How To Get Free Emergency Cell Phones For Senior Citizens

If you are a senior citizen and searching for a way out to get free cell phone services, then you’re in the right spot. The FCC funded Lifeline service is available for seniors and low-income households or unemployed individuals. You may ask, “how to get free emergency cell phones for senior citizens?”

Lifeline provides free cell phones to a particular group of people who fulfills the eligibility requirements of the Federal Government Lifeline program.

Among all the benefits for individuals with low income or unemployment problems, they also offer free emergency cell phones for senior citizens.

For the free cell phones for seniors under the Lifeline program, you need to apply by following specific criteria. We will discuss the whole process in the following sections of the corresponding article. So, let’s proceed without delay!

How To Get Free Emergency Cell Phones For Senior Citizens

Free Emergency Cell Phones For Senior Citizens

The application process for the free emergency cell phones for senior citizens is pretty much straightforward to follow. However, if you are a senior citizen aged 55 or more, you may have difficulty applying for the Lifeline Program. That’s why we will undergo the detailed steps of applying for free cell phones for seniors Citizens.

  • First, you need to be a senior citizen aged 55 or more with the qualifying requirements.
  • You should contact the ETC or the Eligible telecommunications carrier which you will use for the benefits program.
  • After the selection, you need to follow the ETC’s procedures and become an ETC member.
  • Select the area you are residing and find out the service providing carriers or the state lifeline partner
  • You can apply through their site, or you can go with the Lifeline application through email.
  • Enter the location or ZIP code or your state, and you can find out the compatible services based on your area.
  • You need to keep the income status paper which will work as proof of your eligibility.
  • If you are applying through a qualified FCC-approved program, you should also keep the proof of participation in that program.
  • You should file all the necessary information like name, location, Social Security Number, and additional data.
  • The rest of the task is up to the company or carrier to contact the Universal Service Funds Administration to proceed with your application.

Lifeline offers up to 9.25 dollars for the eligible participants living in all states. But they offer cellular & broadband services for up to 34.25 dollars for the residents of the Tribal lands. The minimum offers to the average lifeline participants can get up to 1000 minutes per month.

For mobile broadband, they provide up to 4.5 GB of High-speed data at 3G network standard. They offer up to 1024 GB or 1 TB monthly usage allowance to eligible Lifeline participants at 25/3 Mbps speed. You can also get a chance to win lifeline-free cell phones for seniors.

Who Offers Free Emergency Cell Phones For Senior Citizens?

The US government began the lifeline program in late 1985, which was launched with the motto of providing cellular services to all sorts of citizens. Their prominent coverage and discounts were provided to the low-income or unemployed people, along with seniors.

The Universal Service Fund mainly runs the Lifeline services, and it is operated by the Federal government of the US. In late 2016, they included broadband services under the Lifeline program. Several carriers and providers offer cellular services, and these providers are also FCC & the US government-approved.

During its establishment in 1985, the US had cell phone access to 80% of citizens, but now it will be 92% in 2020. Because they have also added a free smartphone program with cell phone plans for qualified households/individuals. Regardless of the states, territories, and tribal lands, everyone can get the benefits.

Qualifying Requirements Of Free Emergency Cell Phones For Senior Citizens

Qualifying By Programs: You can apply for the Lifeline aid program either by your annual income or by participating in any of the FCC programs.

Here are the Federally approved programs which you can use as proof to qualify for the Lifeline program.

  • Medicaid or Federal Medical Assistance Program
  • Supplemental Security Income or SSI
  • Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program(SNAP)
  • Only the Free Programs of the School Lunch Program
  • LIHEAP or Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program
  • TANF or Temporary Assistance for Needy Families
  • Section eight or known as Federal Public Housing Assistance Program

Qualifying By Income Status: If you are unable to show any programs to qualify for the Lifeline program, there are alternative options regarding your annual income status. More specifically saying, your yearly earnings needs to be at or underneath 135 to 150 percent of the FPG.

Miscellaneous Qualifying Requirements: Except for these qualifications requirements, you may need to follow other necessary steps before proceeding with the free emergency cell phones for senior citizens. They are-

  • You can also apply if you are a qualifying participant in the Emergency Broadband benefit program.
  • If you have received the Federal Pell Grant Award in the running award season, you can also apply.
  • Since February of 2020, during the Covid pandemic, you can also qualify if you have a substantial fall down in your business.
  • If you are unemployed or jobless for an extended period, you can participate in this Lifeline program.
  • You can participate in the Lifeline program if you are under Social Security while aging 55 or more.

The qualification criteria of the Senior’s Lifeline offer program are pretty similar to the EBB or the Lifeline program requirements. Free emergency cell phones for senior citizens are not the only way to get free phones. Other federal programs like EBB can also offer free cell phones and great plans.

Top 3 Providers With Free Emergency Cell Phones For Senior Citizens

1. SafeLink Wireless

SafeLink Wireless

The parent company of SafeLink is TracFone, one of the most well-known cellular service providers in America, with more than 20 million subscribers across the country. SafeLink offers the best senior citizen cell phone plans under the Lifeline program in two segments.

They offer dedicated plans for the residents of California and less overflowing plans for the citizens of other states.

You can get free phone service for seniors under their senior citizen cell phone plans. They also come with senior citizen emergency cell phones and mobile phone for senior citizens.

Benefits of SafeLink Wireless Lifeline

  • Offers unlimited domestic 4G LTE data access across the nation
  • Get unlimited minutes and messages with international calling convenience
  • It gives a free government smartphone from the most modern brands
  • Grants up to 10 GB of mobile hotspot tethering access
  • Provides special features with calling like voicemail facility and Caller ID visibility
  • Delivers free calling access to emergency numbers like 411 and 911

Like all Lifeline service providers under the FCC, all get funded by the Universal Service Administrative Company. As a senior, you can also access free air time for the first 12 months after the membership enrollment. Since the Lifeline cellular plans last up to 1 year, you may need to renew them by recertification.

2. enTouch Wireless

EnTouch Wireless

Boomerang Wireless has previously operated the cellular services of enTouch Wireless. But now, they are under the coverage wings of Verizon Wireless. For eligible low-income elders and households, they give free Lifeline phone plans.

With enTouch wireless, you can get excellent features with free government cell phones. However, enTouch Wireless has outstanding plans and features for the residents of California.

Benefits Of enTouch Wireless Lifeline

  • Includes unlimited talk and text to eligible users
  • Produces solid 4G LTE data coverage in more than 34 states around the United States
  • You can get up to 1.5 GB of data every month (4 GB for the residents of California)
  • It offers excellent modern smartphones from the top-level brands
  • Qualified participants can get EBB advantages as well
  • Brand-new users can get unlimited data access for a limited period only

If you move for the non-tribal plan, you can also obtain the possibility to win a Free cell phone. If you are approved, you can relish unlimited data permits under the EBB program advantages. You can be qualified in two aspects, through FCC projects and your annual income profile.

3. FeelSafe WIreless

FeelSafe Wireless is a label name of the AirVoice Wireless Lifeline relief services. AirVoice Wireless operates under the net range of AT&T, which is one of the most substantial cellular carriers in the United States.

The GSM net standard is considerable for those who don’t possess cellular access, particularly for seniors aged more than 55. You can get free government cell phones and cellular services every month through FeelSafe Wireless.

Benefits Of FeelSafe Wireless Lifeline

  • Get unlimited national vocal minutes
  • You can send unlimited texts to your special ones
  • Get up to 2 GB of convenient 4G LTE data bundle(based on location & compatible devices)
  • You can add supplementary minutes, messages, and internet access through top-ups beginning at only 5 dollars per month.
  • Offers 911 emergency calling services for the residents of California.

Even if you have finished free perks before the end of the month, you can expand more perks with your values. They cost only 10 cents per vocal minute, text message, and MegaByte data as well. You can easily get a cell phone for elderly from them.

FAQ About the Free Emergency Cell Phones For Senior Citizens

Who gives free phones with service?

AT&T doesn’t offer senior citizens cell phones. However, AT&T Mobility is a plan which offers cell phones to qualified individuals at a discounted rate.

How many free phones can I get?

If you qualify with income status, you need to have a minimum annual income of 17226 dollars(1 person) for all states. However, for California, the minimum income is 28700 dollars(1 person).

Who gives free phones when you switch?

Assurance Wireless, FeelSafe Wireless, Safelink Wireless offers free phones when you switch with the eligibility of the Lifeline program.

Final Verdict

You can get free emergency cell phones for senior citizens if you are eligible with the set requirements. There are several carriers that offer Lifeline services to qualified individuals. Before you pick any provider’s services, you should check if the offerings, requirements, and network coverages are suitable for you or not.