Does Verizon Have a Flip Phone For Seniors?

Does Verizon have a flip phone for seniors? In the smartphone age, it’s easy to forget that some seniors don’t like smartphones and prefer flip phones. It should come as no surprise then that Verizon has a flip phone with big buttons for senior citizens and those with vision or dexterity issues.

There are plenty of options out there like AARP cell phones for seniors, So, who want the best Verizon flip phones that are simple yet still offer all the functionality they need. I hope this post helps you find just what you’re looking for.

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Does Verizon have flip phones for seniors?

Does Verizon have a flip phone for seniors? Yes, Verizon offers a number of the best flip phone for seniors, including the Samsung Galaxy Core Prime VE, Alcatel GO FLIP V, Nokia 2720 V Flip, KAZUNA eTalk, Kyocera DuraXV Extreme, Verizon LG Exalt LTE, Kyocera DuraXV Verizon Gray 4 GB, Easyfone Prime A1, and the LG Xpression L90.

It’s worth noting that these flip phones use CDMA technology rather than GSM, so you’ll want to make sure it works with Verizon towers in your area before buying.

Does Verizon have flip phones for seniors

Here are just some of the features offered by Verizon phones for seniors and those with vision or dexterity issues:

What features should I look for?

There are several factors to consider when looking for a flip phone for seniors. These flip phones tend to be more expensive than smartphones, so you want something functional that won’t break the bank. We address some Here are some critical components for your consideration.

Size: Flip phones can vary from as small as 2.6 inches by 1 inch (the Samsung Uhans F3) up to 3.9 inches by 1.8 inches (the Alcatel U5). The usual size is between 3.5 and 4.0 inches, so consider this when choosing the best Verizon prepaid flip phones.

Battery life: It’s also worth considering how long the battery lasts on these phones, as you want your loved ones to have something they can use for as long as possible. Huawei has one of the most extended battery life flip phones on the market, with up to 300 hours of standby time!

Water resistance: It’s nice to have a phone that can withstand rain or be dropped in water. The Samsung Uhans F3 is rated at IP68, which means it can be sunk in up to 1.5 meters of water for as up to thirty minutes.

Storage: You’ll want a flip phone with plenty of storage space for photos and music. The Alcatel U5 has the most internal memory at 32 GB, though this is expandable up to 64 GB with an additional SD card.

Camera: A 5 MP camera should be more than adequate for taking photos of your loved one’s lunch or their new grandchild. The Alcatel U5 has a smart rear-facing camera with a 13 MP lens.

Large buttons: This is one of the most prominent features when it comes to flip phones. The larger buttons make it easier to use these phones, especially if your loved one has trouble seeing or using their fingers.

Simple design: You’ll want a flip phone that’s easy to use. It should have a simple interface, with one home screen and easily accessible controls.

Loud ringers: You’ll want to make sure your loved one can hear their phone ringing, so look for flip phones with loud ringers. Some of these phones also offer LED notifications for calls and SMS messages.

Easy navigation: A flip phone should be easy to navigate. It should feature a home screen button that takes users back to the main screen and shows all their apps in one place. If your loved one has vision problems, consider an unlocked flip phone with large numbers on the keypad so they can see them clearly.

What about smart flip phones?

A more modern flip phone is the Pantech Crossover 3 (Verizon Wireless). If you don’t mind paying a little extra, this model has wireless internet access and runs on Android 4.2 Jelly Bean OS.

It’s also available for $39.99 with a new two-year agreement or $129.99 at Best Buy if you don’t want to wait for a mail-in rebate. This model has a sliding keyboard, a 2-megapixel camera, and a 4″ screen that even seniors can easily use.

If Internet access isn’t necessary to you, but you still need a flip phone, the Samsung Conquer 4G (Verizon Wireless) Flip Phone is another good option.

Best Buy and Amazon sell it for $0 with a two-year agreement or through Verizon for $49.99. This model also runs Android but has no camera or Internet access. It’s perfect if you don’t mind giving up modern conveniences in exchange for a very inexpensive phone.

How do I figure out which carrier is better for my loved one?

Once you’ve decided on a type of flip phone, it’s time to pick a cellular provider. The two leading players in this arena are Verizon Wireless and AT&T.

In general, we prefer Verizon because they have larger coverage maps than AT&T, though both companies deliver dependable service. To see which network will work best in your loved one’s area.

Are flip phones being discontinued?

Flip phones are definitely on the decline, due mainly to the advent of smartphones. However, if your loved one doesn’t want a smartphone and simply wants an easy-to-use phone, there’s no reason to stop them – especially if they’ve been using flip phones for years. With so many good deals available today on flip phones, there’s no reason to settle for an outdated model that costs a lot of money.

Flip phones are still available and will continue to be known as long as their users need them, so don’t let your loved one be left behind because they’ve refused to get a smartphone. If you have any questions about how flip phones work or what features are essential, drop us a comment, and we’ll give you some tips that can help!

What Verizon flip phones do you recommend?

If you’re looking for a flip phone from Verizon but aren’t sure which one to get, leave us a comment, and we’ll point you in the right direction! Just tell us your budget and what features are most important to you to recommend the best flip phone for seniors.

Can you use a Verizon phone with Metro PCS?

Verizon used to be a CDMA carrier, meaning they didn’t use the standard GSM network that most other carriers rely on. As of 2017, Verizon no longer sells CDMA phones in their stores, but you can still find them online or from third-party vendors. If your loved one already has a flip phone and loves it, it’s not worth upgrading just for a new phone.

Why are Flip phones obsolete in most western countries?

Due to lack of compatibility with modern internet speed, flip phones are declining in popularity. If your family lives overseas, this won’t be a problem, but most of us live in cell phone-friendly areas where we can get to all our social media accounts from our smartphones. Even if you don’t use a flip phone for Internet access, it’s still helpful to have something to send texts and make phone calls.

In fact, flip phones are one of the most widely-used cell phones in developing countries like Argentina and Indonesia. If your loved one lives somewhere that has spotty coverage or no access to Wi-Fi, having a flip phone will keep them connected to their social circle even when they’re offline.

How do Will Verizon flip phones work?

Verizon flip phones work on the same principle as other cell phones. If you want to learn more about how they actually work, check out our guide on Best Verizon Flip Phones work.

Is a Verizon flip phone hard to use?

All manufacturers have different designs for their flip phones, so it’s impossible to say whether or not they’re hard to use. However, we can give you a few tips that many people find helpful when using their flip phone:

Practice makes perfect. The more comfortable your loved one is with their flip phone, the easier it will be for them to use it regularly. This is especially true if they’re trying to get used to new buttons, a new screen layout, or a different keypad.

Final Verdict

Flip phones are definitely declining in popularity, which can make them harder to find. However, if your loved one is still using a flip phone and you want to get them something new, there are plenty of deals available – even on Verizon.

So your finding of does Verizon have a flip phone for seniors? With so many good models available from Verizon’s website, you shouldn’t have any trouble finding the right flip phone for your loved one. Once you’ve decided what to buy, all that’s left is purchasing the phone and setting it up – then you can enjoy talking face to face with your family like everyone else!