Top 7 Free government Landline Phone Service Provider 2023

Free government landline phone service is managed by a government program called Lifeline. The U.S government developed the Lifeline program in 1985 to help solve the need of all citizens to have access to communication services.

It offers discounted as well as free home phone service to individuals who qualify in accordance with the federal and state eligibility criteria. This government-sponsored program will provide a discount of up to $ 9.25 on phone services though, for eligible subscribers.

Its qualification is based on income and if you are a member of the Lifeline program, you will be given a discount on a land-based phone line or wireless phone service and not both at once.

What is the difference between a Landline Phone and a Cell Phone?

There is a great difference between a landline phone and a cell phone. Though, they can both serve the same purpose when it comes to making as well as receiving calls; a landline phone which is commonly known as a home phone is basically a phone service that helps to transit calls or audio through the use of a fiber cable; while a cell phone is wireless. In this article, you will be able to know more about the Best free government landline phone service and the best brands to choose from.

How can I get a free landline phone service?

Before you apply for any free government landline phone service, it’s important to first, know the requirement needed to qualify for one. In most cases, households that get most of the government assistance such as Temporary assistance for needy families and supplemental Nutrition-assistance programs often qualify for such plans.

In addition, you can be eligible for these plans if your income is/below 135 percent according to the guidelines of federal poverty.

Families whose children get either reduced or free lunch through the federal government are also likely to qualify for free landline phone services, and worth considering the AARP landline phones for seniors discounts too.

Therefore, before you go ahead to apply for the free landline phone service, make an inquiry first if there are any landline phone service providers in your state which provide the Lifeline program. It will help you determine your eligibility when it comes to cheap landline phone service.

Qualification for Landline Phone service

You have to be a member of the following programs in order to qualify for the services

  • Supplemental Security Income
  • Head Start 
  • Federal Public Housing-Assistance (Section 8)
  • Medicaid
  • Women & Infant Children (WIC)
  • Low-Income home energy assistance-program
  • Bureau of Indian Affairs-General Assistance
  • Food Stamps
  • Tribally-Administered Temporary-Assistance for Needy Families

How can I apply for the free government landline phone Services?

Just enroll in this program using a lifeline phone provider in your state. But, you will have to prove that you qualify for the service by providing documents such as the previous year’s tax returns, a letter to prove your social security benefits, payroll from your current employer, child support unemployment, and retirement benefits.

Thereafter, you can call your chosen free government landline phone service provider requesting for application.

Fill it out and then sign the application which should be attached with evidence of membership to any of the programs that have been mentioned above. In case you are not a member of any of the programs, proof of revenue can be attached to your application.

Top 7 Free government Landline Phone Service Provider 2023

Free government landline phone service

It is essential to know that the Lifeline benefits are always limited to one household for all subscribers and you can only receive a discount from one service provider.

Here is the list of the best free government landline phone from reliable land-line service providers. Some of the providers will only allow you to get their landline phone service when it comes to internet services. They include,

1. AT&T Landline Phone Service

AT&T is one of the best phone service providers using Lifeline assistance to help low-income citizens get phone services at a free or minimal cost.

For lifeline qualifiers, they are eligible for a $ 9.25 discount on monthly phone bills. For individuals living on federally recognized tribal lands and are qualify for this service, you are likely to get up to an additional $ 25 discount on your monthly phone bill.

AT&T Phone Unlimited North-America plan comes at a cost of $ 22.99 every month when it comes to internet services. It also comes with unlimited nationwide calling and offers calling features like Caller ID, Call Waiting, and much more.

Areas of service (States)

Alabama, California, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Illinois Kentucky, Kansas, Michigan, Louisiana Mississippi, Minnesota, Nevada, Ohio, North Carolina South Carolina, Texas, Tennessee, and Wisconsin.

Things to note

It’s necessary to call for availability in your location and if you receive the AT&T landline service discount; as a subscriber, you will be required to recertify each year within a time duration of 60 days after the notification in order to maintain the Lifeline discount.

2. Verizon government Landline Phone Service

For those who are qualified for the Lifeline program through Verizon, you are eligible to get a reduced rate on your home-phone monthly bill. However, Verizon customers who reside in Tribal lands are likely to get an additional discount when it comes to the landline service as well as the new free government landline phone service installation cost.

They offer a free government Home Phones Connect Plan that provides unlimited minutes for $ 10.74 each month that is after the Lifeline discount is applied. You will be required to only pay $ 35 as a one-time activation fee.

It also offers the Fios Digital Voice Unlimited that costs $ 20 each month when it comes to the Internet and provides unlimited nationwide calling to most states. Additionally, it includes 20 plus calling features.

Areas of Service (States)

Connecticut, Delaware, Massachusetts, District of Columbia, Maryland, New Jersey, Virginia, New York,  Rhode Island, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania.

3. CenturyLink free telephone service

When it comes to Century Link, low-income customers have the chance to qualify for two assistance programs namely; the Federal Lifeline Assistance program and a State-Level assistance program known as the Telephone Assistance Program (TAP).

Those who are eligible for the Lifeline program will receive up to a $ 9.25 discount each month. However, in some states, additional support is also available on a monthly basis. While, the Tribal land residents, can get an extra monthly discount not to mention installation assistance for their new subscribers through a program called Link-Up.

Century provides reliable free government home phone with a stable connection. Its cheapest home-phone plan is the Basic-Home phone plan that entails a local calling plan that comes with a service fee of $ 23.34 each month. However, this landline phone plan does not include long-distance calling and has no calling features.

Therefore, if you want long-distance calling or rather want calling features such as Caller ID, Call waiting, Call Forwarding, 3 way Calling as well as Voicemail, CenturyLink can offer these features in the Unlimited Home-phone plan but at a higher price.

If you are not eligible for the Lifeline-landline discount, you can check out the cheap landline phone service to get the most affordable home phone service in your residential state.

4. Frontier free lifeline home phone Service

If you are looking for the best free government landline phone service provider then go for frontier-voice service that charges $ 10.00 each month inclusive of the internet package. With this plan, you will be able to get unlimited nationwide calling in almost all the United States and provides 20 plus calling features.

5. Spectrum free landline Phone Service

When it comes to Spectrum Voice Package, you will be able to get unlimited local calling, unlimited long-distance calling that is inclusive of the Call waiting, Caller ID, and a 3 way calling.

For long-distance services, you will be able to make calls within the United States, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Guam, American Samoa, and Canada. The whole package comes at a cost of $ 29.99 every month as a stand-alone landline phone plan unlike when it comes bundled with the Internet that costs $ 9.99 per month.

What makes Spectrum to stand out among other landline providers is the fact that it provides standalone voice services with no added fees or taxes not to mention no contract required and comes with up to 28 calling features.

6. Cox free government phone service

As little as $ 29.99 service fees per month, you will be able to get a free government landline phone service with Cox Voice Premier. The plan is inclusive of a primary phone line that entails 14 calling features, unlimited long-distance service, and voice mail within the United States as well as Mexico and Canada.

7. Xfinity government phone service

This landline phone provider offers various standalone home phone plans. Among its other plan, the cheapest home-phone plan is the Xfinity Voice unlimited that charges $ 29.99 and provides very clear voice calls, numerous calling features as well as unlimited nationwide calling.

You can also call not all but almost half the countries worldwide. The standalone home-phone plan comes with no contract not to mention, a 1-year price guarantee.

Some alternative ways to get free Landline Phone services

Some alternative ways to get free Landline Phone services

If you are tired of paying for long-distance calls, voice mail or even caller ID then here are other ways you can use to reduce incurring cost to these phone service providers. You can try out these top 6 Best free government landline phone service package

8. Signing-up Landline using Google Voice

Google voice has home-phone services that entail free call blocking, call forwarding, text messages, and voice calls. It directs all the calls to various calls at a time.

This means that it can connect your telephone number to the number of your recipient at no cost. In addition to that, it also directs the home phone number onto your mobile phone which helps to do away with extra cost.

To enjoy this phone service, you need to sign-up for a Google account which is free. After signing up for a free Google voice, you will need to read, understand, and accept all the terms. Thereafter, you can search for your receipt number from the Google-voice setting to call for free.

9. MagicJack free Landline Phone services

It is a free government home telephone service almost like the Olden Volp providers though it has some added features. Subscribers are able to link their VoIP adapters to the PC directly. The USB adapter will enable you to connect the phone cord to your PC. Therefore, for your phone to be active, the PC has to be in operation at all times.

For instance, the adapter costs around $ 20 while the annual cost for MagicJack service is $ 20 which is inclusive of the call services to Canada. To support phone calls to other countries, a moderate fee will be charged per minute.

The only disadvantage of using this plan is that you will not be able to use your current home telephone number. Though the service provider has tried to solve the issue by introducing a gadget that is almost the size of a matchbox and is plugged directly into your electric socket. For it to function appropriately, an internet connection will be required and it will relay your dial tone that is, to all standard telephones.

10. Phone.Com free Landline Phone service Provider

It’s among the best and reliable landline service providers that offer free VOIP services for people who are eligible for Lifeline Assistance. This plan costs $ 19.99 for unlimited calling minutes and other calling features such as call blocking, voice mail, and call queuing.

12. Safelink Wireless free phone service

Safelink Wireless is owned by TracFone and it is among the oldest and largest free landline phone service providers in the U.S. It also provides a free landline phone service that comes in 500-minutes for the first-30 days. It also offers unlimited text per month for those who qualify for the Lifeline program.

13. Reachout Wireless free Landline Phone service

It is the 3rd biggest carrier in the United States that provides free government phones to low-income families. But, you have to qualify for the Lifeline program which is provided by the U.S-federal government.

It comes with 250 calling minutes in many states, unlimited calls for residents in California as well as 350 minutes for Oklahoma residents. To top it up, each message sent or even received is counted as a 1-minute of allowance.

Note that, for the California plan, subscribers who are eligible for the Lifeline assistance program and stays in California will receive a good package just like other leading carriers does to those living in this city; an offer of unlimited text and voice usage is provided.

14. Assurance Wireless Landline Phone service

If you are looking for the best and reliable landline phone service provider Assurance Wireless is among the best carrier nationwide. Assurance wireless is being managed by Virgin mobile and offers free phones, unlimited texts.

To register for an Assurance Wireless phone, you have to be a member of the above-mentioned programs such as Medicaid and if you are not a member of those programs then, you will have to prove that you have a low income in accordance with the poverty-level guidelines that is, based on your residential state.

Final Verdict

A telephone has become a necessity and anyone would work harder to own at least one handset for themselves or the family. However, some people are less privileged such that getting even a single handset is a challenge.

All is not lost. You can check out if you qualify for a free government landline phone service so that you can apply to get one from any of the Lifeline assistance providers within your state.

If you do not qualify for this program, you can start by looking for a suitable standalone home-phone service provider within your area and in case you need internet service.

Then, you will have to check out for home phone bundles being offered by the Lifeline phone service providers and these can help you save money as well as reduce expenses for your home phone.