Top 10 Cheap Internet Service for Home 2023

Are you looking for the cheap internet? If you are wondering if cheap internet service for home is possible then read on. We have the best price from low-income internet providers in the US.

These internet service networks are not just affordable but have great coverage, reliable services, and plans that are guaranteed to match your budget. Here are 10 cheap internet services for home use.

Top 10 Cheap Internet Service for Home 2023

Top 10 Cheap Internet Service for Home

Here are the latest 10 cheap internet service for home 2020

1. AT&T Internet For Home

AT&T does not just provide cheap internet but is also known for its good customer service. The company is the recipient of J.D. Power’s U.S. Residential Internet Service Provider Satisfaction Study award for the North Central region in 2016 and 2017.

It was the only provider to score a five out of five in all categories: overall satisfaction, performance and reliability, cost of service, billing, communication, and customer service.

These are definitely green flags for any consumer looking for the best and the most affordable internet service.

Impressive Speeds

AT&T’s wide fiber-optic networks deliver fast internet speeds up to 1,000 Mbps in some cities. This connection type is perfect for homes with heavier internet activity, especially streaming videos and music. But if you are not in an area where fiber-optic internets are located then AT&T’s DSL version is a second-best choice.

AT&T can reach more consumers

AT&T is available to more people with their fiber network available to 11.3 million people, second only to Verizon Fios.

DSL service handles nearly 120 million people which is about 72 million more than the next closest competitor, CenturyLink.

Fiber plans cost

Prices of plans vary depending on where you live and some fiber plans are higher than the average price. The baseline 100 Mbps fiber plan is pricier.

But if you want a cheaper alternative then it would be best to use AT&T’s DSL plans. The speeds might be comparable but for a much lower price.

2. Verizon Internet Plans For Home

Verizon is favored for its fiber-optic high speeds and superb customer satisfaction. Verizon’s fiber service speeds range from 50 Mbps to 1,000 Mbps (1 Gbps).

Recent FCC’s 2016 report showed that Verizon’s actual speeds average higher than what it actually advertises at 111.28% of advertised speeds. This is great news for anyone who loves to use the internet for video streaming, video conferencing, and also for online gaming.

Verizon also has faster, more consistent speeds than any of the providers and thus received the award of one of the top gaming internet providers of 2017.

Easy on the budget, two-year contract discounts

When you sign up for the two-year contract your rate will be $10 cheaper per month for the first year, and you’ll get an extra year of promo prices. These may depend on pricing in your area but these will save you up to $30 per month.

Excellent customer service

Verizon has 70 out of 100 from the American Consumer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) in 2018 and has received a 70 out of 100 Reader Score from Consumer Reports. This provision has also received J.D.

Power’s customer satisfaction award for the East region with a five out of five scores for overall satisfaction, performance and reliability, cost of service, billing, communication, and customer service.

Availability of service

Unfortunately, Verizon Fios is only available in nine states, with only 33 million people in the Northeast. But there’s no telling when Verizon’s service will expand. It may not be too long when its fiber-optic service is within your area.

But beware of expensive DSL plans

If you live in an area without Verizon’s fiber network then you might as well take another provider because their DSL service is a bit costly. The High-Speed Internet with up to 15 Mbps requires subscribers to purchase home phone service which raises the price another $10.

You can go with a cheaper DSL plan with the lowest one gives you 0.5 to 1 Mbps download speeds but the speeds would be too slow to use for anything on the web.

3. HughesNet For Home Use

What people like about this provider is that it offers 25 Mbps for all plans, plus is available nationwide. Because HughesNet is a satellite internet provider, it’s available everywhere.

It reaches 308.7 million people, more than any other ISP service in the US. No matter where you live, HughesNet is a good satellite internet option.

Quicker speeds for satellite internet

Satellite internet is slower than other types of internet, but HughesNet offers 25 Mbps with every internet plan. This is more than enough to use several devices at the same time.

HughesNet maintains this speed as well and in fact, the FCC ranked HughesNet in 2016 for being the first among all internet providers in delivering advertised speeds.

Affordable and reasonable prices

HughesNet’s plans are more cost-effective. Prices start at $50 per month and reach 25 Mbps download speeds with 10 GB of data per month.

Its closest competitor offers plans that cost $70 per month for only 12 Mbps, although the data limit is a much higher 40 GB.

Data caps and speed limits

HughesNet only offers  25 Mbps but with different data limits. Customers can choose from 10, 20, 30, or 50 GB of data per month but this is where it gets tricky.

You’ll need to choose wisely because once your data cap is reached your speeds will be reduced to 1 to 3 Mbps until the next billing cycle. This speed is too slow for anything.

However, you can switch your data plan at any time. A free data zone between 2 a.m. and 8 a.m. is also present. This is when your internet usage isn’t counted against your monthly allotment.

HughesNet helps customers monitor their internet usage with the use of an app so you’re never in the dark about how much data you have already spent.

But be wary of low customer satisfaction

HughesNet rated 52 out of 100 on Consumer Reports, with readers issuing complaints about value, reliability, speed, tech support, and customer service.

HughesNet attempts to improve service concerns by offering customers with their Express Repair plan, which guarantees repairs within one to two business days and 24/7 technical support.

4. Frontier Internet Service For Home

Expect fair rates with Frontier’s two-year price guarantee. Frontier is a no-frills internet service provider that has some of the cheapest plans.

For $20 per month, there is a 6 Mbps plan, which is enough to stream video and browse the web. For a small family, this could be a cheaper and more practical plan. 

Free or low-cost equipment

Frontier’s modem and router are included for free when you sign a contract. If you want a no-contract Frontier Fios or Vantage Internet plan, equipment rental is just $5 per month. This is very cheap compared to other providers which rent their equipment for $30 or more, a month.

Flexible contracts

Frontier offers a no-contract option with all of its plans, a good feature for anyone who might be moving or changing jobs.

Most companies charge an early termination fee or make you pay the remainder of your contract if you want to terminate your contract early. Frontier’s plans still have a two-year price lock, so your rates will remain the same for two years. No surprise price hikes.

Beware of low customer satisfaction

Frontier scores below average in overall service. It scored 54 out of 100 from the ACSI and a  two out of five rating in all four regions. Frontier does best in the “Cost of Service” and “Billing” which means that it offers a decent value for its service and does better than most providers when it comes to informing customers about its price.

5. Charter Spectrum Internet Plans For Home

Charter Spectrum has unlimited data, high speeds, and a $500 contract buyout. It has wide fiber coverage with plans starting at an incredibly fast speed of 200 Mbps.

This speed is enough to stream 4K video on your smart TV, play online games using Xbox or PlayStation, and browse Facebook, all at the same time.

Good customer service

Charter Spectrum received 60 out of 100 from the ACSI, 66 out of 100 Reader Score from Consumer Reports, and scored 5 out of 5 from J.D. Power.   This is a great improvement compared to its scores years ago.

Generous contract buyout

If you are thinking of switching providers then Spectrum has an amazing contract buyout promotion for Triple Play packages.

If you bundle your internet with TV and phone, Charter will help cover early termination fees up to $500. That Triple Play package has a free installation which costs $35, free DVR service at $13 per month, and free Wi-Fi setup which usually costs $10.

Take note of expensive internet-only plans

If you only want internet service then you might find it expensive to stick to Spectrum. It offers only one internet-only plan for $45 a month.

It really wants you to bundle internet with TV and phone services. It’s cheaper to sign up for all three and get the same internet speeds.

6. CenturyLink For Home Internet Service

We just had to include CenturyLink in case you have a new home business that needs internet connectivity. And when you are looking for business internet, most carriers have a Service Level Agreement (SLA) which is a contract that ensures compensation and solutions when the internet goes down.

CenturyLink offers the most transparent SLA to the point that it details every downtime. For every 30 minutes your service is down, CenturyLink will credit a full day of internet service. This surpasses all other downtime compensations offered by other companies.

Flexible contracts

CenturyLink offers two options for its service contracts. You can get a two-year agreement or a month-to-month plan. New companies or businesses could benefit from a two-year plan.

Smaller operations and companies may have the option of using a month-to-month plan, which gives you the flexibility to improve your internet service as your business booms.

Poor customer satisfaction

But beware of poor satisfaction with scores a three out of five from J.D. Power and 58 out of 100 from the ACSI. These ratings are comparable to Comcast’s. These scores as disappointing to see in a solid provider.

Slightly lower speeds than advertised

CenturyLink advertises business internet speeds up to 40 Mbps, but you might not actually reach this speed. In the FCC’s 2016 testing, CenturyLink met only 95.87% of its advertised speeds.

7. Comcast Internet Service For Home

Comcast has the highest maximum speeds and meets advertised speeds. It can go all the way up to 2,000 Mbps (2 Gbps) which is well beyond the speed for most households.

And with this speeds, it could cost you $300 a month.  SpeedTest rated Comcast the fastest internet service provider in recent rounds of tests.

Choose from a wide range of plans
Comcast has numerous options for both its internet and TV packages. Cable internet plans start at 10 Mbps and costs around $30.

This is ideal for users who need their connection for email and web browsing. In most cities where Comcast is offered, you can add a basic cable package for just $5. Comcast offers internet in incremental speeds up to 2,000 Mbps.

Generous data caps

Comcast’s plans have a data cap of 1 TB. If you do manage to exceed, you’ll receive a warning the first two times.

After a third warning, a $10 fee will be charged for every 50 GB over but not exceeding $200. But who could use this much data in a month?

8. Fios by Verizon Internet For Home Use

Fios by Verizon has no data caps. You can upload, download, stream, and surf all day,  all month long. But if you are hitting 10 TB a month, you may get a warning from Verizon encouraging you to consider a business internet plan.

Excellent customer service

Verizon is very particular about customer service and it shows from their scores from Consumer Reports, the ACSI, and J.D. Power.

Verizon also topped 70 out of 100 from ACSI and 69 out of 100 from Consumer Reports. You can expect reliable performance, affordable costs, good customer communication, and clear billing when you use Verizon Fios.

Promotional value

New customers signing up for Verizon are offered deals that could save a lot of money. If you happen to be switching services Verizon will help buy out your contract for up to $500. All of Verizon’s packages come without an annual contract.

There’s no worry about early termination fees if you want to stop your service. Verizon will also waive the $99 installation fee if you order services online.

Each Verizon internet plan is price-locked for one to three years. This also comes with varied amounts of Visa gift cards (between $50 and $150). Some bundles have $200 credit for smart home devices by Google or Nest. And of course, Verizon has a 30-day money-back guarantee in case you changed your mind and find their services faulty.

There’s only one TV/Internet bundle

If you’d like to combine internet and TV service with Verizon you can get the Verizon Custom TV plan which is $80 for 1,000 GB and comes with around 155 channels.

The Custom TV plan should allow most people to get their favorite programs. But for more channels, you’ll have to add phone service you’re your package.

9. Windstream Internet Service For Home

There are many reasons why you should choose Windstream. First of all, it doesn’t have contracts, phone plan requirements, or data caps. In short, it will make you feel that there are no strings attached when using their services.

The speed you need

Windstream’s plans have download speeds that vary to make most users happy. Their 12-Mbps option is just perfect for streaming while your other family members play games or browse the web.

Slower upload speeds

Windstream’s upload speeds are something to consider before taking its plans. The provider is generally below the threshold of recommended video call bandwidth.  There is only one upload speed, which means you do not have any option at all.

10. Cox Internet Service For Home

Cox offers plans with speed options that do not qualify as broadband internet at 5 and 15 Mbps. The best choice is their 50 Mbps, which is enough for four to eight connected devices to browse the web, watch videos and play games.

Some areas may reach top speeds of 500 Mbps. Plan prices are competitive across the board, but you would definitely get more when you go with higher speed tiers.

Better equipment

If you have a larger home, Cox offers a Wi-Fi extender called the Panoramic Wi-Fi. This reduces dead zones in your home.

Panoramic Wi-Fi is available for an additional $9 per month and is installed by Cox technicians. You can now enjoy lag-free, fast internet no matter where you are in your home.

Upload speeds

Just like most cable internet providers, the upload speeds with Cox will just be a fraction of your download speeds.

However, this will have little to no effect on light internet usage but you may notice a delay when you are sharing files, video chatting using Skype and when you are playing mobile games.

Final Verdict

Cheap internet service comes with consequences. Some plans may be cheap but may come with poor service and poor customer service.

You might end up feeling frustrated about your plan. So it’s better to consider prices together with plan features and reviews to get the best value for your money.