How To Get Free Cell Phone For Disabled On Social Security

In the 1985s United States Congress created the lifeline program and took the decision that everyone should have a phone, under this program the government provides a free cell phone to the disabled, the less fortunate people.

This program was upgraded and improved in 2005 to provide communication services. A free cell phone can be a great help to the disabled.

It makes her daily life. the program called “Lifeline” helps to provide people with disabilities or extremely low incomes with free cell phones. At present this program creates a vital role in social security for the disabled.

Under the federal communications commission, the lifeline program provides easy communication services to the disabled, under the lifeline program one of the most popular services is free cell phone service. In this contant, we discuss how to get it and who qualifies for this program, etc.

How To Qualify For This Free Cell Phone Program?

To get these program facilities you should qualify for some criteria. At present cell phones are the most essential part of the communication system, the federal communication commission supports this program by funding a small amount of fee for catch wireless bills which is referred to as universal service fund.

There are several ways to qualify to get a free cell phone for disabled on social security. However, to qualify this program an disabled should have to fulfill the following requirements.

How to qualify for this free cell phone program?

Income level

Those disabled people who can take this program, they should have not across their income level 135% according to the federal poverty index.

And who receive supplemental security income.It is not fixed for all states, it can vary according to the guidelines of their own state.

Include any government aid as member

You can be an active member of any government aid program like the old and childcare program if you want to get the opportunity of a lifeline program.

Include social welfare fund

If you can get free phone service as a disabled member, you should be an active member of any social welfare foundation.

Other criteria

If you get temporary assistance for low-income families because of disability, you are also selected to gain from the lifeline program for affordable communication with family and friends.

When you can fulfill those criteria you should select this lifeline program and get a free cell phone as a disability person.

How can apply for a free cell phone for disability on social security

After fulfilling qualifying criteria for a cell phone and services, then you should go to the Lifeline support website and sign up for a free wireless phone.

It is the first step of applying, then you should find the best free government cell phone provider in your area. You will get an instruction on what document you need, and you will get help with technical issues for any time.  On this website you can must fill up

  • Your location
  • All available documents information
  • Information of changing providers (if you want)
  • Get help with technical issue,

You must go through those four-step procedures for qualifying for a free cell phone. When fill up all information on this site, you may also require flowing proving eligibility for lifeline support, those are;

  • Any award or participation card those are government-sponsored:
  • SNAP
  • Medicaid
  • Tax return
  • Other specific programs card.

When you participate in one of the government-sponsored programs. It helps to get a free cell phone service.

Who is the provider of free cell phones to disabled on social security?

Who is the provider of free cell phones to disabled on social security

There are many providers who offer free cell phones to the disabled. Here are some best service providers:

Verizon wireless

Verizon cell phone service has amazing deals to offer although their free phones are not available to all stats. If you are able to get this service you ensure many excellent plans that vary from time to time. Verizon covers New York, North Dakota, Wisconsin, and Iowa.

Q-link wireless

Q-link wireless provides an excellent pack of talk time, texting, and data service. It has strong network coverage, and unbelievable data speed. They provide their services in almost 40 states and ensure to provide social security.

Q-link wireless phone service offers the cheapest cell phone plans that include 1000 minutes, unlimited texting, and one GB of data. to apply you can visit their website or real store.

American assistance

Under the American broadband and telecommunication brand, American assistance is a nationwide carrier. firstly they start in California, but at present they offering lifeline service to 16 states, most of them is Colorado, Wisconsin, Hawaii, and others, They offer free for disabled smartphones at once, 500 minutes of free talk time, and 500 texts, 1 GB internet per month.

Infinity mobile

Infinity mobile services provide some excellent service for the disabled, they provide their services in almost seven-state in America, they provide two offers, for tribal they give unlimited talk time in their own nation, unlimited free texting, and 1.5GB data, for non-tribal, thy offers 750 minute talk time, unlimited free texting, they have also another low-cost data plan for a low-income family and disabled.

Assist wireless

Assist Wireless is one of the largest tail comminuting companies in America, it services more than 30 stats and they used sprints towers for network coverage. They also have free offers for disabled and low-income people.

For Oklahoma those customers who are qualifying for lifeline assistance can take all opportunities for $1 per month, on the other stats they provide 1000 free texts, 1000 voice calls per month. If you can pay $6.20 per month, you are able to get unlimited talk time and unlimited texting.

Safelink wireless

Safelink Wireless is one of the free government cell phone carrier companies, it offers free smartphones, they provide their service around the 40 states to low-income families and the disabled, they offer Safelink compatible phones and plan for disabled 1000  minutes, 2 GB, and unlimited texting, they use a simple application process for their customer.

AT&T cell phone service

AT&T wireless cell phone services provide lifeline service under AT&T infrastructure that provides best network coverage across the country.

For disabled and needy people they offer a At&t wireless free government phone, 1200 anytime talk time minutes, free nation long-distance calling anytime, etc. for lifeline service customers, they charged $1 per month, this fee is not fixed, it depends on different stats.

Other service company

Without those mobile services, there also have many services for free mobile service. Like assurance wireless, dart phone,  telAlaska, etc, they provide excellent offers for disabled and low income families .

Have a discount on these services for the disabled on social security?

In the U.S.A. most wireless providers participate in this free government program as a lifeline program. For this when you are applying for a program you should consider the company’s policy to get the best opportunity,  for lifeline customers almost all wireless companies provide usually $9.25 per month as a basic package.

This is the best discount if you compare with a normal data package. Some carriers provide low cost packages, you can get those packages if you are not allowed for the lifeline program.

How to re-certify for the free cell phone for the disabled on social security?

 After one year use, your free cell phone service will be required to re-certify for free cell phone and plan another year. This system is very easy.

For re-certifying, you should visit your services providers’ website and sign in to your account, after that you should flow the on-screen instructions and fulfill it. After that, your account will re-certify within 3-5 business days.

How to save if you are not qualifying this program?

For low income people and disabled, lifeline program is the best relief program that provides the government, but when if you are not qualified this program you do not Save your money. There are many ways to save money, as like,

Using MVNO on cell phone

If you want to save your money to use free internet and use cell phone service you should use MVNO to switching other cell phone carriers for comparatively low cost, for example, Verizon offers $1000 minute $25 while infinity mobile offers the same as a $5 , so we see that the MVNO helps us to reduce costing and save money.

Buy a refurbished phone

Buying a used phone can save your money up to 60% of the cost of a new phone, after all  we recommended you to shop from reliable online shopping such as Amazon, Ali expresses ect. By this way you can save your money.

Why are cell phones necessary for disabled?

It’s time for information technology, we cannot think any day without a cell phone, by the cell phone we always feel safe, happy, mentally refreshed. For disabled cell phones are more important in their daily life. Some importunate as like as,

For safety

Disabled people can’t live as normal people and anyhow they are dependent with others. If he has a personal cell phone they are able to communicate with his near and dear when he falls into danger.  It also needs personal security, so it is important to disabled people.

Mental health

The disabled have several physical and emotional challenges, for this, they are not mentally free, through cell phones they can do some entertainment and funny activities like free gaming, social networking, etc.

Medicine safety

Although it provides personal safety, it is also used for medical safety. So we all know that disabled people are not strong as normal people, for this their all-time need for medicine, cell phones are used to ensure to take medicine proper time.

Final Verdict

As a social security the United states congress pass the bill of lifeline program for disabled and needy people, for this almost every cell phone carrier company participates in this lifeline program by using their small part of a profile. it is a great deal for disabled and low-income people.

They can feel social security and are eligible for the lifeline assistance program. However, if you are able to get this program, you should consider a discount between two big companies and if you do not qualify this program, you should buy a used cell phone and use MVNO for saving money.