How Do I Get a Free Government Phone In Ohio

Free phones, tablets, and laptops are quite in the hype with the start of the Covid pandemic. The government also offers some free technology programs, like – lifeline, Emergency Broadband Benefit, and Affordable Connectivity Program. Anyone meeting the qualification can get a free phone. Today, I will talk about how to get a free government phone in Ohio.

Let me tell you, there are several ways you can get an Ohio free phone, but I will specifically talk about the lifeline program. Lifeline program is a federal assistance program that offers free phone and phone service to users. If you don’t use the free monthly service, you will get a $9.25 discount every month on telecommunication services.

The Lifeline program has several participant providers who offer these free Ohio government phones and phone services. Few of them also have affordable top-up plans. So, let’s start by telling you why they offer free government phones in Ohio.

Why Government Offers Free Phones In Ohio

Actually, Ohio isn’t the only special one that gets free phones. All the states in the United States get free phones from the government to distribute them among low-income families. And, through the lifeline program, the government distributes those free phones.

Thanks to this program, low-income families, who hardly meet their basic needs, can stay connected with their loved ones affordably or without any cost.

Besides, free cell phone service offers many opportunities to get a job. Overall, the government knows how beneficial it is for people if they have a mobile phone.

Free Government Phone In Ohio

So, the government has taken several initiatives to offer free cell phones to low-income families. Along with all other programs, the lifeline is the most famous and has the largest history. The program was first started in 1985. Then, it went through several up and down and now offers free phones and phone services.

How Do I Get a Free Government Phone In Ohio

How to get Free Government Phones from Ohio? You can easily get a free touch screen government phones Ohio if you meet the requirements. Here is the instruction you need to follow –

Step 1

Verify if you pass the prerequisites of the Lifeline program in Ohio. You can qualify for the program in two ways.

First is income-based eligibility: you are qualified for the program if your household income is at or beneath 135% of federal poverty guidelines. If you are qualifying through income, the more family members you have, the easier it is to qualify.

The other way is program-based eligibility. If anyone in your household is a participant in other specific government assistance programs at present, you are automatically qualified for the program. The qualifying programs are –

  • Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) used to be Food Stamps
  • Medicaid
  • Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
  • Veterans Pension and Survivors Benefit
  • Federal Public Housing Assistance (FPHA)
  • Bureau of Indian Affairs General Assistance
  • Head Start (also have to meet the income prerequisites to qualify)
  • Tribal Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF)
  • Food Distribution Program on Indian Reservations

Depending on the state you are living in, the list of qualified programs goes up or down. It entirely relies on the state you are residing in. For Ohio residents, all the programs mentioned above are qualified.

Step 2

Now, it’s time to determine a provider offering service in your area. As you know, the government doesn’t directly distribute them free phones.

The government funds other providers to offer free phones and services. The providers also offer their top-up plans. Thus, it’s a win-win circumstance for everyone.

Several providers offer free phones and services in Ohio. Which free government phone company is the best in Ohio? Some of them are doing considerably well. In the following sections, I will give you a detailed description of them; for now, let’s know a few top providers in Ohio –

Access Wireless, Assurance Wireless, American Assistance, enTouch Wireless, FeelSafe Wireless, Life Wireless, Q Link, and TruConnect are notable names.

These are the best lifeline cell phone providers Ohio. You can also choose a local provider who offers better service. But, if you travel between states, the local services are useless.

Step 3

Now, you need to apply for the program. Most of the providers have a simple application process. First, visit the provider’s website and fill out the application with your necessary information.

With the application, you also need to add proof documents of your eligibility. If you qualified through low income, you need to submit –

  • Income statement from your employer or a paycheck stub.
  • Previous year’s state, federal, or Tribal tax return.
  • Veterans Administration statement of benefits
  • Divorce decree, child support award, or other official document containing income information

For qualifying through participating in a program, here are the documents you will need –

  • Benefit award letter from the participating program.
  • Approval letter from the administrators.
  • Statement of benefits documents.

You just need to submit one document as proof. Keep in mind to only add photocopy if you are sending them physically.

Top 5 Providers For Free Government Phones In Ohio

1. Access Wireless

Access Wireless

Access Wireless is one of the largest Lifeline providers. Although the provider isn’t that old, their name spreads fast for their appealing offers.

They are the only provider that will provide you with a free government touchscreen phone. Besides, the users with basic phones will receive upgrades.

Access Wireless has vast coverage. This provider has been offering its service in Ohio for quite some time. Besides a free phone, users also get free monthly phone services. Depending on your state, the monthly service will differ.

The service contains 350 minutes of talk, unlimited text, and 3 GB of high-speed data each month for the people in Ohio.

If the free service isn’t enough for you, you can purchase their top-up plans. Access wireless was on Sprint networks, but after the merger of T Mobile and Sprint, the providers featured T Mobile’s 4G LTE data at a cheap price. Access Wireless Top-up plans are –

  • Paying $5, you will get an additional 250 minutes of talk for a month.
  • After the free limit, get an additional one minute per 10¢.
  • Purchase 100 MB of Data for a month only at $1.
  • Purchase 500 MB of Data for a month only at $3.
  • Purchase 1 GB of Data for a month only at $5.
  • Purchase 2 GB of Data for a month only at $10.
  • Purchase 4 GB of Data for a month only at $20.
  • Purchase 5 GB of Data for a month only at $30.

2. Assurance Wireless

Assurance Wireless

Assurance Wireless is, without doubt, the largest name among the lifeline providers. Its vast coverage, generous service, and decent speed make it popular among free phone providers.

As the provider has vast coverage. It offers free service in almost the whole USA; Ohio isn’t an exception. And, unlike most providers, along with free phone service and free phone, you will get a huge selection of top-up plans. Also, the free phones they offer are numerous. Assurance Wireless provides the best free government phone Ohio.

Assurance Wireless’s free phone service is also different from state to state. Most states get free 350 minutes, free unlimited talk, and up to 2 GB of data. Only the California residents can get better service.

As I said, one of the reasons for selecting Assurance Wireless is their top-up plans. Its plans are divided into parts, like – bundles, data-only, and talk and text plans.

Additional plan for feature phone users: With an extra $30 each month, enjoy unlimited talk, unlimited texts, and web. But the data speed will be limited to 3G.

Minutes plans for Free Phone users – Get additional 250 minutes per month for an extra $5. Or for 10¢ per additional voice minute.

Smartphone Plans –

  • For $15 each month, enjoy unlimited talk, unlimited texts, and 5 GB of data.
  • For $20 each month, enjoy unlimited talk, unlimited texts, and 5.5 GB of data.
  • For $30 each month, enjoy unlimited talk, unlimited texts, and 8.5 GB of data.
  • For $45 each month, enjoy unlimited talk, unlimited texts, and 14.5 GB of data.

Only Data Plans –

  • For $1 per month, get 100 MB.
  • For $3 per month, get 500 MB.
  • For $5 per month, get 1 GB.
  • For $5 per month, get 2 GB.
  • Get 4 GB of data for $20 per month.
  • Get 5 GB of data for $30 per month.

3. Tag Mobile

TAG Mobile

Tag Mobile is among the providers that offer free government cell phones in Ohio to low-income families. The provider is available in more than 19 states. The qualifying customers can get free data, minutes, and talk.

The provider is quite generous with the free stuff; especially the California residents get unlimited text, talk, and 6 GB of high-speed data. For Ohio and other states, the provider grants 1000 minutes, unlimited text, and 4.5 GB of high-speed data.

Like every provider in this list, Tag Mobile also has top-ups besides a free plan. The prepaid plans from the providers have no contract, no activation fee, and no credit check requirement.

  • With the $10 plan – you get unlimited talk, text, and 100 MB of data.
  • With the $15 plan – you get unlimited talk, text, and 500 MB of data.
  • With the $25 plan – you get unlimited talk, text, and 2 GB of data.

Minutes-Only Plans

  • Get 250 minutes for $4.95 per month.
  • Unlimited minutes talk for $9.95 per month.

Data-Only Plans

  • Lite: Get 500 MB of high-speed at only $5.95.
  • Plus: Get 1 GB of high-speed at only $11.95.
  • Premium: Get 1 GB of high-speed at only $19.95.

4. Safelink Wireless

Safelink Wireless

Safelink Wireless is another popular free government cell phone provider. The company is owned by Tracfone and offers phone service on the Tracfone network.

It also has considerable coverage, offering its service in more than 30 states. According to them, Safelink has granted more than 2 million people free service.

With Safelink, you will be able to enjoy their 4G LTE internet. But, for that, you need a 4G capable mobile phone. Most of the free government phones aren’t 4G capable.

Safelink service is also different depending on the state you are residing in. The Ohio residents get –

  • Free monthly 350 minutes.
  • Free nationwide unlimited texts.
  • Up to 4.5 GB of high-speed data every month.

Safelink also offers top-up plans; they do not have versatility.

  • Pay $15 for unlimited minutes, text, and 1 GB of high-speed data.
  • Pay $20 for unlimited minutes, text, and 2GB of high-speed data.
  • Pay $30 for unlimited minutes, text, and 6GB of high-speed data.

5. TruConnect Wireless

Free Government Phone In Ohio

TruConnect is a relatively new phone provider which offers different phone plans and services to low-income families. You can get a phone from the provider in Ohio. Besides, the provider also has other states.

As a new provider, TruConnect is quite benevolent with its free service. It grants up to unlimited minutes for talk, free texts, and up to 4.5 GB of high-speed data per month.

After the limit ends, if you need top-up plans, the provider also offers them.

  • TruConnect Add Voice Refill
  • For $5, add 500 minutes.
  • For $10, add 1000 minutes.

International Add-ons

  • For $5 per month, you get unlimited talk to Mexico, Canada, China, and more than 55 countries.
  • For $5, you get 300 minutes to call cell phones in Mexico.
  • For $5, you get 200 minutes to call landlines in Mexico.
  • For $5, you get 300 minutes to call cell phones in El Salvador.

Data-0nly Plan

  • For $5, add 500 MB.
  • For $10, add 1 GB.

Final Verdict

Cell phones are essential in almost every part of work in our life. Thankfully, even if you can’t afford it, you can get free government phones in Ohio.

To get a free phone, first, start with checking the requirements. You need to meet those requirements if you want a free phone.

Then, you can choose a provider and apply to that provider. I list a few top providers in Ohio. All the providers offer monthly free phone service along with free phones. That’s how you get a free phone in Ohio. You may explore How Do I Get A Free Government Phone In Georgia