Top 15 Free Cell Phones For Seniors in 2021

Are you searching for free cell phones for seniors? There were days when cell phones were considered gadgets or luxury items, and very few could buy them. Still, today, it has become a necessity for everyone, even for senior citizens, so that they can stay connected to their families, friends, and society. Many seniors are isolated from their families, have low income or no income, and cannot buy a cell phone.

Nevertheless, who thought that a day would come when free cell phones for seniors would be offered to make their lives more convenient and easy? The government of Uthe S has made it easy for senior citizens to have access to cell phones even if they can not purchase. Having a free cell phone does not mean anyone can get it.

free cell phones for seniors

There are some regulations and qualification terms, criteria, and programs by Federal State Government that need to be followed for having free cell phones for seniors. Not everyone is going to qualify for these programs. Programs that existed for the qualification and eligibility are listed below.

Seniors who can apply for free cell phone are:

  • Low family or individual income
  • Senior over the age of 65
  • Disability, suffering from a disease

Qualification and Eligibility Programs for Free Cell Phones


This program is meant for those seniors who belong to low family incomes. Medicaid offers medical help in the form of nursing homes to people of all ages. To get the benefits of their services, one must have a membership proof document with them.

Membership Proof Requirement: The membership document includes

  • Name of Senior
  • Residence Address
  • Date of Issue
  • Agency and State name from where the card is made

Supplemental Security Income

People who are disabled, old aged, 65 years and above, and orphans who cannot take care of themselves because of low income are administered by SSI, i.e., Supplemental Security Income. It is among one of the programs that serve around 8 million Americans and are still rising in figures with the aim of never stopping.

Membership Proof Requirement: The membership document includes

  • Name of the Program
  • Certificate
  • Name of candidate
  • Address
  • Certificate Issued Date

Bureau of Indian Affairs General Assistance

This program is meant for Indian American Families that caters them to food, shelter, utility expenses, and financial help.

Membership Proof Requirement: The membership document includes

  • Name
  • Date of issue

Tribal Head Start

Tribal Head Start supports Indian American Families who have under poverty income. Their main concern is to provide emotional, mental, and social support to the children at the age of 3 to 5 years. It supports children by helping them in education, health, parental engagement, and literacy.

Membership Proof Requirement

  • Membership Letter
  • Enrollment Confirmation regarding child name

Top 15 Best free Cell phones for seniors

Today there is an enormous and vast variety, brand, and technology of cell phones available in the market, but everyone wants the best for them so do seniors. There are various best cell phones for seniors available in the market.

Here is a list of best and must-haves free cell phones for seniors 2019 in the market

1. Easy Wireless

Seniors who reside in Kentucky, Missouri, and Oklahoma can apply for Easy Wireless Smartphones. 

Who can apply for it?

Seniors who belong to any medical aid conditions and whose income is below the poverty line can qualify for these Smartphones by the government.

Easy Wireless free cell phones for seniors

Monthly Plans of Easy Wireless: 

  • For Oklahoma Residents: Unlimited Texts, 2250 minutes, and 50 MB internet data only for $1 per month. Plans may vary between tribal and non-tribal. 
  • For Other State: It varies from time to time, so one needs to check before getting the recharge done.

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2. Cintex Wireless

Seniors who are looking for free cell phones in Arkansas, Maryland, West Virginia, and Rhode Island or who reside in the Northern American region can apply for it. 

Who can apply for it?

  • Low Income below the poverty line can apply for Cintex Smartphone. 
  • A proof will be required at the time of applying.

CinTex free cell phones for seniors

Monthly Plans of Cintex Wireless: 

  • Cintex plan includes 1000 free minutes, unlimited texts, and 1 GB of internet data.

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3. True Wireless

Are you looking for free cell phones for seniors in Texas? True Wireless offers free government phones in Texas along with three other states, i.e., Maryland, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Rhode Island. 

Monthly Plans for True wireless:

  • 500 calls, texts and 500 MB of internet data. 

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4. Tag Mobile

Tag Mobile is the best free cell phones for seniors in California. It offers free Smartphone’s to 19 states across the USA

Monthly Plans

  • In California: Unlimited Calls, Unlimited Texts, and 2 GB of internet data.
  • In the Other States: 750 minutes for calls, unlimited text, and 1 GB internet data

Tag Mobile free cell phones

Internet Plans:

  • Sim Plan: 2 GB per month
  • Smartphone Plan: 1 GB per month

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5. Q-Link Wireless

The Q-Link wireless service provider is considered the most renowned service provider in offering free government cell phones for Senior citizens. It provides its services to several regions and states of America; a few of them are Hawaii, Georgia, Lowa, Arizona, and Indiana.

QLink Wireless free cell phones

Monthly Plans

  • The basic plan includes unlimited text messages and 500 free minutes for voice calls. 
  • Usually, Plan varies from state to state. 
  • No Activation Fee
  • No Credit Checks
  • No short term Contracts

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6. enTouch Wireless

Are you searching for free cell phones for senior citizens in California? enTouch Wireless is growing fast in offering its services in various states. It’s been offering its services in more than 20 states.

Who can apply for it?

  • Senior Citizens should be on government assistance programs.
  • Household income should be between 135 to 150%

enTouch Wireless free cell phones for seniors

Monthly Plans Available:

  • In California Citizens: 500 minutes call plan, 100 texts, and 10 MB internet data plan
  • In Tribal Lands: Unlimited talk time, unlimited texts, and 750 MB internet data.

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7. American assistance

American Assistance is the company that offers its coverage nationwide. It is providing free smartphones in 16 states as of now. One primary benefit beneficiaries can get totally free. No cost, no contract at all.

Who can apply for it?

It varies from state to state; generally, citizens participating in government id programs are qualified for it.

Monthly Plans

  • 500 minutes voice calls talk time
  • 500 text messages and 1 GB internet data.

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8. Access Wireless

Access wireless is rapidly growing in the cities like Colorado, California, Delaware, Alabama, and other states. The plans may vary from state to state.

Access Wireless free cell phones

Monthly Plans Available: There exist two types of plans:

  • 100 minutes talk time, unlimited texts and 500 MB internet data
  • 500 minutes talk time, unlimited text messages and unlimited internet data.

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9. Verizon Wireless

Verizon Wireless is the best free phone for the citizens living in New York, North Dakota, and Wisconsin.

Who can apply for it?

  • Low-income families can apply for it at very affordable prices.
  • Strict rules and provisions are required to prove the eligibility.
  • Neglecting of regulations can ban the citizen from getting any lifeline benefits.

Verizon Wireless free cell phones for seniors

The top 10 Verizon Wireless free Government phones for senior citizen are listed below;

  • iPhone Xs
  • iPhone XR
  • Google Pixel 3
  • Samsung Galaxy S9
  • LG V40 ThinQ
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 9
  • Red Hydrogen One
  • Moto Z3
  • HTC U12+
  • iPhone Xs Max

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10. Safelink Wireless 

It is one of the oldest and top-rated companies that is offering free cell phones in more than 40 states in the country. The eligibility to apply for this connection is to be a member of the Lifeline Plan program and must have proof regarding the same. 

Safelink free cell phones for seniors

Monthly Plans

For California Residents: 

  • Unlimited text and talk + 500 MB of internet data- free
  • Unlimited text and talk + 1.5 GB of internet data – $10.00 in a month
  • Unlimited text and call + 4 GB of internet data plan- $17.60 in a month
  • Unlimited text and call + 10 GB of internet data – $32.60 in a month

For Other State Residents

  • Unlimited texts
  • 1 GB  in one month
  • Free sim card
  • Free 350 minutes call in one month

If beneficiaries apply for free phone promo, then they can experience the below things;

  • Free Smartphone having Wi-Fi and internet data compatibility
  • 350 minutes free call for one month
  • 500 MB free
  • Unlimited texts

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11. TruConnect 

TruConnect offers its services to few states, including California, Texas, Nevada, Kansas, Missouri, Kentucky, and Mexico. The services vary from state to state.

Who can apply for it?

  • It depends on the state where the beneficiary is living.
  • It depends on the household income.
  • Beneficiary should be enrolled in any government aid programs.
  • Monthly Plans TruConnect Offers:

For California Users;

California TruConnect users will get unlimited voice calls, text messages, and 500 MB internet data plan.

For Mexico Users:

200 minutes Talk time Voice Call Plan

For the Other States:

Unlimited Text Messages, 100 minutes Talk time, 500 MB internet data plan. 

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12. Safetynet wireless

Seniors residing in Pennsylvania, California, Georgia, Michigan, Wisconsin and Kentucky can apply for Safetynet wireless Plan. It is growing in other states and is expected to be available in more states soon. Among all states, California is on top where this connection is being used. 

SafetyNet offer free cell phones

Who can apply for Safetynet Wireless Smartphone Services?

  • The beneficiary must be under the Lifeline Assistance Program.
  • Must have low income
  • Must be under Federal Assistance Program

Monthly Plans Available:

It has a basic Lifeline plan that includes 750 voice calls, talk time, and 500 text messages without an internet data plan. 

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13. Terracom Wireless

Terracom Wireless offers its services to 9 states to date. The plans vary from state to state depends where the beneficiary lives. 

Who can apply for it?

  • Beneficiaries with low income
  • Beneficiaries who are under government aid program.

Terracom offers free cell phones for seniors

Monthly Plans provided by Terracom Wireless:

For Oklahoma Tribal Residents: 

1000 Voice call talk time plan, unlimited text messages, and 500 MB internet data plans

For Oklahoma Non- Tribal Residents, Kansas and Missouri Residents:

500 voice calls, talk time, and unlimited text messages. 

For other Residents:

500 minutes voice calls talk time and unlimited text messages.

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14. Pure Talk

It is one of the leading providers of no-contract affordable phone services. It provides it services all country no matter in which state or city seniors reside.

Pure Talk monthly available plans: 

  • Unlimited Plus Plan: 
  • Unlimited Cost talk time, 
  • Unlimited Texts,
  • MMS and 2 GB of internet data plan.
  • It also offers a flex plan, family flex plan, and unlimited flex plans with different plans and offers.

15. TelAlaska

It offers services only to the state of Alaska. TelAlaska offers four mobile plans. Users can choose any plan that suits them. Plans are Lifeline Plan, Local only Plan, Local and Beyond Plan and the student plan. There is an internet plan for users who want to surf the net. This is additional to what maybe the other mobile plans offered by the competitors in the business world.

Monthly Plans for Lifeline Plan Services:

• Unlimited Local Calls

• Free and high-quality cell phone

• 400 minutes talk time. (Roaming and Local)

• Nationwide free text messages

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How to Choose Best Cell Phones For Seniors

Due to age seniors suffers from a lot of health issues. It can be a hearing problem, weak eyesight, body ache, and many. Keeping all these factors in mind, one should choose the cell phone accordingly. Below are the steps, which give a clear picture of choosing the right cell phone for seniors.

1. Wireless Carrier

Before choosing phone make sure which connection will be suitable for your seniors. Some connections have coverage in only fewer parts of the country and are compatible only with few phones. It is good if the carrier is chosen before the phone and offers good services in all the places wherever you go, whether it is your residence, another city, mall, or any destination vacation.

Take views from your friends, families, and relatives about the carriers they are using regarding their coverage area, monthly plans, network problems that can help you better which to opt for. Sprint, Verizon, AT&T Cell Phones For Seniors is highly recommended and on top carriers in offering their best services in the entire US. You may also discover 10 Best AARP Cell Phones for Seniors.

2. Requirement of features your senior want

Different generations prefer different features. Some seniors only want phones to make voice calls with large buttons, while others may wish to have cell phones capable of everything from accessing the internet to streaming videos.

Flip phones or Block-style phones: For the one who prefers a simple phone with only the essential functions, flip phones or block-style phones will be good. Those who want access to all other features besides introductory call and text capabilities should get a Smartphone.

Before opting for Smartphone, take care of the below features while applying for Smartphone

Speaker Quality: Aged people usually have a hearing problem. Make sure the phone you are applying for has a good quality of speakers that do not distract background noises. For better knowledge, phones that are rated as some combination of M3, M4, T3, or T4 meet the Federal Communications Commission’s standards for hearing aid compatibility.

Long-lasting Battery: For seniors, the best phone is whose battery lasts long in a single charge only, so that no one should worry if they are out of home for the whole long day. It is necessary to take a note on battery life.

Voice Command Capability: this feature makes it easy for seniors as there are phone that make verbal commands like make a call, send message or check mail. Beneficiaries who face difficulty in clicking or swiping screen, voice command capability compatible phones are best for them.

Large and Bright Display Screen: many seniors weak eyesight. They cannot see small things clearly for them large and bright screen phones are best in use as bigger screens are easier for aging eyes.

GPS facility: Enabling GPS helps you to get turn-by-turn directions or allow the phone to be used as a tracking device.

3. Have a trial before applying:

Before applying make a visit to a store and get your hands on the device you are interested in to be sure it will meet all your needs. Make sure the ringer is loud enough, the display is bright enough, and the buttons are large enough. In most cases, you will have a return or exchange policy within a 15- to 30-day period after purchase during which you can return a phone if it does not prove to be what you require. 

Best Flip Phone and block style Phones For Seniors

Many seniors still prefer simplicity in today’s advanced world of technology and will go for flip or block-style phones. Below are some best flip and block style phones for seniors

1. Jitterbug Flip phone: It’s specially designed for older people having large buttons. Jitterbug is considered the best flip phone for seniors to date. It is a basic model made up of plastic having below features

Features of Jitterbug Flip Phone:

  • It has a simple menu,
  • Backlit keypad,
  • Easy-to-read text,
  • Excellent battery life,
  • Have very loudspeakers that are compatible with hearing aids.
  • Includes a camera with a flashlight (with enough space for about 1,000 photos)
  • Jitterbug has a reading magnifier.

Paid Services: By paying a monthly fee, seniors can take advantage of paid facilities i.e.

  • Automated medication reminders
  • Access to healthcare professionals 24*7
  • Connects to an operator who can track the caller via GPS by touching a 5-star touch button.

2. Alcatel GO Flip:

Are you looking for an inexpensive phone for a senior? Alcatel GO Flip is the most affordable phone with maximum and unique features for seniors. T mobile and Sprint offer these phones. It has big, raised keys with large-print numbers, good call quality, and decent noise cancellation.

Other features it has integrated are:

  • In-built camera and video player.
  • Good and long-lasting battery life
  • Wi-Fi hotspot.

It ranks high in the most significant selling point and the fact behind it is that it is one of the few sub-$100* phones that works on the 4G LTE networks that all wireless carriers are adopting these days. For sure, speedy and fastest connection, internet connections anywhere the user might be; whether in the valley or on the mountains.

3. Doro 7050

Doro 7050 cell phone would be best for those seniors who value simplicity even today. A basic cell phone meant for calling and texting purposes. It has an excellent quality call function, a bright display, backlit buttons, including a separate button to activate the built-in camera.

Other Integrated Features include:

  • It has a MicroSD slot.
  • Bluetooth for hands-free use
  • An alert button calls your pre-programmed emergency contact, but only when pressed three consecutive times. It might sound a bit unwieldy, but it does mean that you will be less likely to activate it by accident.

Best Smartphone’s for Seniors

1. iPhone 7

iPhone 7 user-friendly interface and its easily accessible operating system feature make the best and ideal Smartphone for seniors. I call it unbeatable.

Features integrated are as below

  • It has a bright and colorful 4.7-inch LCD screen
  • It has dual speakers, 
  • Available in either 32 GB or 128 GB of storage, depending on the specific model you get. Even in low light, both front and rear cameras tend to take high-quality pictures 

2. Samsung Galaxy J3

It is a low-cost Smartphone among all Samsung series, which is compatible with the 4g network. Isn’t it like cherry on the top? Features integrated into this phone are as follows

  • Long-lasting battery
  • 16 GB of internal storage 
  • MicroSD card slot 
  • The front and rear cameras are capable of taking clear and decent pictures even in low lighting.
  • High Definition quality. It can film full in HD.

3. Motorola Moto E4 

It offers valuable and outstanding quality to seniors within their budget. It’s light in weight having water repellent coating on its screen. 

Integrated Features:

  • It has a five-inch HD display
  • It has reasonable call quality, 
  • Have both front and rear-facing cameras. 
  • It has an exceptionally long-lasting battery that can be removed, if necessary it can replaced whenever required. 
  • It comes with a fingerprint sensor that allows you to unlock the phone with a simple touch. 

4. Jitterbug Smartphone

Jitterbug is the best any senior can have. This Android Smartphone Jitterbug phone has very simplified features i.e. 

  • 5.5-inch screen with a bright display
  • The quality of voice call is evident and loud
  • 5-star emergency buttons appear on the screen
  • Best for hearing aid
  • Supports voice to text capability
  • Big icons arranged in a simple list and extra-large text
  • Additional apps are available that helps seniors in reminding them about their medications and health advice from trained professionals which are chargeable. 

Impact of using cell phones by Senior Citizens

Emergency Situations

Medical issues increase with body ageing. Seniors are more prone to medical emergencies such as heart attacks and strokes that require immediate assistance. Having a cell phone can help seniors by contacting to their emergency number or directly at 911.


Who does not want to stay connected with their friends, families, and relatives? Cell phones have made it easy to be connected with all of them via phone calls, texting and video or live connection calls through Face time and WhatsApp video calling.

Health Monitoring

Accessing of smart phones can help seniors in tracking their current medical health. In built health apps can help them record and collect information regarding their pulse rate, body weight, and other medication tet on reminders.

Never Feel Alone

No matter where their near ones are, seniors can connect to them easily through cell phones and never feel the loneliness of not meeting them, as they are just one phone call away.

Overall Verdict

Get connected to your grandparents all the time; know about their well-being and life from time to time by applying free cell phones for them. To get free cell phone for seniors, all you need is full-fledged knowledge and awareness about how to qualify for phone, which phone and carrier will be the best for them.

What are the preferences of seniors about phone they are going to use, awareness about rules and regulations of Government Federal State and Life Assistance Program affiliation and all membership proofs required for while applying for phone, type of phone whether flip or Smartphone.

Should consider all these factors and elements for qualifying for a free phone. So what are you waiting for? Go and grab the one for your senior and make them happy. Let them give an opportunity to laugh, live, connect with friends, families, relatives and the outside world so that they can relive their life again and feel young, fresh, enthusiastic.

You still confused about which government plan to choose to qualify free cell phones for seniors?  Don’t be; being an intelligent and educated consumer, you can look at all the facilities, pros and cons of each provider available in your area to find a suitable government Federal and state program and plans that meets all your requirements.

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