service, porting in from an eligible operator, getting an additional line, doing an eligible trade-in, and agreeing to financial terms.

4. Free iPhone Offer from Cricket Wireless

Free iPhone Offer from Cricket Wireless

Cricket Wireless is the same as Metro by T-Mobile about offering iPhones with deals.

Though the iPhones are not exactly free for the time being, you can see other offers and some fantastic phones. Let’s see the available offers regarding iPhone from Cricket Wireless.

Offer Details

The offer is about getting a discount at the time of buying an iPhone 7 32GB from Cricket Wireless. You can get this offer by porting in your existing number to Cricket Wireless and activate the new line with a minimum of $60 monthly package.

How to Get It

To get the deal, you have to be in another operator’s subscriber except for AT&T and Cricket Wireless. By porting in your number successfully, you will get this discount offer. Also, you will have to buy any of their monthly packages exceeding $60.

You can order the phone online and activate it by yourself or go to the nearest store. In-store purchases, you will have to pay some extra assistance charge. This is the best option for that is not confident to complete the process by themselves.


This is not a deal to get a free iPhone when you switch or get a new connection. You can call this more like cheap iPhones for sale without a contract. For a limited time, you will be getting a discount on the retail price, and you should check its availability first.

Purchasing it from a nearby store will require a $25 charge per line along with other fees and taxes. Those with AT&T ports or existing customers wanting to upgrade can’t get this deal. The limit is 2 phone deals per customer, and you should hurry before the stock runs out.

5. Free iPhone Offer From AT&T

Free iPhone Offer From AT&T

AT&T doesn’t want to lag behind the competition, and they offer some lucrative deals too. If you have a strong signal reception of AT&T in your area, you can get their connection and enjoy a free iPhone.

Hurry and see the offer details as well as some important information before the promotion ends.

Offer Details

The offer page includes an iPhone 7 32GB and 128GB, but this free iPhone offer only applies for the 32GB version. Maintaining some criteria, you will have a full-free iPhone from the beginning.

As it doesn’t require porting in or switching, existing customers can opt for this offer. If you see the offer details or talk to a representative, you will know all the necessary information to get the deal.

How to Get It

To get this amazing offer, you will have to buy the iPhone 7 on a monthly installment plan approved by AT&T. After that, the phone must be added to a line, and the line can be added to your new or existing AT&T account.

Finally, it requires all the due bills at the time of purchase along with the taxes. At the same time, you have to subscribe to their eligible monthly unlimited package for the newly purchased line.


This free iPhone offer is available in some selected areas and with a qualifying installment agreement. You won’t get the discount immediately, and it will be paid in monthly credits. For the full payment, the line must be active in good standing till the payment period ends.

This limited-time offer can end anytime, and you should check its availability before making the final decision. Within 3 monthly bill cycles, you will start receiving monthly installments from AT&T.

About iPhone 7 32GB

All of the free iPhone when you switch deals come with only one model, and that is the iPhone 7 32GB version. So, let’s see some information about the model that you are about to get.

The iPhone 7 comes with a new camera system, improved display quality, and water-resistant features from its previous version. Don’t think that you will be getting a renewed iPhone as they are offering it for free.

This is a brand-new phone with better battery life and smooth performance than you expect from an iPhone. The button placement and design of this iPhone will give you a premium and intuitive operating feel.

Also, the vibrant color and better display quality are perfect for watching HD content in its true form.

With the supercharged A10 Fusion Chip, you won’t regret getting this deal. We think 32GB is enough if you don’t take pictures or record videos too much.

However, you can always choose to go for the 128GB version, and don’t worry about memory capacity anymore.

Final Verdict

Only T-Mobile is offering the latest iPhones, which you can find here. Except for the iPhone 7 deals, you might not like the others because of too many rules and conditions.

So, those are all of the deals for free iPhone when you switch without worrying about any hidden charges.

Please read our reviews and findings thoroughly and follow the links to get the best available deals. If you enable the notifications of our website, you will even know about Buy One Get One Free iPhone deals. These deals are not always available, and we will let you know whenever they are offered.