15 Best Consumer Cellular Phones for Seniors 2020

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In a much modern world, the role of cellular phones in the lives of the many, particularly for the seniors, has been so important. Consumer Cellular phones for seniors give seniors the facility to maintain a connection with their loved ones and still be able to communicate with their relatives and friends, no matter how distant they are. Each people needs to feel acquainted and connected. This still applies to our older family members. Most of the time, they live alone and they no longer go out often. But having a cellular phone can change things.

Currently, seniors can get less complex cellular phones and cellular phone plans for them to keep in touch with the people that are important for them. Despite the distance, seniors can still maintain their relationships with their loved ones. They can still show their affection, and they can still feel loved.

For many tech-savvy seniors, smartphones offer tools, entertainment, and safety other than their standard functionality to communicate. Seniors enjoy the additional features of their phones such as Facebook and online bills payment.

Why Use Consumer Cellular Phones for seniors

Seniors are most likely inclined to features like big screens and buttons, clearer and louder speakers, and better lighting. Consumer Cellular recognizes these needs as they brought to the public its cellular offerings. No matter which features a senior sees appealing, Consumer Cellular is ready to provide a solution to suit his or her needs.

Seniors are suggested to own cellular phones for obvious reasons that it gives them comfort and immediate assistance too. Here are the common benefits identified when using a cellular phone:

Monitors everyday health: A lot of accessible apps which make it easy to conveniently monitor everyday health. Also, these tools allow seniors to keep updated on their medical requirements.

Helps retain social connections: Whether you are communicating with your loved ones through calls, texts, FaceTime or Skype, cellular phones will always make it simple to retain the connection to your family and friends.

Provides peace of mind: The idea that you have the means of reaching your family and friends when you have to will provide you the peace of mind. When you are driving in a far-flung area and your vehicle breaks down, or when you have an urgent meeting to attend but you are running late and you want to inform somebody for prior notice, it is comforting to know that you own a cellular phone and through it, you can ask for assistance.

Boundless options for entertainment: Cellular phones are more than calling devices. From games to music to movies, almost every cellular phone in the market suggests options that are perfect for entertainment. With simple keystrokes, you may see all things from intellectual training to senseless entertainment to videos and music and all things in between.

Gives emergency assistance: From sudden falls to heart attacks or strokes, seniors are more expected to encounter a medical emergency. With the use of a cellular phone, seniors can have the immediate and simple access to lifesaving facility whenever and wherever it is required.

15 Best Consumer Cellular Phones for Seniors

Consumer Cellular guarantees flexible, eliminated non-essential features targeted at the senior statistics and those who do not regularly use their phones. Recent consumer reports say that Consumer Cellular topped in terms of customer satisfaction as it was evaluated along with other postpaid carriers such as Sprint, Verizon, T-Mobile, and AT&T.

DORO 7050

DORO 7050 flip phone exhibits an easy and dependable approach to stay in touch with families and friends. It has an Assistance button which allows a user to immediately dial an emergency contact. The keys are well-dispersed and high contrast so that texting and calling are even done quicker. The main display is properly lit so that it looks clear and simple to see. The phone is particularly designed to be convenient for taking pictures through the 2MP camera which is also incorporated with a flash. It works with Bluetooth and supports 4G LTE. Seniors will never feel the hassle of carrying this unit because it is light in weight, tough, and compact, making it simple to bring wherever you go.

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The price of the plan is not that high. It commonly costs $50* with free activation. Consumer Cellular has complied with the AARP, thus cellular phones for seniors who are members of AARP on Consumer Cellular plans are entitled to a 5% discount on the monthly services.


ALCATEL GO FLIP provides a cheaper method to be connected. Currently, a lot of flip phones do not grant access to the internet, but this device has done a great achievement. With certain features that seniors will see beneficial, it is certainly a great choice for the customers of Customer Cellular. It uses big keypad buttons which make the calling and texting easier to do by seniors.

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It has an external display that allows the user to check and see who the caller is even without having to open the phone. It is convenient to use and does not cause any difficulties when storing it because it is lightweight and compact. Users also love its long-lasting battery life. If you put all its features together, you can say that ALCATEL GO FLIP provides unbeatable value.

This plan costs $30. Incorporated with text and data plans at a reasonable price, this simple to use phone gives an incomparable value for being connected wherever you go.

Samsung Galaxy S10e

Samsung Galaxy S10e is positioned as the on-a-budget unit for people who are looking for a new Galaxy. However, do not let yourself be fooled with its lower price – this unit is equipped with the greatest and latest features. Its display is 5.8″ which makes it 0.3″ smaller than the typical Galaxy S10. It has two rear cameras consist of 12MP wide-angle camera and16MP ultra-wide camera. Its biometric feature is also brilliant which uses software for facial recognition and fingerprint scanner.

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Consumer Cellular allows you to create your plan by selecting the duration of talk you desire, and then get a connect plan if looking for data and text messages. The plan can be modified anytime at no charge depending on the usage. Calls, both incoming and outgoing are being charged. All plans give monthly service.


The iPhone XR is considered to be the low-cost phone of Apple. It operates on a very fast processor, however, it does not connect to wireless networks such as XS Max r iPhone XS. Similar to other recent iPhones, iPhone XR is IP67 water-resistant and holds up wireless charging. It is designed with a single lighting port, plus no conventional headphone jack, however, it comes with available lighting earbuds and functions just right with Bluetooth headphones. Seniors would love the Apple iPhone XR as it is the trend-forward model of today’s iPhones, however, it trades first-rate functionality for a colorful structure.

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You may avail the $20 per month plan which already allocates 250MB for data, 250 minutes allocation for calls, and unlimited messaging. The plan is customized by customers, thus, he or she can change the composition of the plan by specifying the quantity of talk needed and the desired requirement for data and text messaging.


Samsung Galaxy S10+ provides more of the excellent kind and astonishing deviation which has been the trademark of Samsung’s cellular units. It has a 6.4″ Infinity-O display equipped with quad HD resolution. The camera is advanced and pro-grade which gives a superior principle for taking videos and pictures. This unit also possesses three rear cameras, namely: 16MP ultra-wide lens with fixed focus, 12MP telephoto lens which can acquire twice optical zoom, and a main 12MP Dual Aperture wide-angle lens. And if you still can’t get enough of these features, there is also a front-facing 10MP camera.

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Avail a protection plan to secure your device. Your unit is a helpful connection tool, hence you should not let yourself end with no measures for an easy and cheaper way to replace or repair it if something unexpected happens. Protection plans include coverage on Drops, Spills, All Mechanical/Electrical Failures, and Simply Monthly Bills.


Apple iPhone XS Max has a 6.5″ super retina display with customized OLED panels intended for an HDR display which gives the ultimate color accuracy, outstanding brightness, and true blacks. The exceptional Face ID allows the user to safely unlock the iPhone, as well as log in to applications and process payments. It also features the A12 Bionic chip with Neural Engine which utilizes actual time machine learning to convert the way you went through in photos, augmented reality, gaming, and more. The 12MP dual-camera system brings your photos to a higher level with the all-new Depth Control, Portrait Mode, and Portrait Lighting.

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Get your best choice of plan to fully enjoy this device. The $25 per month plan allocates 250MB of data and unlimited calls and texts. Users can still modify their plan depending on their needs for data, calls, and messaging.


Jaunting a 5.5-inch high definition display and a lavish array of breakthrough features, the Samsung Galaxy J7 executes wonderful performance whether inside or out. Its screen gives off intense color and smart images which are best for the captivating pictures you will capture through the 13MP rear-facing camera. There is also a 13MP front-facing camera to let you do selfies whenever you want. It is equipped with a storage facility that is 32GB and can be expanded up to 400GB by using a microSD card.

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Pay as low as $20 per month to avail of an already comprehensive plan. You have 200MB allocation for data, 250 minutes of calls, and unlimited text messaging. Consumer Cellular lets you customize your plan by adjusting the allocation for data, calls, and texts. These changes can be done at any point in time without incurring charges.


Samsung Galaxy S8 provides exceptional technologies that beat even highest-risen assumptions. It is believed to be one of the most compelling cellular devices, equipped with an impressive high-resolution display, a battery that can withstand a day despite excessive usage, and allocations of storage. Its camera works so impressively that it can capture an image exactly the way you have seen it. The colors are dynamic and deep, the contrast is exquisite – all things can look smart and lively, turning gaming and HD streaming fun to do.

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Ensure your device by getting a protection plan. This will secure your device from any unexpected happenings such as an accident or sudden system failures. These protection plans can shield your device from incidents such as liquid spills, drops, and mechanical and electrical failures.

APPLE iPhone 8

Apple iPhone 8 is designed with a very strong glass ever used in a smartphone and a much powerful aerospace class aluminum band. It can be charged wirelessly. It can endure dust and water. Its retina display is 4.7″ with True Tone. The camera is 12MP with an improved image signal processor and a new sensor. It is supported by A11 Bionic, the most compelling and brilliant chip ever in the world of smartphones. It promotes amplified reality experiences in applications and games. Smartness has never appeared better with Apple iPhone 8.

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Consumer Cellular has protection plans which you can avail to ensure your Apple iPhone 8. You should understand that your unit is an important material to maintain your connection with your family and friends. Thus, you should get yourself a plan that will facilitate part replacement or repair in case your unit turns broken or malfunctioning.


This Motorola Moro E5 Plus is a big phablet with an enormous 5,000mAh battery that can keep working for days. It has a 6″ LCD which is ideal for viewing photos, accessing websites, streaming videos, and playing games. The camera is 12MP rear-facing incorporated with laser automatic-focus captures clean photos despite poor light conditions. There is also an 8MP front-facing camera so that users can do selfies to capture their beauty. Seniors would love this phone because gets sufficient brightness that you are still able to see it when in outdoor.

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You can acquire that peace of mind if you get any of the protection plans offered by Consumer Cellular. What is good with these protection plans is that you can establish a cheaper method of fixing or replacing parts if your device becomes defective for some reason. Protection plans include coverage for mechanical and electrical failures extending support even if the unit is already over the warranty period. It also provides coverage for drops and spills.

APPLE iPhone 7

Apple iPhone 7 is no doubt superior in terms of its features. It only weighs 138 grams. It is packed with amazing capabilities because of its 12MP camera equipped with 4K video and optical image stabilization, Retina HD display that is 4.7″ with the broad color range and 3D Touch, extensive battery life, and A10 Fusion chip for an excellent performance. One that can also catch attention is that the screen is being protected with an ion-strengthening glass improvised with an oleophobic coating. Another edge for Apple iPhone 7 is its resistance to water and dust. Unfortunately, this device does not have a slot for SD card, however, you can buy a unit with a varying memory of 32GB to 256GB. For security purposes, it has a fingerprint sensor that is mounted in the front portion.

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AppleCare+ for iPhone lengthens the coverage of repair as well as technical support up to 2 years starting from the date of purchase. It also adds coverage of up to 2 incidents involving accidental damage due to handling, each is charged $29 for the service fee. On top of that, you will get a 24/7 priority access in reaching Apple experts.


ZTE Avid 559 is equipped with significant features that let you manage any significant digital task with comfort. It uses an Android 8.1 OS and a Quad-Core processor. The memory can cater up to 16GB but can be expanded up to 256GB by using a MicroSD card. The display screen is 5″ which allows you to edit and view photos and 720p high definition videos taken through the 2MP front-camera or 5MP rear camera. It is great in benefits but not heavy on the budget, this device gives awesome value for any cellular phone user.

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Since an accident can happen anytime, Consumer Cellular offers Protection Plans to ensure this device. Adding a protection plan to your unit will give you the peace of mind knowing that you have already established an affordable method in case your unit malfunctions and will need repair, or parts are damaged and shall require replacement.


Samsung Galaxy J3 offers a great combination of affordability and execution. The newest generation incorporated an Android 8.0 OS to its 1.4GHz Quad-Core processor and an already remarkable set of characteristics. It has an HD display in 5″ which gives a smart, brilliant photo, and sharp graphics, improving the navigation of the touchscreen. The camera includes 5MP front-facing and 8MP rear-facing with an internal memory of 16GB.

Avail Consumer Cellular plans to maximize your device. Pay as low as $20 with a 250MB data plan, 250 minutes of calls, and unlimited text messaging. What is good about Consumer Cellular plans is that they can be modified by users to fit their needs.


Motorola Moto E5 Play provides an amusing blend of significant features at a minimal cost. It is equipped with more than sufficient power through the Android Oreo OS and 1.4GHz Quad-Core processor. This gives the user a speedy portal to navigation, web browsing, streaming media, and other relevant basics. It has internal storage that is 16GB but can be extended up to 128GB through a microSD card. Its LCD is 5.2″ with 1280 x 720 resolution is bright and clear. The 8MP camera has an LED flash so it captures sharp images. This unit is also designed as a classic water-repellent guarding it against any incidents of splashes and spills. For security purposes, it has a fingerprint scanner and it also has a basic security set up seen in the phone.

Although Motorola Moto E5 Play has a water-repellent feature, it will be more securing if you get a protection plan that will further shield your device from drops and electrical and mechanical failures. It is always great to invest in this plan because your device is a significant tool in establishing a stable connection.


GrandPad is a simple tablet that is perfect for seniors as it helps them connect with their families and friends with such comfort and ease. It has a wireless charging cradle, a handy stylus that is useful for navigation, and setup guide. GrandPad lets seniors stay connected in a manner cellular phones simply cannot do. The performance of the device makes it simple for the seniors to operate, specifically those people who are having issues in dexterity.

GrandPad retails for $200, or it can be settled at $10 per month good for 20 months through the EasyPay program. Subscribe on a plan that gives you access to unlimited data, unlimited music streaming, and internet browsing. Also avail of protection plans to secure your device from spills, drops, and mechanical and electrical failures.

Consumer Cellular Coverage

One of the impressive things about Consumer Cellular is its nationwide coverage and it also uses similar towers as the other giant names you may be familiar with wireless service.

The company leases tower maximized for the customers of Consumer Cellular from companies who already acquired coverage.

Special Features of Consumer Cellular

Subscribers of Consumer Cellular who are also members of AARP can look forward to lots of discounts. In particular, members of AARP are entitled to a 30 percent discount on certain accessories, plus they can also reduce 5 percent of their monthly bill. Instead of the common 30-day, 300MB data/300 text, 300-minute trial period, members of AARP have as much as 45 days having 450 minutes to test the service.

Consumer Cellular also provides an alternative to get a second line at $15. Just one thing that has to be remembered when getting a second line is that each line gets from similar data, text and call allocation.

Also, Consumer Cellular provides free activation, which can be highly appreciated by people who are particular in their budget. The moment the phone is activated and the seniors begin using their device and the service network, they need not worry about any contract that will lock them with Consumer Cellular. Further, seniors can process the payment for a new cellular phone through financing. Consumer Cellular gives a $25-a-month payment until the device is fully paid. Customers are not required to pay the entire cost of their phones before starting the service. Hence, it becomes lighter for them financially-wise.

Is It Worth It?

Now, if you are searching for a dependable carrier with great coverage, then Consumer Cellular shall be a great option. By choosing Consumer Cellular, you will have the option to either buy from the available phones or use your existing device. This will make a cheaper option.

Customers who are searching for cheap cellular plans, features that are mostly present in giant carriers and ideal support should put Consumer Cellular in their list.


Seniors deserve a cellular phone service provider that recognizes the unique struggles they encounter and values their requirements from a provider. Consumer Cellular may not appear popular to most people, but if you only give it a chance and join, you can be certain that you are bound to get a superior kind of service.

Consumer Cellular phones for seniors are no longer considered as a luxury object, particularly for the seniors. In spite of the impressive advantages enjoyed by the seniors from owning a cellular phone, not all seniors are given access to own a phone. This is deplorable. From getting the capacity to connect with their loved ones to be able to find help during emergencies up to the enjoyment of applications which are conveniently installed into the phone, there is no doubt that cellular phone can hugely improve the lifestyle of a senior.

With the various Consumer Cellular phones, finding the best option of a phone for seniors may seem confusing. But when you can determine your needs and priorities, then you are most likely to get the best Consumer Cellular phone for you. You must know whether you will go for a smartphone or a basic phone. It is possible that you may not get a cellular phone that possesses everything that you want, but you are most probably to get what performs best for you if you have a better understanding of what you are searching for.

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