The 10 Best Cheapest Phone Plans With Unlimited Everything 2023

Are you looking for the cheapest phone plans with unlimited everything? But which is the cheapest one that provides free cell phone service for life unlimited everything?

It is now very common to use the internet on your mobile devices, such as your phone or tablet. Commuters often find themselves checking voicemails and emails, watching videos, and playing games while at home.

It is easy for commuters to also text friends on social media sites if they are trying to avoid the conversation altogether.

The cheapest phone plans with unlimited everything are available from a number of providers. Unlimited internet plans are also provided in these packages. There’s no quota to worry about or slower surfing speeds when you have an unlimited plan.

The catch with unlimited everything plans is that the monthly price and the additional features can vary. Trying to find the cheapest phone plan with unlimited usage available at this time would be difficult.

So if you are thinking of taking an unlimited phone plan or switching from your old plan to a better one, we’ll be glad to help you out. Here is our list of the top 10 cheapest phone plans with unlimited everything for this year.

The 10 Best Cheapest Phone Plans With Unlimited Everything 2023

When you go for unlimited package for your phone, every provider charges a higher cost. Therefore, we have prepared the top 10 packages from different providers that are cheapest among all.

Verizon Unlimited Plans (THREE GREAT DEALS)

Verizon has the best and most affordable unlimited data plans for both talk, text, and data. Aside from these you also qualify for several other features that will enhance your mobile experience when using Verizon. Check out one of their latest plans: Go Unlimited, Beyond Unlimited, or Above Unlimited.

Cheapest Phone Plans with Unlimited Everything 2019 - Verizon Unlimited Plans

Cost and features:

Let’s check the cost they charge and the features they provide on these packages to pick the ideal one.

1. Go Unlimited $40 per line, plus taxes and fees when you use AutoPay

The Go Unlimited is for users who want unlimited talk, text, and data on Verizon. There will be no data charges on your bill again. That includes the following features:

  • Unlimited 4G LTE data
  • Unlimited talk and texts
  • With DVD-Quality Streaming 480p
  • With unlimited mobile hotspot 600 Kbps
  • Qualified for Verizon Up rewards
  • It comes with Apple Music free for six months
  • Eligible for Verizon Up rewards
  • With unlimited Mexico and Canada talk, text, and data
  • It comes with Apple Music free for six months

2. Beyond Unlimited $50 per line, plus taxes and fees when you use AutoPay

The Beyond Unlimited plan is for people who want more out of the cheapest phone plans with unlimited everything. Which will let you do more with your plan than what you need. That is the best plan if you’re going to stream music, videos, and so much more. That includes the following features:

  • Premium Unlimited 4G LTE Data at 22 GB
  • Unlimited talk and text
  • With HD-Quality streaming 720p
  • With unlimited mobile hotspot (15 GB at 4G LTE)
  • Qualified with Verizon Up rewards
  • With unlimited Mexico and Canada talk, text, and data
  • It comes with free Apple Music free for six months

3. Above Unlimited $60 per line, plus taxes and fees when you use AutoPay

The Above Unlimited plan is the best-unlimited plan from Verizon. That is for people who want the best performance out of a plan and unlimited global access. Here are the features of this plan:

  • Premium Unlimited 4G LTE data (75 GB)
  • With Premium talk and text
  • With HD-quality streaming at 720p
  • With Unlimited Mobile Hotspots (20GB at 4G LTE)
  • With Verizon Up rewards
  • It comes with 5 TravelPasses per month for use in more than 130 countries
  • With 500 GB of Verizon Cloud
  • With unlimited Mexico and Canada talk, text, and data
  • Comes free Apple Music for six months

Verizon may not be the cheapest phone plans with unlimited everything but Verizon’s unlimited plans are customizable according to your needs.

They offer unlimited plans based on the number of lines or services you want, and they also allow for customizing different packages with specific perks that may have particular appeal to certain family members (e.g., travel, gaming, etc.).

T-Mobile Unlimited Plans (THREE AMAZING PLANS)

T-Mobile is one of the biggest names for unlimited data plans compared to other plans; they have higher data allotment.

That means that you can do more without spending so much more on unlimited data with T-Mobile. And even during high data traffic times, your mobile service will still prevail as you surf the web, watch long videos uninterruptedly and do video calling without delay.

With these incredible unlimited packages you may also find some T-Mobile phones without contract too.

Cheapest Phone Plans with Unlimited Everything 2019 - T-Mobile Unlimited Plans

Cost and features

Let’s find out together what T-Mobile offer and how much they charge for their unlimited packages.

4. T-Mobile ONE

T-Mobile One is an unlimited data plan with amazing features. With this plan, you can add more data and not pay extra on your bill. This limitless plan also includes AutoPay which lets you activate your line without paying a monthly access fee.

That means three lines for 40 dollars per month-all three lines would have the cheapest phone plans with unlimited everything.

  • Get unlimited talk, text, and data
  • Get the fastest service
  • With Netflix at no extra charge, get a two-screen subscription for any device or TV.
  • Unlimited entertainment streaming with DVD-quality video at 480p
  • With free in-flight texting + hour of data on Gogo-enabled flights to, from, or within the US
  • Unlimited Mexico and Canada talk, text, and up to 5GB of 4G LTE data
  • With mobile hotspot data included at 3G maximum speeds

There are also tailored fit plans from T-Mobile that you must check out. These plans could be the unlimited call, text, and data plans you have been looking for.

5. The Unlimited 55+

The Unlimited 55+ is a T-Mobile ONE plan that is for customers age 55 and older. This plan has two lines for only $35 per line when you use AutoPay. It comes with the best features too ideal for people who are always on the go and living it up at 55+.

  • Unlimited talk, text, and data
  • With T-Mobile Tuesdays where you can get great deals every week
  • Taxes and fees included with the plan
  • Allows texting and data abroad in 210+ countries and destinations
  • Get free unlimited entertainment streaming at DVD-quality videos at 480p
  • With in-flight texting and an hour of data with Gogo-enabled flights to, from, or within the US
  • Unlimited talk, text, and up to 5GB of 4G LTE data in Mexico and Canada
  • With mobile hotspot data included at maximum 3G speeds

And even if you are using another plan or network, you can visit the nearest T-Mobile office to find out more about their unlimited plan 55+. With T-Mobile, you can get the best plan, keep your current number and your mobile device.

And if you don’t want too much on your plan and want the basics, you can also get an unlimited $30/line for four lines with AutoPay which includes taxes and fees.

6. T-Mobile ONE Plus

The T-Mobile ONE plan has become better with improved data speeds abroad that allows you to stream Netflix in high-definition video and more.

This plan is an unlimited plan that costs +$15/line/month (only +$10/line/month when you add ONE Plus to each line on your 2+ line subscription).

  • Free HD streaming content in the US
  • With 20GB of 4G LTE mobile hotspot data, unlimited 3G data
  • You will get two times the data speed abroad in 210 countries and destinations
  • With unlimited in-flight on Gogo-enabled flights to, from, and within the US
  • With voicemail to text
  • With name ID so you can identify any unknown numbers who call or text you

Unlimited data on your device

Aside from getting unlimited data on your phone, T-Mobile ONE can give you unlimited data for your other devices too. You can add an extra line to connect from your tablet or your wearable device.

If you have a tablet, add +$20/line/month to get unlimited high-speed data, texting, and 3G tethering. If you have wearables like smartwatches, add +$10/line/month for unlimited talk, text, and data up to 512 Kbps.

AT&T Unlimited Plan Pricing

Cheapest Phone Plans with Unlimited Everything 2019 - T-AT&T Unlimited Plan Pricing

Another trusted name in mobile phone unlimited plans is AT&T. Not only will you get to enjoy unlimited texts, calls, and data, you will also be able to communicate using one of the fastest wireless networks in the country.

When you compare plans, AT&T costs as much as Verizon, but if you want to save, you can bundle your unlimited wireless plan with your internet and cable TV plan. That makes it more affordable compared to just taking a mobile phone standalone plan.

You will also find exciting perks when you subscribe, like discounts on DIRECTV, a long price lock on your internet plan, and access to premium channels.

If you already use DIRECTV, DIRECTV NOW, or AT&T U-verse TV, then an Unlimited &More Premium plan can save you around $15 a month. Your premium plan includes a premium channel, a live TV streaming app, and so much more.

7. AT&T Unlimited & More Premium bundling and more deals

When looking for an unlimited bundle package for your phone, you can add this unique plan to your unlimited subscription. You will get the following features as well:

  • $15/month off of DirecTV, DirecTV NOW, or AT&T U-verse TV
  • You can enjoy premium channels like HBO, Starz, Cinemax, or Showtime
  • It comes with music subscriptions like VRM, Amazon, Pandora Premium, and more.
  • Give you access to the WatchTV app

Sprint Unlimited Plans (THREE AWESOME PLANS)

Sprint unlimited plan has the cheapest monthly unlimited plan from among the popular unlimited call, text, and data plans. Sprint has an LTE-advanced network that is available in more than 500 cities.

However, there are a few flaws with Sprint’s network that have turned off some customers. There are reports that Sprint has the least reliable when it comes to service and speeds.

But there’s good news to subscribers and would-be customers; Sprint has gotten a lot better these past years.

If you stay in the city, then you won’t notice any difference in the speeds. But if you are in a rural area, then you might find signal lags and changes in speeds.

Sprint has Unlimited Basic, the mobile and data plan that has all the works with unlimited calling, texting, and data.

cheapest phone plans with unlimited everything

8. Sprint Unlimited Basic Plans

As a part of Sprint’s special promo, they have the Unlimited Basic for just $20 a month per line for five lines when you switch to Sprint. Here are the features of Unlimited Basic:

  • Unlimited data, talk, and text nationwide
  • Global roaming in more than 200 worldwide destinations
  • Unlimited talk and text plus 5GB of 4G LTE data
  • Enjoy streaming in SD (DVD-quality)
  • With a 500MB Mobile hotspot so all your devices will stay connected
  • With Hulu for online TV

9. Sprint Unlimited Plus Plans (+$10 more monthly/line than Unlimited Basic)

Unlimited Plus is another unlimited plan from Sprint with the features that you only need. Choose whether the Unlimited Basic or Plus is right for you.

  • Unlimited data, talk, and text nationwide
  • With global roaming in more than 200 destinations
  • Enjoy unlimited talk and text plus 10GB of 4G LTE data when you are in Mexico and Canada
  • With video streaming in awesome HD
  • With a 50GB LTE Mobile Hotspot to keep all your devices connected
  • With free music streaming via TIDAL
  • With free TV using Hulu

10. Sprint Unlimited Premium Plans (+$20 more per month/line than Unlimited Plus)

Unlimited Premium is Sprint’s take on a fully-packed unlimited package. It offers premium features at a very affordable price. Here are the features of Unlimited Premium:

  • Unlimited data, talk, and text nationwide
  • Get global roaming in more than 200 worldwide destinations
  • Get video streaming in Full HD
  • Enjoy the unlimited talk, text, and 4G LTE data
  • With a 100GB LTE mobile hotspot to keep all your devices connected
  • Get $20 monthly Uber credits when you sign up today
  • With access to Amazon Prime for shopping and entertainment
  • With Lookout Premium Plus Comprehensive security with complete identity theft protection
  • With Hulu for TV
  • With music streaming via TIDAL

Speeds and Coverages of Each Plan

Sure, you got unlimited talk, text, and data, but what happens when you move around, ride a bus, get out of the city? Now, this is where coverage and speed matter. 


According to the latest data speeds test, Verizon ranks the first for data speeds and coverages across the United States. This study points out that if you want to go out of the city or plan a trip to the wilderness, Verizon got you covered.

Verizon excels in coverage and speed and is better than other popular networks like Sprint and T-Mobile. The Verizon LTE Advanced is currently available in most key cities in the US, while its 4G LTE coverage is through the roof, covering most of the mainland except some parts of the western parts of the US.


T-Mobile is a runner-up when it comes to coverage, but this network rocks when it comes to speed. It has become better and better as years pass by, and no doubt that you won’t have to worry about coverage even when you are in the suburbs and small cities.

T-Mobile is fast, but still, it can’t match the reliability of Verizon. Verizon covers almost all the country areas, even in the far-flung areas of the Midwest and in the cold mountainous regions.  T-Mobile also leads the way when it comes to great mobile devices that you can choose to go with your plan.


When it comes to coverage, nothing matches AT&T. This network serves every city, every rural area, every nook and cranny of the country. You can use your AT&T phone for trekking the wilderness, go on a road trip, or go skiing without ever worrying about losing the signal.

It is also as reliable as Verizon when it comes to speeds. You can stream videos, movies, and music lightning-fast and download content anywhere on the web without any interruptions.

And of course, when it comes to price, AT&T tops the list because of its smart bundle plans. You can get a lot of savings when you already have AT&T internet and DirecTV because you can bundle all three and save.

So before taking any AT&T unlimited plan, find out how much you can save by contacting a representative if you have other AT&T services.


When it comes to rates, Sprint steals the show. It has plans as low as $20/line/month, unlimited call, text, and data, without the frills. But what it ranks high for the price is so-so for its coverage, service, and reliability.

There are natural dead areas for Sprint which means their service could lag or subscribers get no service. Aside from dead spots, there are also times when the service is very unreliable, and you don’t want to have this when you are making an important call! So keep in mind that despite getting a good deal, you might get what you paid for when you go with Sprint.

Where to get the best phones with your unlimited plan?

Consider the best phone to go with your best-unlimited call, text, and data plan. It’s useless to have a continuous, fast, and reliable service if you have an outdated, power-draining phone.

Verizon offers several fantastic phones, including the latest iPhone models, Samsung Galaxy, and Google Pixel phones.

AT&T also has the latest iPhone models and Samsung Galaxy models, but you can’t get the latest Google Pixel phones from this provider.

T-Mobile has the most updated iPhones and Samsung Galaxy models; however, you can’t find Google Pixel phones from this mobile network.

And when it comes to Sprint, there are top phones to check out, like the latest iPhone and Samsung Galaxy but without the latest Google Pixel phones.

Which cheapest phone plan with unlimited everything is right for you?

There is no doubt that the cheapest phone plans with unlimited everything (unlimited calls, texts, and data) can be a great way to avoid paying too much for data overages and still enjoy broadcasting videos 24/7.

However, there are many choices when it comes to selecting providers. Do you go with cheap rates but poor service? Or do you go with a more expensive and reliable provider?

If you surf the web, check out videos and update your social media sites now and then, the highest data allotment is for you. Verizon covers you with this one with its 75 GB Above Unlimited plan.

But if you wish to go lower price, you can get a high data limit of 50 GB from T-Mobile for less per month. Check out T-Mobile ONE’s unique features from its official website.

But if you want all the power of unlimited without a hefty price, then Verizon is for you. If you are looking to save more money on your data, DIRECTV has an Unlimited Plan with other services from AT&T.

Final Verdict

So which plan is the right one? Remember: choose Verizon for the highest amount of unlimited data, maximum coverage, and reliability all across the US.

Choose T-Mobile for the highest data allotment for reasonable pricing and additional perks like free international coverage with in-flight Wi-Fi connectivity.

It would help if you chose AT&T to look for incredible bundles and product deals such as DIRECTV and premium channels.

When you take AT&T mobile service, you can bundle this with DirecTV and cable to get more savings. AT&T also has the most unbelievably lower price lock on your internet bill.

But if you want to save on a subscription, you must choose Sprint. This service provider offers the cheapest budget unlimited plan that still provides HD streaming and mobile hotspot data.

However, save yourself from the headaches and stress of inadequate coverage and poor reliability and rely on another network instead of Sprint.