How To Get Free Cell Phone With New Activation

Cell phones are attached to our daily lifestyle, and heavy cell phone users find that they have gathered a huge monthly cellular bill at the end of a month.

However, you don’t have to worry as there are ways by which you can get a free cell phone with new activation from specific platforms or providers.

How To Get Free Cell Phone With New Activation

Several places like the Federal lifeline program or Lifeline free cellular service providers can offer you free cell phones with new activation. Some of these providers are Assurance Wireless, SafeLink Wireless, etc. You can also get free cell phone deals with new activation from major cell phone companies.

Free Cell Phone With New Activation

With the qualifying conditions, you can grab free cell phones from major national carriers like T-Mobile, Verizon, Sprint, and AT&T. The best alternative is switching to a new provider with free or discounted switching deals for new users. Republic Wireless, Google Fi, TracFone, and Ting offer switching deals for freshers.

Who Offer Free Phones With Activation

Among the trending cell phone companies (regardless of major ones or MVNOs), we will discuss the three best providers that offer free cell phone with new activation for switching users. You can get free cellular services and phones with activation from T-Mobile, Verizon, and Metro By T-Mobile. Let’s discuss the terms in detail!

1. T-Mobile

With T-Mobile, you can get a free cell phone device through their 24 monthly billing credits. And this offer is only available to the users that are switching or activating a jew line on a qualified T-Mobile cellular plan(regardless of purchase or lease). Some of the T-Mobile free phones with activation are- Samsung Galaxy A32 5G, Galaxy A53 5G, iPhone SE, etc.

2. Verizon

When you switch or add a new line to Verizon, you can get a free cell phone with activation without any Trade-in required. Switching to Verizon is easy, and they don’t require number shifting; you can continue with the same number & have a better cellular experience.

The best free phones with activation from Verizon are- iPhone 11, iPhone 12 Mini, Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G, Motorola Edge 5G UW, etc.

3. Metro By T-Mobile

Metro By T-Mobile has a wide section of 5G phones which are offered in the free phones deal. They are Samsung Galaxy A13 5G, Moto g stylus 5G, OnePlus Nord N200 5G, Nokia X100, TCL 30 XE 5G, Samsung Galaxy A32 5G, and the OnePlus Nord N10 5G. You can choose from the widest collection of FREE 5G phones when you switch to Metro.(It is a limited-time offer & available for in-store orders only.)

What Is No Activation Fee Phones

An activation fee is a charge which is taken by the cellular provider for a single time when you open and activate a new service with that provider. The fee is usually considered as the charge for the company’s expenses which is related to the new line/account activation.

Here is a list of No Activation fee cell phones from the countries’ best cellular carriers!

Cell Phones   ProvidersCompatible Networks
Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5GVerizon5G & 4G LTE
Apple iPhone SEMetro by T-Mobile4G LTE
Motorola Moto G PlayGoogle Fi4G LTE
Motorola Moto G PowerBoost Mobile4G LTE
OnePlus Nord N200 5GT-Mobile5G & 4G LTE

How To Get Metro PCS Free Phones With Activation

Metro By T-Mobile or Metro PCS delivers their shoppers free latest phones for a fixed time with activation. To get Metro Pcs Free Phones With Activation, you must switch from another carrier to Metro.

Therefore, you have to buy a monthly package under any promo events from in-store options only. Lastly, you need to follow a few terms and conditions that furnish authentic authority.

Can I Get A Get A Free Phone From Assurance Wireless

Yes, you can get a free phone from Assurance Wireless after abiding by a set of rules with the set eligibility conditions. Assurance Wireless is a free cellular service provider which offers cost-free cell phones with free services operated under the federal government of the US.

To get a free phone from Assurance Wireless, you need to first qualify for the Lifeline or the EBB program. Both programs come with almost identical qualifying conditions as they are government programs. You need to show proof of eligibility (annual earning under 135 to 150% of the Federal Poverty level) to get the service.

What Career Offer Free Phones No Contract

To get free phones no contract, we highly recommend you to switch to Boost Mobile and Cricket Wireless as they offer free phones without any contracts. From Boost Mobile, you can get the Samsung Galaxy A13 5G For Free no contracts(if you are a switching user).

Cricket Wireless also offers free phones with no contracts, but unlike Boost Mobile, they have a wide section of free phones without contract requirements. They are Motorola Moto G Pure, Nokia C2 Tava, Moto G Play (2021), Samsung Galaxy A03s, and Moto G Power (2021).

How Can I Get Free Prepaid Phones

Lifeline provides free prepaid phones to people who fulfill the requirements of the Federal Lifeline program. If you want to get a free government phone, you need to apply by following the required terms of the Lifeline program. Here are the programs you can utilize as a piece of evidence to authorize.

  • Free projects of the School Lunch Scheme
  • Medicaid or Federal Medical Aid Program
  • Supplemental Security Income
  • Temporary Assistance for Needy Families
  • Federal Public Housing Assistance Project
  • Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program(SNAP)

How To Get Free Government Cell Phones Online

To get free government cell phones online, you must have the federal Lifeline program qualifying conditions. The above-mentioned Federal programs are also applicable to this criteria. You can use your annual income status if you cannot display any agendas to authorize in the Lifeline scheme.

Your annual earnings must stay at or beneath 135-150% of the Federal Poverty Guideline levels. You can get into participating if you are an eligible member of the EBB program. You can partake in this Lifeline plan if you stay jobless for an elongated time.

Cell Phone Companies With Free Phones

There are several cell phone companies from the major nationals or the MVNOs that offer free phones. T-Mobile, Sprint, and Verizon broadly offer free cell phones under certain conditions for the new users in the switching deals.

Metro PCS and Boost Mobile are amongst the MVNOs that come with free phones. Some Government cell phone companies with free phones are- Cintex Wireless, Q Link, Tag Mobile, SafeLink Wireless, Infiniti Mobile, TruConnect, etc.

FAQ About Free Cell Phone With New Activation

Do you have to pay an activation fee when buying a new phone?

If you buy phones from any cell phone carriers with an attached plan for the first time, you may have to pay an activation fee when buying a new phone. However, there are some providers that offer no activation fee for cell phones under certain conditions.

Is there an activation fee for unlocked phones?

The activation fee gradually involves consumers who purchase an unlocked cell phone from a provider different from AT&T and start it on their arrangements.

The activation fee from Sprint is $30 per device. T-Mobile has unlocked phones with no activation fee, but they charge a $20 fee for SIM starter kits on new buys.

How to avoid activation fee Verizon?

To avoid the activation fee from Verizon, you need to negotiate with customer support to waive the fee. Besides, you can call the retention department, activate your phones online, get your own phone from stores, or switch carriers.

How can I avoid cell phone activation fees?

First, you can purchase your cell phone from other platforms through your workplace or any associations that you belong to. Purchase cell phones directly from the online platform of the providers. Or, you can look around and shop your phone elsewhere at a discounted deal.

How to avoid activation fee T-Mobile?

If you desire to dodge the T-Mobile Activation cost, you can do so by starting your latest phone online or via the T-Mobile application. It is an Assisted Support that does not contain a material SIM card charge, which will cost an extra 10 dollars.

Final Verdict

You can get a free cell phone with new activation from large providers like T-Mobile, Verizon, and Sprint with the qualifying conditions. The best option is swapping to a new provider with free or discounted switching deals for new users. Overwhelmingly, Republic Wireless, Metro By T-Mobile, Google Fi, and Ting offer switching deals for new users.