How Do You Get a Free iPhone When You Switch To Verizon

Verizon is one of the top-class cellular service providers in the United States, which comes with free iPhones when you switch to Verizon.

Verizon comes with a total of five iPhone deals on the Apple iPhone 13 series. Can I get a free iPhone if I switch to Verizon? The Verizon iPhone deals include iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, and iPhone 13 Pro Max.

All these iPhone 13 series phones are covered in the contemporary deal of Verizon. Besides, they also have a fifth deal available for new users who are switching to Verizon.

Here, you can get up to 500 dollars of Virtual Prepaid Mastercard credit when you get into the deal during the switch. You may ask, how to get a free iPhone when you switch to Verizon?

The procedure of getting a Verizon free iPhone deal is pretty straightforward if you comprehend the methodology appropriately. This deal for iPhone 13 series includes trade-in devices for the new or the switching users.

Besides, you may need to add a new line with the trade-in options to get the free iPhone deal with Verizon. Let’s get into the detailed discussion of getting a Verizon free iPhone deal!

What Are Verizon Free iPhone Deals For Switching Customers?

Verizon free phones, especially iPhones are now very much prevalent for the new customers who are adding a new line.

You may ask, Where can I get a free iPhone when I switch? You can get a free iPhone with unlimited plans from Apple or other stores like Best Buy. Through Apple, you need to purchase devices with an Apple card to get external discounts.

Within a trade-in device and adding a new line with Verizon you can get up to 1000 dollars discount on the iPhone 13, which means you can get the phone for almost free.

For the free iPhone deals, one must have to switch to Verizon with an Unlimited Plan. Besides, if you add more lines in Verizon you can save more in the existing deals included with the Free iPhone 13.

How Do You Get a Free iPhone When You Switch To Verizon?

free iPhone when you switch to Verizon

To avail yourself of the free iPhone 13 when you switch to Verizon, you need to comprehend how this deal works and how you can get the devices for free after abiding by the terms of the Verizon deal. So, Let’s start the methodology of this deal!

How This Deal Works

To get the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini deals from Verizon, you need to buy this phone on the 24 monthly payment plan. You need to mail in your iPhone 11 within 30 days.

You can trade it in-store, whether at Apple or Verizon and then they will give your trading credit of 800 dollars over the 24 months.

It will start showing up after two billing cycles once Verizon processes your trade-in device. They have to confirm it’s in acceptable condition.

And the bottom line is your monthly device payment will be 0 dollars. You’re getting the iPhone 13 or iPhone 13 mini for completely free with that eligible device.

Eligible Requirements

So, in the fine print of the Verizon free iPhone deal, you need to comprehend the facts you need to maintain in your device for an authorized trader-in to get the 800 dollars credit.

Let’s check out what is in the fine print and the requirements you need to have within your device to make a successful trade-in!

Device Requirements

I encourage you to go to a physical Verizon store to see the eligibility requirements and if your device can qualify for this trade-in credit.

Your iPhone 11 actually needs to be in good or damaged condition. Yes, Verizon will let you trade in a device in damaged condition, which is incredible.

  • It means your device can turn on and off.
  • There is no battery damage.
  • The device is paid off, and it is unlocked
  • The cracked screens are accepted.

So basically, what Verizon is doing is if you have a device that works perfectly, but the screen is cracked, they actually will accept that and give you the full 800 dollars of credit.

If you have a device damaged beyond a cracked screen, such as battery damage, possibly dense or more severe damage in the frame, then those devices may not be eligible.

Plan Requirements

If you’re an existing Verizon customer, the more premium plans include Play More Unlimited, Do More Unlimited, Get More Unlimited, the legacy Above Unlimited plan, and the legacy Beyond Unlimited plan.

Thus, to get the free iPhone 11 when you switch to Verizon, you need to add a new line with eligible plans.

Deal Overview

Now you may inquire when you switch to Verizon do you get a free phone? Yes, you can get a Verizon wireless free phone, and above, we have discussed the iPhone 11 trade-in to get the iPhone 13 Pro.

You will be getting $800 of trading credit. It’s over 24 months, and your monthly cost is 0 dollars.

There is a 0-dollar down payment and up to a 20 dollars activation fee. And while there is no down payment, you may have to pay taxes on the total price of the device upfront.

So for something like the iPhone 13, that’s 800 dollars; I would estimate taxes to be around 50 dollars to 55 dollars for about a 6.5% tax rate.

Of course, taxes vary by what state you’re in but just keep in mind you may have to pay taxes on the device upfront.

The same steps apply whether you’re getting the iPhone 13, iPhone 13, mini iPhone, 13 pro, or iPhone 13 pro Max.

Are Verizon Free iPhone Deals Worth It?

Free iPhone When You Switch To Verizon

Are Verizon’s deals worth it? I did an in-depth analysis of the pricing over the 24-month financing agreements to find out. Let’s explain it in detail!

Apple iPhone 11(Trade-in)

Here, we’re trading in an iPhone 11 to get the new iPhone 13. I’m comparing Verizon to financing the iPhone 13 with an Apple card and getting credit with Apple’s trade-in program.

The trading credit is 340 dollars for an iPhone 11, which brings our total to 490 dollars for the Apple card financing option.

Of course, you are paying this over 24 months with 0% interest, and this is more expensive than Verizon, which is giving you the iPhone 13 for free.

But when we look at the monthly plan costs, Apple card financing is way less. It’s just 25 dollars per month compared to 85 dollars per month from Verizon.

Verizon is taking on a 35 dollars activation fee. So when we look at our 24-month total, Apple card financing saves you 985 dollars.

However, things totally switched around when we looked at the four-line option. For four lines, the iPhone 13 comes out to 1,960 dollars for apple card financing with our trading credit.

Apple iPhone 13 Pro(Trade-in)

With Verizon, you’re getting the iPhone 13 for free with that trade-in promotion, which is fantastic. And that’s a considerable discount which makes Verizon’s overall total costs 140 dollars cheaper than going with an Apple card financing and trading in your device to apple. But what if you wanted the iPhone 13 pro?

What does that look like? I calculated that for you, too, and you can see, like before, you can save over 1,300 dollars by going with an apple card, monthly financing, and this time with four lines upgrading to the iPhone 13 Pro, you’re saving 1,000 dollars precisely by going with Apple card, monthly financing.

It really is the lower-cost cell phone plan that adds up to these significant savings, both for single lines and for families.

But what if you are using the iPhone 12 pro as your trade-in device where Verizon would give you the free iPhone 13 pro? Well, I calculated that for you too. And here it’s a very similar story.

Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max (Apple Card Financing)

You are paying more for the iPhone 13 Pro with Apple card financing and the trade-in, but the total here, over 30 months, you’re saving 1,475 dollars by going with the apple card option.

For four lines, the savings are even more. You’re saving over 2,000 dollars with an Apple card with the trade-in of the iPhone 12 pro.

Here, you’re probably like, how is this possible? How are you saving so much money with your Apple card, monthly financing?”

The secret is with Apple card monthly financing, you’re getting an unlocked iPhone. This means you can use it on any cell phone plan you want to, and it’s not tied to any carrier or contract.

And that right there is the secret. This is the secret that saves you the most money overall. And it’s because the cell phone plans you can choose from are super affordable.

You can consider Visible 25 dollars unlimited data plan or US mobile’s 45 dollars 75 gig plan, or even Xfinity Mobile’s 45 dollars unlimited plan.

FAQs About the Free iPhone When You Switch To Verizon

Is Verizon giving free iPhones?

New and existing users of Verizon can get the 128 GB version of the iPhone 13 Pro if they do a trade-in of the selected device. Besides, they need to get into a qualified plan under the Verizon unlimited plans.

Who is offering free phones to switch?

Unlike any other major cell phone carriers, Metro By T-Mobile comes with a free phone without any yearly agreements. In this free phone deal, they add more than five complementary phones, and all are 5G phones.

Is the new iPhone 13 free with Verizon?

Yes, under the latest iPhone deal, you can get a free iPhone 13 Pro for free of cost with the selected unlimited plans & eligible trade-in devices.

Final Verdict

Now you know how to get a free iPhone when you switch to Verizon. Their free iPhone deals are now in the hype.

However, before proceeding with the deal, you need to compare it with the other carriers’ iPhone deals. For a single-lined plan, the Apple card trade-in is great, but for a four-lined plan, Verizon is the best one.