Top 10 Cheap Cell Phone Plans For Seniors 2023

With the significant advancement in wireless communication technology, the availability of secure cellular networks has increased worldwide remarkably. All major mobile carriers offer cheap cell phone plans for seniors nowadays to facilitate them staying connected with their friends and family. 

According to a survey report that was recently conducted, over 40% of seniors use a smartphone, while 80% own a standard cell phone.

To drive substantial customers that fall under the senior citizen category, all mobile network providers strive to provide the most competitive and budget-friendly mobile phone plans. Most mobile network operators enable senior citizens to use their existing smartphones or make a purchase of a brand new one from the carriers. 

If you are searching for a mobile wireless communication plan at the best price for yourself or your parents or grandparents, reading this review will help you find the best carrier and a suitable plan.

We have conducted extensive research and reviewed top cheap cell phone plans for seniors, give this review a thorough read and obtain valuable information about each cell phone provider and their plans.

Top recommendation at a glance for seniors cell phone plans

  1. GreatCall Ultimate Plan
  2. Consumer Cellular – Most Budget-Friendly
  3. Sprint Ultimate Unlimited Plan
  4. Republic Wireless – Ultimate plan
  5. AT&T – Ultimate Feature Loaded Plan
  6. T-Mobile – Ideal Mobile Plan
  7. Verizon – Ultimate Plan
  8. US Mobile – Best Flexible Plan
  9. Cricket Wireless – Lifestyle Plan
  10. US Cellular – Money Saving Plan

Top 10 Cheap Cell Phone Plans For Seniors 2023

1. GreatCall Ultimate Plan For Seniors

GreatCall Ultimate Plan For Seniors

One of the most prominent cell phone service providers in the US is GreatCall when it comes to the best cell phone plans for senior citizens. It helps senior citizens to stay safe and healthy and enable them to stay connected.

The renowned network carrier has been taking initiatives to come to the rescue of seniors right away when they require doctors and nurses.

It is also leaving no stone unturned to expand its impact with remote monitoring technology and facilitating Managed Care Organizations to diagnose prominent health-related problems in seniors proactively.

GreatCall is renowned for manufacturing two variants of Jitterbug phone, a flip phone, and a smartphone. A considerable number of senior citizens use both nowadays. The Jitterbug Flip phone features a loudspeaker, bright screen, bigger keys, and relatively large display text.

The Jitterbug Smart2 cell phone is a user-friendly smartphone with a simplified menu and an easy-to-read screen.

It is also considered to be the best cell phone for seniors with dementia. If you purchase any Jitterbug cell phone that the mobile network service provider manufactures, you will qualify for a cheap cell phone plan that GreatCall offers at $14.99/month.

The name of the cell phone plan is GreatCall 250 minutes. What a senior individual receives is 250 minutes call time. However, the plan doesn’t comprise any text message or internet data.

The plan is exceptionally reasonable and simple to activate once you buy any of the Jitterbug cell phones. You do not have to sign any long-term contract if you avail any of the cell phone plans. 

You can change the prime plans that the cellular carrier offers anytime as per your wish without changing your existing cell phone number. Following are the prime plans that GreatCall offers:

  • 250 minutes – $14.99/month
  • 1000 minutes – $19.99/month
  • 2500 minutes – $29.99/month
  • Unlimited Call & Text – $39.99/month

GreatCall is the most reliable, secure, and US’s largest wireless network service provider. You can also double the minutes while you pay the same monthly cost if you include the specialized service like 5Star to your Jitterbug cell phone when you buy a Health & Safety package. 

2. Consumer Cellular – Most Budget-Friendly Plan For Seniors

Top 10 Cheap Cell Phone Plans For Seniors 2020 

Why we considering Consumer Cellular the 2nd cheap cell phone plans for seniors? Older adults who are above 55 can use the affordable AARP cell phone plan that Consumer Cellular offers.

It is one of the most flexible wireless network service plans that allow senior customers to receive what they need, be it unlimited calls, text messages, or data at the best price every month.

You have the liberty to change your plan whenever you want, and for that, neither you need to sign any long-term contract, nor you have to pay any added fees. 

It is not mandatory to purchase any of the variety of flip phones or smartphones that are available with Consumer Cellular. You can use your existing cell phone while using the plan of the reputed carrier.

You need to pay $20/month to get unlimited calls, and for dedicated 250 minutes of call time, you are required to pay $15/month. Every data plan consists of unlimited text messages. 

The data plans of Consumer Cellular range from $5 to $40 per month. You can choose a data plan, depending on your average monthly data usage. You can cancel or change ant data plans anytime you want, and you not need to sign any contract.

No one will experience any trouble while choosing a data plan that Consumer Cellular offers for seniors. The wireless network carrier provides lucrative discounts to AARP members that include an extended warranty plan, 5% saving every month, and 30% off selected products.

3. Sprint Ultimate Unlimited Cell Phone Plan For Seniors

Top 10 Cheap Cell Phone Plans For Seniors 2020 

In the United States, Sprint is the fourth-largest wireless network provider and renowned for offering affordable cell phone plans specially designed for senior citizens.

It allows you to use your mobile phone and offers you the option to purchase or lease a brand new cell phone.

Sprint is one of those mobile network carriers that offer immense flexibility to senior customers by giving them a choice to lease or buy a new handset or use the one that they are already using.

Sprint plan for seniors is known as Unlimited 55+ Plan. The plan is considered ideal for those seniors who surf the internet, talk, and text significantly more than others.

Senior citizens get the chance to remain connected to their family members and friends and stay up to date with global news by utilizing the unlimited plan. Any senior citizen who wants to purchase the unlimited plan initially needs to pay a $30 mobile connection activation fee.

The unlimited plan comes with 2 maximum lines, and for each mobile line, a user has to pay $35 every month. Choosing the Sprint Unlimited 55+ Plan, a senior citizen is getting– Unlimited Talk Time, Unlimited Text Messages, and Unlimited Data for browsing the internet. 

This cell phone plan from Sprint is ideal for senior citizens who are high-use users. If one enrolls in Sprint AutoPay, one gets $5 per line every month credit.

You can stay connected without any connectivity issues in near about 200 international destinations. You can keep all internet-connected devices connected with an unlimited smartphone. Also, you get the chance to stream DVD-quality videos online.

4. Republic Wireless – Ultimate Month To Month Plan For Seniors

Republic Wireless – Ultimate Month To Month Plan For Seniors

Seniors who keep their faith in Republic Wireless receive excellent coverage and appreciate the cellular service provider for its top-quality wireless network service.

The recognized mobile network carrier makes use of a combination of 4G LTE mobile network service and wireless internet so that senior users can enjoy a secure, reliable, and fast network across the United States at a budget-friendly cost.

Republic Wireless allows senior citizens to use their existing cell phone and also offer them to purchase one of its smartphones. 

The reputable mobile network carrier has designed quite a few cell phone plans keeping the senior citizens in mind. When you choose the Wireless Republic as your mobile carrier, you get the option to pay $15 by the end of every month and gain maximum flexibility, or you can pay $150 by the end of every year and obtain maximum savings. You can even add internet data if you need it by spending only $5 for 1 GB per month.

What you get by choosing a cell phone plan that the Wireless Republic offers for senior citizens includes – Unlimited Calls, Unlimited Text Messages, and Internet Data depending on your requirement. The distinguished cell phone service provider allows users to add or subtract data directly from a cell phone. 

You do not have to sign any contract for availing any Wireless Republic cell phone plans, and you can cancel anytime you want.

No matter where you are, you can make calls to your family and friends in the US hassle-free. It’s just the perfect mobile network carrier for the senior citizens seeking secure service that would help them call, text, and surf the internet seamlessly.

The majority of the senior citizens in the US rely on the Wireless Republic because it offers a 14-day money-back guarantee, doesn’t have any hidden fees, and no complicated options. 

5. AT&T – Ultimate Feature-Loaded Plan

AT&T – Ultimate Feature-Loaded Plan For Seniors

America’s best mobile network operator is well known for offering senior citizens-oriented cell phone plan known as AT&T Senior Nation plan. AT&T cell phone plans for seniors are especially for the users who are over the age of 65.

The Senior Nation plan is a valuable option for senior citizens who want to stay in touch with friends and family members. You should know that this specific plan designed for seniors only applicable to basic cell phones and not smartphones.

The Senior Nation plan includes 200 minutes of talk time, unlimited mobile to mobile minutes with other AT&T customers, and 500 night & weekend minutes without roaming and long-distance fees.

However, this plan does not consist of any free internet data. Only if you choose the Unlimited & More plan, you will receive Unlimited Call time, text messages, and internet data for $40 per line every month. 

You can choose any of the flip phones and smartphones that AT&T offers, or you can keep using your existing phone.

You have to pay only $29.99 per month if you choose the Senior Nation plan, and you do not have to sign any contract. The Senior Nation plan is considered the ideal cell phone plan for senior citizens who do not need to surf the internet or use a fancy cell phone. Following are the other AT&T unlimited plans:

  • AT&T Unlimited Extra – $40/line/month and $160 per month limited to 4 lines
  • AT&T Unlimited Elite – $50/line/month and $200 per month limited to 4 lines
  • AT&T Unlimited Starter – $35/line/month and $140 per month limited to 4 lines

6. T-Mobile – Ideal Mobile Plan For Senior Travellers

T-Mobile – Ideal Mobile Plan For Senior Travellers

In 2017, T-Mobile launched a cell phone plan for senior citizens. The plan is known as Unlimited 55+ and designed keeping senior citizens in mind.

For budget-conscious older generation users, this plan from T-Mobile is an economical option. The Unlimited 55+ plan works with basic cell phones and as well as with smartphones. 

If you choose this specific plan, you need to pay $35 per line every month. This plan is limited to two lines. You do not have to sign any contract when choosing the T-Mobile plan designed for technology-smart senior cell phone users.

In addition to unlimited call time and text messages, you also get unlimited $G LTE data that will enable you to browse the internet, use social media, and stream online movies with the utmost ease. This is the perfect plan for couples and those who travel out of the country frequently.

T-Mobile doesn’t charge any additional or hidden fees and allows senior users to use the plan in more than 200 countries worldwide. Also, the availability of unlimited cell phone hotspots at 3G speed is an added advantage. Following are the main cell phone plans that T-Mobile offers:

  • Magenta Unlimited 55 – $35/line/month (Signature Unlimited Plan)
  • Magenta Plus Unlimited 55 – $45/line/month (Premium Unlimited Plan)
  • Essentials Unlimited 55 – $27/line/month (Best-Price Unlimited Plan)

7. Verizon – Ultimate Network Coverage Plan For Seniors

Verizon – Ultimate Network Coverage Plan For Seniors

Verizon is one such cell phone service provider known primarily for offering a wide variety of international mobile plans, shared, and unlimited internet data.

In comparison to other top mobile network carriers, Verizon boasts the widest selection of smartphones. It also possesses an extensive range of smartwatches, tablets, wearable tech, and many more smart gadgets. 

The plan that Verizon has designed for the seniors is known as Verizon Unlimited 55+ plan. The carrier ensures that a senior citizen can remain in touch with family and friends and surf the internet as per convenience from almost any part of the world.

It is one of the recognized mobile network carriers that allow you to stream DVD-quality videos online without any data cap.

Seniors who are still working, traveling, and living a busy life can use this plan to gain maximum advantages. If you choose Verizon Unlimited 55+ plan, you get unlimited talk time, text messages, 4G LTE data, and mobile hotspot.

The price you have to pay for availing the Unlimited 55+ plan is $40 for one line per month. You do not even have to worry about connectivity issues and deal with call drops because the network coverage is significantly secure and covers extensive parts.

8. US Mobile – Best Flexible Cell Phone Plan For Seniors

Now senior individuals in the United States have one more reason to be happy as US Mobile has come up with the most flexible and cheap cell phone plans for seniors.

If you are looking for a basic cell phone plan for calling and sending text messages, US Mobile is ideal. Even if you seek out a mobile plan with high data that allows you to surf the internet, chat with your friends on social media, perform online shopping and stream high-quality online videos

US Mobile facilitates seniors residing in the US to stay connected with friends and family members anytime and anywhere by using its budget-friendly and straightforward mobile plan.

Senior customers who currently use the plan of US Mobile appreciate its secure and extensive network coverage. The mobile network carrier offers 24X7 customer service and ensures that every senior user gets a suitable cell phone plan for them, depending on the frequency of calls.

The cell phone plan of US Mobile for seniors starts at $15 every month. Almost every older adult customer saves more than $670 every year by choosing the mobile network carrier’s senior cell phone plan.

You can stay connected with your near and dear ones and browse the internet as much as you want if you choose the unlimited plan that costs only $40/month. 

9. Cricket Wireless – Plan For Every Seniors Lifestyle

Cricket Wireless – Plan For Every Seniors Lifestyle

Senior customers who have chosen Cricket Wireless as their cell phone service provider enjoy a seamless connection and save a considerable amount of money.

Cricket mobile plans cater to the needs of both heavyweight and light data users. Choose the senior-specific cell phone plan that Cricket offers.

The reputable network carrier offers excellent services to users who choose the most affordable mobile data plan that comes at $30/month and users who choose the unlimited data plan at $55/month. 

Choosing the right plan will enable you to surf the internet, stream music and videos online, chat on social media, apart from calling and sending text messages to friends and family members. Following are the plans that Cricket Wireless offers:

  • $30/month plan – unlimited talk time, text and 2GB data
  • $40/month plan – unlimited talk time, text and 5GB data
  • $35/month plan – unlimited talk time, text and 5GB data with AutoPay discount
  • $55/month plan (Cricket More) – unlimited talk time, text and unlimited high-speed data at 4G speed + 15GB mobile hotspot with AutoPay discount

10. US Cellular – Money Saving Plan For Seniors

US Cellular plays an instrumental role in facilitating seniors to save a significant amount of money year while enjoying unlimited data, secure signal, top-notch speeds, and 5G LTE connection.

You can stay in touch with your family and friends for as long as you want, send text messages as much as you want and browse the internet without worrying about any data limitation when choosing the best US Cellular plan. 

Senior customers who use the Everyday plan that costs $65/line/month receive significant benefits as they get unlimited call time, text messages, and unlimited DVD-quality streaming. Users also get a 15GB mobile hotspot.

A significant number of seniors in the US are switching to US Cellular because the trusted wireless network carrier has no hidden fees, offers high-speed mobile network service and unlimited data with payback. Here are the top US Cellular cell phone plans:

  • Basic Plan – $55/line/month
  • Everyday Plan – $65/line/month
  • Even Better Plan – $75/line/month

What To Consider When Comparing Cheap Cell Phone Plans For Seniors

You will find the right mobile plan for you or a senior member of your family if you consider certain vital things.

While evaluating senior-oriented mobile plans, making a head to head comparison is a bit difficult. If you ignore all the hypes, you will find that more or less all cell phone plans designed for seniors focus on essential three services. Read on the following to gain comprehensive knowledge about the top three services.


Depending on the frequency of calls on a daily basis, you should choose a cell phone plan. If you talk a lot over the phone with your friends and family members, choosing a mobile plan with unlimited calling time would be the best option.

However, if you make calls only twice or thrice on an average daily to check whether someone you know is doing fine, you need not choose a premium plan. Choose a flexible or pay as you go plan to save a considerable amount of money. 

Text Message 

There aren’t many who fancy texting. If you are one of those senior individuals who don’t communicate with near and dear ones through text messages, choosing a plan with an unlimited text message won’t be a sound decision.

However, if you find texting an apt way to communicate, you should select Tracfone plans for seniors that come with unlimited text option every month. 

High-Speed Data

In the era of digital technology, staying away from using the internet and streaming online music and videos isn’t easy. Many seniors don’t find the virtual world appealing, and they prefer sticking to basic cell phones, and standard plans offer unlimited call time and text.

However, most seniors like spending time chatting with friends and family on social media, streaming the latest movies, and shopping items online for their grandkids.

If you or the older adult for whom you are looking for a cell phone plan like surfing the internet, choosing a plan with unlimited data is ideal. 

Final Thoughts

In modern time, without a cell phone, remaining in touch with friends and family, obtaining the latest national and international news and different sorts of information aren’t possible.

A cell phone is considered to be the best communication tool that one has these days. Like young and adult individuals, elderly persons too seek relief from boredom and want to spend their time talking and sending texts to friends and family members and browsing the internet.

All the wireless network carriers that we have covered offer cheap cell phone plans for seniors. As we have thrown light on each renowned cell phone service provider and their senior-specific cell phone plans, making a selection, and choosing the appropriate plan will become a lot easier now.