Top 10 Cheapest Unlimited Data Plans 2023

We all want unlimited stuff. Unlimited drinks, unlimited fries, unlimited games, etc. But of all the things that we can’t get enough of is the internet. Everyone wants unlimited data and, as much as possible, unlimited data plans.  We have the cheapest unlimited data plans in the market for you.

These 10 cheapest unlimited data plans for the best rates and the most spectacular customer service. These unlimited plans are also available for a limited time only, so take advantage of these offers as soon as you can before these expire.

What does cheapest unlimited data mean?

But before you choose a good unlimited data plan, let’s find out what this means. For most mobile internet carriers, unlimited data means you will get non-stop service with no data cap. With an unlimited plan, you pay a specific rate each month for internet service and get to use this in whatever you want to do online.

With an unlimited data plan, you can

  • Surf the web on just about any topic under the sun
  • Stream shows and movies from your phone
  • Use social media sites like Facebook, Twitter,  Instagram, YouTube, and more.
  • Play online games
  • Listen to music through music streaming sites
  • Shop at shopping sites
  • Call or video call anyone using Skype or other VOIP services
  • Download movies, videos, photos, and PDF files, and more

Unlimited data plans are considered the best by consumers because they can use the web from their phone as long as their plan is active. But be very careful when using timed unlimited data plans. Your plans may expire without you knowing it, and after this, you will be charged the regular rate.

Top 10 Cheapest Unlimited Data Plans 2023

1. Spring Unlimited Plus (Known cheapest but best overall plan)

  • Unlimited plan price at $60 a month
  • Known as the best overall unlimited plan
  • No contract
  • Get $10 a month off for every line on the Unlimited Plan when you use your own device or phone or buy a phone for the full price.
  • You will save $20 a month for every line until July 30, 2022, using your own device or when you buy a phone for a full price.
Cheapest Unlimited Data Plans - Spring Unlimited Plus

Sprint is one of the most popular carriers that offer unlimited plans for consumers. People switch to Sprint to get the best-unlimited plans, the best price, and most of all, the best coverage.

The Unlimited Plus plan from Sprint is just $60 a month, and this includes an impressive package with HD streaming plus call and text services for Mexico and Canada. The unlimited plan also comes with a huge 50GB consumable hotspot allowance.

You’ll also get Hulu and Tidal for free when you take advantage of this unlimited plan. And most of all, users can get the widest coverage. If Sprint reigns supreme in your area, then this might be the best deal for you.

2. T-Mobile Magenta Family Unlimited Data Plan

  • Unlimited plan price at $160 a month plus $100 upfront fee
  • Known as the best plan for a family
  • This promo is for 4 lines for unlimited data
Cheapest Unlimited Data Plans - T-Mobile Magenta Family

If you plan to travel with your family, you need a reliable mobile hotspot connection to keep the kids entertained and your trip safe. The Magenta Family Plan from T-Mobile offers unlimited data, which is basically a reboot of their promo available a few years back.

The plan gives you 3GB of high-speed hotspot connectivity, coverage even when you are in Canada or Mexico, and free Netflix, to name a few.

The Magenta plan is just $40 for four lines, and this is the cheapest promo for a family under the dependable T-Mobile service. T-Mobile currently ranks as one of the most reliable networks in the US and is preferred by more consumers anywhere.

Their network is fast, reliable, and will work no matter where you are, even in Canada and Mexico. So if you need an unlimited data plan for a family, make sure to check out the T-Mobile Magenta Family Plan before you plan your vacation.

3. Metro by T-Mobile $50 Unlimited Data Plan

  • Unlimited plan price at $50 a month + $25 upfront
  • Known as the best prepaid unlimited data plan
  • There’s no contract, and you’ll get unlimited data, among other perks
Cheapest Unlimited Data Plans - Metro by T-Mobile $50 Unlimited

The $50 Unlimited plan from Metro is powered by T-Mobile’s wide network. Metro was once called Metro PCS, but despite the new name and brand, it serves its customers the best for mobile services and the internet. Hence, you can check out the Metro PCS upgrade phones here.

You’ll get a 35GB data threshold with 5GB as mobile hotspot data. You’ll also get a 1,000GB Google One storage capacity where you can store your files from photos, videos, and documents. And if you want to get Amazon Prime subscription, you can add $10 a month to your plan.

T-Mobile has the most decent coverage. Smart consumers must consider this foremost when choosing the ideal unlimited data plan.

4. Sprint Unlimited Kickstart (Most Cheapest Plan)

  • Unlimited plan price at $25 a month using Auto-Pay
  • Known as the most affordable unlimited plan
  • There’s no contract
  • You’ll get unlimited data from Sprint
Cheapest Unlimited Data Plans - Sprint Unlimited Kickstart

The Kickstart Plan from Sprint is their unlimited plan for only $25 a month using Auto-Pay. If you compare the rates, this Kickstart plan is the most affordable, and we have recommended you as the cheapest unlimited data plan; however, to be able to qualify for this special offer, you must switch to Sprint from other carriers, and you must take your own device or phone, or you must buy a phone from the carrier.

For just a $30 upfront activation fee, you’ll be able to take advantage of this plan. And why is it more popular than other unlimited plans? It’s because, for just an affordable price per month, you’ll be able to enjoy the best service, good coverage, and an uninterrupted signal from Sprint.

5. Verizon Beyond Unlimited Data Plan – best for prepaid customers

  • Unlimited plan price at $85 a month + $20 upfront
  • Known as the best-unlimited plan for prepaid customers
  • There’s no contract
  • You will get a $250 prepaid MasterCard when you bring your own 4G smartphone device.
  • This is valid only for online applications and for online customers
Verizon Beyond Unlimited Data Plan - best for prepaid customers

Verizon has an unlimited plan that costs $85 a month and is called the Beyond Unlimited promo. This is possibly the most expensive unlimited plan, but there are reasons why it’s still worth checking out.

Beyond Unlimited comes with a 15GB hotspot allocation, talk, and text unlimited and use in Canada or Mexico. You’ll also enjoy HD video streaming, perfect for HD videos, video calling, and HD games. And under the Beyond Unlimited plan, you can choose from 61 phones available at Verizon.

6. Sprint Unlimited Premium most affordable

  • Unlimited plan price at $25 a month
  • Known as the best the most affordable unlimited plan
  • There’s no contract
  • Get unlimited data
  • Get $10 a month off per line. You must bring your own phone or when you purchase a new phone from Sprint.
  • For $70 a month, you’ll get $20 off on all lines until June 30, 2022, with the bring your own phone or the full-price phone purchase offer.
  • If you want to buy a new phone, there are 55 phones available at Sprint
Sprint Unlimited Premium most affordable

If you are the type who can’t live without the internet, then Sprint’s Unlimited Premium plan is the best plan for you. When you’re with this unlimited plan, you are basically using a separate internet service, so you’ll get the best, uninterrupted service all day and all night.

The Unlimited Premium plan has a 100GB data allowance for mobile hotspot devices. What’s great about this service is that it is under Sprint, one of the most reliable carriers with the best coverage all over the US. Sprint currently has coverage even in Mexico and Canada, so you’ll never miss anything, especially when traveling to these destinations soon.

7. AT&T Unlimited Data Plan & More Premium

  • Unlimited plan price at $80 a month
  • Known as the best-unlimited plan for video or movie streaming
  • There’s no contract
  • Get unlimited data
  • There are 63 phones available at Verizon that you can use with this plan.
AT&T Unlimited Data Plan & More Premium

AT&T has sprinkled this unlimited promo with all the perks and features you’ll love about mobile use. AT&T has an $80 unlimited plan with more features like unlimited data, unlimited HD video, overseas calls and texts, 15GB hotspot data allowance, and WatchTV mobile, a new streaming service from AT&T due to its acquisition of the company Time Warner.

You may also add channels to your list so you can watch movies and TV series on the go like HBO and Cinemax. And what makes this unlimited plan better than other plans is that it is under AT&T’s dependable network.

At present, AT&T has the widest coverage and the most trusted when it comes to customer service. AT&T is the carrier known by many for its promos and deals, so check other promos aside from this unlimited data plan this year.

8. Teltik – 2nd Cheapest Unlimited data Plans $40/m

  • Unlimited plans begin at $40 a month
  • Known as the best and cheapest unlimited plans for people on a budget.

Telerik may not be too popular, but those who have tried its service will recommend this for its wide coverage and budget plans. The unlimited data plans from this carrier start at $40 a month, which is under the T-Mobile network. These unlimited plans are bundled together with the cloud service offered by the company’s business arm.

Teltik Cheap Unlimited Plan $40/m

The basic unlimited plan gives you unlimited calls and texts, 3G mobile hotspot service, 480p video streaming, and so much more. But to avail of this service, your phone should be under the T-Mobile service, or you must have a GSM unlocked the phone.

You can also add some features, including an additional $20 for international calling and $5 for name ID. With the international calling add-on, you can call your mobile to any mobile in 30 and more countries. You can also make mobile to landline calls in more than 70+ countries.

For the name ID, the name and phone number of the caller will be seen when they call. This is possible even if these callers are not listed on your phone’s contacts.

This budget unlimited service lets you save more. If you want to cut back because you don’t connect to the internet often or don’t consume data, you can take advantage of the cheapest plan that starts at around $20 a month. This gives you 2G high-speed data. 

9. Boost Mobile – Unlimited Data plan for single line

If you are an unlimited data plan user and have your own business, you need only one line to be used only by yourself.  The Boost Unlimited data plan is only for one line, and hence you won’t be able to share it with your employees or associates.

Boost Mobile - Unlimited data plan for single line

Sprint’s wide network powers this unlimited plan. A straightforward data plan costs $50 a month for unlimited data, calls and texts, and a 12GB hotspot allotment.

This plan also comes with mobile video, gaming, and music streaming. You can watch videos with impressive quality at 480 p resolution.

If you want more data and speed, you can upgrade to the next tier Boost Unlimited Plus for $60 a month. You will get HD streaming plus so much data and mobile perks.

The Boost Unlimited Ultimate at $80 is a plan with HD streaming, boost mobile plans with a hotspot at 50GB, and nonstop calls and texts to Mexico and Canada. You can add more features like international calling, premium caller ID, phone insurance, and Boost TV service. 

10. Google Fi (flexible data plan)

  • Known as the best flexible plan
  • There’s no contract

Google Fi service is an unlimited plan from Google that will let you save money, especially if you are the type who doesn’t use mobile data that much. Google Fi’s coverage offers 4G LTE. Therefore, you can expect the best data plan service with the fastest networks. 

Google Fi (flexible data plan)

This can be described as a pay-as-you-need service with a $20 base amount for unlimited calls and texts. You will only pay $10 for every GB of data.

You don’t need to pay anything if you are not surfing the web or connecting to the internet. If you don’t use more than 6GB of data, you won’t be charged for data usage. All in all, your monthly bill will never go over $80.

Google Fi has no contract and no subscription fee, activation, or cancellation fee. This is the same price when you use a Google, Apple, or Android device.

As long as your phone is designed to work with Google and its host of apps, you will be able to call faster, make texts faster, and get data faster. And you won’t have to worry about security because Google Fi will connect your device to a VPN to protect your phone’s data.

How to consider the cheapest unlimited data plans

There are two types of data plans: prepaid plans and postpaid plans. Prepaid plans are usually better and more flexible than postpaid plans. These are offered by carriers that need the upfront payment for service. 

There are no credit checks, no contracts, and termination fees when you go for a prepaid plan. You won’t get a bill, you don’t need to fill out an application form, and you can drop or cancel the plan anytime when you are on prepaid.

Some of the most popular prepaid carriers are MetroPCS and Cricket and other less popular carriers like Twigby and the patriotic US Mobile. You may also find renowned carriers like AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, and T-Mobile offering special prepaid unlimited deals. 

On the other hand, postpaid plans have a recurring payment month by month and a bill. This is the plan for people who want to use a lot of data and don’t want to worry about consuming more or less data day after day. Postpaid plans are trendy in the US, with major carriers offering this service, including T-Mobile, AT&T, and Sprint.

What’s great about using a postpaid plan is adding more perks, including free access to Hulu and Netflix. But as there are advantages, there are also some disadvantages to using a postpaid service.

A contract will cover you, and you will follow this contract for a certain number of months. You cannot terminate a contract before its expiry; you will be charged a pre-termination fine or fee if you do.

Postpaid plans are fixed, so it does not matter if you use your data or not. You need to present some identification and proof of billing to avail of a postpaid plan.

If an unlimited postpaid plan comes with a free phone (usually a flagship or the most updated mobile phone from a brand), you will pay a device fee upfront before taking the device home. But you can also use a postpaid plan on your own device or phone. Just bring your phone to the network carrier office to get it activated.   

Switching from one carrier to another

Some unlimited data plans are only for customers who make the switch. Switching means you will cancel your existing subscription on a certain carrier and switch to another, usually using the same phone number.

This is a widespread practice, and usually, the switch carries a few considerations. If you are still under a contract, you need to pay an early cancellation fee.

How can you save when you have to pay this amount? Popular carriers carry the amount you pay for cancellation as long as you promise to stay and get an unlimited promo from their network.

Switching lets you save when it comes to paying for any fees if you are still under contract, plus you get to keep your number as well. But in reality, you will be forced to get a  subscription that you may not need.

So if you see a promo for switching customers, study the promo well and check every clause to find out if this is indeed the right promotional, unlimited offer for you. For your information, you may get free phones when you switch to other operators.

Why do you really need the cheapest unlimited data plan?

After finding out the different unlimited data plan offerings from different carriers, can you confidently say that you are willing to pay this much for an unlimited plan?

If you don’t spend so much time on the web and have the internet at home or the office, you may be better off in a prepaid offer or under a timed data rate. This way, you can save money and pay for only the data that you have consumed.

But if your work requires you to be consistently online and prefer to work on the go, then an unlimited data plan is the best for you. Also, there are more and more equipment and electronics that require you to stay connected online.

Electronic devices like your smartwatch, car electronic system, and IP cameras require internet connectivity to work, so it would be best to have unlimited data plans instead of a prepaid plan or timed-data rate.

Unlimited data plans are minimal. Carriers are now implementing data thresholds, which means that you will be forced to take a slowed data service if you reach a certain amount of data (whether you are under an unlimited promo or not). This is called data-prioritization. This could happen in areas where there are congested networks, and other subscribers are prioritized over you.

Unlimited data plans offered by AT&T and Verizon have data-prioritization at 22GB a month. In comparison, T-Mobile and Sprint have data-prioritization once they reach 50GB  under their unlimited plans. Find out if the network carrier you want to use has this feature before subscribing to an unlimited plan.