How To Get Free Government Tablet

Getting a tablet these days is a must for almost everyone. But not all of us can’t go for a tablet because of our financial disabilities.

There are several ways by which you can get free government tablets to use in your academics, jobs, and to communicate with others. Since tablets have a large screen resembling a laptop screen, most students and job holders demand them for everyday use.

You may ask, how to get free government tablets? Several government programs and non-profit or non-government organizations come with free tablets for low-income families and individuals.

These governments and NGOs offer free tablets to qualified participants who come with a set of prerequisites. You can apply for free government tablet if you fall within the low-income criteria.

Even if people have the required criteria and documents, some can’t get into the program because they lack proper info about the programs.

You need to have a better comprehension of how to apply, fill up the forms, and submit the documents to get approved. In the following content, I’ll cover all the details you need to know about free government tablets.

What Is Free Government Tablets Program?

Free government tablets are offered by several government programs and other non-government organizations. Under the government programs, the most common one is the Emergency Broadband Benefit which adds free tablets.

The EBB tablet offers are highly prevalent because they have a less hassling approval process and offer more significant benefits, including cellular perks.

On the other hand, some NGOs come with free tablets, which are mainly refurbished tablets sold free of cost for low-income individuals. You will scarcely find any NGOs offering brand new tablets for free.

The application for a free government tablet depends on the program which you choose to proceed with. To get approved into this government free tablet program, you need to have a low-income level standing around 150% of the Federal Poverty Level.

However, there are other Federal launched programs that you can use to get approved for government free tablets.

How To Get Free Government Tablet

You can get a free government tablet from the federal programs that work with the Federal Communications Commission.

Free Government Tablet

Moreover, the Non-government organizations which are funded by individuals or associations also offer great tablets for low-income individuals based on states.

However, the NGO programs have distinct qualifying requirements compared to government tablet programs.

Qualifying Requirements For Free Government Tablet Programs

Income-Based Qualification Requirements: You can also qualify with your income status, which needs to be at or below 135 to 150 percent of the FPG.

Even after working more than 40 hours per week, you can apply for this one if you fall under the Federal Poverty line. If you are currently unemployed and have proof of unemployment benefits, you can also qualify for this program.

Program-Based Qualification Requirements: You can also be eligible if you have active participation proof of any Federal Communications Commission programs. Here is a list of qualifying programs by which you can apply in the free government tablet program.

  • LIHEAP or Low Income Home Energy Assistance Scheme
  • Any Free projects of the National School Lunch Project
  • Social Security Disability (SSD) program
  • TANF or Temporary Assistance for Needy Families
  • Federal Public Housing Assistance Project, known as Section 8, or Group Residential Housing (GRH)
  • Extended Foster Care, Federal Pell Grant, and Head Start program
  • Supplemental Security Income or SSI
  • Medicaid or Federal Medical Assistance Program
  • Adult & Child Mental Health Case Management
  • Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program(SNAP)
  • Veterans Pension or Survival Benefit project known as VPSB
  • Food Support which is a letter including dates displaying the recent eligibility, is expected

Required Documents For Free Government Tablets

In this section, I will discuss the requirements of the free government tablet programs which you will require to get approved.

Each applicant must get acquainted with the program prerequisites before they apply for the schemes. Here, I’ll cover the requirements of both the federal government programs and the free tablet government programs offered by the NGOs.

Afterward, I’ll head on to the programs in detail and the features of these free government tablets. Under the United States federal government, every year, a specific budget was reserved to provide low-income families and students with free tablets, laptops, and other digital services.

Required documents for Government Grants

Here is a list of required documents for free government tablets under government grants.

  • A photo of the applicant as a proof of Identity
  • Proof documents for the program eligibility
  • Contact details such as the phone number, email address, etc.
  • A valid US Residence proof, including your address and ZIP code
  • Your unexpired or recent salary sheet as a proof of your income status

You need to quote that the eligibility requirements may vary from program to program and state by state. Therefore, you need to visit the official site of the provider and comprehend the required data before getting into the application.

If you miss out on any documents, try to acquire them as early as possible. Since your documents will increase your approval possibility.

Required Documents For Federal Program Based Eligibility

If you go for the application with any FCC-approved programs like SNAP, Medicaid, LIHEAP, TANF, etc., you must submit some required documents.

Below we will include the list of documents you need to submit for program-based application into the free government tablet program.

  • For Medicaid or SNAP, you have to deliver the Benefits Card with all the required standards.
  • Submit all the Benefits cards with a cessation date of up to 1 year(authority won’t approve more than 1 year)
  • Comprise the advantages affidavit of the qualifying protocol that you will apply with.
  • If you have partaken with an accepted government agent, you need to deliver the citation or announcement letter of that agency also
  • Any Veterans Administration Benefit statement or the Retirement and Pension Benefits Statement

Required Documents For Income-Based Eligibility

You also need to submit some required documents for income-based applications like program-based applications.

Below we will list these needed documents. If you have one of these document copies, you can also apply for these criteria-

  • The income tax return copy of the previous year, regardless of the state or Federal government.
  • Manage the current income status from your recognized employer
  • The participation letter or notice of your Federal programs in General Assistance
  • Social Security Benefits statement or agreement letter from the previous 12 months
  • If you are unemployed or jobless, you need to submit the unemployment for workers compensation benefits statement as well

Please be assured that your information will be safe and protected by the authorities. They will share the provided documents or pieces of information only with USAC or the Universal Service Administrative Company.

They can share all your information with the state Agencies to substantiate your eligibility. Don’t worry about security, as all info is collected electronically with an encryption technology named Secure Sockets Layer or SSL.

10 Best Provider/Programs For Free Government Tablets

1. Education SuperHighway

Education SuperHighway

Education Super Highway is one of the prominent emergency broadband benefit tablet providers helping low-income households stay connected.

They come with up to 100 dollars cost reduction on tablets. If the qualified participants spend less than 50 or more than 10 dollars on qualifying tablets, they can get a discount.

Application procedure: If you are a running or previously approved Lifeline aid user, you can automatically qualify for their EBB program. However, this requires you to contact your provider for enrollment in the EBBP.

  • You need to apply for the EBB program with the National Lifeline Eligibility Verifier.
  • If you are applying via mail, you should download the Lifeline Application Form first.
  • You can go through different procedures if you’re applying through specific providers.
  • You can use a specified tool to find the local provider companies nearby.
  • If you are an eligible Lifeline user receiving benefits, you don’t need to apply for EBB again.
  • Visit to apply online by contacting your suitable provider
  • You can even call at 833-511-0311 to apply via email
  • At the response mail, you can send the proof of your eligibility to the Emergency Broadband Support Center

You can get a 50 dollars bonus on monthly household internet or broadband bills. However, they include up to 75 dollars discount on your broadband monthly costs if you reside in any Federal approved tribal lands. However, EBB offers just one broadband bill discount and one free device for each household.

2. Standup Wireless

Standup Wireless is one of the famous emergency broadband benefit tablet providers in the United States. If you are a qualified resident living in the approved tribal lands, they will provide up to 75 dollars discount for your monthly broadband bills. You can also get a decent tablet with unlimited free perks.

Application Procedures: Before applying to the StandUp Wireless EBB program, you need to check if you qualify for their program or not.

  • At first, you are required to enter into the official website of StandUp Wireless.
  • After that, visit their EBB program page for proceeding.
  • Before you step forward, you need to check if your phone works with the StandUp Wireless service.
  • After that, you can begin the online application procedure through the National Verifier page.
  • After filling out the application form, you should read and tick mark the terms & conditions.
  • The National Verifier will send you an approval status and your unique ID if you are approved.
  • StandUp Wireless will provide you with a free SIM card by the mail
  • Lastly, you should activate your service by calling at 611 from your existing phone

You can choose one from the Vortex Tab 8, SKY Elite 8, or NUU Tab 8 tablets for a discount. If the EBB program ends, they will shift you to the Lifeline program, where you need to pay 40+ dollars monthly to continue the EBB benefits.

3. QLink Wireless

Qlink Wireless

QLink Wireless is a cell phone service provider which offers Lifeline service to low-income families and individuals.

They are a dedicated partner of the federal free phone program, and their offers are reliable. QLink Wireless comes with unlimited minutes, texts, free data, and a free cell phone for the eligible participants.

Application Procedure: If you meet one or more qualifying requirements mentioned above, you can proceed with the application process.

  • First, enter the official site of QLink Wireless to apply
  • Here you can find the sign-up page; enter into the page.
  • Before you proceed, you can determine if you qualify for the program or not by the official EBB website.
  • Here you should fill the blank spaces with the required data & info.
  • You may require to enter your name, address, ZIP code, email, and other personal data on the blank spaces.
  • Add all your required sets of documents and proofs of eligibility through their contact number or email.
  • EBB will send you a validation message via email if you’re approved.
  • Lastly, after sign-up & approval, Bring Your Phone to their network and activate the service.

You can get a chance to bring your own device and keep your previous number to QLink Wireless. Moreover, you can get T-Mobile’s comprehensive high-speed network coverage from QLink Wireless. If you qualify, they will send you an invoice including a payable amount of 10.01 dollars.

4. Salvation Army

Salvation Army is basically a non-profit organization that offers multiple assistance programs, including laptops, PCs, free phones and tablets, etc. They broadly come with helping hands for the poor, needy, low-income families and individuals, and the disabled.

Application Procedure: First of all, you need to visit their website and provide your personal data. After that, provide the required data for approval(income profile or program-based eligibility). After reviewing your information, if you get approval, you can go for free tablets from them.

Salvation Army possesses multiple stores in the United States that offer free or discounted tablets and other tech devices.

In their Online Thrift stores, you can purchase products by bid, and the products are pretty cheaper than the retail prices available outside.

5. The On It Foundation

Free Government Tablet

The On It Foundation is an organization based in Florida, United States, which offers technological privileges for the needy.

The name means- Opportunities Necessary to Increase Technology, and they have a long-term mission of ensuring broad access to technology in every house regardless of income and status.

Application Procedure: Applying for the On It foundation free tablet program can be done in two ways. The easiest, time-saving, and best option is to apply through their online portal. Nevertheless, you can also apply for the free tablet program from their physical outlets.

If you are living in Florida and you are living under the poverty line and cannot afford a tablet or laptop, the ON IT foundation is the best option for you.

They also run other employment and youth training programs to help out needy people make a way to live better.

6. Computers For Kids

As you can assume by the name, they are a non-profit organization that comes with tablets, computers, and PCs for the kids under the K-12 level.

They have designed low-cost tablets, laptops, and computers for the future. CFK mainly focuses on the children who are going to schools and or NGOs to study.

Application Procedure: Initially, you need to visit their website and provide your personal data. After that, provide the required data that is used for approval(income profile or program-based eligibility).

After reviewing your information and approval, you can go for free tablets or computers from them.

This organization has been offering to poor children since 2002, and they provide services in Washington, Idaho, Utah, and Oregon. Since 2002, they have successfully donated more than 50 thousand computers, laptops, and technology gadgets to needy children.

7. Federal Pell Grants

Federal Pell Grant is an award that is offered only to undergraduate students who are struggling with excess financial need and are unable to get a bachelor’s degree.

Federal Pell Grant is operated and funded by the Federal Student Aid, which is an office of the US Department of Education.

Application Procedure: At the beginning, you need to submit a FAFSA form. FAFSA is the elaborated form of Free Application for Federal Student Aid. Basically, schools send your information to the FAFSA form to determine if you are eligible or not.

Thus, you need to fill out this form each year to stay on the eligibility list for the Federal Pell Grant benefits list.

You are not competent to obtain a Federal Pell Grant if you are detained in a national or district penal organization or are liable to an automatic municipal commitment upon fulfillment of a duration of detention for a forcible or nonforcible sexual violation. You may not receive Federal Pell Grant funds from more than one school at a time.

8. Interconnection

Free Government Tablet

Interconnection is a non-profit organization that comes with the charitable computer reuse and recycling process to help the needy to access technology.

They mainly refurbish computers and laptops, helping to connect underserved individuals around the world to vital technology.

Application Procedure: This non-profit organization offers computers, tablets, and laptops to low-income individuals.

Their application is now terminated, and it will begin again on 1 July 2022. They review nonprofit grant applications 3 times a year to all the U.S. 501c3 nonprofit organizations.

They mainly distributed recycled tablets and computers to the recognized and eligible organizations in the US.

InterConnection is funded by large companies like Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, TechSoup, Microsoft, Seattle Airlines, Expedia, Century Link, HomeStreet Bank, etc.

9. Computers For Learning

Computers For Learning is a protocol supported by the federal administration that is organized for financial institutions and schools with entrance to digital gadgets.

They have designed low-cost tablets, laptops, and computers for the future. CFL mainly focuses on the children who are going to schools and or NGOs to study.

Application Procedure: Initially, you need to visit their website and provide your personal data. After that, provide the required data that is used for approval(income profile or program-based eligibility). After reviewing your information and approval, you can go for free tablets or computers from them.

That means that they serve with schools instead of people, so this institution is not a short fix to instantaneous demand.

But if you approve the eligibility regulations along with the academies you or your household are implicated with, the authority may employ this organization to furnish free tablets for all learners.

10. Computer Technology Assistance Corps

Free Government Tablet

Computer Technology Assistance Corps is a non-profit organization which is mainly operated by donations from individuals.

They also offer technical support to low-income individuals and students. In technological support, they offer computers, laptops, and tablets for free of cost.

Application Procedure: You can apply for the Computer Technology Assistance Corps(CTAC) free tablet program in two ways.

The easiest, time-saving, and best option is to apply through their online portal. Nevertheless, you can also apply for the free tablet program from their physical outlets.

They mainly offer free tablets and computers to low-income individuals by collecting funds and recycling them.

They have designed low-cost tablets, laptops, and computers for the students. They also run other employment and youth training programs to help out needy people.

FAQ About Free Government Tablet

How do you get a free government tablet?

Go to your eligible provider’s website, make sure you have the prerequisites, fill out the application form, and submit it. After initial approval, you can enjoy all the benefits and get a free government tablet. The process is pretty simplistic, and most people stumble because of their eligibility requirements.

How do I get an EBB tablet?

Through the Lifeline or the Emergency Broadband Benefit program, you can get free tablets along with free cellular services. To get a free EBB tablet, first, you need to go through an authorized provider with the eligibility requirements. After the initial approval, you can get the EBB tablets with a free cellular service.

Is T-Mobile giving away free tablets?

Yes, T-mobile is offering free tablets under the Emergency broadband benefit program. If you are a qualified participant in their EBBP, you can apply for a free tablet or a phone. But the tablet may require you to pay a $10.01 contract fee.

How to apply for a free government tablet?

It is easy to apply for the free government tablet program if you have the proper comprehension of the application process. Just visit your suitable provider’s website, make sure you have the prerequisites, fill out the application form, and submit it. After initial approval, you can get the benefits & a free government tablet.

Where can I get a free tablet from the government?

You can get a free tablet from government through the Lifeline, EBB, or ACP program benefit providers. A few of the best free government tablet providers are QLink Wireless, Standup Wireless, etc.

Final Verdict

Here, I’ve covered all the split details one may require to apply for the free government tablets. It doesn’t matter if you apply through Federal programs or NGOs; you need to comprehend the overall facts before proceeding. That’s all about the free government for low-income families & individuals.

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